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Friday, December 10, 2021

Get if off your chest.

 In an attempt to scale back off topic comments, we have decided to make "Get it off your chest" a recurrent post, perhaps weekly.

Abusive comments might still be deleted at the Administrator's discretion.  If you don't like it, you may haul your ass on down the road. You may complain if you wish, but just remember, "Our Blog, Our Rules!"





  1. Joey Biden, and his regime is doing more damage to America than our enemies are…. His foreign policy learned by Obama remains to be a corrupt and Anti -American regime that HOPEFULLY will end soon. And hopefully we will once ay regain to best the Great County that we were known to be.


  2. The DemoRats along with Nancy Pelosi have ruined San Francisco.

    And that's why Nancy Pelosi is moving to Florida.

  3. The Jury of 12 has now confirmed what”ALMOST” Everybody knew all along. The Police, knew it, the City of Chicago, knew it, and “Most” of the people in the Media knew it. Of course the Usual Suspects such as CNN, Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Robin Roberts, and the Schmucks on the Good Morning Joe Show told us that is was the God’s Truth! Like it was written in Stone, that two “WHITE” guys from Hell wearing MAGA hats attacked this Poor, Innocent, Little, Black Guy who was only taking a stroll at 2:00 in the morning looking for a place to get a few eggs for breakfast was so BRUTALLY attacked and Bleach was thrown all over him, and the DREADED NOOSE was put around his neck , while these two Big, Bad, White Guys shouted “This Is MAGA Country”! So fittingly, and Conveniently that these tow Bad Trump Supporters just Happened to pass by so well equipped, with the red MAGA hats and all the rest of the Junk.
    and your Trump Haters bought that stupid story that Jussie Smollett was actually Attacked? And it never even occurred to you that this Little Moron perpetrated a fake hate crime, and hung his friends out to dry, and tried to blame everything on Donald Trump supporters?

    Jussie may as well have said, “But … but … but … C’mon, guys,it never occurred to you that the rest of the world was able to see right through this Actors Shenanigans?
    And the people that we are supposed to trust never even imagined that this NUT JOB was Portraying His LIE?

    1. And to Add To His Stupidity, He Took The Stand And Lied, And Perjured Himself. Which Added to His STUPIDITY

  4. It was Jimmie Carter who gave us Ayatollah Khomeini and Islamo-fascism.
    It was Bill Clinton who strengthened Communist China’s war machine and allowed North Korea to go nuclear.
    And I have a very special place on my list hot the number ONE SOB Barack Obama, who was, and still is the number one racist hater in America, who portrayed as a True American while he helped Iran’s economy and set them on the path for ballistic missiles to be armed with breakout nuclear weapons.
    So I reserve a special place on my list of Scumbag S for him.

    1. Jimmy Carter who gave us Ayatollah Khomeini?


    2. ^^Forgets Carter's 400+ humiliating days & desert disaster^^

    3. Joe, perhaps it’s your very own memory flaw that’s in question here as the 1979 Iranian militants storming the United States Embassy in Tehran had been brewing since the 60s.

      It’s pretty rich that you pull the selective memory card while ignoring the Iran Contra scandal.

    4. Iran needed spare parts for their F-14's. The Contra's needed arms. Seems that Col. North made a pretty good match. :)

    5. You've been swilling up far too much Commie propaganda for far too long, Ron.

    6. Joe, your downplaying of the Contra scandal is about as intellectually lazy as your elementary zingers of me swilling commmie propaganda. You're trying to defend the indefensible and historical facts with alternative realities and school yard taunts. Weak and tacky my friend. You're not Trump talking to a glazed over cult at one of his Klan rallies.

    7. Using the funds from one black op to fund a different black op is a crime against accounting, and nothing else.

  5. Frank... just a little history.

    Pres Carter inherited a mess in the Middle East. The secular Shah of Iran had been installed as leader of Iran by the US and British governments. Nationalist Iranians never accepted that the US would foment a coup against their government. For over 25 years anti Shah Iranisns plotted the overthrow of the Shah, which led to Khomeini.

    The coup we supported against the Iranian government in the 1950's, along with our decades long support of Saddam Hussein in Iraq are some of the sparks that lit the "Islamo-fascism" you cite and we see around the world today.

    It would be hard to argue that prior to the rise of Islamic rule in those countries, and our meddling, that the US was supporting democracy. We installed brutal dictators, essentially fascists themselves, to guard our interests.

    Carter was no great leader, but he was hardly responsible for and did not give us Khomeini or the fascism of which you speak.

