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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Film One-Liner For Our Times

From Mommie Dearest (1981) and applicable to so many situations related to  politics in the 21st Century:


  1. Frankly Mr. Obama, I don't give a Damn!

  2. Yes indeed. Our government has turned into an overbearing, shrieking harridan, slapping us at every turn, but the stockholm syndrome progressives beg for more of the coat hanger

  3. If Joan Crawford ( Faye Dunaway) had replied: "Yeah? So, what's your point?", it would be even more like the Obama administration.

  4. If you like your Doctor..............................yada, yada, yada !

  5. The decay and fall of the “Progressive “Ladies blog!
    Back in the past days, the “Progressive “Ladies blog used to be a respectable one.
    Yes she was controversial, but tet in an interesting way. Perhaps controversial to get attention and popularity, but it worked... Until she crossed the line. there is a trick in blogging and being controversial and interesting and gaining attention and popularity it is important to not be nasty, and there is where Ms. Witch of the Progressive blog went wrong. She didn’t know how to handle controversial blog topics without insulting her readers and her commenters.
    We can also explore what it takes to do all these things if you like, but i think that this audience already knows.
    Controversial blog topics are definitely reader and traffic inducing, and blog building, but as with all blog topics, there is a way to approach them, handle the content, and respond to feedback. The Wicked One, didn’t have the know-how that it takes. Crossing the line by nasty name calling just won’t cut it, that only shows that she hasn’t got the ability to reply with dignity. .She shouldn’t have ever gotten personal. Case in point, if she was attacked by a commentor, she would assume that she know who the person was and called them by name. Well, I happen to know that she was wrong!
    In the event someone bashes you, calls you names, becames defamatory or otherwise puts you down, their comments should be either ignored and deleted or handled in a civil manor. . Civil debate is encouraged, but being plain mean and offensive should never be the way to go.. Watch what you put in writing, resist the urge to blast someone with your words, it only make you look stupid. Even when I think a topic will stir up controversy, such as a post on why the President has so many people who are against his policies. People don't come expecting a fight because they already know the atmosphere of your blog. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the world of blogging.
    So stick a fork in it: your time of blogging is done. Take your Boston Statue, dust off the snow and try knitting.

  6. The American public calling out the Benghazi mavens?

  7. It's funny when it's on the screen, but not when it's being foisted upon the country. Barry Dearest is no joke.

  8. I've never believed Christina Crawford. I've always loved Joan Crawford, and am grateful for her many brilliant performances. Christina was -- still is -- intensely jealous of the beautiful woman who adopted her and tried to help her male something of herself. Christina has always struck me as a snotty, two-faced, manipulative little Bee Eye Tea Sea Aitch! A homely, untalented girl, and a most unlikable personality.

  9. "The decay and fall of the “Progressive “Ladies blog!"

    Lol I know exactly which blogger you are referring to


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