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Monday, October 23, 2017

Corruption — On Steroids, Part 2

Lifted verbatim from Pastorius's October 22, 2017 post at Infidel Bloggers Alliance:
HUD Audit Finds Unheard of $500 Billion in Accounting Errors

Ben Carson is the Secretary General of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

I told you Donald Trump was focused on cutting corruption in Government. I have been writing here that the reason for the overwhelming bi-partisan hatred of Trump is precisely because he is focused on destroying the moneystreams our leaders have set up for themselves under the guise of "Government".

From HUD [click to enlarge]:

HUD reissued its fiscal years 2016 and 2015 (restated) consolidated financial statements due to pervasive material errors that we identified.

The total amounts of errors corrected in HUD’s notes and consolidated financial statements were $516.4 billion and $3.4 billion, respectively.

There were several other unresolved audit matters, which restricted our ability to obtain sufficient, appropriate evidence to express an opinion.

These unresolved audit matters relate to (1) the Office of General Counsel’s refusal to sign the management representation letter, (2) HUD’s improper use of cumulative and first-in, first-out budgetary accounting methods of disbursing community planning and development program funds, (3) the $4.2 billion in nonpooled loan assets from Ginnie Mae’s stand-alone financial statements that we could not audit due to inadequate support, (4) the improper accounting for certain HUD assets and liabilities, and (5) material differences between HUD’s subledger and general ledger accounts. This audit report contains 11 material weaknesses, 7 significant deficiencies, and 5 instances of noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations.
I ask the same question that my father always asked: "Who's getting the rake-off?"

Others might flatly state: "Welcome to the United States of America Banana Republic."

Flashback to 2013:

Additional YouTube results for "obama not banana republic."

Frankly, when I heard BHO say the above time and time again in his scolding, preachy, moral-high-horse way, I said: "America, then, must already be a banana republic — or well on her way to becoming one!"


  1. I told you Donald Trump was focused on cutting corruption in Government. I have been writing here that the reason for the overwhelming bi-partisan hatred of Trump is precisely because he is focused on destroying the moneystreams our leaders have set up for themselves under the guise of "Government."

    Was it BEN CARSON who said that? I culdn't be sure from the way it was presented, but the authorship doesn't matter all that much anyway, although I admire Dr. Carson and would be delighted to give him credit.

    The statement is as succinct an explanation as any yet given for the unbelievable Carnival of Contempt and Feces Festival we've been treated to since Mr. Trump's campaign began to gain momentum.

    The daily dose of Oratorical Odium has only worsened each day since he won the election.

    We can only conclude that The LOVE of MONEY really is The ROOT of ALL EVIL after all.

    So, what ELSE is new? (:-o

    1. FT,
      I told you Donald Trump was focused on cutting corruption in Government. I have been writing here that the reason for the overwhelming bi-partisan hatred of Trump is precisely because he is focused on destroying the moneystreams our leaders have set up for themselves under the guise of "Government."

      Was it BEN CARSON who said that?

      It was my good friend Pastorius who so editorialized.

    2. If you want to pursue this further, USAToday has the full story (google: Hud audit).
      In short, the audit took place during the Obama administration and Benasleep Carson had nothing to do with it and it isn't quite what it appears.

      I expect you'll ignore it but the truth is out there,

    3. Duck,

      And take another swipe at me, as you did in your last sentence, and you're gone.

      No link? You're gone.

    4. Ducky is a fully-indoctrinated prog, worshiping at the altar of the state. He is incapable of objective, critical thought.

    5. Once again, the Beantown Quacker flaps his wings, defecates all over the thread and kicks up dust to obscure the FACT...

      Our review identified material errors and misstatements in the financial statements and notes.

      “The total amounts of errors corrected in HUD’s notes and consolidated financial statements were $516.4 billion and $3.4 billion, respectively.”

      Only a committed statist could shrug off a "$119 Billion rounding error."

      "The bottom line: The OIG, not Carson, was responsible for the audit that led to the correction of over $500 billion in bookkeeping errors by HUD during the Obama administration. Carson wasn’t in office when OIG initiated the audit and the secretary has no authority over the independent IG office.

      All quotations from Ducky's source.

      So, once again, a leftwing statist latches onto a minor factual error (who was in charge when HUD's negligent bookkeeping was discovered) and throws diversionary stinkbombs to hide gross government malfeasance and incompetence.

    6. For what it's worth

      "However, in a Feb. 24 memo from Deputy Chief Financial Officer Courtney Timberlake, HUD said, “Overall, the combined adjustments to the consolidated financial statements resulted in a net adjustment of $3 million, but no change in HUD’s financial position or impact on our programs.”"

    7. Oh, OK. That clears it up. Let's just move on...

    8. Half-a-trillion here, half-a-trillion there... pretty soon we're talking a real accounting error.

      Anyone who has taken a first-year accounting call will immediately zero in on the $119 billion rounding error. That is a honey pot for fraud, slush funds, kickbacks, graft and embezzlement.

