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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nincompoopery — And Worse

(Weekend roundup post.   For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (more possibly added as the weekend progresses):

Fallujah falls to Al-Qaeda, does anyone care??

News Networks Spend Twice as Much Time on Michelle Obama’s Birthday Bash Than Benghazi

Who Read 1,582-Page $1.1T Spending Bill? Congressman: 'Nobody Did'

The Benghazi Transcripts: Top Defense officials briefed Obama on ‘attack,’ not video or protest

More People Without Health Insurance Than Before Obamacare: Number Cancelled 6,286,357

‘Blow Torch Rapist’ Strikes Again In Detroit

Life inside the surreal, cruel & sheltered North Korea

Pimp sues Nike for $100m because they didn't warn him about dangers of using Air Jordans to stomp on man's face

DOJ: “Even-Handed Implementation” Of School Discipline Can Still Violate Federal Law If Has Disparate Impact Along Racial Lines

Lawyer says FBI has contacted few Tea Party groups, 8 months into IRS scandal

DMV [Nevada]: Most [Illegal Immigrants] Fail Test For Driver Authorization Card

Report: New Mexico dog tests positive for cocaine, pot

New York Common Core Website Sent Students to Sex Quiz Page

Obama Calls Dominican Republic ‘the Dominican Republican’

Devastating Benghazi Timeline Reveals Obama MIA

HealthCare.gov payment system STILL not built

Bill Clinton’s favorite DC restaurant shuts down buffet due to Obamacare

[MSNBC's] Melissa Harris-Perry Pronounces Marine Corps Motto Semper 'Fee'

Apple's iconic glass cube store SHATTERS in the New York cold

UK: Mother battered her baby, then posed for a selfie as he lay dying

Ronald Reagan's grinning granddaughter Ashley, 30, poses up with man dressed as al-Qaeda suicide bomber


  1. New York City now has a radical leftist in Gracie Mansion, Bill de Blasio, a radical leftist City Council speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito, and a radical leftist public advocate, Letitia James. The city is now run by the Working Families Party/ACORN and tax hikes will be used to finance generous payoffs to unions

  2. Does Obama Really Believe His Own BS?

    a) Does Obama really not have an intuitive feeling for how much he’s been spending? That’s a little like not remembering how much sex you’re having. He’s the one doing the spending, after all. Even if he wasn’t, you’d think an ordinary BS detector would kick in. It’s one thing to expect MSNBC viewers to be credulous. It’s another thing …
    b) Obama doesn’t care if it’s BS as long as it might work.**

  3. Hillary Clinton warned American athletes not to wear their patriotic-themed uniforms outside of Sochi venues during the Winter Olympics, Hillary Rotten has told our athletes not to represent (the stars and stripes).and if they wear uniforms proudly displaying the fact that they are Americans, it will be totally their fault if they get killed. She must have been very proud of herself to say that!

    What she should have said is that if the US athletes get harmed, the US should invade Russia

  4. Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 539 examples of Obama lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.


    1. Jarhead,
      I have nabbed that link for next week's Nincompoopery post.

  5. Life as usual on this Third Planet from the Sun. But I was struck by one really bizarre story. There are just too many unemployed, bored, Obama voters in Detroit.

  6. News Networks Spend Twice as Much Time on Michelle Obama’s Birthday Bash Than Benghazi
    Where's Lara Logan when you need her.

  7. "Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 539 examples of Obama lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc. "

    The problem with this internet chain letter is that precious few of the charges actually fall under the purview of POTUS; unless the new standard is to blame POTUS for every action by every agency and subcontractor within the scope of the federal government. Which, I would logically expect to see repeated when the GOP takes power again.....

  8. "The Benghazi Transcripts: Top Defense officials briefed Obama on ‘attack,’ not video or protest"

    And yet again, the facts illustrate quite clearly this Administration's malfeasance in their post-Benghazi narrative.

  9. What to Say to an Obama Supporter That Just Got Laid Off.

    1. “Hey, at least that successful Mormon businessman didn’t win.”
    2. “Didn’t your lady parts warn you this would happen?”

    3. “Look at the bright side. Gay marriage passed in four states.”

    4. “Hey, Big Bird still has a job. Isn’t that the important thing?”

    5. “I am sure Obama cares deeply about your situation. Maybe he’ll send you a postcard from Hawaii.”
    6. “Well, look at the bright side. Rush Limbaugh is getting a massive tax increase.”
    7. “Hey! Now you’ll have more time to play with your unicorn.”

    8. “Isn’t it worth losing your job to know that religious organizations now have to pay for abortions and contraceptives?”

    9. “Well, now you and Keith Olbermann have something else in common.”

    10. “Hey at least now you're eligible for a free Obama Phone!”

  10. "DOJ: “Even-Handed Implementation” Of School Discipline "

    Eric Holder is one sick puppy! Disipline by racial balance is more than asinine. Where does it stop? What about criminal activity? Do we stop arresting black bank robbers when we reach 12%?

