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Monday, October 2, 2017

All of Your Internets are belonging to Me!

[Note from AOW: for those who wish to discuss yesterday's mass slaughter in Las Vegas, please see my blog post today at Infidel Bloggers Alliance. At the time of this posting, what happened in Las Vegas does not appear to be Islamic terrorism]

  *** WARNING: Silverfiddle Dispatch ***

In the wake of the latest “New Normal” Islamic terror attack in London, shameless blame-shifter Theresa May issued an ultimatum to social media and blamed them for the spread of Islamic terror. You can go read the article yourself, but I’d like to turn her words back on her and her fellow failed “world leaders” who aided and abetted this crisis by inviting in Islamic extremists, giving them wide latitude, and making apologies for them.

If only We the People could issues such stern threats to the slimy, criminally incompetent fumblers who run our governments...

Western “Leaders,” listen up!

Theresa, Mutti Merkel, Donald, Chuck and Nancy, you have only a month to make progress. If you don’t, the People will sue you and make YOU liable for extremist content on western soil. Delay in eradicating extremists will trigger huge fines that you must personally pay.

We The People call on the Western government “giants” to develop technology to block terrorists before they kill, not arrest them afterwards.

Any extremists detected would have to be imprisoned or removed from Western Civilization within two hours at most.

In the linked article, Mrs May said: ‘We need a fundamental shift in the scale and nature of our response – both from industry and governments – if we are to match the evolving nature of terrorists’ use of the internet.’

Bravo! I agree. 

But blaming the internet is like blaming oxygen for fires... 

Look in the mirror, Theresa old girl. Your feckless, brainless official malfeasance has caused this. Sure, you, Barack, and the other slimeball political operators of your generation didn’t start this fire, but you ignored it and shamed anyone who pointed out the smoke and flames and the Muslims fingering the gas cans and matches.

But anyhoo, back to our statement:

Western “leaders:” This threat is designed to put pressure on the all-powerful governments to use their technological prowess to counter sophisticated efforts by Islamic State and other terror groups to radicalise impressionable youngsters and spread DIY terror.

Your police state spying apparatus can be put in motion to surveille and attempt to destroy a political enemy’s presidential campaign, while exonerating the Establishment candidate. Your brilliant espionage brains can confect kompromat involving chorus lines of urinating hookers, but you cannot protect us and our way of life from invaders attacking us from the inside.

Here is the one statement from Madame Prime Minister we can all agree on:
‘When I think of the hundreds of thousands of victims of terrorism in countries across the world, I think of their friends, their families, their communities, devastated by this evil. And I say enough is enough.’
Yes. Enough is enough, so get off your dead ass, stable your high-horse, call this threat what it really is, roll up your sleeves and start eradicating it from the West.

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  1. Good for you, SilverFiddle! "Telling it like it is" is a good First Step in ––– maybe ––– eradicating the menace of aggressive Islamic Fundamentalism from Western Society.

    I've said two things, ever since this horror first rose to our attention. I'll say them again, because I think I'm right, even though no one wants to ADMIT that is even a POSSIBILITY –– so squeamish and pusillanimous have we become, because the the extraordinary power of Political Correctness –– a hyper-aggressive, SHAME-BASED IDEOLOGICAL POSITION generated by Leftist Activism –– has supplanted the very idea of SELF-PRESERVATION as a worthy goal.

    That means most of us are now expected to feel both GUILTY and ASHAMED to want to continue enjoying everything we have gained, because the rest of the world lives in poverty, misery and degradation.

    For us even to dare to HOPE that we may continue to live in the style to which we have been accustomed is now supposed to be considered a sign of ARROGANCE, SELFISHNESS, INSENSITIVITY, IMMORALITY and DEPRAVITY.

    Instead we must ABASE ourselves, and voluntarily CEDE most of what we have to those who live primitive, savage, poverty-stricken, disease-ridden, drug-addicted lives. We must SURRENDER to those who INVADE our shores to LAY WASTE to our lands and our way of life. We must di this, because we DESERVE PUNISHMENT for the SINS of our brutally aggressive, overly acquisitve ANCESTORS.

    We are now supposed to understand and accept our unworthiness to continue enjoying the ILL-GOTTEN GAINS our ancestors have bestowed upon us.

    We must devote the rest of OUR miserable, unworthy, sinful lives to doing PENANCE, making RESITUTION, paying REPARATIONS to the larely-savage progeny of the VICTIMS of our ANCESTOR'S GREED and EXPLOITATION.

    That IS the foul philosophy by which WE are morally obliged to live from now till DOOMSDAY –– accordng to the ruthless demons and clever, perverted sophists who comprise the core of Leftist Activism.

