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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Core Curriculum: A Warning


Please CLICK HERE for Video


  1. classical v Common Core - replacing the virtues of great American stories and our real history with progressive anti-American curriculum steals our children's souls.

    Thanks for posting this (i watched the entire vid) and I will be sharing.

    1. Peiping Thomasina, counterspy, said

      I couldn't agree with you more. "Soul stealing" is exactly what these fiends do. The pathetic leftist drivel posted just below to which I have already responded is a perfect case in point. No one would ever see feminism the wry, witty, often ironic, indubitably romantic observations on upper-middle-class English manners and morals of Jane Austen without being pressured by an authority figure to do so. Miss Austen was an authoress and observer of human nature. Her work is of the highest quality. she was certainly no polemicist, and remained an individual first, last and always throughout her all-too-brief life. Unlike the dismal leftists and post-Moderists who try to revise and reinterpret Miss Austen's work to suit their own peculiar purposes, Jane Austen could never be what-tday-is-known-as a joiner.

  2. The difference between marriage today and in the last centuries is that single women have recently secured the option of supporting themselves financially. Jane Austen is largely concerned with the mercenary side of 19th century marriage. Do you know how this guy might argue to the contrary?

  3. Peiping Thomasina, counterspy, saod

    You, apparently, are an avowed, dyed-inthe-wool conformist to leftist ideology. Your soul was taken from you at an early age, its development stifled and you were then refashioned into the obedient little sheep you appear to be. The way you ignored this gentleman's accurate assessment of Jane Austen and instead accepted the twisted modern, agenda-driven, feminist misinterpretation of her motives proves this contention conclusively. The way you have been acculturated to become just another Useful Idiot is pitiful.

    the gentleman in the video is absolutely correct You on the other hand are dead wrong. In fact the attitude you display provides a perfect argument in favor of the anti-Common Core point of view.

    1. Personal abuse != literary argument.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Rewohnesie Eki

      So, you consider an accurate, literate, well-phrased analysis of the person you present yourself to be to be abuse?

      Stating an opinion is not abuse, even when it's unflattering. There is no kind and gentle way to say certain things.

      Like most leftists you can dish it out, but can't take it. Sorry, but Peiping Thomasina (love that name!) was spot on. She was not making a literary argument, she was stating her opinion of you.

    4. These opinions are as worthless as they are unsupported.

  4. Not very convincing.

    He should know that scholarly interest in Austen's work really didn't pick up until the early 20th century and the conception of her as social critic.

    Just what Austen has to offer the 21st century as cultural "story" is certainly not clear.

    Then he goes on to complain that the founding oligarchs might be seen in focus and school kids actually formulate their own concept of "freedom".
    I'm sure he's frightened it would make them unruly.

    1. Have you ever read, seen or listened to anything just for pure enjoyment, or do you ALWAYS see all cultural phenomena as more potential grist for your Self-Induced Superiority Complex? Your main ambition seems to be to create the impression that you are in fact A Legend In Your Own Mind.

      Delusions of Grandeur is a mental illness, you know -- actually it qualifies as a form of mania.

      -----------> Katharine Heartburn

  5. Well, jez, it's pretty clear that primogenitor is one of the pressing issues in American culture at the moment.

    1. The term you attempted yo use is properly spelled PRIMOGENITURE.

      Primogenitor is, indeed part of our English vocabulary, but it has a different meaning.

      If you want everyone to think you are smart, at least learn to spell the words you use correctly.

      -----------------------------> Katharine Heartburn

  6. A few states have not formally adopted the Common Core Curriculum, and those opposed to Common Core take great satisfaction with regard to that lack of formal adoption.

    They shouldn't!

    The President of College Board is David Coleman. Read about his HERE and HERE. David Coleman is one of the architects of common core. Note this information from the latter link, and the information is easily confirmed via other web sources:

    The Common Core has created a national market for book publishers and test developers. Beginning in the 2014 to 2015 school year, schools will begin using standardized exams along with the Common Core's standards.

    Because the SAT will be revised (likely in 2016), there will be no escaping the influence of Common Core -- EVEN IF those few states are not formally adopting Common Core.

    Let me be clear.

    The SAT, the scores on which often determine both college admission and scholarship funds available to students, will have to be successfully navigated by students taking the test -- including students who are applying to conservative colleges such as Hillsdale College.

    In fact, here in Virginia, elements of Common Core are already in place within the curricula of various school districts. I've seen those materials myself in my tutoring of students this school term in the public school system. Case in point: the Common Core vocabulary manual for students. The words themselves are excellent vocabulary words, but the selections in which those words are presented are decidedly Leftist.

    AT THIS POINT, THERE IS NO ESCAPING THE INFLUENCE OF THE COMMON CORE CURRICULUM. The SAT, the GED, and the GRE are already coming under the influence of Common Core.

  7. Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. ~Vladimir Lenin

    1. That's funny, Mustang, because it is virtually identical to what the JESUITS say. In either case it's probably true, because very very few people are encouraged to think for themselves -- quite the opposite in most cases --, and even fewer may have the capacity.

    2. There are universal truths, FT … beyond this, I suspect that very few of our thoughts are original. Common Core will not teach young people how to think out of the box, and for those who do have that capability, they are starting off with a foundation of false narratives. It will be an uphill climb.

    3. FT... I will never understand your inane pleasure at bashing religion whenever you get the chance. Your almost as bad as the leftists on this site at that!


    4. Wildstar,
      Actually, FT has strong faith in the Lord.

      You and I may not agree with all of "his" theology. Faith is a personal matter, after all.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. A dead mackerel by moonlight still stinks: Some state rebrand controversial Common Core education standards.

    Brief excerpt from the above link:

    ...In the face of growing opposition to the Common Core State Standards — a set of K-12 educational guidelines adopted by most of the country — officials in a handful of states are worried that the brand is already tainted. They’re keeping the standards but slapping on fresh names they hope will have greater public appeal....


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