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Thursday, January 19, 2023

The Latest Chatter

Here ya go: 

Related reading: The big question is not where the classified documents were stowed but what’s contained in the troves of discovered documents.


  1. Everybody seems to forget that President Trump had the legal (the only gov. official authorized) right to possess classified documents; and of course the reason that no charges have been brought against him. Just another Deep State smear. Joe Biden on the other hand; was in violation of some of the most serious laws on the books. Stop letting MSM skirt around this fact. It should be brought up at EVERY White House presser.

    1. You mean 'former President Trump', and no......those documents belong to the U.S. Government.

  2. This is why nobody trusts the press anymore. Their reputation is in the toilet. If they would just report it straight without fear or favor, and stop comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted, they just might be able to win us back.

  3. BJ and SF + 1. It's not even hidden any more.

  4. Right wing talking points. Ho Hum.

  5. NO Mr.Biden, we won’t ‘Move ON” we Want Answers!
    And NOT your usual Lies!

  6. Biden was Vice President whereas Trump was President & had the right & power to declassify all “ classified” documents.
    Secondly, the “Biden lawyers” finding & disclosing these is a complete hoax !
    These kinds of manipulations & hoaxes are common practice for the democrats.
    There is much more to this story & the actions than that which the democrats are letting on.
    There are definitely more sinister & manipulative reasons these documents came to light. I already have my suspicions as to why, but will wait.
    The truth will soon unfold, despite strong efforts to hide it !

  7. The GOP is stupid and should be running against the Davos elites.
    If you ever wonder whats wrong with the democrats look no further than Davos.

    The Davos elites think Bidens time is up.

  8. BREAKING NEWS NOW! This Just In: After a 13 hour FBI RAID at Biden's Wilmington Home, Six More Classified Documents Found In Biden's Wilmington Home..... Joe Biden's response was " But I didn't pull the Trigger"

  9. So at last the truth comes out, and proves that WE HAVE HAD A ROTTEN APPLE IN THE WHITE HOUSE ALL ALONG!


  10. Biden had to STEAL those classified documents. And Joe Biden needs to be Impeached for stealing classified documents? And dealt with it according!

  11. SHAME ON ALL YOU DEMOCRATS, for Voting for this Moron in the White House in the first place, and SHAME on the Democratic Party for allowing that Idiot to run for the office of the President!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Farmer can you invent a rural alter ego that quotes the Bard and is into John Deere products

    The elites have determined Biden has outlived his usefulness. Any look at the Biden malfeasance points to what did obama know. All of the Biden malfeasance was known to the whistleblower and the sanctimonious twin clowns.

    Of course any attempt to indict Obama for orchestrating crimes that make watergate trite starts a real civil war. Only this will be fought via cyber warfare and intrusions into our protected freedoms.

    Our government is almost a stand up act. While looking for imaginary racial terrorists they ignore the genuine article in Georgia. When lefties declare an autonomous zone this is ignored but let someone dress up like a member of the water buffalo lodge we need political prisoners.

    Now who hates energy….

    Garland is a special ed hire

  13. No, it's the fact that Trump squirreled the documents out, made all kind of excuses and refused to give them back or allow for a search. And the empty folders makes me think he's sold a few. Why else would the Saudi's give Jared $2B recently?


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