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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Recommended Reading

See The unbearable pettiness of the Washington press corps at American Thinker, dated March 30, 2020. Excerpt below the fold:
...Those of us who have been watching President Trump's daily press briefings on the COVID-19 virus have not been surprised at the appalling disrespect the reporters show the man. They have behaved this way since Trump became a candidate for the office of the presidency.

As the world now grapples with this pandemic, each day, the president and his team patiently explain to these people everything they know to date, and then he takes questions. Nearly every question is an attempt at a gotcha moment. They read part of a statement the president made, often an edited statement, then challenge him to defend that which needs no defense....


[The Washington Press Corps is] a despicable colony of weasels....
Read it all HERE, and please read it all before commenting to this blog post.

The Washington Press Corps appears to have a form of rabies. As I am wont to say, "They have the Ripley," a reference to Stephen King's novel Dreamcatcher.


  1. Working journalists appear to be among the least informed of our citizens. The evidence for this seems to be in the questions they ask, which reveals to us how little they know or understand about the world around them. This is the caliber of our "college educated" young people today ... not what they know, but how little they understand of what they know. We should not entirely blame the journalists, though. They are trying to make a living in a world where publishers tell the editors what they want, and where editors in turn send out their armies of half-wits to achieve it. I do believe that the media is enemy number one in America today, but it is certainly within the power of the people to reject the media. Besides, more than five minutes of news per day is a waste of time.

    BTW, my favorite example so far this year is Rachel Madcow assuring everyone that there is no way that Trump can get a hospital ship to New York Harbor in a week's time. I'm not amazed that she's so wrong every single time; I am only amazed that she has no sense of shame.

  2. This is in reply to Mustang's comment as the "reply" button seems to be missing in action.
    Mustang: This reminds me of your excellent comment about "journalists" on my post. I'm surprised you didn't post it in it's entirety here.

  3. Every damned one of the ANTI-AMERICAN BASTARDS and BITCHES should be SEIZED, INCARCERATED, then sytematically EXECUTED by FIRING SQUAD –– preferably on national television..

    "Freedom of the Press" has become a lunatic FARCE.

    When adults behave like spiteful, wayward, irresponsible CHILDREN, we should SUSPEND their "RIGHTS" till they learn enough to behave like reasonable, CIVILIZED adults.

    The ENEMEDIA commits TREASON 'round the clock, every day. For this they should be made to suffer the EXTREME PENALTY sa prescribed by law.

  4. Have you ever wondered why the Left blames President Trump for this horrific situation that we are in and not China?

    Here is part of the story that some of you may not know..
    The Chinese public was angered about Li Wenliang, a doctor who was punished for attempting to warn the public about the dangers of the virus in late last December. But made (or forced him) to sign a letter acknowledging he made "false comments" after he wrote about the disease in his medical school alumni. On the group messaging service Li Wenliang later contracted coronavirus himself and eventually died on February 7, resulting in Violence about how he was treated..
    Needless to say, many lives might have been saved of Xi Jinping the Chinese president acted in the public’s interest instead of his own interest.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping was aware of the coronavirus two weeks before he even acknowledged it publicly, according to the Republic, an admission that could be very critical of China’s Communist Party and the backlash for its handling of the deadly virus would have been extremely harsh. .
    The speech was published by the state media in an apparent effort to show that Xi took charge of the country’s response from the beginning, but it may result in more criticism that the Chinese government didn’t sound the alarm early enough.

    The Chinese officials have been facing unprecedented anger from citizens who say the government suppressed information about the severity of the outbreak early on.
    In reality the Chinese communists share the same goals that lefties in America have.

    The one thing in President Trumps favor is that the medical community in America is now praising the decision by Trump to ban travel which saved countless amounts of lives.

    With Biden in office, much more would have died.
    China also tried to hide the SARS pandemic in 2003 from world view.
    This is what totalitarian regimes do, and yes, Mike Bloomberg, China is a totalitarian regime.
    I say that only because Democrats like Bloomberg or even Sanders who were parsing Fidel Castro, didn't seem to understand that.