    On North Korea and nuclear weapons, you might want to check your dates on that. NK did not test and nuclear weapons prior to the Bush Administration. So while they might have started their program under Clinton, the actual weapons were developed and tested during the Bush Admin.

    However, this statement of yours couldn't possibly be more true... "...I have a very special place on my list hot [sic] the number ONE SOB Barack Obama, who was, and still is the number one racist hater in America...

    Yes he probably is... a huge hater of racists.

    1. No sane person today believes that Khomeini's return had ANYTHING to do with the US kicking out the Commie Mohammad Mosaddegh and installing the Shah back in the 1950's.

    2. ps - And the Iran-Iraq War didn't happen until 1980. What did Saddam Hussein have to with anything? We had always had supported Iran AGAINST Iraq before then.

    3. The Shah was much too liberal for Khomeini's taste.

    4. from Wiki

      At 61 years old, Khomeini found the arena of leadership open following the deaths of Ayatollah Sayyed Husayn Borujerdi (1961), the leading, although quiescent, Shi'ah religious leader; and Ayatollah Abol-Ghasem Kashani (1962), an activist cleric. The clerical class had been on the defensive ever since the 1920s when the secular, anti-clerical modernizer Reza Shah Pahlavi rose to power. Reza's son Mohammad Reza Shah, instituted a "White Revolution", which was a further challenge to the Ulama.[3] Khomeini was arrested and was exiled from Iran for opposing the Shah's actions (Iran's ruling system). Khomeini was a marja ("source of emulation") in Twelver Shia Islam, a Mujtahid or faqih but he is primarily known for his political activities. He spent more than 15 years in exile for his opposition to the last Shah. Mostly in the holy Shia city of Najaf, Iraq. At first he was sent to Bursa, Turkey on 4 November 1964 where he stayed in this city hosted by a colonel in the Turkish Military Intelligence named Ali Cetiner in his own residence.[4] In October 1965, after almost eleven months, he was going to move to Najaf, Iraq, where he stayed until 1978, when he was encouraged to leave by then-Vice President Saddam Hussein.[5] By this time discontent with the Shah was becoming intense and Khomeini went to Neauphle-le-Château, suburb of Paris, France.

    5. also from Wiki:

      The White Revolution (Persian: انقلاب سفید‎ Enqelāb-e Sefid) or the Shah and People Revolution (Persian: انقلاب شاه و مردم‎ Enqelāb-e Shāh o Mardom) was a far-reaching series of reforms resulting in aggressive modernization in Iran launched in 26 January 1963 by the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, which lasted until 1979. The reforms resulted in greatly redistributing wealth to Iran's working class, explosive economic growth in subsequent decades, rapid urbanization, and deconstructed Iran's feudalist customs.[1]

      The reforms were characterized by high economic growth rates, major investments in infrastructure, substantial growth in per capita wealth and literacy of Iranians. The economic growth and education advancement arguably paved the way for the Shah's military arms build-up and the establishment of Iran as a major geopolitical power in the Middle East. It consisted of several elements, including land reform, sale of some state-owned factories to finance the land reform, construction of an expanded road, rail, and air network, a number of dam and irrigation projects, the eradication of diseases such as malaria, the encouragement and support of industrial growth, enfranchisement of women, nationalization of forests and pastures, formation of literacy and health corps for rural isolated areas, and institution of profit-sharing schemes for workers in the industry. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Shah sought to develop a more independent foreign policy and established working relationships with the Soviet Union and eastern European nations. In subsequent decades, per capita income for Iranians greatly increased, and oil revenue fueled an enormous increase in state funding for industrial development projects.[2]

    6. The group, or more appropriately, the man who most openly opposed the White Revolution and the Shah himself was Ruhollah Khomeini. Although the clergy in Iran were not happy about many aspects of the White Revolution, such as granting suffrage to women, and the secular local election bill as well as land reforms, the clergy as a whole were not actively protesting. Khomeini, on the other hand, seemed to undergo a serious change of thought from the traditional role and practices of Shi’ite clergy, and actively spoke out against the new reforms and the Shah. In a speech at Feyziyeh School in June 1963, Khomeini spoke out against the Shah's brutality towards student protests, and for the first time, it was a speech attacking the Shah as a person.[19] This speech did lead to Khomeini's exile, but being outside of Iran did not stop Khomeini's protests, nor did it weaken his influence inside Iran.

