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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The University Diversity Scam

With thanks to Baysider for the video below. Worth a few moments of your time:


  1. Alas! I have no Flash Player right now, and so cannot watch videos. Nevertheless, I have ling realized hat "Diversity" is a code word for extreme DIViSIVENESS and have resented it greatly for a long time.

    The "Diversity" movement seeks to transform the USA from a Melting Pot to a Smelting Pot –– first to separate all elements from the former amalgam and then to emphasize, extoll, celebrate and make militant every cultural phenomenon that keeps us from even wanting to love and understand each other.

    As such the Diversity Movement is EVIL

    1. FT,
      What gives with your Flash Player? This malfunction is happening way too often!

    2. FreeThinke,

      Thank you for spreading Smelting Pot meme.

      Western Hero - Smelting Pot:

      America used to be a melting pot, where cultures from all over blended together to produce a vibrant, successful nation. Today, not so much.

      America is now a smelting pot, where incompatible cultures separate under extreme heat, producing sulfurous odors, societal corrosives, slag and other useless byproducts.

      I wish we 'cons' had a wider reach. We might actually be able to influence the larger culture.

    3. SF,
      Smelting pot? Yep, that was an excellent post.

  2. AOW: Off Topic (admittedly)...I don't watch Hannity but did last night for a while; did you see it? There was an Imam from the Mosque of Wisdom or something....he never answered one question. Not one. Only claimed ISLAMAPHOBIA...and the questions were definitely good questions for good answers. He debated Spencer who did a pretty good job. I kept thinking "I wonder what the Imam will say to that? It's a good question..." But disappointed every time with "ISLAMAPHOBIA...we know YOUR past Mr. Spencer..."
    Amazing. If you want to delete this, my feelings won't be hurt :-)

    As for diversity, haven't time to see the video ...seems like I have in the past...but they've stopped the diversity thing at UCLA.... supposedly. What everybody I know is stunned about now is that they only hire BLack Americans for staff jobs. Everybody there looking for info or paying bills, or whatever, says "Wow, every single person there in that office is black...my White friend tried for a job here but they overlooked her." I'm glad the Black Americans are working, that's good, but it appears that the appropriate anti diversity change doesn't apply to staff members, only students? So typical, isn't it?

    1. Z,
      I saw the last few moments of that segment of last night's Hannity, but not the entire segment. I'll see if I can find the entire segment online.

      Thanks for that information about UCLA.

    2. I felt a little sorry for Spencer because the Imam talked all through his turn; still not answering anything Spencer or Hannity asked of him.
      It did not AT ALL reassure Americans about moderate Muslims; though I think I'm the only one around who believes in them anymore.
      It actually turned me a little sour as the Imam deflected and grimaced and got so ugly.

    3. Z,
      I found the video and watched the entire thing.

      Quite a display by that imam, huh? He is from the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

      The beginning of the video is also disturbing. How many other Muslims in America feel the same way as those interviewed by Ami Horowitz?

    4. Z,
      BTW, your pointing out the video here at this thread was not off topic. The video has a great deal to do with the celebrate-diversity meme!

    5. Erratum!

      HERE is the correct link to the video.

    6. The video is on the mosques Facebook page and I notice that Hannity immediately turtled after the Imm's first point and turned to Spencer for the truth about being a muslim in America.

      The imam from the Roxbury mosque was on locally in a press conference with the Boston police commissioner who has gone out of his way to communicate with local muslims and he immediatey agreed that the statements by the victims father that his son was shot while on the phone were indeed false.

      No rioting, no demonstrations. Just people getting down to the truth and trying to respect each other.
      Something a cheap bomb thrower like Spencer mocks. A truly repulsive man.

    7. Duck,
      The imam in the video did himself no favor by reacting the way that he did.

      Why can't you see that?

      We'll see what shakes out in Boston.

      In the video to which I linked, Spencer was not the problem. The imam was.

      According to CNN today:

      The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center said that it had had a limited relationship with Usaama Rahim. A security firm it uses at the center hired him as a guard for a month in 2013. Rahim did not regularly pray at the center or volunteer or serve in any leadership position, the center said.

      We hear that phrasing a lot -- limited relationship, I mean.

      PS: Please provide the link to the Facebook page which you mentioned. I want to take a look at that.

    8. Duck,
      Question: What is your opinion of the people interviewed at the beginning of the video to which I linked in an earlier comment? Those people openly stated that shari'a law is best -- and these individuals were either born here or came here as immigrants. From Somalia, I think.

