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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nincompoopery — And Worse

(Weekend roundup post.   For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (more possibly added as the weekend progresses):

Susan Rice: No Successful Attacks on U.S. Homeland Since 9/11

Leftists Pushing HHS to Pay for Sex-Change Operations Under Medicare

Obamacare’s New Year’s Surprise…Billions In Home Health Care Cuts For Millions Of Poor And Sick

EPA overrides Congress, hands over town to Indian tribes

Obama Pollster Wishes Press Wouldn't Report Polls [in 2014]

'They [Inova medical care facilities in Northern Virginia] had no idea if my insurance was active or not!': Obamacare confusion reigns as frustrated patients walk out of hospitals without treatment

Already Depressed Median Household Income Has Gone Nowhere For Two Years

Islamic charity officials gave millions to al-Qaeda, U.S. says

Orthodox Church in Kosovo turned into public toilet and garbage dump

Bike thefts rise in D.C. and Northern Virginia, with Metro stations frequently targeted

Roma already in Britain 'are defecating on people's doorsteps' says top Tory council leader as she warns of burden that Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants will place on public services

Hat tip to FreeThinke for the links below:

Man Asks For $1,200 Ransom After Finding Dog

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio vowed to act quickly to abolish horse-drawn carriages in the city

Nevada County Church Ordered To Remove “Support Our Troops” Sign


  1. I see the far left (Progressive's) blog sites are keeping busy on this "Bridgegate" non-issue.
    As usual they are doing their level best to smear another Conservative candidate so they can bring this up again in 2016, hey have at it, " what difference does it make"
    I'm guessing that they need to deflect from the 4 dead men at Benghazi and Robert Gates new tell-all book. The REAL important issues that they seem to neglect.

    Is it just a coincidence that it happened after the Gates book came out



    1. Chris Christie is no Conservative. He is supported by big bucks from George Soros and the Dems. The man supports gun control. The man appoints a radical Islamist to a judgeship. The man is for amnesty The man is part of the “green” movement. Be glad we may be rid of him.

    2. Do you have any proof that Governor Christie has been taking money from George Soros for his own personal use, and not for the good of his constituents? Is there proof that the governor is taking anything from Mr. Soros at all?

      If not, you shouldn't be bandying about loose lipped accusations like that. It inly makes you look as bad as the leftists who've been throwing bombs of one kind or another for over a hundred years. Better to fight corruption with integrity, I should think.

      ------------------------> Katharine Heartburn

    3. Katharine,
      You might want to read this and judge for yourself.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Bridgegate?
    Seems like I recall the same argument being made about Obama during the IRS targeting Obama’s enemies"scandal"

    The failure of administration to protect the Benghazi mission!
    The Associated Press reporters’ phone records leak .
    The “Fast and Furious” scheme!
    The Justice Department using a racial double standard in failing to pursue a voter intimidation case against the Black Panthers for menacing voters at a polling place in 2008 in Philadelphia.
    Obama violating the Constitution and the spirit of the War Powers Resolution by attacking Libya without Congressional approval.

    Interesting, that no one is putting those issues on the front pages! Are they? ... the silence is deafening.

  3. Is there something behind Bill de Blasio's concern for mistreated horses....

    And it’s worth noting that one of the big driving forces hiding behind the anti-cruelty front of the anti-carriage campaign are real estate developers. Is it possible they want to turn the stables in prime Manhattan locations into far more lucrative condos?

    1. One horse's ass wanting to protect others of his own kind, don't you think?

  4. Isn’t it funny how entertaining the latest scandal is that the press is and redirecting their attention away from Gatesgate towards Bridgegate?
    Just when Robert Gates just dropped a bombshell on Obama and a Atom Bomb on Biden. On my eyes, This is really a big f***ing deal , much bigger than a Fat Guy and a Bridge. Look, the president needs to find an issue to deflect on. This is what he's good at. I mean Benghazi is getting to be Boring.. Just ask the relatives of the 4 DEAD Americans!

  5. And THIS is the guy they want for President!!! Puhlease, enough with the stupid jokes
    Sorry, Christie's pathetic apologyfest yesterday proved their's something there. Time will tell what that is, but their's something there.

    Always On Watch and Right-Winger must have been trained by Fox news. When in doubt, just bash Obama, that’ll work!
    It is a joy to watch the NJ Governor flame out. This is such a sweet spiteful story of greed, graft, and grief - worthy of Shakespeare.
    Personally, I'd like to see Christie and Bush share a cell
    Moving right along, the governor is finished at national level. The RepublicanT Party was never really willing to allow the man to become a national candidate, not after the "Sandy Hug".