      I predict in the near future we will see HUD reporting actual fraud inspectors have uncovered.

      The entire federal government, every agency and department, need to be gang audited by independent investigators. It is rotten through and through and suffers from being exempt from the very accounting and reporting standards the same federal government levies on private business, local and state governments.

    9. Dates of the above-referenced OIG study? The dates of and the results of the previous OIG study?

      I’d look them up myself — except that I’m on the doctor’s office with Mr. AOW.

    10. Time to Break for a Laugh or Two. I don't know about the rest of you,but the over-sixty set ought to get a kick out of this:

      ___ STALIN by STARLIGHT ___

      The song a leftist sings

      Through years of endless springs ––
      The gurgling cesspools make at eventide ––
      The murmurs and the sighs 

      That true jerkoffs hide ––

      A Great Collective Theme!

      That's Stalin by Starlight.
My heart and I agree
      The State is everything to me!

      ~ Ljudmilla Pravdarovich Malapropsky

    11. The Marxist Merganser

      One of the bad birds
      It produces stinking turds
      Polluting the blogs.

      An attention hog
      But venomous like a snake
      Making life a slog ––

      A migraine headache ––
      The Enemy of Comfort
      Giving none a break

      ~ Haiku Hannah, Duenna of Gehenna

  2. FT,
    the unbelievable Carnival of Contempt and Feces Festival we've been treated to since Mr. Trump's campaign began to gain momentum

    I have never seen such nastiness.

    You should see two of the recent opinion pieces by two of the most-respected GOPe "journalists," whose commentaries (hit pieces) grace the New York Times and the Washington Post. They are no longer tethered to reality and have taken on the role of character assassins.

    Very, very few times since Trump was elected do these two journalists write about anything but Trump -- although when they write about anything else their commentaries are quite excellent. They never went after BHO like this. Not even once!

    1. The way it hangs in the air is so patently obvious you could cut it with a knife, AOW, and yet ALL you get from the ENEMEDIA when they are confronted with their malicious lies, fabrications, distortions partial truths, and gthe many things damning to the Left they've failed to report is bland, barefaced DENIAL proclaimed with a maddeningly supercilious air.

      I see it on C-Spin's Washington Urinal every morning. What USED to be a pretty good program has a become a daily, three-hour Trump Bashathon.

  3. I worked for years as a volunteer on community neighborhood and housing projects, not as a leader, but swinging a hammer and doing general clean up. Every so often a federal HUD official (Andrew Cuomo shook my hand and thanked me) would show up to congratulate us, accompanied by local and state politicians, and local community organization leaders all congratulating one another and bragging about how they brought the federal money to the neighborhood in question.

    However beneficial such funds may be, it is thinly-disguised political graft that benefits everyone in the chain:

    $ - HUD's control of money grants them power. Ordinary people don't realize how parasitic political appointees accrue power and prestige from controlling great pots of money or being regulators. Such a position launches or continues a lucrative DC career

    $ - Community Organizers control herds of voter cattle in their dilapidated, depressed neighborhoods, and steer them to the polls in return for federal dollars, which they can brag to their constituency about how they brought the goods.

    $ - The politicians in this supply chain (which begins at the taxpayer pocket) benefit for many of the same reasons as the community organizers. It is Chicago politics on a grand, federal scale (and it started way before President Obama)

    As a Supreme Court Justice of a Latin American nation told me, as I sat in his home conversing with him, "Here, we still pass bribes under the table. In the US, you codify government corruption into federal law."

    1. SF,
      However beneficial such funds may be, it is thinly-disguised political graft that benefits everyone in the chain.


      And the Clinton Foundation, I'm sure.

      As a Supreme Court Justice of a Latin American nation told me, as I sat in his home conversing with him, "Here, we still pass bribes under the table. In the US, you codify government corruption into federal law."

      That has the ring of truth!

    2. Don't you think the word "GOVERNMENT" is a virtual SYNONYM for CORRUPTION?

      I think it would be NAIVE to think otherwise, myself.

      Once any organized entity becomes able to grant itself the power to reach into the pockets of the populace and extract unimited sums one ANY pretext –– no matter how noble and attractive it may sound –– the germs of Corrution have been sewn on fertile ground, and will soon sprout to enmesh the people in an an increasingly monstrous thicket of thorns.

      If you believe the ancient proverb, HELL is the ultimate destination of ANY road paved with ostensibly good intentions.

      History seems to bear that out, does it not?

  4. The trajectory of our republic since its beginning does not speak well of humans in general. Our species inability to act ethically and morally in its pursuit of self government is unfortunate. But it is what it is. Anyone who thinks either conservatives, libertarians, liberals, or socialists will change this is either idealistic to a fault or just plain crazy.

    1. Kinda suggests we need systems of morality and impartial government transparency, doesn't it?

    2. RN,
      So, what do YOU propose? Ignore the malfeasance?

    3. Not at all AOW, not at all. As I have always believed as well as stated for those who chose to hear me, malfeasance is not a partisan pursuit. So, good people of both the right and left working together is how we can mitigate the damage caused as a result of the malfeasance. IMNHO anyway.

