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Thursday, January 23, 2014

America's True Legacy

by Sam Huntington

In 1775, the Americans began a concerted effort to publicly discredit their king, George III of England. They did not do this because George III of England was the cause of difficulties between the English colonies and the motherland —he was not. In fact, the man was already well en route to a state of mentally deficiency. However, as King of England, George III was the singular symbol of British authority in the American colonies. If the American revolutionaries wanted to dishonor England, they had to humiliate the monarch.

No, the colonists' real problem was not the King of England —it was the British Parliament. Thus in 1775, it became necessary for the American people to throw off the yoke of legislative tyranny. Today, we seem to have returned to that sad state of affairs —but there are important differences. In 1775, one-third of our people had the courage to stand up for individual liberty; we have far fewer than that now who are willing to stand up for something they believe in —other than right of decadence.

It is true that Mr. Washington called for a strong central authority, but I think that what the federal government has become would appall even him. Today’s federal government is very much like the new logo for the National Reconnaissance Office: an octopus extending its tentacles to encircle the world: it could just as easily be the symbol for the neo communist movement.

Once upon a time, we could pridefully say that America’s true legacy was a deeply held belief in the supremacy of human liberty, and in the notion that the American people are the masters of their own destiny. This is no longer true.

Today, America’s federal government undertakes far too much authority over us. It encroaches dangerously upon our rights as citizens, as set forth in the Bill of rights. I feel that among concerned Americans, Mr. Washington’s warning should become our new standard: imperium libertatis minatur. Of course, adopting this new standard forces us to presume that Americans any longer deserve their liberty. Herein lies the problem: today, there are far too many of our citizens who demand that someone pay them for not working, and who expect liberty without possessing the courage to fight for it. Thus, our new legacy must be: obsequium ex imperil voluntaries. God help us, we deserve no better.


  1. Americans today are consumed by trivia and selfishness. The very concept of the ideals of freedom aren't even on their radar. **sigh**

  2. "Today, America’s federal government undertakes far too much authority over us. "

    Sadly true, but not just the federal government....the tyranny of state and local government is just as egregious. When we've allowed the state to license, tax and regulate nearly every occupation and private endeavor...we've lost sight of the original principles this nation was founded upon.

    1. It happens with local school boards, PTA organizations, lay leadership in Churches, service and social clubs, scout troops -- EVERYTHING. Wherever two ro three are gathered together in the name of ANYTHING you will find Power Politics, deceit, chicanery, corruption and all the rest of it.

      Human beings are fundamentally flawed in this one regard. There is always intense competition to be Too Dog. Modesty, patience and the spirit of cooperation do not come naturally to most of us. Not only that we tend to be very sow to recognize and acknowledge superior achievement and talent greater than our own.

      Thats why Pride, Envy, and Covetousness are considered Deadly Sins.

      In order to have a truly civilized society, we must be prepared to work zealously against our own natural inclination to be selfish, greedy, ungrateful and presumptuous.

      We've had a News and Information Establishment, an Educational Establishment, and above all an Entertainment Establishment all DIAMETRICALLY OPOSED to everything we've ever learned in Church or been taught in Sunday School. The development of ever faster means of Mass Communication opened up a PANDORA'S BOX of moral ills that is actually KILLING al the good in us as fast and as furiously as it can.

      Being "good," and "wise" has always been an uphill battle. Now that Satan has taken firm control of every form of Mass Communication, the scales have tipped heavily in favor of Evil.

      AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE of the FACT of our TRAGIC PLIGHT is the only hope we could have of ever overcoming it and getting ourselves back on a healthier, more productive track.

      It will have to begin with us as INDIVIDUALS willing to take a stand against what become a VILE Establishment.

      No victory has ever been won without great cost.

    2. FT,
      I has been said that all sin stems from covetousness. First we covet, then move on to "worse" sins.

      The way that we should live our lives and a significant part of happiness:

      I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. -- Philippians 4:11b.

    3. In other words "Bloom where you're planted!"


    4. “Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules.”
      “Yes, sir. I know it is. I know it.”
      Game, my ass. Some game. If you get on the side where all the hot-shots are, then it’s a game, all right—I’ll admit that. But if you get on the other side, where there aren’t any hot-shots, then what’s a game about it? Nothing. No game.

      ---- Holden Caulfield

    5. I might have known you'd fall for that pile of BS, Ducky. J.D. Salinger is one of the WORST writers ever to get published -- and one of the most deleterious influences ever to come along in the history of American Letters.

      Salinger was by all accounts a DREADFUL person -- self-centered to the point of mania, stingy, incapable of love, a user, rude, arrogant and SELFISH beyond belief and the WORST ROLE MODEL imaginable.

      I have to admit he did a lot for a man with an IQ of 104 -- just average at best -- but that's because the Evil Geniuses of the Left realized his particular "talent" was something they could conveniently USE in subverting, debasing and destroying the culture that made this country the great thing it was before the Left began to get the Death Grip it now holds on Power early in the last century.

  3. I think America's true legacy will be what we do concerning abortion. Killing our own children (unborn) is like the baal and other evil cults of old times, where children were sacrificed to the fire routinely. Sacrifices to the false god Moloch, etc.

    Right Truth

  4. CI is exactly right. We keep wondering why the American people do not take back their country, and the truth is they can’t even take back their small towns or counties ….

  5. I have a hunch that up to now, most had faint interest in our governmental over reach, losing ones healthcare, or finding it financially beyond their reach just might do the trick in waking up the electorate. We shall see this fall.

    1. As long as there is a perception that "The POOR" are benefitting at the expense of "The RICH," there will be No Joy in Mudville ever again.

      Hatred of the Rich stems from the SANCTIFICATION and LEGITIMIZATION of ENVY instituted by the Left.

      ENVY as was said above, is probably THE most deadly of ALL the Seven Deadly Sins, although I favor PRIDE for that spot, myself.

      What is meant by PRIDE?

      Arrogant, Aggressive Self-Righteousness.

  6. Paul, in Philippians, speaks to a church full of strife. You are truly spot on, FT. Interestingly, many years ago, a popular saying in the church was the fact that THE CROSS crosses out the "I". We have forgotten that. As a CNA, I am exposed to clients who have had to deal with selfish, lazy, uncaring and unengaged individuals in my profession.
    ME, ME, ME and more ME is the mantra...we have seen the uprising of sociopaths because we as Christians have not valued those Truths that were entrusted to us. The 1950's and 1960's showed how much(or how little) the things of GOD mattered. We caved in to Madeleine Murray O'Hare, to our everlasting shame. That was a major step down the highway to Hell for this country...sigh


    1. Thank you, dear lady. It's good to know that others understand what is important and what has happened to us.


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