    (Oh I forgot. This is all a made up story to distract from Ben Gazi (snicker, snicker, snicker).)

    Loven' It!

    Ema Nymton

    1. Ema,
      I rarely watch Fox News.

      I watch my CBS affiliate local news in the morning. In the evening, I sometimes watch my NBC affiliate local news; I'm too busy working to watch more news than those two I just mentioned.

      I do read extensively on the web: Right, Left, and Center.

      As for Benghazi, an American ambassador was murdered there (for the first time since the 1970s). The American people are owed a clear and accurate explanation.

      I'll hold my evaluation of the Christie "scandal" until the facts are clearer.

    2. PSSSSSSSSSSSST! AOW! This "Ema" is not really Ema. The real Ema has an avatar. Katharine Heartburn saw it earlier when she said she thought Ema was a "right wing operative" or something of the kind.

    3. Ema, they? That is precisely the problem. Who the hell is they? "They" ain't anywhere near here.

  6. I want to put Chris Christie and all other petty politics aside and take a moment to wish our first lady a Happy 57th birthday!
    Enjoy Hawaii!

    Whats that you say, she’s NOT 57 years old? OK, Whatever! I still want to whish her a Happy 57th birthday!
    She’s a great lady, after all, who else could only felt proud of 'her country' after it did something that personal benefited her and then became the First Lady of the United States of America! .

    Sorry folks, but We must Call it like it Really Is! Want me to say it in EBONICS!
    Sorry Brah, your parties full of man-hating dykes like Hillaray Clunton, Nappybushhairtoliano, Pig-losi and Fascist Heinstein. Not to mention Republican women are way hotter then the pigs in your party.


  7. I find it amusing when Conservatives talk about how Obama is supposedly "Trying to destroy the GOP."
    The GOP is doing a fine job of destroying itself, ala Governor Christie, he doesn't need to help.

    The GOP destroying itself is the best thing that ever happened, because they are a Phony party to begin with. They talk Freedom and limited government, while they give us War, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the NSA, the 'War on Drugs', etc., ad-nauseam... Let the GOP disintegrate like it should, and let new blood in that values Liberty -

    Another hint: Quit talking about how Pure and how Righteous you think you are, because it is obvious that you are not. Quit talking about how you hate government programs, when most people know that most Republicans couldn't live without them. Like your guy Bobby Jendell said, " You look stupid when you make these kinds of statements."
    With people like Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio all campaigning for the 2016 presidency! You sure look stupid!

    Ema Nymton

    1. You know, my dear, your caricature of left wing lunatic is so broadly drawn it defies credibility. I suspect you must be a right wing agent putting us in on hopes of discrediting and defaming leftists.

      At least that's what you sound like to me. Who could take a dump truck load of preposterous assertions such as you provide seriously?

      Sorry, Ema. you don't fool me. I know which side you're on. Yu can drop the mask now. You're among friends here. Save it for the yammering hostilities at leftwing blogs. They may be opaque enough to accept your obvious impersonation. It doesn't wash here. Sorry!

      ---------------------> Katharine Heartburn

    2. Ema, the GOP isn't represented here. Haven't you figured that out yet?

  8. I think you're going to see a very renewed, aggressive effort by the Republirat party (GOP) to put on a different face" - but, putting on a mask isn't going to fool anyone. Re-branding isn't going to fool anyone. The Republirat party needs re-contenting. They have to dissolve their alliance with the crazies. The day you hear the Republican party abandon the fundamentalist whackos, that's the day they start becoming meaningful again. I'm not sure they can do that and survive, though, so they may be doomed.

    The Republirat party (GOP) has to acknowledge the problem, before they can move on.....They are vindictive, hateful, confrontational rude people, they've been disrespecting Pres Obama since day one. Which leads me, and lots more other to think that the GOP is racist. The sad part about all of this, it's just a hand full of them, that's making all of them look bad. Too bad that they decent Republicans, don't have enough balls to step out of that bubble and set things straight. It seems like Gov. Bobby Jindal is on the right track, but how long will it take, before they outcast and crucify him?
    Nobody today in the Republirat party knows how to save their party. Those who try to save the party are given shock therapy to stay calm . So, the part is decaying in bits and pieces as expected. if they do not reform the party in the next three years MAX, the Republirat party will have significant problems ever producing a president for the United States again.
    Sorry, but everyone in America knows this: YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!

    1. The day we see unscrupulous, manipulative, self-styled Democrat operatives stop their (vain) attempts at stealing other people's identities, we might begin to see more daylight in the blogosphere.

      Always dirty work afoot in your camp, isn't there? What a pitiful spectacle you make!