  5. @ Tom

    Not once in its long history has Chinese leadership given a darn about the population. It isn’t political, it’s cultural, for not even Mr. Wi living next to Mr. Wu over the past sixty years gives a rat’s butt about Wu or his family. President Xi would not lose a moment of sleep even had China lost five million dead to the virus they created. Perhaps this was a newer, updated version of Chinese infanticide. I suppose that whenever you have an abundance of people, then human life is cheap. Here, with Democrats publicly acknowledging their adoration of the more recent monsters of history, Zhou Enlai, Mao Zedong, perhaps even Pol Pot of Cambodia, American voters ought to give some pause before voting for any Democrat. I won’t hold my breath, however. After 3 generations of brainwashing cleverly disguised as public education, American voters become as dangerous to a free society as the deep-state media.


  6. We Need Press Briefings Without the Press


    by Don Surber

    In the high school of life, we have these grade schoolers sitting on press row. They smirk at the the world. We are all rubes, say the people who blindly follow the Democrat Narrative of the Day. The presidential press briefings are a ratings smash because President Donald John Trump puts on a good show. He is large and in charge. Obama needed a teleprompter. His staff had to tell him what to say. The Donald writes the script and directs the action. He surrounds himself with experts and idiots, and remains at the center of attention the whole time. Doctor Fauci works for him. Doctor Birx works for him. . . .

  7. Nietzsche, "On the Future of Our Educational Institutions"

    "It is precisely in journalism that the two tendencies combine and become one. The expansion and the diminution of education here join hands. The newspaper actually steps into the place of culture, and he who, even as a scholar, wishes to voice any claim for education, must avail himself of this viscous stratum of communication which cements the seams between all forms of life, all classes, all arts, and all sciences, and which is as firm and reliable as news paper is, as a rule. In the newspaper the peculiar educational aims of the present culminate, just as the journalist, the servant of the moment, has stepped into the place of the genius, of the leader for all time, of the deliverer from the tyranny of the moment. Now, tell me, distinguished master, what hopes could I still have in a struggle against the general topsy-turvification of all genuine aims for education; with what courage can I, a single teacher, step forward, when I know that the moment any seeds of real culture are sown, they will be mercilessly crushed by the roller of this pseudo-culture? Imagine how useless the most energetic work on the part of the individual teacher must be, who would fain lead a pupil back into the distant and evasive Hellenic world and to the real home of culture, when in less than an hour, that same pupil will have recourse to a newspaper, the latest novel, or one of those learned books, the very style of which already bears the revolting impress of modern barbaric culture—"


    Mustang wrote:

    "After three generations of brainwashing cleverly disguised as public education, American voters become as dangerous to a free society as the deep-state media".

    You're singing MY SONG, Mustang, so naturally I couldn't agree more. ;-)

    And it is BECAUSE several generations have been tragically BRAINWASHED by relentless Cultural Marxist Propaganda for MOST of the twentieth-century [It really began in earnest with FDR's NEW DEAL!] that I no longer believe in unfettered "Freedom of the Press.

    When more tham half the population has been rendered virtually BRAIN DEAD, we have no chance of recovering from the potentially FATAL MIND POISON administered by the corrupt, depraved Educational, Entertainment, Communications Industries, and an increasingly crypto-COMMUNISTIC JUDICIARY, how could any SANE person insist on upholding ideals that have been deliberately MISUNDERSTOOD, MISREPRESENTED, and PERVERTED by a fankly TREASONOUS Establishment.

    As has oft been said, but rarely heeded: "The U.S. CONSTITUTION is NOT a SUICIDE PACT.



    Sweden Decides to Let Coronavirus to Run Its Course in Country Without Destroying Its Economy or Future

    Gateway Pundit

    by Jim Hoft

    Sweden is taking a different approach in battling the coronavirus pandemic. The country remains open for business and life goes on as usual with few restrictions. ... allowing life to go on as ‘normal’ with a few exceptions.

    Unlike neighboring Denmark – which has restricted meetings to 10 people or less, Swedes are still going out to nightclubs, hanging out with friends, and even ‘enjoying ice creams beneath a giant Thor statue in Mariatorget square,’ according to the BBC.

    No one is alone in this crisis, but each person has a heavy responsibility.” . .

