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Sunday, June 28, 2015


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  1. Interesting a synthesized version of the Lachrymosa from Mozart's Requiem was chosen to accompany this video! Mozart died while composing this movement, so it remained unfinished until Franz Sussmayr, one of Mozart's pupils, took it upon himself to complete the work using his inmate knowledge of the composer and Mozart's few sketches to complete the entire work.

    Sussmayr did a magnificent job. If musical historians did not know this, and hadn't chosen to make a big fuss over it, I doubt if anyone would ever have known that at least a third of the Requiem was not in actual fact written by Mozart.

    "Lachrymose" means sorrowful, overflowing with tears, etc. Could those who compiled this video have meant to suggest that awareness of how minuscule our planet –- and thus ourselves and the things that concern us –– is in the Great Scheme of Things should give us cause to grieve?

    1. I know you meant "intimate" not "inmate" but my first impression was that they did time together. :)

    2. FT,
      Mozart's Lachrymosa is one of several reasons that I chose to post this video. I wonder how many visitors to this thread will discern some of the other "nuances" I had in mind.

  2. I would not entertain the thought that we (humanity) are a small insignificant thing, just because we live on a small planet.
    Like an author, and He is the Author, there are no insignificant characters.
    We are not the central planet, but we are the central characters in the story.
    Villains and heroes, with a great summation approaching.

    1. Ed,
      Well, there is Ecclesiastes.

      In addition to that, I think that we in the 21st Century have a bad tendency to think so very highly of ourselves; this is the reason that I posted this with the title "Perspective." Know what I mean?

    2. Maybe it's a stumbling block, but the incalculable size of the universe makes it a bit hard to believe there is a great Cosmic Being that is really bothered by what people eat, be it fruit of a forbidden tree, or just bacon.

    3. @beamish That's what makes it such an incredible thing that God not only cares about human beings in general, but about individuals in a personal way. Luke 15:10-32 But of course you're just making fun of faith, aren't you? You already decided it's not for you.

    4. On the contrary, I believe that if there is a God, the Bible overemphasizes the most trivial aspects, if it is about God at all.

    5. I'm with Alec on this one. Not that I run around trumpeting my faith.

    6. The Privileged Planet.
      This book and movie makes the case that we are actually living on the perfect observation platform to view the universe.
      It really is good, and science based.

    7. AOW, sorry, I forgot to answer you.
      Perspective is when we realize who we are in relation to Him, I think.
      But I get your point.

  3. Kinda off-topic, but related to marriage/state licensing. I thought everyone would find this link informative.


    1. The Alabama bill has been in the works for a bit now; but the first salvo in the aftermath of the Obergefell ruling comes from the Texas Attorney General:

      Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a statement Sunday saying state workers can refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses if doing so is contrary to his or her religious beliefs.

    2. Whoops...several outlets reporting, but this quote came from: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2015/06/29/paxton-state-workers-can-deny-marriage-licenses-same-sex-couples/29456745/


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