      -----------------------> Katharine Heartburn

    2. Shaw Kookoo, We don't want it rebranded. We want it put back the way it was. Haven't you been listening? The GOP is merging with the left. Everyone here wants it put back FAR right. Can you say REAGAN?

  9. So to criticize the president meant that you didn’t like his policies? What a load of crap that is!
    Admit it. You want a white Republican president again! Admit it. You want a reincarnation of Ronnie Reagan!
    So before you start denying you’re a racist, understand that you really are.

    In the pre-black president era, criticizing the president was simply the American thing to do. An exercise of one’s First Amendment right. Criticism had nothing to do with color, because there had never been a black president, or at least one whom people recognized as black.

    1. Do you and Ema work as a team? It sounds like it. Didn't anyone ever tell you redundancy is boring?

      Obviously not. What a pity!

      -----------------------------> Katharine Heartburn

  10. I think that Ema, and Company needs to take a Enama!

  11. Ever since the bridgegate story broke, Republicans have been trying to deflect with Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi....

    So let's look at the similarities and differences between the two

    Well, both happened in September, I guess that is the same

    With Benghazi, Obama claimed it was caused by a anti Islam film.......Republicans claim he lied
    With Bridgegate, Christie claimed it was caused by the Mayor of Ft Lee not endorsing him.......Democrats claim he lied

    In Benghazi, AlQaeda were the terrorists
    In Ft Lee, Republicans were the terrorists

    Where Are The Republican Blowhards Now?


    Ema Nymton


    1. Ok, let's do that comparison!

      No one died because lanes were blocked on the bridge (the one death was not due to the traffic stoppage, relatives of the deceased have confirmed that)

      Christie did not lie for a month about it or blame it on a video

      Christie fired those responsible immediately, Obama fired no one.
      Benghazi was the result of incompetence, lying, and political maneuvering by Hillary Clinton and Obama

      The two are not comparable in any way. Sorry Ema. Good try, but no cigar!

    2. Ema, WRONG. Christie is too far left for us. He's your MSM's boy not ours.

  12. "Leftists Pushing HHS to Pay for Sex-Change Operations Under Medicare"

    What's next? How about HHS subsidized Hillary and Pelosi Blow-Up Love Dolls for all registered Democrats!

    1. The subsidy would necessarily be greater than 100%

  13. I thought leftist / progressive loons didn't consider Fox to be a news network, but now that they made a negative comment about Christie the . progressive loons are quoting them!
    Hypocrisy is thy name.

  14. The Progressive LOON just can't stop Blogging about Chris Christie. Why would she do that?
    Because the Progressive LOON and her ilk are afraid of him. She knows damn well that he could win, that he could beat the Pant Suit off of the Butcher of Benghazi. The Liberal’s /Progressives feel that the only Republican with a snowball’s chance of beating the Pig in a pant Suit is NJ Governor Chris Christie and therefor they despises him, and will do whatever they can to destroy him. This is what they do. They did it to Sarah Palin and look at where she is now.
    And now they are dead set on The Butcher of Benghazi, The Leftist Lady of Non-Accomplishments, a Obamaite Refugee from the Socialist’s Administration who left Americans to die: and the liberals want her to complete the Obama destruction of America’s domestic and international stronghold. . Yep, that is why liberalism is another word for insanity. But Christie is not a Sarah Palin, or a John McCain, or a Mitt Romney, or a terribly boring Bob Dole!
    Come 2016, none of that will be the case for Christie; he will have a high profile, he will be a very popular opponent; but he will have the media uniformly working to destroy him; he will have NOW/Planned Parenthood/NAACP/etc all out in force painting him to be the GOP General in the War against Women and Minorities, etc.
    It's no secret that Christie's relationship with his affiliated political party has been on thin ice since he decided yo give obama a big Hug in turn fo receiving Millions for Hurricane Relief for his constitutes . Although hugging Obama with a smile on his face and ditching Romney's rally hasn't labeled him an outright traitor, it certainly hasn't helped him.
    Admiringly Christie still has a long and steep hill to climb to win over conservative voters. But if he does get the nomination, Hillary is Toast.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Miss Nymton, you are mistaken in your, apparent, assumption that that all Republicans belong to "the right wing," or that they are in any way united. You can see clear evidence right here on this thread of serious division among participants about the value and integrity of Governor Christie either as a potential presidential candidate or a worthy human being.

      I'm neutral on the subject of Mr. Christie, however, the eerie resemblance to the fate of Richard M. Nixon, who ALSO, as you may recall, handily won a second term by a landslide more than fifty years ago, and was then successfully hounded from office and "ruined" by a crafty, incredibly vicious journalistic coup d'état -- the first such event in our history -- troubles me. It's just too much like "déja vu all over again."

