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Friday, December 3, 2021

Get it off your chest!

We are getting too many off topic comments, so if it's off topic, put it here or get it deleted! 

 We are generally very lenient when it comes to comments and let almost anything, that is even tangentially related, go. As most of you know, I act as the "trash man," and I take out the rubbish. 

If one of your comments gets removed or permanently deleted, you can blame me. 



  1. I'm confused.
    If there is no topic, how can I post an off topic comment here?

  2. What explains otherwise ordinary people believing Qanon?

    1. There has and always will be a certain faction of laser beam travelers.

      A bigger question would be who or what's keeping this utter nonsense alive and why.

      Mein Kampf comes to mind. It might be that while feeding these whoppers to the basket of guilblles, other blatant lies, the attack on our democracy and future election, and other shenanigans from our corporately owned plutocrats go unnoticed.

      That's why Mitch McConnell can come out just this week and admit "we don't need no stinken political agenda" (not verbatim).

    2. The Q-nuts are obviously powerfully PERSUADED.

      And since my last comment never mentioned "Trump" and being this is supposed to be a therapeutic thread (I feel better already), it should be noted that Trump ended up with an overall ranking of 2nd worst president ever by every credible historian study or survey.

      And the only reason he didn't finish deal last was because he scored very high in his "ABILITY OF PURSUASION".

    3. What explains otherwise ordinary people believing Qanon?

      And not just believing in it, but with a fanatical zeal not usually seen outside of religion.

      It's a great question, one which I certainly don't have the answer to. I try not to stereotype, so I'll ask in this forum to confirm what I have assessed: are there any known Leftists or Democrats who have bought in to Qanon? And if not, as I presume is the case, what is the driver on the Right, that has attracted these people?

    4. Cackle, Cackle...

      What explains otherwise ordinary people believing Qanon?

      Signs from the signifier and signified ... that become "mythical" second order signifiers... like Bill Clinton flying Epstein's Lolita Express...

    5. ...and the "myth" of pedophilic DNC and government elites abusing children is born. The Lolita Express was just the "sign" for a new Qanon second order signfifier.

    6. Qanon's just a second order- DC-centric "mythological" variation on the Aristocrats joke.

    7. People on the left have their own cults: Climatism and Branch Covidians come to mind.

    8. SF: you don't find mainstream climatology to be any more or less reasonable than qanon?!

    9. Yes, but not so familiar that I could talk about it much without looking it up. What problem does it present?

    10. Jez, Watch the video in the post he has linked to. It's only 15 minutes long.

    11. Does it answer my question about qanon? How?

  3. Jussie Smollett is a Real Stupid Jerk who reached for the brass ring, on the Merry-Go-round and misjudged it and then fell off the horsie, and landed in a pile of Horse Dong.

    My guess is he’ll be found guilty as charged but just walk away with a Love-tap on his Butt and a Token Fine, after which he’ll either make the rounds of the Late Night Liberal Talk Shows and get Kudos from the LGBTQ crowd, than write a “book” exposing something that nobody gives a damn about. And after the “Book” flops, he’ll just fade away and be forgotten, like most of the Worthless Jerks do. He’s not even worth my time or attention.

    1. Jussie Smollette is a new "sign" of the Qanon myth-making type... using signs like, "MAGA hats" and adding "nooses" to become "second order signifiers" of "homophobic racism..."

    2. ...and once the age of the revolutionary violent mythology is no longer useful...

      As old age came on, he grew blind, deaf and dumb,
      Tho' his sport ‘twere hard to keep from it,
      Quite tired of life, bid adieu to his wife,
      And blaz' d like the tail of a comit, my brave boys.

      What country on earth, then did ever give birth,
      To such a magnanimous saint?
      His acts far excel all that history tell,
      And language too feeble to paint, my brave boys.

      Now to finish my song, a full flowing bowl;
      I'll quaff' and sing the long day,
      And with punch and wine paint my cheeks for my saint,
      And hail ev'ry first of Sweet May, my brave boys."