    4. I agree that malfeasance isn’t a partisan issue, but political culture is ... clearly, there are crooks on both sides, but they are aided and abetted by government liberality. Given the nature of our Republic, why is there a Department of Housing and Urban Development? States should be looking after their own citizens without federal interference. The more federal interference there is, the more likely it is that greedy bastards will find loopholes large enough to drive an M1A1 through.

    5. "Malfeasance" seems to be SOP in DC Politics.

      "Malfeasance" has become The New Normal.

      If we selectively punish "malfeasance" out of partisan concerns, we, ourselves, become guity of "malfeasance," don't we?

      And yet, if "malfeasance" is, in fact, the CURRENCY that funds our Political Machinery and keeps it running, how could we hope to do without it?

      It's a VICIOUS CYCLE spinning faster and faster with each passing day. CENTRIGUAL FORCE ALONE seems to prevent anyone from being able to do anything to stop the infernal Merry-Go-'Round.

      Do you suppose it will only stop when we –– like Little Black Sambo's tigers finally turn ourselves into Butter and Syrup and get gobbled up slathered all over Somebody's pancakes? ;-)

      if so, who might that "Somebody" be?

  5. The Department of Housing and Urban Development began as Housing and Home Financing Agency. It received its wings under Johnson’s so-called Great Society programs, which began in 1964-1965. I am sure that many of the readers here share my experiences traveling to many US cities, such as in Detroit, Chicago, Boston, New York, Baltimore, any city in Ohio, Washington DC, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

    Within these large cities are huge swaths of government housing areas ... most of which were constructed at taxpayer expense, and then handed over to people who, never having had to pay for them, promptly turned them in to slums. This trend, by the way, is not confined to the United States; we see the same inclinations in socialist Europe, as well. There is no incentive to maintaining these housing units when there is no personal property investment.

    Ostensibly, at least on paper, HUD intended to improve housing by requiring minimum standards of code enforcement, but one would not know that by giving even a cursory look at government subsidized housing in Chicago, where none other than Valerie Jarrett has made a fortune abusing HUD regulations and ripping off poverty stricken blacks. At this date, no one could look into a news camera and say that the Demonstration of Cities Act (1966) was an unqualified success. Still, it was an opportunity for community organizers who joined with greedy real estate speculators in noisy feeding at the government trough.

    Of its $60-billion annual budget, HUD spends more than $30-billion a year on housing assistance. This includes money for public housing authorities and rental subsidies (ultimately paid to people like Jarrett). No matter how much money you throw at a problem, the problem is never solved. Dilapidated and crime infested public housing is a fact of life in the cities I mentioned above (not a comprehensive list). Instead of ending concentrated poverty, HUD merely spread it around so that it would not be quite as noticeable. The Democratic mantra has been shortages of affordable housing, but there is no coordination with local and state governments that are responsible for zoning regulations. Fact: HUD’s negative impact on the economy is far larger than its annual budget. As but one example, HUD’s policies played a key role in the housing boom and bust, and then the recession in its wake. Placing pressure on banks and failed housing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make risky loans to underqualified borrowers, HUD did satisfy the community organizer in chief, but didn’t do very much for the overall American economy. By the way, should anyone be interested, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have received $112-billion in taxpayer bailouts.

    It’s been going on for a while and the two exemplars could be Franklin Raines and Jamie Gorelick, who served as CEO and Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae, respectively (both Democrats). One may recall that Raines accepted early retirement to avoid a jail sentence after enriching himself at Fannie Mae to the tune of $90-million. He didn’t spend one day in jail, but did donate $1.8-million of his Fannie Mae stock to charity —which was damned decent of him. He must have had a good lawyer.

    Gorelick’s income in these years exceeded $26-million. What was Gorelick’s qualifying background to serve as a Vice Chairman? Well, she served the Clinton administration as Deputy Attorney General. It was during this period that Gorelick was, in prohibiting the sharing of information between the FBI and CIA, instrumental in setting up the 9-11 attacks. In subsequent years, Gorelick served as a lobbyist —which would appear to illustrate that government affiliation is a lucrative career pattern.

    So, here’s my opinion: Dr. Carson is a very smart, and I believe, an honest man. HUD will do little more than destroy that reputation. He should ask the congress to completely dismantle this infested organization; and as a nation, we should re-think the concept of “housing and urban development.”

    1. Ignore my above quotation marks.

      Damn this small iPhone screen (5S).