      The media gloating and slavering after their triumph in destroying Mr. Nixon then became increasingly hostile and openly aggressive in their determination to make life as miserable as possible for Republicans.

      Like it or not, Miss Nymton, Democrats have serious problems accepting the loss of power, and are more apt than Republicans by far to act the part of sore losers, ruthlessly exploiting every chink, however minuscule, they can find in the armor of the opposition, while using every dirty trick they dream up to unseat a successful opponent.

      When Republicans FINALLY tried to reciprocate and try to work this brand of ill treatment to their advantage in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, they were so inept at playing the dirty game, it backfired on them.

      Had William Jefferson Clinton been a Republican, he would -- on national television -- have been (metaphorically) stretched on the rack, drawn and quartered, hanged, and had his head chopped off to be displayed on a pike at the top of the pediment above the Capitol steps, and then his broken, bleeding remains would devoured -- at leisure -- by wild beasts.

      Democrats and their handmaidens better known as The Media, ADORE applying The Double Standard. You may scream, shout, curse, mock, scorn, deride, accuse and condemn till you are blue in the face, but the Truth I have written will remain the Truth till Armageddon and Beyond.

  16. Do you even know what the hell irony is you badly programed piece of junk? The good news is that social conservatives according to a new study find you're not really such bad people, you're just stupid. And also Racists! And after reading your blog and seeing your comments, I am not at all surprised by this finding. So much for the teachable moment.
    As for that lying, fat idiot Chris Christie, whether we like it or not and believe me I don’t there’s a significant chance that Chris Christie will be the 2016 Republican nominee. He should listen to someone who not only loathes but can’t even stand to look at his fat ugly face. He would have a better chance winning if he was running on the Democratic ticket as V.P. for Hillary.. He is not or never will be trusted as a conservative.. He is as liberal as Hillary, he will never get enough votes to win the primary on the Republican ticket anyway.
    The hand full of Conservatives that believe him are living in a fairy tale.

  17. Who cares about how 4 embassy employees in Benghazi who were killed by rebels that the Obama administration armed.

    Who cares about the IRS targeting every rightwing talk show host or PAC that donates to conservatives.

    Who cares that the DoJ is shaking down banks, insurance companies, and big businesses for cash through lawsuits.

    Who cares that guns the Obama Administration gave to drug cartels are still turning up at crime scenes along the border.

    Who cares that the Administration refuses to enforce our laws or enforces them selectively.

    Who cares that our government has brought down several dictators in the Middle East and allowed Islamic radicals to take over in their place.

    Who cares that not only is the Administration allowing Iran, our mortal enemy, to continue building nukes, but they're also scaring everyone else in the region into wanting them for their own defense, seeing as how they can't count on us to protect them anymore.

    Obama likes the fact that more are not working than in the last 30 years. For every job created last month 5 people dropped out of the workforce and cannot be counted as part of the ever growing terminally unemployed. Obama sees this as progress, a strong economy, strengthening the Middle-Class. He claims that unemployment is good for the economy. His primary concern isn't that more aren't working but that they aren't all making the same income. He says that his website isn't indicative of the mess his administration has become. The fact that not only can't he be trusted to keep his promises but even when he does do what he says he'll do it always turns into a hassle to everyone involved.

    Who cares that with every new rule or regulation the costs of running a business goes up astronomically and the costs to the consumer goes up as well. Who cares that the EPA is intentionally driving the costs of energy through the roof.

    Who cares.

    The worst thing you could do is hold up traffic in NYC. This is the worst thing you can ever do. This is just the tip of the iceberg folks. More will come out about this, they promise us. This is one seriously huge scandal of all scandals. Somebody cause a traffic jam on the GWB and people died, or at least probably died. This can't happen in America. But when it comes to national security and the stagnant economy. Who cares.

    I Care. And I will also be doing everything I possibly can to take the senate away from the Dims in 2014 and to take back the White House and America in 2016..

    1. BRAVO! I may I lift this and publish it at my blog -- giving you full credit, of course? Would that bother you? I hope not, because it's as good as done.

    2. Please be my guest, I'd be delighted.

    3. Thanks, very much. It should come out in Monday.


  18. This is going to get worse. The GOP tried to pin some sort of scandal on Obama for Benghazi and the IRS story, but nothing underhanded came up. If there were a scintilla of any sort of evidence of wrong-doing, it would have come out by now because of the right's rancid hatred of Obama.