    Well, I say NUTS to THAT. So here it is again –– the two things I've said countless times since 911 first shattered our lives:

    1. Steel Filings do NOT properly belong in Pudding, Cake Batter or Turkey Stuffing, capiche?



    Those who would be kind to the cruel are sure to be cruel to the kind."

    "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

    ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

    "The U.S. Constitution is Not a Suicide Pact.


    1. FYI: I had no knowledge of the horrific mass shootung in Las Vegas when I posted this earlier, and I'm pretty sure Silver Fiddle didn't either, but to IGNORE the Las Vegas incident and pretend it has no relevance at all to the issue of Islamic Terrorism in the West seems purblind to me.

      These dreadful occurrences have taken on sething of the nature of a FAD. It could veyr well be that the Las Vegas terror was INSPIRED by the myriad other too-well-publicized events for which Islamism really WAS responsible,

      I don't see how we could rule that out.

      "Monkey See, Monkey Do" is as much a characteristic of human beings as it is of apes.

    2. I do think it is "Monkey See, Monkey Do," but all indications so far point to it having nothing to do with Islamic terror.

      We are a mean, dangerous, self-centered, heavily-drugged society unmoored from any concept of shared morality or societal norms.

      Also, despite the horrible carnage, if it is someone going off on a murdering rampage with no ideology or agenda behind it, it is not terrorism.

      Here is a simple definition:

      Terrorism: The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

    3. I would like to know the illicit drug use history and the prescribed medication history of the perpetrators of these crimes.

      As of 10 years ago (when Big Ed tried to strong-arm us into drugging our son) there were no good longitudinal studies on the long-term effects of ADHD drugs.

      20-30% of Americans are on some kind of drug for mental issues, and an estimated 20-30% are struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

      We are a sick society.

    4. SF,
      I do think it is "Monkey See, Monkey Do," but all indications so far point to it having nothing to do with Islamic terror.

      Lots of info at my blog post at IBA. HERE.

      Did the shooter have a grievance against a hotel complex in Vegas?

      Of great interest: the shooter has no criminal history and, as far as I can discern, no military history.

    5. @FreeThinke -- "Monkey See, Monkey Do"
      He was old enough to remember Charles Whitman. True.

    6. Duck,
      Definitely reminiscent of Charles Whitman.

    7. If you are going to start cataloguing mass murders in the United States in the twentieth century, you should NOT forget RICHARD SPECK.

      Why you keep DELETING this information I cannot imagination. SPECK is decidedly one of the early trendsetters in this increasingly horrible practice.

    8. WIKI on SPECK:

      Richard Benjamin Speck (December 6, 1941 – December 5, 1991) was an American mass murderer who systematically tortured, raped, and murdered eight [Filipino] student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital on the night of July 13-14, 1966.

      He was sentenced to death, but the sentence was later overturned due to issues with jury selection at his trial. Speck died of a heart attack after 25 years in prison ...

    9. Just because RICHARD SPECK did not use a GUN while committing his private massacre and did not mow down HUNDREDS of innicent people from a tower, does not diminish the significance of his crime.

      Whatever it was that motivated Speck, Whitman –– or ANY of these tragically aberrant personalities –– deserves deeper examination.

      I believe it is MUCH more important to explore and try to determine the CAUSATIVE FACTORS in these terrible events than it is to indulge in morbidly bsessive preoccupation with the gory detrails of their crimes.

      "What's done is done and cannot be undone." said Lady Macbeth.

      She was certainly right about that, –– if nothing else.

      What SHOULD occupy our minds would be valiant search for ways to make sure these terrible things never happen again.

      Instead we take a perverse form of delight in experiencing the violence and horror vicariously –– a vile practice encouraged and promoted in every way possible by the ENEMEDIA –– a practice eerily reminiscent of the days of the Colosseum's barbaric Theater of Death sanitized but lightly by electronic technology which routinely brings biolence and bloodshed, both real and simulated, directly into our homes.

    10. FT,
      Speck's crimes and Paddock's crime are very dissimilar. And the ages of the two? Also far apart.

      I'll have to review information about Richard Speck, but I must say that his name didn't even pop into my mind upon my hearing of what happened in Las Vegas.

    11. FT,
      Just because RICHARD SPECK did not use a GUN

      That is not the reason that I find the crimes so unrelated.

    12. We shall have to agree to dsagree on this. Either you see why I brought it up, or you don't.

      Psychopathology certainly played a large part in ALL these seemingly senseless crimes.

      I'm reminded of the old trick question: "Which weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of iron?" ;-)

      Most will answer "IRON!" but they'd be wrong. It's nit the nature of the substance that's in question, but only the WEIGHT.

