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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Where I've Been

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On top of continuing The Big Clean Out (someone in my family has lived on this property since 1947), I'm in the throes of selling my residence here in Virginia and buying another home in Indiana.  This move is a truly daunting task: I've never moved before, and I'm tackling a long-distance move.

The first deal fell through on both ends!  Never mind that, after hours upon hours on the phone, I had everything coordinated with movers, including kitty boarding for about two weeks.  

I've had to start over!

Meanwhile, along came my local government, effective July 1, lopping off 1600 square feet of my property, thus making my "buildable" lot worthless on its own.  No prior notification, no warning whatsoever.

So much for the lifetimes of investment here.

I'll be back to my usual blogging in the fall after I get settled.  

Thanks to my good friend Silverfiddle for keeping this blog going in my absence.


  1. Hang in there AoW. No plan survives the first encounter with the enemy. That's why we march in battle order.

  2. Was that 1600 sq ft an easement? Or a taking?
    Prayers for you my friend.

  3. No matter what, moving is a pain at best and just miserable at worst.

    Good luck

  4. Having been raised in the military, I moved a lot. They kept telling me I would get used to it. They were wrong. You have my deepest sympathies.

  5. Oh my... so sorry to hear the first option failed. Prayers for you as you proceed through your transition. We had 200 acres of our farmland declared "Open Space." Thus never ever buildable for anything, thus for evermore only could be used for hunting. The business zoned residential. Detestable government.

  6. Of all cornfields with cities in them, why Indiana?

  7. I Hear you AOW.... I bet I am moving farther than you are! Our house sold in 4 days. I am from Indiana. It's me dcat. I am moving now from the commie Pacific North West. It's no longer God's country!

  8. Sure is a hassle. We've been trying to move for months. Maybe it'll work out this time. I've been practising my Zen.
    The big clear-out sounds like something I'd hate to do, but I'd love to have finished.

  9. Praying for you AOW. Hoping you find many better days in Indiana.


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