    2. Some observations:
      The mortgage crisis was driven by unregulated market players, not HUD, the agency mission is distinct from Fannie Mae.
      The initial players making a mess of the mortgage market were private UNREGULATED companies like Ameriquest Mortgage (Obama BFF Deval Patrick and Country Mortgage. They were assisted by the various bond rating agencies and the American investment banking industry which was selling this crap as investment grade securities.
      Fannie and Freddie got into it because they were loosing their market share and it was affecting stock prices and executive bonuses. Why these agencies were publicly traded goes back to Eisenhower partially privatizing them for no good reason and Johnson making them fully privatized to finance the Vietnam war.
      Note that the agency served its purpose perfectly well as a public institution.
      Anyway, Franklin Raines had the agency loosen underwriting standards and the Republican senate blocked all attempts to right the ship. The Republican House passed a measure that was so weak even Bush criticized it.
      Note that HUD was not a player in support during all this but the FED under noted Randoid Greespan certainly was ( he would later say his belief in self correcting markets was in error).
      So we had a pretty good example of capitalism operating without the needed federal regulation.

      As for Ben Carson being an honest man: Mannatech.

      We've largely been subject to a government that abrogated its responsibility rather than one that over regulated.

    3. Pure fantasy. Those "unregulated" operators were operating under government pressure to lend to everybody, spurred further by loose money policy.

      Those operators knew they could irresponsibly loan money with reckless abandon because they wouldn't have to eat the losses. As soon as they wrote the paper, they dumped it into a government-created black hole that hid the good from the bad, collected their money, and lost nothing in the inevitable implosion.

      A market operating like that under government coercion does not have the mechanisms to self-correct.

      Less Karl Marx and more Henry Hazlitt would perhaps begin to erase the stain of your embarrassing economic ignorance. I recommend you read "Economics in one Lesson."

      It contains eternal truths proven out since Biblical times.

    4. Nothing I wrote had anything to do with Marxian economics, you weaken yourself when you channel FreeThinke. Anyway, I'm more likely to follow the likes of Schumacher, Veblen or Galbraith. You'd do well to read them.

      Just what government coercion did Countrywide Mortgage experience?
      The Greenspan Fed made sure everyone had plenty of free chips and these guys could make a huge sum peddling subprime junk while the rating agencies looked the other way as the private mortgage companies peddled junk that couldn't even be properly valued (remember the "mark to market" controversy?) They were all betting that the housing market would perpetually rise or at least they would have cashed out before the fall.
      They were like bookies who had everything riding on the over and didn't lay anything off.
      Plus the Clintoons repealed Glass-Steagall to let the big banks in on the feeding frenzy. And that's what it was. NEVER did you hear complaints from the financial industry that they were being pressured. That's the pure stinky cheese to say it was government coercion.

      Free markets are NOT self correcting.
      Supply side economics is a cruel fraud.

    5. @ Nostradumbass:
      Try reading this from Forbs.com.

      Even you should be able to see that the Governments hand-prints were all over this fiasco.

      Socialism, in all it's forms is a cruel fraud. When the Government tries tom pick the winners and losers, chaos ensues and the losers are the tax payers.

      At least we still manufacture toilet paper and our poor seem to have a problem with obesity.

      NOTE: Don't you say a damned thing until you actually read that link!

    6. Link won't open. Probably my ad blocker.

    7. If you use Ad Blocker Plus, go to the link and click on ABP logo in your navigation bar (little red stop sign) then click "disable on forbs.com" on the drop down menu. You can enable it again later.

    8. Free markets are not self-correcting? You're even more ignorant than I thought.

      Tell us then how the price of things goes up and down.

      Why did beta tapes disappear?

      Why has the price of computers come down over the past two decades?

      Why, unlike Venezuela, do we have toilet paper?

      It's also helpful to look at a totally unfree market like government-strangled health care to see a market that cannot adjust, or only adjust within, constricted strictures.

      Finally, I do want to congratulate you, Ducky. You described a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT-created fiasco.

      The free market was when a banker wrote your mortgage after investigating you and requiring you to put skin in the game. The bank kept your mortgage as an asset and made money off the interest. They had a vested interest in not throwing money at fools who could never pay it back.

      That is a free and rational market.

    9. You confuse the consumer market with the financial market under discussion.
      Also markets in basic needs do not function ell without regulation and often subsidies. Health insurance is a good example. Unless you consider a large percentage of the population having none then the unregulated market fails to distribute properly. Housing is another example.
      Equity market often go out of control and we had that under control since the great depression until Saint Ronnie Raygun started the deregulation ball rolling.

    10. I know how to disable ad blocker but I refuse to give in to shakedowns.

      In a nutshell what I have been saying is that government failed badly in the last recession by not regulating. Primary culprits were the Clintons although Raygun and the Bush boy deserve credit for screwing up.
      The most sane deregulator was probably Carter whose airline deregulation cleared a market that was suffering in the manner silverfiddle describes.

    11. How did those folks all along the silk road function without Big Government Democrats issuing truckloads of regulations and doling out taxpayer-funded subsidies?

      How did mankind propagate itself?

    12. Temujin (Ghenghis Khan) ran the Silk Road as a meritocracy ;)

    13. @ Nostradumbass:
      I see, you'd rather put your fingers in your ears and go, na na na na na na, than endanger your indoctrination.