      A pound is a pound is a pound ––PERIOD! –– unless you want to go off on a tangent about the difference between troy and avoirdupois weight and all that.

      In the same sense Murder is Murder is Murder, whether it be perpetrated in ONE victim or a THOUSAND.

    13. WIKI on Charles WhitmanL

      Charles Joseph Whitman (June 24, 1941 – August 1, 1966) was an American mass murderer who became infamous as the "Texas Tower Sniper". On August 1, 1966, he murdered his mother and wife in their homes, then went to the University of Texas at Austin where he shot and killed three people inside the university's tower. He then went to the tower's 28th-floor observation deck, where he fired at random for some 96 minutes, killing an additional eleven people and wounding thirty-one before being shot and killed by police. Sixteen people were killed in total; a 17th victim died in 2001 from injuries sustained in the attack. ...

    14. I can well nderstand why Whitman's name was brought up. The superficial asects of his and Paddock's crimes ARE remarkably similar, though the underying causes –– whatever they may prove to be –– could vary considerably.

      As I said about SPECK in relation to all this, PSYCHOPATHOLOGY was obviously at the root of ALL these crimes.

    15. No, Gertie, there's a BIG difference between loggorhea and eloquent oomplex, well-phrased, well-thought-out, tightly-reasoned argumentation.

      I suggest you take a good stiff refresher course in Classical English Usage from an instructor over the age of sixty-two. I'm sure it would do wonders for you.

  2. SF,
    From your last link at the body of the blog post:

    For starters, the national anthem has been played at NFL games since the 1940s.


    Baseball, the sport most associated with that song, embraced it even earlier — before Congress officially made it the national anthem.

    1. I inserted that to show that Ducky lied yet again when he quacked out that the NFL didn't stand for the National Anthem until 2009.

      Ducky is either a malicious, propaganda-driven liar, or he is an easily-duped Patsy.

    2. SF,
      Many, many people are stating with conviction that the NFL didn't stand for the National Anthem until 2009.

      Too many in the Information Age don't both either to confirm or debunk. Sheesh.

    3. Silverfiiddle is welcome to research the Jeff Flake & John McCain report to Congress.

      I may have misspoke. NFL PLAYERS were not on the field for the anthem until the military paid the NFL to use it as a recruiting tool after 9/11.

    4. Wrong again, Duck.

      Ever seen any of those NFL highlight reels from the 60's and 70's, men with crewcuts (60's), big sideburns (70's) standing, helmets off, hand over heart, during the National Anthem?

      You are so wrong, so often, you should be considered a toxic presence.

      Worse--from your POV--your blatant lying, distortion and naïve patsy false propaganda spreading often steps on your rare valid point.

      In this case, the advertising deal between US military recruitment and the NFL, and related, the age-old shameless exploitation of patriotism and national patriotic symbols to market crap to patriotic Americans.

      You are not stupid, so you are obviously a shameless, brazen Clintonesque liar.

    5. I din;t think so, Silver. I think he –– and a HIGE number of others –– have simply been BRAINWASHED by the relentless machinatiins of Cultural Marxism which long ago took over the Education Racket, the Law Schools, a preponderance of the Courts, Psychotherapy, and ALL forms of Mass Communication –– Newspapers, Radio, TV, Movies, Pop Music, Pop Psychology, Sports, and yes –– even the CHURCH. Just look at the present Pope if you don't want to believe me, –– a CULTURAL MARXIST if ever there was one.

    6. Anyone who would trust ANYTHING "reported" by the likes of McCain and Flake is obviously either a mental defective –– or a leftist troll.

    7. If Ducky persists in his obstinate refusal to accept bald-faced facts, then we must conclude he is just one more easily-duped leftwing pasty who mindlessly ingests the progressive propaganda and merrily spreads it, poisoning the national conversation.

    8. You are basically correct, Silverfiddle.

      The MCCain findings applied only to prime time games.

    9. *THUD*

      That was me hitting the floor. Somebody grab the smelling salts, Ducky just admitted he was incorrect.

      I take back the opprobrium I heaped upon you in this thread.

    10. When engaged in a war, it is never a good idea to give your mortal enemy a break of any kind. If this bird admitted he was wrong about some piddly little issue, it would be best to cionsider it a diversionary tactic.

      This character is totally IRREDEEMABLE. i should know after watching him in action for a full twenty years.

      The finest example of a pure ideologue we'reever likely to encounter –– a hopeless stooge for leftist insurgency so steeped in the tenets and methodology of Cultural Marxism he doesn't even realize there is any other way to think or behave.