  10. Franco, AOW and others...

    Something changed on the blog. Franco is 100% correct. Now when we click comment, a separate window opens up and does not allow us to comment on a specific post, as it had in the past.

    Not sure if maybe a setting was changed.

  11. I am with Mustang. There is zero reason to believe the data from China.
    They likely tested few people and their tests were substandard.


    If they dont care about their own, how do you expect to do business with them

    Bring those factories back home or place them in safer places

  12. The Sludge Report specializes in hysterical headlines.

    A virus borne on the wind can go for miles, but loses its potency. Same for the blaring headline last week about a virus last for eight days on a surface. Yes, but it is no longer able to do any damage.

    This constant drum beat aimed at scared and pissed off people under house arrest will end up setting people off.

  13. Note: I changed the settings because some frequenters of this blog found that they couldn't comment anymore.

  14. China is to blame for this from top to bottom, but the deranged press and rage-filled Democrats can only blame President Trump.

    1. Trump is not responsible FOR the virus. He IS responsible for his downplaying the seriousness of this pandemic for too long initial. By the way, the record, complete with footage of EVERYTHING he said is available for anyone who may have been asleep or had their ears closed.

    2. Les, at what point was the happy talk no longer appropriate. Before you answer, better check the quotes and dates of Democrat politicians.

    3. In my view, and it IS MY view, "happy talk", if I understand correctly what you mean by happy talk, has no place during a pandemic that medical scientists knew was not going to be a walk in the park. Look, I remember every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower and I am certain none of them, even the ones I did not especially like, would have handled this pandemic like Trump. There is a reason they wouldn't have. I've been impressed by Governor Baker and Governor Cuomo, as well as others that have been the crisis. Trump IN MY CONSIDERED opinion gets a C- at best for his handling of the crisis. Had he started where he is at NOW I would have considered him more effective AND presidential. But I'm not a trumper. Any more than I'm a Bern guy.

      BTW, I've been listening to the medical science and the scientists recommendations since DAY 1. I am not listening to the politicians on either side of the aisle. Out here in MA the local news has done a good job of reporting the NEWS.

      Most cable networks are overly biased and have their agendas and ratings to worry about.

    4. Not at all sure why we’re having this discussion. I trust everyone to make decisions that benefit their interests or those of their family. I personally don’t care what some other person’s decision is. I don’t care whether they like or hate the president. Their childish, irrational hatred isn’t relevant to me or to my loved ones. I will say, though, that I get a good laugh from those who think that scientific pronouncements are nonpolitical. Let me introduce you to Josef Mengele or John Holdren ... peas in a pod. Do your thing, RN. Go for it. You don’t need our permission to find your own reality. Live well, man.

  15. Note: I keep deleting someone because his comment is a mealy-mouthed vapidity.

    State you mind and state it boldly or go back to the leftwing toilets you usually haunt.

    1. t's tim to RESUME your DELETION policy, Silver. One of our deadliest Pet Viruses has read its ugly head AGAIN.

      Persistent little son-of-a-bitch, ain't it?

      please do your duty, and USE your cyber-Scimitar.



    2. Of course. Tis better for trumpers like the evil blood thirsty franco to live and operate in an echo chamber of lies.

    3. Are you calling this blog "an echo chamber of lies?"

      Yes or no. None of your mealy-mouth pussy-footing.

    4. You know he is SF, it's just not in him to state it plainly. He's just taking pleasure in being catty like the little teenage bitch he is.
      RN, why don't you just go back over to pimple eruptions to gossip and make crap up with the rest of your buds?

    5. This blog is an echo chamber of lies? Really?

      As the lead administrator here, I'm done with him. I will delete on sight.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. SF,
    The Sludge Report specializes in hysterical headlines.

    One has to see what's in the article teased.

    True at several other sites as well.

  18. Sludge also fomented anti-Obama hatred with sensational crap, so his one defense is he's a sleazy, money-snorting mercenary who doesn't care if the nation swirls down the toilet so long as he can profit from it.

    Fie on him.

  19. @ Silverfiddle ...

    I’ve never read the Sludge Report but in regard to Obama, I think it was he who set into motion the myriad of conspiracies, the sensational crap, when he refused to release his records to the public. No proof of domicile, no school records, no information about extended foreign travel, and so on ... and of course it all worked out to Obama’s benefit. He was by no means the brightest bulb, but he was (and is) a very clever fellow.