    9. Duck,
      Never mind the Facebook page. I found it.

    10. Ducky, your problem is that you don't understand even remotely that some muslims are threatening and even successful in their hate toward the West.
      nobody's suggesting this awful Imam (and please, watch and tell us he answered any questions, ok?) is the typical imam. I'm saying this doesn't speak well for people like me who understand that not all muslims want trouble. The West can't do all the heavy lifting on that point to convince others; muslims, too must enter into it. This jerk didn't help.
      Spencer, at least, is brave enough to tell it like it is with many imams.

      Perhaps Muslims can begin to 'communicate' with the police ....as I said, time for THEM to do the heavy lifting. It's their reputation, not ours, which needs untarnishing.
      To hear the Boston cops pathetically begging people to understand that they killed this latest "alleged" beheader in self defense is nauseating.
      Let the MUSLIMS put US at rest.....we don't need to do that. NOBODY thought twice about muslims till 9/11...they lived fine amongst us. Since then, it's many of them who have started the threats, the sudden enormous immigration, and the amazing construction of mosques throughout our country.
      They're building them in tiny German villages with no muslims, too. Did you know that?
      No muslims YET, anyway.
      Stop with your ridiculous soothsaying...the facts betray your onerous cause.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Ducky, your problem is that you don't understand even remotely that some muslims are threatening and even successful in their hate toward the West.
      Well, a friend of y father's was on flight 11 and my nieces best friend was about to leave Marathon Sports at the finish line just before the bombs went off but I wouldn't understand.

      Go to your room and stop being a boor.

    13. Ah, I see. But you're the guy constantly trying to insult everyone with how they're making too much of terrorism. You who supposedly have these experiences.

      WOW. Ducky, I truly don't care what you think; all we can do on our blogs is hope people finally wake up; particularly those who've actually known people who were killed or could have been.
      Good luck,

  3. The trends on campus isn't all bad; Texas just approved campus carry....allowing for the diversity of the 2nd Amendment folks to be recognized in the hallowed halls of academia.

    Whoops....I should have prefaced that with a 'trigger warning' [see what I did there?].

    1. Good news! What shows how far we've come, is a story from an old timer who went to Stanford. In HIS day the campus had a large undeveloped area he used to go to study. He'd lay out in the field, with his pistol at his side loaded with shot rounds - the perfect snake gun! Nobody said boo.

  4. A headline just popped up, but I cannot confirm:

    "Boston jihadis originally planned to behead Pamela Geller."

    1. You're not surprised, right? If it's not true on that headline, who thinks someone hasn't thought of doing away with her?
      This is how they settle beefs in the jihadi world and you know that better than most of us with your expertise in this field. I don't see how she can walk on the streets anymore. But we have to pussy foot around the situation, not call it what it is, and never be unkind enough to say "A muslim did it" God forbid.

    2. FreeRepublic and WND are the only two, so far, who are reporting that; I'd be very leery of this story. I NEVER read either of them and encourage all of us to stay away from the extremism of them...that's my 3 cents, anyway!
      Still, Geller had darned well better be very careful.
      That guy who staged the protests in TX is now in hiding from supposed threats....oh, and he's asking for millions to protect himself. I got to wondering if he did this FOR that reason!.

    3. no surprise. She'll always have to hide now....these are of a 'faith' who'll behead to get their pride assuaged.
      My thoughts on FR and WND still apply :-)

    4. Z,
      Some others will have to hide as well.

      Do you remember Molly Norris? She's been in hiding for five years now.

    5. I watched your video on Hannity. Ami Horowitz's interviews are ALWAYS disturbing. I was jumping into the screen yelling "here, I'll give you a suitcase and drive you to the airport if you'll get the f*** out of my country and take your stinking prophet with you."

      If they want to go back to Somalia so badly we should organize to help them exit - providing they give up their American citizenship without a right of return. Otherwise, they'll sit in some Islama-Shangri-la and vote for more Obamas.

      The imam is a piece of work. The 'koranic style' seems to propagate steamrollers. I can't imagine what mosque 'sermons' are like. Whew!

    6. Baysider,
      I posted Ami Horowitz's full video on my Facebook page. Got quite an in-person reaction to that video this afternoon when I went to my piano student's house.

      Maybe we should start asking this question of all Muslims whom we meet, "Would you rather live under American law or shari'a law?" I have encouraged my students in college to ask that question of Muslims.

  5. PS - yes, I remember Molly well. Her newspaper did not stand by her either, as I recall.


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