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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kitty Cuteness

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Last year, I somehow started following the story of the fostering of Roodi (a tuxedo kitten) and Cupcake (an ebony tortie kitten) — and the rest of the litter, born of a feral mother. All, including the mother cat Nornie, found good homes.  Dr NWorb and his wife adopted Roodi and Cupcake, and added them to their cat family of Monkey, Thunder, and Panther, who has since passed away and is not in the video.

How To Be A Sensible Cat Person, created by DrNworb's KitsCats, a YouTube channel which I now regularly follow:

Roodi and Cupcake will turn one year old on June 10.  There will be a big celebration on Dr. Nworb's KitsCats Facebook page, I'm sure.


  1. I wish I could see them, AOW, but even sight unseen I'm sure i would love them.

    I don't understand, however, this apparently new penchant for giving virtually ALL cats "category names" as though each belonged to a special breed. I was unaware of that trend until I got to know you.

    When i was a boy, we had long-haired, snub-nosed Persian cats of many and varied colors, we had blue-eyed Siamese cats who were either seal-point, blue-point, or lilac -point. We had Manx cats notable for their short stubby, bunny-like tails, we had Maine Coon cats, but I've never really understood what those were exactly, and then we had ALLEY CATS, more formally known as Domestic Shorthairs.

    These last were divided into black and white tuxedo cats, gray and white tuxedo cats, tabbies –– either brownish, red-orange, or gray, all tiger-striped –– then we had calico cats –– cats many colors and varied splotch markings, virtually of whom were females -- ten there were tortoise shell cats with mottled, mostly circular markings of varying shades of brown, tan,and reddish brown. We also had all-white cats, and all-gray cats, which mother called "Maltese." All-black cats were rare, because there seemed always to be at least one small patch "somewhere" on each of them.

    Then, of course, as different types of cats got loose, and started "doin' a-what comes natcherly," we got mixed breeds of all kinds.

    My fluffy little Priscilla was solid gray –– even her nose was solid gray –– and she was ling haired, but she was not a purebred Persian. That did not stop her from being the dearest, most beautiful cat who ever shared my life.

  2. fwiw - Cats never play with toys that cost money. Give them the wrapping paper or the empty box.

  3. Exactly! Why pay $20 for a 'krinkle sak' when a paper bag will do.

    1. Giving a cat a fake mouse is like giving a man a cardboard cut out of a woman. <>

    2. In between the brackets was a big yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn..


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