    1. Mustang: No defense of Obama, just a slam on Sludge

    2. Rumor has it that Matt Drudge sold the site a good while back. I haven't bothered tracking down that information.

    3. FYI: The DRUDGE Report WAS for many years a reliable source of PRO-CONSERVATIVE News and Opinion.

      Practically every syndicated columnist in the business was represented there. Their columns were –– and still are –– linked to their original news sources and presented in full every day. So the accusations against the original DRUDGE REPORT written above are ill-founded, iunfair, naccurate, and selt-defeating.

      If the so-called Mainstream News media are alowed to present FAKE NEWS, LIES, DISTORTINS, and heavily biased stories attacking anyine and everyin on theRIGT with impunity, why shouldn't we WELCOME an b GRATEFUL to a source that stoutly defends what-"we" -purport-to-be OUR interests?

      But NO! Too many of "US" are so determined to be "FAIR" to our deadliest enemies, "WE" prefer to SHOOT ourselves in the metaphorical FOOT repeatedly, and live out our lives as CRIPPLES rather than do "WHATEVER IT TAKES" to DEFEAT and DESTROY those most determned to defeat and destroy "US."

      "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice."

      "Moderation in war is imbecility."

      I'm a fan of general Patton who reportedly said something like, "We don't want our soldiers to die honorably for our country. What we want is for OUR SOLDIERS to make sure the poor sons of bitches fighting for our ENEMIES die for THEIRS."

      The Marquis of Queensbury Rules CANNOT –– and SHOULD NOT –– apply to LIFE and DEATH struggles.

      The Propaganda Wars should be no exception, UNLESS we want to LOSE and be SUBJUGATED.

      The very idea of "CIVILIZED WARFARE" is even more absurd than it is oxymoronic.

    4. Elsewhere, I've seen you use the word "partisan" as a pejorative.

    5. Jez,
      It seems to me that the term partisan is indeed a pejorative.

      In my lingo, the term partisan means blindly voting and supporting along Party lines, regardless of what those Party lines states.

      As for me, I've always been registered as an "Independent." And I am! I've voted for candidates other than GOP. I base my vote on the candidate's platforms and the political situation of the time -- as I was advised to do by my parents. Do I often for for a GOP candidate? Yes. But not always.

  20. "Swedes are still going out to nightclubs, hanging out with friends..."

    that's a bit fanciful. Swedes have put fewer compulsary measures in place largely because voluntary compliance is much better over there, among other reasons.

    1. Yes, Jez, you have a goo point, but are you saying it's not true that Sweden is stll permitting frivolous and non-essential businesses to stay open?

      And if so, couln't it be said that Sweden is in effect "tempting fate?"

    2. Maybe there are parts of Europe and America who just haven't had their butts kicked yet. For example, New York got it's first positive tests just weeks ago. Because San Diego's problems are not yet like New York's doesn't mean they won't be. There are 1.2 million people in SD and we "only" have 700 cases and a dozen dead. But the climax prediction for SD is May 4th. We are starting to see Germany spike: double ICU beds yesterday one local told me. Same could happen in Sweden and San Diego and probably will. I have a hunch most people will be exposed to the virus. Kind of like Chickenpox or Varicella virus. Eighty percent of deaths from chickenpox were adults before the 1995 vaccination was developed.

    3. Too add: Jez is correct in that behavior seems to make a difference. The state of Washington started getting cases about when New York did. They got together and changed behavior. I think Gavin Newsome, Governor of California (who seldom agree with) has done a great job from the jump. Credit where credit is due. The rear view mirror will bring clarity a couple years from now.

    4. I believe that population density has a lot to do with the spreading and number of those infected. NYC has the highest population density of any city in the US.

    5. Pop density is massively important in modelling the spread of most diseases.
      Franco: More stuff is open, sure (I believe night-clubs are closed now). I'm not clear about how much of a risk they're taking, but the context of Sweden is different from the context of eg. NYC in many important respects.