      Khomeini also attacked provisions of the reforms that would allow members of Iran's non-Muslim minority to be elected or appointed to local offices:

      I have repeatedly pointed out that the government has evil intentions and is opposed to the ordinances of Islam. ... The Ministry of Justice has made clear its opposition to the ordinances of Islam by various measures like the abolition of the requirement that judges be Muslim and male; henceforth, Jews, Christians, and the enemies of Islam and the Muslims are to decide on affairs concerning the honor and person of the Muslims.[20]

      A couple of months later on Ashura, Khomeini gave an angry speech attacking the Shah as a "wretched miserable man."[21] Two days later, on June 5, Khomeini was arrested. This sparked three days of rioting and left several hundred dead. The riots were remembered in speeches and writings as the time when the army "slaughtered no less than 15,000" according to Khomeini.[22] Khomeini was released from house arrest in April 1964 but sent into exile that November.

    7. In his final speech, the Shah expressed his regret that he had ever given his people of Iran the degree of freedom that they used to so irresponsibly reward this benevolence with the '79 Iranian Revolution, and that he promised to keep a much tighter reign on them with an expanded secret police should royalist forces successfully resist Khomeini's coup.

  6. Dave Miller....If and when I want "just a little history"
    I MOST CERTAINLY won't take it from YOU.
    WHY? Because EVERYTHING to you is either "Inherited a Mess" or "Racist". A Typical History lesson from a Progressive Leftist.
    So Thanks, but NO Thanks!
    By the way, I didn't bother reading anything past the second line.

    1. Frank, "just a little history" isn't true or not true based on what "you want" it to be. It's what it is. The legitimacy of it isn't contingent on if a "Progressive Leftist" or an obviously right wing partisan such as you points it out.

      This inability to distinguish what is true and what isn't is one of the bigger problems of the Trump cultist/basket of gullibles. They've been conditioned to dismiss facts and reality based simply on who reports it or who says it.

      Hitler achieved this goal by taking over public radio, denying the public access to real news. Trump did it by convincing the gulibles like yourself that any source that reported negatively of him or his agenda was not real news. So, much like the Germans of that era, today's indoctrinated basket of gullibles have no clue of what's real and what isn't. And, they don't care.

      Climb out of the rabbit hole.

  7. So, as we always thought, Hillary will NEVER be out from under our skin... Now Old Hillary thinks that we waht to hear the “vVctory Speech” that she wrote for 2016's election "Victory" but she never got to deliver, becaust there wasn’t any “Victory! So cry me a river!
    The Hildabeast is always in some state of Delusion, now it seems that she think the American public is buying her lies such as she told us about her landing in Bosnia under fire, and the list goes on and on and on... The democrats are NOT drinking plain old Kool-Aid, anymore. Now, their drinking Hillary's Douche Water. Because it takes an extra level of stupidity to look past the LYING, the STEALING, and the INFLUENCE PEDDLING.
    It seems that when these political sociopaths lie, they never stop lying..
    And these leftist FOOL’S believe her LIES about Benghazi? As if that’s a big joke! Jeff Foxworthy should be asking her if she’s “Smarter than a Fifth Grader”! These Clinton’s are disgusting.
    Lets see now, Hillary Clinton. The wife of an impeached President. The Failed Secretary of State. The Serial liar. Her husband gets caught with his pants down, and she gets caught with her Pant-Suit on. What a lovely combination they make.
    I always thought that the big reason why Donald Trump is hatred is so much is because. Trump stopped Hillary from being Throned. Hillary always thought that she was destined to be the first female president, and thatIt was hers by default. Trump was supposed to just go through the motions. But it was NOT to be when Trump WON.... This is why Trump is hated.
    And just for the record, lets look at her “Accomplishments”
    Hillary is too old.
    She chalked up more air miles than any other Secretary of State!
    She's lies more often any other Secretary of State!.
    Remember Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! The worst of all, when not only did she lie about Benghazi, but she failed to act in response to the attack, and 4 Americans DIED.
    But, at this point, what difference does any of this make!
    We can’t forget her e-mail scandal.
    Her Zero record of accomplishment.
    She was fired during the Watergate investigation.
    Remember her words about Iraq and other conflicts.
    Remember her Dodging Sniper Bullets in Bosnia, with her lying daughter, and then “misspoke” about it.

    The criminal treasonous Hillary seems to resurface every few months to blubber and blame others again, for her loss due to the Patriot Americans rejecting her.

    I wonder how many snowflakes there were screaming at the Moon after her loss. And joined her in weeping as she read her woulda/coulda/shoulda speech rendered useless by her LOSS..

  8. These Get It Off Tour Chest threads are going to be a bot sandbox lol

    1. Like moths to a flame....a topic they aren't as likely to have their cut/paste garbage screeds deleted. One would think that they could just, you know, have their own blogs....