    The fact that both Benghazi and the IRS situation were not conspiracies like this Christie scandal has sent the right into orbits of outrage.
    Even Jeffrey Toobin, CNN's senior legal analyst thinks that any further investigation into Benghazi is looking at a "non-story" since "there is nothing there, in terms of a scandal."
    It's rather pathetic how far a party would go to make the President of the United States of America look bad. To implicate the president and Hillary Clinton.
    This is a non-story. Yes of course Benghazi was a tragedy. It's not a scandal. But the Republicans are going to investigate this until the end of the Obama administration, and most likely until the Cows Come Home! But they will find nothing, because there's nothing to be found there. There's no scandal, there never was, this was all BS to make the president look bad and to make Hillary look like a inept women who shouldn’t be allowed to be President. . These are brave, honorable people who were killed in the line of duty, a tragedy? Yes of course, but nothing more.
    At some point Congress needs to realize that we have a country to run. We keep re-hashing Obamacare, and calling for more "scandal" investigations.

    Obamacare cost/benefit is debatable, depends on your political sway. But the constant re-hashing of Benghazi and Benghazi and more Benghazi is not beneficial. It is wasting our government time. I believe that other issues I've mentioned Obamacare will have much more impact on our future than Benghazi so why are we not talking about t\it? We are being distracted on purpose.

    1. Ellie Rosendield said

      I am Ellie Rosenfield, and I did not write that piece of manipulative garbage. I'll thank you not to use my name again. What you've done is a low trick, and not the least but funny.

  19. its unreal AOW what he-l Hussein has wrought and it keeps going from bad to horrofic.............

  20. Lets talk about inequalities.
    Liberals and their buddies the Real Nut Jobs Progressives have attacked and ridiculed the Tea Party movement since its inception for one reason. Fear. They fear the Tea Party. The Republican establishment also fears the Tea Party. That’s why they despise Ted Cruz. The Tea Party has been correct on the massive failures of the Stimulus Bill, Cash for “Clunkers” which were Perfectly Good Cars, so-called Green Energy (the only thing green about green energy is all the green wasted on the temporary jobs it creates before they move to China), ObamaCare, etc. Why? Because fiscal conservatives in the Tea Party movement fully realize the futility in hoping government is the answer. Hoping brings change. Change for the worse! Knowledge, reason, and fact bring positive change! Government is a parasite that sucks wealth from the private sector and redistributes it to the lazy creeps who have learned out to play the system. . How many times must we learn the same lesson?
    After all, Government parasites need to eat too.
    If you live in a liberal area of the country, like New York, Chicago, or Detroit, you know how the game or the system works, it is entirely possible to live a existence without ever working too much or at all. In fact, there are some Americans that have been living off of government benefits, and hand outs for decades. Many of these people actually plan their lives around doing exactly what they need to do to just qualify for as many benefits as possible. America is rapidly turning into a socialist welfare state and it is destroying our nation socially and financially. Obviously something is not working, but if you are of a liberal persuasion, you’d never think of it that way. When half of the people have the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, that is called Socialism. And anyone who believes this stupid way of life deserves the crappy life they get..
    The Tea Party movement is a direct threat to the status quo of our elected ruling class in Washington. That is why Republican RINOs hate the Tea Party as much as Democrats. The Tea Party movement, if its goals of fiscal sanity are realized, will destroy the world of the ruling class and remove them from their nearly unrivaled world of power and luxury. We seek new politicians who want the best for America and are willing to make the tough decisions and take the heat from the left in both parties. Ted Cruz is the perfect example of this. Outside of people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in the Senate, the Republicans are basically Democrats.
    So, liberals, it’s very clear to anyone who doesn’t breathe out of their mouth (this excludes the entire staffs of the mainstream propaganda media) that ObamaCare is a total disaster zone. As is the man whose name sits and befouls the program and the presidency.
    Never forget the theory of Political Reality. LIBERALS DEPEND ON STUPID.
    Remember that even the most well-read liberals and progressives can be forgiven for being confused There would be no Democrat Party if no stupid people exist. Fiscal conservatives rely on facts and intelligence. Stupid people have spewed their ignorance and gullibility over ObamaCare since 2009. They should hang their heads in shame for blindly supporting what is obviously the worst piece of legislation ever forced on the American people.
    Truer words were never spoken. Don't worry folks, our Glorious & Trustworthy Leader in the White House is planning to take gooooooood care of us. Just look at all the government corruption we have uncovered. It’s a shame that it’s ALL been in his own administration.
    And as for the Christie scandal, this scandal is still small potatoes when compared to Obama’s long list of scandals starting with BENGHAZI . But still the far left hypocrisy on this matter continues while BENGHAZI has been swept under the rug.
    Anyone want to tell me if I’m wrong?