  11. "DOJ: “Even-Handed Implementation” Of School Discipline "

    Eric Holder is one sick puppy! Disipline by racial balance is more than asinine. Where does it stop? What about criminal activity? Do we stop arresting black bank robbers when we reach 12%?

  12. The behavior of Obama grates on every nerve in my American freedom loving body. Our country has always stood for justice and freedom until now. Obama has changed the government all right but he can´t change the heart of the people.
    Remember THIS quote from Dear Leader himself?:

    "Wére gonna punish our enemies, and wére gonna reward our friends ..."

    It́s happening every day, just like he said.

    We have already reached the point where the American people are alarmed and are ready to push back from intimidations and stand up to the threats in order to preserve what’s left of our Constitution. If we have anything resembling a fair election, November 2014 will see a major power swing to the right. But fair elections may no longer be available to us. If that’s true, there will be a lot of destruction in our future

  13. Wendy Davis the same despicable bitch who lied about her background and showed incredible insensitivity to a parapalegic who isn't able to walk in her shoes
    Windy Davis the typical vicious, and hateful left-wing android who ridiculed a handicapped person. The commie bitch
    So the truth keeps unraveling about another lying left-wing politician. There is absolutely no truth to this pathological liars life history, just a multitude of falsehoods to portray herself as the struggling leftist who has had nothing but a life of pain and hardships...but look at her now, she overcame, oh how strong and resilient she is. What is not included in her attempt to make us feel her *ahem*, uh...pain is, it's all a lie
    This only proves just how desperate these Luberials are trying to get the hear off of their Messiah! They feed these lies to their dumb masses and it’s believed. Thar’s all that matters. So much stupidity in this country. Since there are no Obama Phones to give away, they have to spread lies to get their point to the masses.( or should I say the ass’s?),
    It doesn't end there. Aren't Democrats and leftists supposed to be compassionate? The ones that are there for those who are struggling, oppressed and at a disadvantage? Oh, it is a wonderful propaganda piece, they sure talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.

    I will say Windy (yes I am purposely spelling her name that way) Davis is far from dumb, she's a smart person. You see, I'm not going to follow the same path as leftists and think anyone with differing views is an idiot. Davis is indeed smart, and at the same time a typical very vicious, cruel heartless left-winger. Make no mistake about it, the following comments by Davis were no gaffes, but intentional vicious remarks in hopes if invoking a harsh response from Abbott in hopes the Democrat party's propaganda machine - the media would relentlessly attack him as being a sexist and typical anti-woman Republican.

    "And I guarantee you that anyone (referring to Abbott) who tries to say otherwise hasn't walked a mile in my shoes"

    "Greg Abbott is running scared and for good reason"
    CAN YOU IMAGINE IF A REPUBLICAN DIRECTED THESE STATEMENTS TOWARDS A DEMOCRAT WHO WAS A PARAPLEGIC? The Democrat Party's mouthpieces, the media would crucify that Republican.
    These comments by Davis have presented Republicans with a great opportunity to accuse the Democrats of having a war on the handicapped. I can’t help but imaging what those ass-faced Progressives would be blogging about had Sara Palin made a comment like that!
    Ahhhh, the left-wing's rising star now appears to be a fart in the wind as the truth of her long list of lies continue to unravel. In closing, considering Windy dumped her husband after he paid the last of her tuition for Harvard, and she abandoned her children, I'd like to offer a perfect theme song for Windy Davis's campaign for Governor of TX.

    1. It's just incredibly pathetic.. Perhaps she's trying to be the New Joe Biden and get the VP nomination from Hillary "PIAPS" Clinton or Raoul Castro or from whoever the retarded Dumbocrats nominate in 2016!
      As they say, we'll see!

  14. I don’t disagree with what you wrote, and you are tight, if Sarah Palin or anyone else on the Right had made a remark like that they would have been tar and feathered, and torched by the left. there’s no doubt about it. They wouldn’t care about any motives but would all just pile on with how despicable a remark like that was. I guess that maybe she’s trying to get a job on Saturday Night Live! Kudos to you for bringing this to everyone’s attention..

    My sincerest apologies to the "Retarded" Dumbocrats.

  15. Is Hillary ready for the Presidency?

    Yes, she’s ready and has paid her dues with Billy Bob. Just think of what she was forced to endure as the f first lady. And another thing is that much of the media has endorsed her, and if not a formal endorsement, it’s clear that many pundits have anointed her with the oils of inevitability.

    On top of that, she’s tough. Obama may bow to dictators and kings, but she don’t take any crap from anyone!.

    If Russian dictator Vladimir Putin dared Obama to join him in taking off his shirt, getting up on a wild stallion and riding bareback in karate pants — while hunting bears with a knife in the Putin fashion — our president would probably be too scared to do it.