    2. @TC,
      "bot sandbox"
      Yes it might but bots are as easily deleted as anything else and it helps to keep the off topic and bots more centralized and easier to delete. I used to use a Java Script to keep certain IP#s from commenting. That's not practical anymore and the scripts don't work anymore.
      I'm not going to wast my time or participate in another "blog war". It was kind of fun when blogging first started but it gets old.

  9. Jussie Smollett Guilty and is now a member of the Democratic Race Hoax. And Jussie’s Accomplices BiDung, and Kamala Should Be Charged for Spreading their Racial Lies, and Misinformation

  10. Just incase you haven’t noticed it YET, people are having to quit their jobs or be FIRED over BIDENS vaccine requirement. He did not pose the question of whether they would need to obey the vaccine requirement, or get tested.
    But in either case they are QUITTING rather the being Vaccinated..
    This new asinine law of BiDumb’s is reminiscent of Nazis Germany.

  11. Trump’s tax cut actually DID benefit the Working Middle Class…
    With Obozo, I actually OWED money because I didn't buy his Obozocare. BS....even though I had my own legitimate health insurance from my employer!

  12. OT

    I am in Coronavirus quarantine. I am asymptomatic with a temperature of 97. Now no coughing or congestion.

    This is round two and I had two Moderna shots. Management thinks this may be a false positive because nobody in my home tested positive.

    As a previous survivor this doesnt even rate as a cold.

    1. Farmer if you are going to comment please do so as Farmer John not the alter egos unless one of them is Euripadese

    2. Sorry beak, you don't get to say who I log on as.... and Euripides was never one of them. I was originally "Homer" until you labelled him a Socrates' clone paedophile. With this exception, I don't and won't again address your posts.

    3. @ Beak,
      Nothing is really off topic in these "Get it off your Chest" posts.

    4. Hey Beak... I'm starting to get over real Covid. Sense of taste is still iffy but I'm breathing easier and getting my energy back. Hopefully I'm now more immune to Covid than any shot can provide.

  13. Here we go again. Of course if one speaks with a single voice no confusion happens. I prefer Farmer John to all of these alter egos

    As you wont address this further good luck to your multiple personas.

    I would enjoy a You Rippa Deese. It would be some NYC educationally damaged soul aspiring to be a Greek Philosopher

  14. Beak, come on man*. Tell me you don't miss "Speedy". The usernames aren't meant to deceive. You always told me 'You can change your name but you can't change your writing style'. -or words to that effect- And I have never seen one of his, nom de plumes, debate another.
    Although it was disconcerting to see "Speedy" quote "Plato's Republic". LOL!

    Being more military minded; I was once completely confused about a Pluto quotation concerning a "torpedo". I thought it was a device to blow up a ship!

    * = classical reference

    1. At the time, I wasn't sure whether the quotation was meant to blow up my mind or deflate my ego. Now I know it was only meant to be 'shocking'. ;^)


  15. The problem is those people and many, many more like them vote and given the chance they'll vote for trump for president in 2024. We have to acknowledge the fact that wwe live in a country with millions of people like those people on Geeez blog, where they're in a complete unrecognizable reality, where Trump is the besst thing ever to happen to America and all democrats, muslims, blacks, LGBTQ, trans, are "vermin" to them. It's hopeless. You can't fix that much stupid

    1. No the problem is "your" own fantasies. They are reminiscent of the fascist propaganda against Jews during the beginnings of the Third Reich. Anyone who doesn't entertain your own ideas regarding the "Holiness" and accountability of the democrats, muslims, blacks, LGBTQ and trans, are "vermin" to you and anyone who doesn't believe that Trump is the very devil, must be one of his imagined demons.
      I suggest that you should make some attempt, to rectify your own stupidity, first. But we all seem to know that "You can't fix that much stupid."

  16. The above comment was NOT made by me. If you notice it does not have my photo on it.

    Please excuse it, but it was NOT MADE BY ME

  17. I think that's obvious.
    One problem is that prior comments made under the non de plume, "Franks World" are obviously Conservative in nature, the latter is a "Progressive" screed.
    All of the comments made under the non de plume, "Franks World", come from the same Blogger account. So if you own that account and also the "Franks Conservative World" account; I suggest that you delete the "Franks World" account, as it has been hacked.

  18. You're very welcome.
    No one is really safe from that kind of attack. In the end, you can only rely on your own reputation for integrity as a blogger.

    If you have posted or commented something to piss off someone -and that doesn't take much with the "Progressives"- I would assume it came from that quarter.


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