    14. Warren,
      It is my experience that liberals and Leftists always put their finger in their ears when these people are confronted with evidence contrary to their belief systems. Maybe Conservatives do, too, but I've rarely encountered that among my Conservative friends.

  6. Didn't Donald Trump's father, the Klansman Fred Trump, make his fortune scamming HUD?

    1. I think he did TC but then, he was a part of the Queens Democratic Political Machine, so ... and he was also investigated for war time profiteering, which again makes perfect sense.

    2. Yes now I recall. Fred Trump built shitholes under FHA contracts and as cheap and shoddy as possible to come in under budget so he could pocket the excess.

      I don't give lifetime Democrat Donald Trump a pass either just because he's convinced a fairly large swath of extremely stupid people that he's a Republican.

  7. Interesting comments by all. Points and arguments well made by all.

    I will posits that for markets to be free they must be regulated. By regulated I do not mean by government interference in the competitive ebb and flow of the marketplace. I mean oversight that prevents unethical and predatory practices and the possibilities of monopolies.

    Totally unregulated markets such as libertarians and some conservative advocate is no less dangerous than over regulated markets such as is seen in fascist states or communist states.

    Under regulation is as dangerous as over regulation or complete government control of markets.

    1. The only fallacy in your argument is the supposition that the regulators are not themselves corrupt.

    2. Agreed. But, the very same can be said of the players in a market minimally regulated.This we know is true based on history. Recent history as well as more distant history.

    3. But look ... we should expect the government of Russia to act as if they are Russian. We should presume that all nations act in their own perceived “best” interests. Similarly, we should expect capitalists to act in their perceived “best” interests. If that is the baseline, if we anticipate that people are greedy and will always seek to enhance their own self-interests, then why is our government assuming otherwise? My argument is that the government is corrupt, that the government (along with anyone connected with it) is untrustworthy ... and if this is true, or even if it is only partially true, then how do we ever trust the fox to guard the henhouse?

    4. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    5. lol! Where's Odysseus (outis/ metis) when you need him?

  8. the corruption knows no bounds AOW! sigh..hope all is well with you and yours! xoxoxox

  9. Corruption on steroids

    And he has the nerve to give the administration a grade of 100% on the Puerto Rican relief effort.

    Drain the swamp.

    1. Of course, had the contract gone to Joule (Podesta's failed Russian Energy start-up venture) the WaPo would be strangely silent...

    2. It should be obvious to everyone that the best way to drain a swamp is to stop legislating increases to its' water supplies.

    3. You're the expert, Farmer. When did Bob Corker join ANTIFA?

    4. The day Trump passed him over for Tillerson.

    5. ...after all, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee buys you a lot less graft/corruption than SOS.

    6. It was "his turn" (ala John Kerry 2009-2013).

    7. Trump is "incompetent" for failing to recognize and promote Bob Corkers OBVIOUS competence.

  10. I'm laughing to myself picturing Ducky and Les Screaming Helplessly at the Sky and howling at the moon on November 8th, wailing and throwing dirty diapers because President Trump still hasn't been impeached and replaced by Hillary.

    Over 4,000 Facebook users in the Boston area have RSVP'd to attend the event they're calling "Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election." Another 33,000 have expressed interest in attending the event at the 383-year-old Boston Common.

    Pajama boys from Obama's OCA will be setting up safe spaces with comfort pigs and hot coco. Police will for a protective cordon to prevent any free speech from breaking out, although conservative patriots are planning a Covfefe Party... LOL!


    1. I'll get some photos for you, silverfiddle.

      Guerilla theater can be effective.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. 33,000 screaming Bostonians... I wonder how many pink hats will be in the crowd?

    4. ___ BOSTON: THEN and NOW ____

      ______________ THEN ______________

      Here's to doughty redoubtable Boston
      In the Land of the Bean and the Cod
      Where the Cabots spoke only to Lodges
      And the Lodges spoke only to God.

      ~ Anonymous

      ______________ NOW ______________

      Here’s to the snobs of seditious new Boston
      Where Cultural Marxists hold sway,
      And the snobs stuff their gobs with falafel
      While muezzins from minarets bray!

      ~ YU NO HU

  11. Do you think that's important? If so why? Inquisitive minds want to know.

    1. Dear, Ripples in the Toilet Bowl,
      Who's the most obnoxious troll?
      The ripples sighed, and then replied,
      "The baldy in the yellow shirt
      Overflows with fulsome dirt
      He speaks from out his anus vile
      Spewing endless witless bile
      Couched in terms of haughty pride
      He lives to mock, scorn and deride.

      ~ Olde Carapacian Foiblefable

    2. FT,

      This one goes in the "publish" category. ;)

  12. Replies
    1. Why wouldn't they have him investigated when everyone knew his decorum was similar to Weinstein's.

    2. One more Russian tie confirmed! ... To the Democrats.

      And this after the ObamaHillary wet kiss to Putin with the uranium deal...