  4. I really miss FREE THINKE,he really knew how to tell off the Liberals, and especially the Progressive Blogger.

  5. I have been at home fighting a Covid-19 infection for about 3 weeks now. I've only had breathing issues once but it passed. Mostly been staying home, in bed.

    I'm sorry I have not hospitalized but save the bed for someone who needs it. All advice on recovery has amounted to "get vaccinated" which is useless - I already have Covid-19 so vaxxing won't stop that or get rid of what I have. I want my sense of smell and taste back... I have found nothing that restores sense of taste and smell. I have finally found an ice cream I can taste...

    1. TC,
      I'm sorry to read that COVID has laid you low.

      I'm curious....Were you vaccinated?

    2. We're ALL going to eventually get Covid... and the younger you are when you get it, the less sick you'll be when you finally gain immunity and won't need to fear it in your old age, when it's far more dangerous/ deadly.

      Get well soon, beamish!

    3. TC, Sorry to hear that. People think I'm dismissive of covid, but I'm not. I know I could get it and maybe even die from it.

      Do you have any idea how you caught it?

    4. No real contact tracing done but probably via my sister and her kid, they had tested positive a week before I got sick.

      In a lot of ways it came upon me like a typical body achy flu and stomach virus. Now I just feel completely drained of energy and my lungs feel bruised when I cough.

  6. KY Rep Thomas Massie couldn't even wait for the 4 Oxford High students to be laid to rest before posting his family armed for Christmas.

    So much for "prayers and sympathy".

    What's next, GOP sponsored school shooting training seminars on how "not to get caught"?


    1. Many High Schools used to have Shooting Teams where they trained students in safe firearm use. We need to resurrect those programs.

    2. That's mighty fine and all Joe but it's hardly the point.

      Was pro-school shooter Rep Massie advocating safe gun training? I don't think so? Taking an opportunity to use the latest GOP promoted school shooting as an "own the libs" poke in the eye? Quite possibly but at best, likely a double bonus.

      Perhaps it's more to do with what you yourself admitted as "open season" for Dems.

      Seems like the evil and ungodly bastards could keep the kids out of it.

    3. Cable stations kept running car commercials after the perp in Waukesha killed and injured all those people at the Christmas parade. How insensitive.

    4. Ouch! You really burnt me didn't you?

      Silly me. I didn't realize the U.S. House Representative and family were doing a gun commercial.

    5. The Second Amendment makes sense 365 days a year, Ron.

      The News Cycle makes no sense at all.

    6. I'm not nor have I been arguing the 2nd Admin, the news cycle, or car advertisements.

    7. "Pro-school shooter"? That's absurd even for an absurd commenter.

      But yes, the Massie family was advocating safe gun training....all the weapons in the photo were cleared and cold, bolts open. Not my idea of a family photo...since I don't want anyone knowing what I own....but that was no more a gun commercial than a family holing giant candy canes would be a commercial for 'big candy'.

    8. "But yes, the Massie family was advocating safe gun training"

      That's utter bullshit and an insult to reasonable intelligence.

      It's something a glazed over Trump licking cultist or QAnon follower might say.

      Massie, by the way, is part of that QAnon/Marjorie Taylor Greene crowd, those Jewish laser beam promoting batshit crazy far right extreme fringe.

      And I never said or suggested it was a gun commercial.

      Step away from Tucker and GatewayPundit and get a breath of fresh air.

    9. This from someone who called a Representative a "pro-school shooter.

      As Rightwingers are fond of saying these days....prove me wrong. They certainly aren't advocating the unsafe use of firearms.

      Tucker and Gateway are irrelevant to this.

    10. "And I never said or suggested it was a gun commercial"

      Never, Ron?

      "Silly me. I didn't realize the U.S. House Representative and family were doing a gun commercial."

    11. Joe, I argue on facts where you cultists yell “banana,banana, banana”.

  7. High school firearms safety courses, auto sales commercials after a school shooting, the logic of the 2nd Admin?

    Again, it doesn't matter how heinous or odious the party of Trump is or becomes, his supporters will always exonerated it, be it shooting someone dead on 5th Ave or otherwise.


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