  21. File This Under Who Gives A Crap:

    Kenny Bunkport Said:

    "Obamacare cost/benefit is debatable, depends on your political sway. But the constant re-hashing of Benghazi and Benghazi and more Benghazi is not beneficial. It is wasting our government time. I believe that other issues I've mentioned Obamacare will have much more impact on our future than Benghazi so why are we not talking about ti? We are being distracted on purpose".

    Hes just another deranged, filthy and vile, LYING Liberal.!
    Yep another Looney Lib, imitating a Conservative, most likely sent here by that Wicked Witch, the Queen of the progressives’s. too bad, not so sad, rot you little peckerhead.
    And she has the living Gaul to talk about "Character " The Shameless, Low-class, Looney, Liberals and Progressives who seem to have no conscience when it comes to opportunities to blame Conservative Republicans for something they had absolutely nothing to do with. Recognize the tactics?
    Get this loser home, or maybe facing a firing squad.

  22. Let the negative campaigning begin, the Progressive Nut-Bags know that their party
    is in the worst possible shape since they have nothing positive to run on., Democrats are not running on Obamacare but running away from it.
    At this point, I seriously doubt if Her Thighness, Hillary Klinton will even run, with all the negative stories about her adventures, and her part in the Benghazi scandal. And who has gone through perhaps more scandals and congressional investigations than any politician alive today, from Whitewater to Benghazi.
    So we may have voted for the lesser of the two evils and not for the best candidate. Sad. However, I do like Christy, and despise Klinton. .
    The Valerie Jarrett George Soros connection may be revealed before the next election. Soros is one of the richest people in the world if not the richest. He is a German Jew that betrayed German Jews by helping the Germans locate and imprison them. He moved to Europe where he became wealthy shorting the British pound which almost destroyed their currency and country. Soros thinks he is anointed or chosen to move the world to one government. He is directly and indirectly a major Obama financial supporter.
    Barack Hussein Obama wants to continue military aid to Egypt when his Muslim friends the terrorist organization. The Muslim Brotherhood, who backed Morsi was in charge. Now that Morsi is gone and our allies in Egypt, the Egyptian Military are in charge hussein obama wants to discontinue aid to Egypt. I also find it interesting that Hussein Obama referred to the Christians that are being slaughtered in Egypt by his friends the Muslim Brotherhood as "religious minorities" versus calling them what they are "Christians". Why is Hussein Obama afraid to say, "Christian"?

    And you POS wacko liberals, attack the Tea Party that only wants the United States Government to act responsibly with taxpayer money. Attacking the Tea Party is proof of the true socialist agenda of the liberals. Sad proof of the old adage: you can't fix stupid.

  23. it boils down to this, when your deciding who to vote for president, your going to have to decide which political scandal is worse and just dealt with it.

    A) is when you are a corrupt douchebag, and you hire, promote and give bonuses to other corrupt douchebags, and when you to do corrupt and douchebaggy things and pretend none of it is going on (Like our current President)

    B) Maybe drawn our attention away from Hillary 'What Difference does it Make?" Clinton (re: Benghazi) The miserable lying, corrupt crook, who didn’t know a thing about the highly speculative commodity market yet turned a Invested $1,000, and Netted $100,000

    B) The Bosnia sniper story being a mistake, or she “ Mispoke”!
    Then Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she made a mistake when she claimed she had come under sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia in 1996 while she was first lady. When Hillary Clinton described how she and her daughter, Chelsea, ran for cover under hostile fire shortly after her plane landed in Tuzla, Bosnia. Mispoke? Mistake? Ir was a LYE! What not use that word?

    And then there is The Chris Christie’s scandal “Bridgegate” Yes there is something
    there, And the question is what did Chris Christie know about it and when did he know it?
    But does that compare with the Lies and the crookedness of Her Thighness?
    Think about it!

    1. Your arguments would sound more mature and have more credibility if you didn't use junior high school terms like "douchebag." It makes you look spiteful and self-indulgent as well as emotionally immature. Please reconsider your approach. You make good points, but mar them with silly, insulting rhetoric.

      -----------------------------> Katharine Heartburn

  24. People want accountability.
    All I'd like to say about "Bridgegate" today is I sure wish that the Democrats / Progressives showed as much outrage with the Obama scandals starting with Benghazi as they do with the New Jersey Governors bridge debacle.

  25. All I can say is if the Democrats went after all of the MAJOR problems and known lies in the Obama presidency with the same vigor as this one incident which has not even been tied to Christie except through his staff, Obama would be in prison with Hillary for a cell mate. I am not a big Christie fan but he has come out and admitted after defending his staff that it was discovered they lied to him. He took immediate action, something I wish our Democratic friends would learn from, and he answered all the questions about the incident he could. .
    Transparency anyone? Hypocrisy anyone? You liberal hypocrites should take the crap out of your own eyes, and then maybe you will see clearly!