      This is how Washington operates, with cut-outs and concentric rings of attorneys:

      "The Democrats paid for research, including by Fusion GPS, because of concerns that little was known about Trump and his business interests, according to the people familiar with the matter.

      Those people said that it is standard practice for political campaigns to use law firms to hire outside researchers to ensure their work is protected by attorney-client and work-product privileges.

      Poor Don Jr just sat down with a Russian and asked for the dirt... Silly boy. He wouldn't be in trouble if he had studied how the Criminal Masterminds in the Democrat Party do it.

      Nobody plays dirtier and comes out cleaner than the Clinton Crime Family

    3. Ducky,

      Shouldn't you be warming up your vocal chords for the Nasty Women Scream in Rage Fest?

    4. @ AOW

      According to the article, People involved in the matter said that they would not disclose the dollar amounts paid to Fusion GPS but that the [Clinton] campaign and the DNC shared the cost.

      So, government funding of the Clinton campaign went to a clandestine hatchet job on a presidential candidate? And Steele has ties to the State Department (presumably under Kerry) ... what kind of crap is this?

      @ Silverfiddle

      Wait ... Ducky is a nasty screaming woman? I never saw that coming.

    5. Mustang,
      The whole thing is a virulent spider's web.

    6. Whenever Ducky reminds us what a sorry people we are, he’s demonstrating a nearly indescribable hypocrisy. I seem to recall him admonishing anyone who demanded to know more about Obama in 2007; anyone wanting to know more about Obama’s background was a racist or fringe right. Now we are learning that the Democrats removed all stops in their hatchet job as embodied in the so-called Trump Dossier, including hiring a foreign spy to investigate the GOP candidate.

      Let’s review: Trump, when compared to Obama, is an open book. Trump is a business man, which means that we should expect him to form business relationships with others of his ilk. Obama was a closed book and remains so. It does make sense, however, that a cabal capable of hiding Obama’s background would be masterful in revealing Trump’s. Unhappily for the Clinton’s and the DNC, we are now able to see how low progressives will go to elect another Clinton to the presidency. Ducky’s best effort was that “everyone knew his decorum was similar to Weinstein’s.”


  13. Replies
    1. Russia-Russia was ALL a campaign strategy, and NOT a substantive argument.

    2. FJ,
      From that link:

      ...The dam has broken. The waters are unleashed, and there’s no stopping them. Truth is winning. Even the Washington Post is reporting this story. The New York Times and the rest will have to follow. The evidence is too compelling, and the story is out there. Much like the Weinstein scandal, there is simply too much evidence to deflect it. The reporting of John Solomon and Sara Carter has been devastating. They have been doing the work that the leftist American media won’t do. Which is to report on the real Russian meddling in America’s politics: Uranium One. And the Trump dossier.

      This is huge. This will not go away. Unlike the leftist media narrative of Trump/Russia collusion, there is actual evidence to show we have been compromised, and it’s not Trump who has compromised or colluded. It’s the group of people the leftist media has vowed to protect. The Obama/Clinton/Democratic party complex.

      The evidence is overwhelming.

      The Obama/Clinton administration colluded with Russia in the Uranium One deal. They knew what the Russians wanted. They knew the Russians were bribing people. They knew the Clinton family foundations were getting over a hundred million dollars, that Bill Clinton received half a million dollars for an hour speech from the Russian bank involved with Uranium One.

      Quid pro quo. As clear as it can be.

      They sold out American interests for thirty pieces of silver.

      It’s hard to say which is the bigger disgrace. The Obama Justice Department, the FBI, Obama himself, the Clintons, or our despicably partisan media. Let’s not mince words, they’re all culpable, all guilty of selling out America....

    3. Aren't each of those despicable elements either organs in the same corrupt body or cells in the same diseased organ –– take your pick?

      I see it as six of one half a dozen of the other.

      DREADFUL any wa you slice it,

    4. FT,
      they’re all culpable, all guilty of selling out America....

      And covering each other's a$$es.

  14. Because the Obama-Hillary Crime Cabal has sprung too many leaks, the press is now compelled to report on it.

    What wise observers said months ago now appears true: The Obama Administration broke the law and abused government power to punish enemies and smear Donald Trump so bad he would lose the election.

    They were not concerned with covering their tracks because they were certain Hillary would get elected and her gang of criminals would cover all the tracks and destroy the evidence.

    This political miscalculation will be reverberating for quite awhile.

    QUESTION: Can President Trump shut his twittering trap and let this scandal bloom and metastasize to its full, putrid refulgence?

  15. Virtually "everyone" advises the president to stop twittering, "Everyone" fuals to realize, however, that his tweets are the secret of his success, Silver.

    Hs use of Twitter is a strroke of true genius. It has enabled him to circumvent the biased bilge excreted 'round the clock by the ENEMEDIA, and talk DIRECTLY to The People.

    Though "they" will never admit it, President Trump with just a few key strokes ever day has made a monkey out of the whole multi-trillion dollar DISINFORMATION Industry –– and industry dedicated to the de facto Destruction of Western Civlization.