    6. Warren true but not exactly

      There are cultural issues in NYC

      The Mayors misguided reluctance to close schools was on the assumption kids would starve was tragic.
      There is a single community who defied common sense. The ultra. Orthodox who lefties hold up as paragons refused to listen. They continued to hold packed services, kept the schools open and held massive weddings.
      Similarly the party culture in the West Indian culture has ravaged Queens. You know death is in the air should you go out drinking.

    7. When Israel talks about quarantine of Binai Barak it is discussing the ultra orthodox. All types of politicians have failed. In NJ when the government is talking about gatherings in Lakewood its the same story.

    8. Beak,
      What did the ultra Orthodox do during the Flu Epidemic of 1918-1919?

    9. Beak, I'm only saying that the density of the population increases the rate of infection, any infection.
      Even in the times of the bubonic plague, the royalty and the wealthy would leave the cities to escape contagion. Quite frankly, I'm leery of visiting any city that makes its own soup when it rains.

    10. @ Warren: "Quite frankly, I'm leery of visiting any city that makes its own soup when it rains."

      Good one! Never heard that one before.

      I'm not a fan of cities, either. The only time I have visited an American big city is when I had to for work. I have never had any desire to vacation in LA, NY, etc. Nothing against them, just not my cup of tea.

    11. I have been to NYC three times: once in college to Spanish Harlem for a dining experience (field trip for Spanish civilization) of paella and sangrĂ­a, once in the 1970s to visit friends on Long Island, and once a few years after 9/11 to pray at Ground Zero.

      I have clients and friends who regularly go to NYC to shop. I don't understand that!

      Not a fan of big cities. In fact, not a fan of edge cities, which Northern Virginia has become. **spit**

    12. Warren,
      Even in the times of the bubonic plague, the royalty and the wealthy would leave the cities to escape contagion.

      Tuesday, I learned that one of my former homeschool students has "left for the country" to escape the outbreak and coming outbreak here in Northern Virginia. She is a military brat, BTW.

    13. @SF,
      It's no secret to anyone that knows me well, I don't like crowds or being jostled, I like open spaces and green things. It makes me want to scream to be densely packed into a crowd of people for any length of time.

    14. I grew up in a city on the beach. Carpinteria CA (Santa Barbara county) had only 10,000 people and no stoplights when I was in high school forty five years ago. Still only has 13,000 folks. That is near nirvana.

  21. Franco,
    I am going to go back to the other format for comments to see what happens today.

    Blogger can be perverse when the "geniuses" there "improve" the platform.

    1. Done! Commenters, please email me if you're having trouble. Thank you.

    2. Thank you, Ma'am. Change may be the only constant, but I've never wecomed it even in the best of times, and at this late stage of the game I usually find it abhorrent.

  22. zVirginia Clerk Is Locked Up for Shooting at 3 Masked Robbers in His Store. . . .
    PJ Media

    by Victoria Taft

    A Virginia store clerk heard a crash that sounded like a car had crashed into the place at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday. He grabbed a gun and shot at three masked men he found stealing merchandise and cash from the shop. When it was over, the clerk was the one in handcuffs. He now sits in jail on no bail, charged with crimes for which he could be locked up for 20 years. Those charges include: "Malicious Wounding, Reckless Handling of a Firearm and Violation of a Protective Order." Police say they'll get around to charging the robbers later. What's wrong with this picture? . . .


    1. Franco,
      I've been trying to learn more details.

      So far, via the online neighborhood network, I've learned, "This prosecutor is more progressive than the previous one." Yes, that is exact quotation.

  23. Replies
    1. Joe,
      Excellent link!

      Just one of the many money quotes therein:

      The best part is when the media – the same media that was collectively soiling its Dockers because that mean old Trump was barring direct flights from China because of racism and stuff – demands to know why, back in December, Trump was not commanding a zillion Wuhan Flu tests, a zillion masks, and a zillion ventilators be created, while locking down all of America. Leaving aside the whole lack of an enumerated power to do that thing, in what world would have Trump have convinced anyone – least of all the media that was slobbering over his bogus impeachment at the time – that some bat soup-derived pathogen in BumFoo, China, was going to black swan all over America’s economy? The lack of seriousness by the people who presume to be reporting the news to us is more breathtaking than the damn ChiCom grippe.


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