  26. If Hillary, Obama, and Christie are guilty of lying, which one did the most harm? Oh, I forgot, Hillary told us it didn't matter how they died. BTW, I am a registered Democrat who doesn't like anyone above... But this is America, and it seems that lying is the normal not the exception anymore. But in this case, the governor hires people to make decisions, (the port authority in this case) . However, do you believe obama when HE said that he didn’t know about fast and furious, where people died, till he claimed he read it in the newspaper? now that’s something that would need investigating from the top. it’s a hell of a lot more important than a few people late for work,.and more importantly, Benghazi, are you democrats screaming for that to be investigated also? The answer is no. because this is all about politics. Period...

  27. Leave Chris Christie alone, he can’t help it if the people he personally chose practiced payback by causing misery, halting the easy flow of interstate traffic and commerce, reckless endangerment of lives and the suffering of millions.

    He’s far too intellectually incurious to bother noticing that his office was erupting with complaints in real time as the world’s busiest bridge suffered a 4 day unprecedented gridlock.

    It’s not his fault that his staff is so mean spirited and was prepared to cause pandemonium, after all they were all long time friends and advisors and why should we expect him to be aware of how duplicitous they are seeing he is only surrounded by them for hours every day and they communicate and answer to him.

    The buck stops with them; they’re the ones that sought to extract retribution for some nebulous reason that so didn’t affect Chris in his bid for reelection.

    The media was very critical of him after the election so they bear some responsibility too; he could have read about how incompetent and naïve he was in trusting his best friends and might even have stumbled onto an article that covered the unfolding chaos around Fort Lee.

    He was prepping for his election by burying his head in a sand box that he had moved to his office for 4 days, so how could he have noticed all of the implicated running around furiously, scheming and fending off nonstop complaints.

    Chris is innocent I tell you, it’s not his fault, he’s a Republican and it’s never their fault until they run out of people to throw under the bus and in Christie’s case even more dramatically under the Christie.

    Chris was in a coma I tell you, he spent 4 days under his desk looking for a pencil, his shoes were untied and it took 4 days to tie a perfect knot, someone stood in the way, both of his ears were blocked because he got his fingers stuck in them, he was watching a 4 day Hogan’s Heroes marathon with the volume cranked up and laughing loudly as Sgt. Schultz kept saying I hear nothing I see nothing, he thought he dreamt it but one thing for sure is, it’s not his fault and he’s so sad and sorry that his handpicked bestest buddies and advisors forgot to delete the emails and texts.

    So give him a break because he’s only to blame for being massively incompetent in his choice of friends as staff.

    Chris has a very plausible set of reasons for not knowing what was going on feet from his desk and that is it’s everybody else’s fault. It’s not as if he was the governor or something and somehow responsible for what went on in his personal office right before his eyes.

    And he apologized for being clueless 4 months later so all is forgiven.

  28. "Another Con Found Stealing a Liberal Blogger's Id and Avatar!" ~ or Who Really Gives a Crap? I really don't !

    It’s not like I have anything against happiness, or success, or meditation, or yoga, or being nice, or smiling more, or eating healthy, or losing weight, or being your best you, or embracing the day with a positive attitude. Those all sound great. Honestly, they do. And there are some really smart, simple truths to be found in all of those articles. There truly are.

    It’s just that I have a problem caring, or giving a shit!

  29. Anonymous said...
    Bwahahaha! Except you do. You really DO! You visit Shaw's blog every day then go running back to those blogs and whine and cry about what Shaw's writing about?

    You give a very large shit, Bubala, about what's going on here. You whackos prove it all the time by reporting on what Shaw writes every day!

    Well God Squad, isn’t that what you did to find that comment? N'est-ce pas? , you wasted load of semen

  30. Benghazi; didn’t he have a TV show in the 1960’s, ‘Run For Your Life?’

    Sounds familiar …
    Benghazi … Benghazi… was that the one where President Obama was leading the charge and Secretary Clinton was driving the get-away car? Or was that the one where President Obama was sending secret thought messages to the Republican IRS agent in Cincinnati to sell guns to TeaBaggers while burning the Constitution?

    Oh shasbot…

    I am having trouble keeping all the Murdoch Media/Fox Networks “scandals” straight.

    Ema Nymton
    ~ @ : o ?