    But Hillary is a different creature. If she were left alone in a room with Putin and a butter knife, she’d walk out smiling, with his beating heart in her hand.

    And then she’d eat it.

  16. The viciousness of the Wendy Davis campaign against Abbott and for Davis is a reflection of how brutally, dangerous, cruel, selfish, abusive and dictatorial, and they are!
    Davis is a lying twit, a pawn, and a puppet of the Democratic Party. Shortly after her pink shoes filibuster she was whisked away to the Democratic Dork Paradise for indoctrination!
    More proof that the America as we have known it is gone forever.

  17. Isn’t it funny how putting Panties on the heads of Terrorists gets Libs mad...BUT dead Ambassador’s and dead Navy Seals don’t!

    Obama is incapable of telling the truth. Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice should be kicked out of Public Life for lying to the American public! And for collaborating, along with spreading Obama’s lies!

    And how could anyone even consider wanting Hillary Clinton to be the President of the United States? How could this serial liar ever be trusted?

  18. When the hell is someone or group going to finally step and charge Obambi, Hillbilly, Rice and Holder with lying to the American public and treason, trying just to protect their own ass. Probably not cause Congress doesn't have the balls to make it happen their way too caught up in protecting their own positions.

  19. The top 15 ways to to commemorate Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday
    15 Watch Duck Dynasty
    14 Clip my nose hairs
    13 Stock up on toilet paper
    12 Clean out a drain pipe
    11 Build a new gun rack
    10 Play darts using her picture as a dartboard
    09 Fail to sign up for Obamacare again
    08 Drain puss from a lesion
    07 Cancel my AARP membership
    06 Liposuction a hog
    05 Drain a swamp with a tea cup
    04 Catch malaria
    03 Mail her used condoms
    02 Invite her to a Klan rally
    And the number one thing I'd like to do is give out barf bags, pass her picture around and send her the spew.

  20. All I know is...all liberals, progressives and democrats are LIARS, to the highest degree....Does “you can keep your insurance” come to mind?

    Does "how do you spell "Potato" come to mind?
    Talk about double standards. Remember in 2008 when Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin stumbled on trying to answer a question she hadn’t been briefed on? The liberal media flogged her and then crucified her in their coverage claiming she was too inept to hold such a high position. But where is the media when Wendy Davis was not able to answer simple questions?

  21. I've already celebrated. Moochie Obama’s 50th Birthday I had my colonoscopy

  22. I'm going to celebrate Michelles Obama's birthday by doing 50 jumping jacks and then going to shop at Target's, and then travel around the world on Air Force One, just hang out in Hawaii for a week with my "friends" and then have a dinner at Spiagga in Chicago, and then do some push ups on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and then wind up
    going to that Pig Farmers reunion.!

  23. Great comment. “The Man on the Street”. I feel the exact same way!

    As for me, to celebrate her birthday I will vote for anyone who is isn't a Democrat for the rest of my life. I will work day and night to try and impeach her husband. I will not endorse anything coming out of the White House or Senate. I will never watch her speak or look at her or him on television. I will celebrate very much when she and Barack leave the White House. I will celebrate and be so happy when we are rid of these individuals who ares plaguing our nation!

  24. I'm going to celebrate her 50th by eating a lot of chili and corn and taking a big smelly dump in her honor.

  25. Benghazi is something that every single one of us Americans needs to be complaining about!! Not to be passed off as merely another thing to feel uncomfortable about
    I thought that lying to congress was a felony the 3 Baboons Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton all have blood on her hands from this. And Hillary should be put in jail not elected president. She has perjured herself to Congress during the hearings on Operation Fast& Furious, as well as Benghazi.

    Why would anyone want to vote for that lying ugly looking dog-face as U.S. President anyway? Now you know why her horny husband went in pursuit after other women.

  26. Has anyone really seem Mooshelle since she had her feathers ruffled by Barry’s childish behavior with the Prime Minster of Denmark.at the Mandella Funeral? If No Michelle Sightings is one of the consequences of the government shutdown, I say Hip Hip Hooray. More. More. She’s the biggest phony to come down the pike. Where, oh where, can Me-Chelle be?
    Obama's a freaking embarrassment, who except an adolescent go to a state funeral and take selfies?

  27. Don't worry Princess AOW. Women will soon be the ones running the show. ie: Hillary Clinton These silly dumb little boys like to put everyone into are outdated. Men are nothing more than a bunch of little macho arrogant piglets. Calling each us Progressive's names and labeling us because we do not agree with you idiotic Conservatives . Its time Women like you are put you back into your place. Now go bake some cookies and do not forget to smile!

    1. I do not qualify as a princess. Hands-on caregivers never do!

  28. The Tea party is to blame for all the ills in our country and Ted Cruz will only make things worse.!

    As for Sarah Palin, I think that she's GREAT that she became a multi-millionaire by parading her teen-age pregnant daughter around and acting as if that showed what a great parent she is or was.


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