    Without Twitter we might never have been able to get to know Mr. Trump. Whether it's strictly true or not he has persuaded at least half the nation that he is "one of us."

    TRUMP's style is certainly not MY style, but then I'm not the one who got himself elected president, am I?


    PS: Please don't forget too that he knocked off the Bush Dynasty and Clinton Machine in ONE presidential campaign financed largely by HIMSELF. That in my never humble esmation qualifies as a MIRACLE. Naturally the fallout from Trump's Triumph is IMMENSE. His enemies are dying –– very slowly –– from the mortal wounds he managed to inflict on their lying, cheating, scheming, depraved souls. Hillary is Dead Meat. She just doesn't wan't to believe it, and so she still "HIts the Campagn Trail." A ZOMBIE politician.

    WOO HOO!

    1. "Hillary is Dead Meat. She just doesn't wan't to believe it, and so she still "HIts the Campagn Trail." A ZOMBIE politician."

      Yes, she should audition for THE WALKING DEAD!

    2. FT: He needs to employ a little more strategery and try acting presidential. He is famous for stepping on his own good news.

      When you enemy is self-destructing, Shut. Up. and. Get. The. Hell. Out. of. The. Way.

    3. FT,
      [President Trump's] use of Twitter is a strroke of true genius. It has enabled him to circumvent the biased bilge excreted 'round the clock by the ENEMEDIA, and talk DIRECTLY to The People.

      In general, I agree.

      But I also agree with SF some of the time:

      He is famous for stepping on his own good news.

      Yes, I read President Trump's Twitter feeds every day. He has two Twitter feeds.

    4. The Progressive Left wants her out. They still pull the media "strings". The NY Times and WaPo aren't going legit. They're simply going in the direction the wind is blowing them... further left.

    5. Hillary supporters... WELCOME to what your Left ELite bretheren would call, "the ranks of "The Deplorables!"

    6. Joe, I think you're right on the media's motive. They finally realized which way the wind was blowing when their cheap, ratty toupees blew off...

    7. TRump's election was indeed, a miracle. With a little luck, and maybe providence's help to boot, he won't destroy America and the rest of the world. Hope springs eternal.

    8. Joe,
      The NY Times and WaPo aren't going legit. They're simply going in the direction the wind is blowing them... further left.

      You're probably right about that.

      Say, "Agenda!"

    9. So Hillary paid for info verified by the intelligence agencies of three other counteies that was good enough to secure FISA warrants on Paul Manafort. Who didn't know Manafort is a scumbag?

      When do the Trump prostitute videos come out?

    10. TC: So far this is a boring story involving gray politicians and blood-sucking lawyers.

      Needs more urinating Russian hookers!

    11. Or at least Edward Snowden to get his pals at the NSA to stop feeding Trump "instructions from Moscow" to praise Xi Jinping's lifetime Commie achievement award.

      That shit ain't funny.

    12. Our government's been kissing China's ass since Bush the Elder. This is why, outside a few judge nominees, elections don't matter.

  16. The Prog's are dropping Hill like just another tainted or objectionable brand name.

  17. It’s always lots of fun taking these trips down memory lane, ain’t it? And showing these Crooked , Lying, Democrats just what they are

    So let’s keep it going!

    It was just about One Year Ago this week when Hillary Clinton said: “Donald Trump Refused to Say That He’d Accept and Respect the Results of this Election, No Matter Who Won”.

    And here it is a year later, and Hillary still hasn’t accepted the results of the election, she even wrote a stupid book with 101 excuses of “Why She Lost”
    There’s a reason Hillary still has not accepted the results of last year’s election. Hillary really thinks that she deserved to win because she spent her entire life scheming, lying, bribing, conniving, to become the President, and SHE LOST! And she just can’t get over it! So yes. Hillary Clinton was made a fool of by Comey, by Donald Trump, by the votaries and by herself! And now the Uranium deal... How Sweet It Is!
    Yep. The cat is out of the bag, the whole enchilada, that phoney dossier story on the alleged Trump incident in the Moscow hotel was funded by Clinton Campaign and the DNC., the Uranium deal, the Russian collusion. That meeting with Bill and Loretta Lynch on the Airport Tarmac This all brings a new meaning to “The Sky Is Falling”..
    All I know is that this is going to be fun watching Shaw, RN, Dave Miller and the rest of those Obama/Clinton worshipers explain this!

    1. Thanks but I don’t take any advice from Liberals

    2. Even when it's liberals ratting out one of their own?

    3. "Follow their smoke trail between the mirrors..." quacks the duck. If you like the story, I've got a book of other fairie tales that you might enjoy!

  18. I can't get excited about the recent Hillary information; I'm already hearing 'excuses' that the Left will buy and Congress is too stupid to fight. \

    Haven't time to look up at the comments but Carson must be doing something right because he's getting very little flack from the hideously leftwing media these days. And I'm referring to normal hometown papers, not Mother Jones or The Nation

    1. Z,
      I agree completely with your first paragraph above!

      Carson must be doing something right because he's getting very little flack from the hideously leftwing media these days.

