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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

43 Years!

Immediately after our honeymoon, Mr. AOW and I moved into The Little House — a cottage on my grandmother's property, the property where we still live now.  Only $50/month to pay in rent!  Thus began the chance to built a little nest egg.

We moved into my grandmother's house in 1982; she had died in 1981, and we had to do a lot of upgrading and tending to deferred maintenance.  Hard to believe that we have lived in The Big House for almost 35 years! 

Not that The Big House is large! Houses built in 1935 are small compared to today's trend in mansionization. Our house is approximately 1300 square feet in size.

We may spend much of today cleaning out The Little House.  Too much junk in there! Accumulation happens when someone lives in the same place for so long.  As we are dejunking, we'll be reminiscing about our good old days.


  1. Much love and joy to you both. May you always be so happy and so in love.


    For better or worse
    For richer or poorer
    On sickness and in health
    To love and to cherish
    Till death do [you] part.

    You –– like my dear mother –– have truly lived up to the demands of those vows. I know that is not always easy, but it is the only right way to live once you've made a commitment to a love and cherish someone.

    God bless you both, and may your moral triumph bring you that special kind of joy that only fulfilling one's duty –– all the way to the very end –– can bring.

  3. When we moved into our house over a decade ago with our small children, it looked huge, especially after coming from a 500 square ft apartment in Germany.

    Now, we're all jammed up, kitchen's too small, nowhere to put my musical instruments... It's amazing how much a house can shrink over the years.

    Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like once you get the "little house" cleared out, the two of you will have a "vacation cottage". ;)

  5. Happy Anniversary! 1972 - what an interesting year to 'start' off life together. I hope the day brings blessings and satisfaction to you and Mr. AOW.

    1. Baysider,
      I had forgotten until I saw your comment that June 17, 1972, was also the date of the Watergate breakin.

    2. It's also the anniversary of the Battle of Breed's Hill, commonly called "Bunker Hill." From memory, I'll 'sing' it for you here

      Twas June upon the 17th day
      Some troops from Charlestown made their way
      For to resist our soldiers there
      A strong fort preparing were.

      The ships of war had gathered 'round
      To make our soldiers quit the ground.
      Though some men by them were slain
      Yet still their courage they retained.

      ......(this is where memory fails me)

      So warm a fight is seldom known.
      Men were cut down like grass that's mown.
      Some say Gage who did them spy
      Said we that ground too dear shall buy.

      Our men who fought they were but few.
      Their powder being spent, withdrew.
      And left the ground unto their foe
      And back again were forced to go.

      The British troops the ground did gain.
      Yet many more of them were slain.
      Our best intelligence doth tell
      One thousand and near fifty fell.

      Tis thought they lost five to our one.
      Although our men were forced to run,
      They bought the victory so dear
      It did not much increase our fear.

      May God bring on the happy day
      When carnal swords no more shall slay.
      And Christ as Prince of Peace shall reign
      And war be learned no more again.

      The people who sang this also wrote "No King But King Jesus" which - after "No Taxation Without Representation" - was a very popular war slogan. Oh .. you didn't know? Amazing what's leaked out of the history books.

  6. Happy Anniversary AOW... sadly, I think the days of couples celebrating milestones such as your your are slowly dwindling.

    May you have many more together!

  7. A very happy anniversary to you both!

  8. Some love's like fire,
Some gathers dust,

    But the best –– 

    And the greatest –– love
Endures like iron 

    Till it becomes rust.

    Lauriette Poetica

  9. Have a fantastic day AOW's and I hope there are many more to come.

  10. Much rejoicing for Mr and Mrs AOW.......they've accomplished what most can only dream of these days.

  11. Happy anniversary my friends, and may God continue to bless you both.

  12. TO ALL:

    I'm pressed for time because Mr. AOW is undergoing a medical crisis even as I'm typing in this comment. Several consults with doctors are ongoing. As of this time, Mr. AOW is still here at home, but he will need to go to the hospital if his condition worsens.

    I want to say "Thank You!" to all who stop by this thread to wish Mr. AOW and me a happy anniversary.


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