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. Ema Nymton is extremely old lonely, rejected woman, most likely a shut in who has nothing to do and no one to do it with, a dedicated leftist, with her panties flying at half-mast in the knee-high position! who has made it her life's work to post sarcastic and insulting comments on any right wing blogs who will allow her there!

    Thank you for stopping by Ema Have you signed up for ObamaCare yet? Does ObamaCare cover Mental illness?

  33. The Riverton Wyoming case is bizarre.

    Why would the EPA have jurisdiction?

    I suspect this has something to do with the casino in Riverton but it is bizarre.

  34. AOW, you have become a wacko magnet. Ducky, I never thought I would say this, but you're tame compared to those above.

    1. Odie,
      Quite a few wackos come out in force for every "Nincompoopery" post. Resentment over my posting headlines that the msm try to avoid? Paid trolls? Who knows?

      Think of the wackos as comic relief.

  35. The January 15, 2014 release of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on Benghazi confirms what hundreds of hours of research, inquiry, and conversation revealed to me and many other Americans the following:

    1. The September 11, 2012 attack could have been prevented.

    2. Secretary of State Clinton DID NOT do an appropriate risk assessment for Ambassador Stevens and other outpost personnel.

    3. Al Qaeda was directly involved in the detailed planing and execution of the attack.

    4. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton BOTH KNEW it was a terrorist attack on the evening of September 11, 2012.

    5. A lie was manufactured and perpetuated as they repeatedly blamed an anti-Islamic video as the impetus of the attack.

    I must conclude that the Obama administration has, and will continue to stonewall, lie, and belittle any attempt to establish any real efforts to achieve accountability for the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi.

    Consideration of the truth versus a calculated deception is of upmost importance when seeking the office of Presidency of the United States of America. Whether it is was during the Presidential election of 2012 or the upcoming campaign of 2016; deception and apathy, concerning the deaths of four Americans due to a terrorist attack, do not have an expiration date.
    Hillary Clinton’s lack of competency was brought to light. It is amazing how wrong one person can be.
    Does it make any DIFFERENCE? Yes it does to the families, no it doesn't to Hillary Clinton.

    Maybe it’s our fault for allowing such a person to have gained such power in the first place! Maybe it’s our fault and our failure to elect honest pro-American people and allowing them the leadership of America. Maybe that is the reason this country is in such chaos today. .We MUST vote for candidates with integrity not ONLY because they are BLACK or a WOMEN.. Such stupidity has it’s consequences. We must set the bar higher and ignore rhetoric, and ignore what they may say in their campaigning speeches, we must judge them by what they do and ignore what they say.
    Her response of "What difference does it make" sums up her total lack of character. She should never be allowed to hold any public office ever again. We have already seen What difference it makes!

    I have an honest question for you people, not only for the left wing libs, but for everybody, Why do you insist on voting for inept, un-qualified people to be the President of the United States? Would you hire anyone that has been proved to be incompetent to do ANY work in your house? Would you want Chelsea Clinton to be our Ambassador to Libya? Why would you want Caroline Kennedy be our Ambassador to Japan? Or better yet, WHY was she appointed to that position, since she completely lacks any political experience! The answer is: because her support for Barack Obama during the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign put her there! It was a clear case of Pay Back! Japan is a "safe" country to be appointed to, and a wonderful place to work.

  36. Bath House Barry and Hillary share the same inability to feel empathy, and the same responsibility. They are both lying Politicians and should be charged with Perjury and with stiff penalties. But of course that will never happen.
    However, Hillary should never be considered as the next President She is an arrogant individual who significantly lacks integrity. I just hope that people remember !

  37. What Difference Does it Make? Why do libs always ask a question with a question?

    Obama. and Hillary are obligated to explain what happened under their watch to the American people and not send out someone out such as Susan Rice who had nothing at all to do with that operation at all, with a false narrative to cover for the administration.
    The person, or people that are responsible should be held accountable for this, and NOT be given a promotion for helping in the cover up.

    America MUST be told the truth, but sadly, we will never be told the truth.

    But people are more interested in the story of a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge instead.

  38. AOW, I commend you for continuing to pressure for the truth about what really happened regarding Benghazi.. The simple truth is that she (Hillary) will never be held accountable for her actions that night
    This Is A Very Good Read, Please Bring this "Nincompoopery — and Worse" Post, up to the Top So That the People Can Read the New Entries, and Continue To Comment On It.. Let Us Never Forget This Terrible Event........ Thanks

    1. 2580,
      I endeavor to post something about Benghazi every week.

      I shall consider moving "Nincompoopery" as a sticky post to my blog.

      The simple truth is that she (Hillary) will never be held accountable for her actions that night

      I think that is the hideous truth.


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