      I'm not so sure that he's doing something right. What I think: the media are too busy pursuing anything to bash Trump to talk about Ben Carson.

    2. That's strange, I was just reading the story of Carson getting nailed by Texas Rep. Al Green for refusing to answer committee questions on his proposed budget. My guess is he doesn't know or understand the budget figures.

      Then there was this recent statement reported by Newsweek :
      "Housing Secretary Ben Carson is being widely mocked yet again, this time for saying it will take a century for Puerto Rico to fully recover from Hurricane Maria.

      Carson said that restoring power, housing and basic essentials on the whole island after the damage it suffered from Hurricane Maria could take between “one and 100” years, part of a larger speech about his department’s efforts to help newly homeless Americans rebuild their lives on Wednesday."

      The man's a buffoon.

    3. _______ Self Suffocation _______

      A mask for self indulgence, piety
      Contains a plausible ingredient. An
      Overbearing aura of propriety
      Negates what to it’s not obedient, and
      So a self-sealed system’s put in place
      To exclude everything that won’t conform,
      Adore, pay homage to a cell-like place
      No loving person would have as a norm.
      The rationale for doing what one chooses
      Brings isolation, tedium and grief.
      Indulging Self exclusively soon loses
      Touch with a sound basis for belief.
      Cast aspersions, scorn, express contempt.
      Hell still yawns. Zealots are not exempt.

      ~ FreeThinke

    4. It's amusing when the ideological purblind call gifted neurosurgeons "stupid" and impugn the integrity of career military officers with impeccable records.

    5. Here's Ben from an article today on Huffington responding to people who don't think he's qualified:

      “I guarantee the CEO of Massachusetts General or Johns Hopkins … probably don’t know a lot about infectious diseases,” said Carson. “But they have a lot of people who do know about those things. By coordinating and creating a vision and creating an atmosphere where the synergies work, they create a very successful organization.”

      Remember when tRump appointed his Mar-a-lago event planner the head of the New York HUD office?
      Silverfiddle, wake up. They're powdering your butt.

    6. Carson may not be successful as the head of HUD ... there is no way I'd take that job, but Ducky ... you do seem to echo the sentiments of those radical right fringe racists that you keep harping about. Odd.

    7. I forget the Trumpnet Prolefeed. Ben Carson's the incurably pathological child molester, right?

    8. Way to double down on stupid, Ducky!

      Go back and read my comments. They had nothing to do with defending the Trump Administration.

    9. Awww, leave the poor duck alone. He has the answer to Puerto Rico's problems... "Bail them out!" Ben's right, they need to be left on their own or they'll never shake the white man's plantation.

  19. _______ Rx for a Peaceful Heart _______

    Speak quietly. It helps to soothe the nerves.
    Yelling –– any harshness –– is abrasive ––
    An agitating force no one deserves
    Denying peace, obnoxious and invasive.
    Refresh the soul with calm, sweet introspection.
    Opening the mind clears out the dross.
    Find serenity under prayer’s direction.
    Needs depart, as does the pain of loss,
    Only when we lift our thoughts to Heaven.
    Images of all that’s bright and clean
    Transcend gloom and sagging spirits leaven,
    As on the rock of Truth we safely lean.
    Leave resentment, fear, distrust behind;
    Endure with patience, and sweet peace you’ll find.

    ~ FreeThinke

  20. ____ An Existential Query ____

    Instead of our problems solving

    We just keep right on devolving
    Racing into the Abyss
    Once we're gone, who would us miss?

    ~ Heraclitus Perpleksites





    Top Hillary lawyer lied for YEAR about dossier...

    MESS: Pressure builds on Mueller to recuse himself...

    FBI On Hot Seat...

    Busted Media Downplay Revelations...

    ABC 'GMA' Gives Just Seconds of Airtime...


    FLASHBACK: Media Hysterical Over Don Jr Russia Dirt Meeting...

    'Treason,' 'Collusion,' 'Jail'...

    1. The above gives a veritable SMOERGABORD of CACCA to tempt the insatiable appetites of political junkies obsessed with scandal and the endless War of Words presently burning up ALL the oxygen from our atmosphere.

      Who needs Dracula and Nightmare on Elm Street or The Curse of the Cat People when you have

      }}}}}}}}}}}} DEE CEE {{{{{{{{{{{{

    2. FT,
      'Treason,' 'Collusion,' 'Jail'...

      If only! With regard to the last in that series of three, I mean.

    3. FT,
      It's a bottomless cesspool!

      I've been following some of the cesspool-related stories the past 24 hours.

      YE, GODS!

  22. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? There is no fee, I'm simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and found this article insightful. I'll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. If "OK" please let me know via ema5il.


  23. Disclosures about Pentagon waste (remember $500 hammers?) led to Dem calls to cut Defense spending.

    Do you think those same Dems will urge cuts in spending here now that waste is so evident? Don't bet on it!


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