    11. This preoccupation with prolonged squabbling over minutiae –– a pracitice in which the Left loves to engage in order to detract and distract from Main Points –– is tantamount to "Straining out gnats, while swallowing camels," if you ask me.

    12. FYI:

      "Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel."

      ~ Matthew 23:24 (KJV)

  3. SF,
    In the wake of the latest “New Normal” Islamic terror attack in London, shameless blame-shifter Theresa May issued an ultimatum to social media and blamed them for the spread of Islamic terror.

    Anything to divert attention from the real problem: Islam!

    No matter how much we wish otherwise, the fact remains that the later verses of the Quran consist of a battle call against the infidels (non-Muslims).

    Yes, many Muslims do not heed the battle call. But many do. And many more keep mum or donate to jihadist causes and organizations.

    Even if there were a way to shut off the Internet to Islamic terrorists, the attacks and "the revivals" (conversion or recommitment to jihad) will inevitably continue.

    Islam is as Islam does.

    We are reliving the Dark Ages and heading into the 21st Century Dark Age.

    1. Wel, my simple-minded thought is, all over the world, peoples have grouped themselves according to faith, family and agreed-upon cultural norms, and that shifting and sorting has happened for a reason.

      Why crack those vessels and disturb the societies they contain?

    2. Thank you for continuing to echo my long-held thoughts so faithfully.

    3. I neglected to add:



    Late Breaking News!

    Las Vegas Shooting: At least 50 Dead.

    UPDATE AS OF 9 a.m.

    OVER 400 Wounded Transported to Hospitals (Fox News)

    The suspect, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, was identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, a resident of Mesquite, NV.

    Authorities also said they were "confident" Paddock's roommate, Marilou Danley, (an Asian Woman) is not involved.

    ""My warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families
    of the terrible Las Vegas shooting. God bless you!"
    (President Trump)

    ~ Copied from Lucianne Goldberg's News Forum Home Page

    Apparently, there was no Islamic influence in this tragic incident, but who knows? There is still much to learn about the motivation for this latest display of mass carnage.

    I should be ashamed to tell you I took it for granted when the headline first appeared that this horrible thing HAD to be linked to Islamic Terrorism.

    Apparently, I was wrong, but as I said, we won't really know anything until all the facts are in,–– and even then I frankly wonder if the ENEM?EDIA will EVER let us know IF there WAS a link to Islam in the West, so protective are they of their pet Globalist-Muticulturalist, anti-American Agenda.

    1. FT,
      Please see my blog post today at Infidel Bloggers Alliance. The topic: the mass shooting in Las Vegas last night.

      The slaughter in Las Vegas appears not to be Islamic terrorism -- although there are reports that his companion Marilou Danley is an Indonesian Muslim.

    2. I read the post, and I don't want to get too far afield. I think here in America we have an intersection of:

      * Rage-stoked ideology wars invading every corner of our lives

      * A sick, me-centered, id-driven society bereft of charity (love), logic, shared values, norms and mores.

      * Mental health issues, treated, untreated, and self-medicated

      * Drug and alcohol abuse

      * Prescription drug side-effects

      * A legal system that discourages bringing in people who we think are ready to go off like a roman candle

      * A cannibalistic economic system dominated by the 0.1% vampiric class that macerates, crushes and consumes millions of lives and whole societies.

      We are a sick society.

    3. I'm aware of all that, AOW, but I think the possibility of SOME kind of linkage to Islamic Terrorism should be thoroughly examined by doing exhastive research into .the background of "Marilou Henley" who IS Asian, despite her American-English name, and all of HER family and associations past and present as well as an investigation of everyone and everything that might have influenced the 64-year-old white man, Stephen Paddock, to go off the deep end.

      It was wrong of me to ASSUME the Las Vegas attack was Islamic in origin, but I think fairly natural considering all the news we've been receiving about the dozens of OTHER equally hideous violent incidents that most certainly WERE rooted in Islam.

    4. We are a sick society.

      Yep. That will become even more apparent when the brigade of bloody shirt-wavers take to the social media sewer and demand an outright nullification of Constitutional rights.

      - CI

    5. Probably 600+ casualties and all you think about are your pop guns?

      Full auto is legal in Nevada. That's good since he clearly couldn't have done as much killing with semi.

      Wonder if the crowd was armed.

    6. Probably 600+ casualties and you don't give a damn about your Constitutional rights? Baaa....

      Full auto is legal almost everywhere with a Class III license. But don't necessarily bet that he had fully automatic rifles, much like the bloody shirt brigade [being led this time by Hillary Clinton], the media's fact and especially knowledge of firearms is nearly non-existent.

      You don't think someone proficient with a semi-automatic can fire from an elevated overwatch position into a confined and canalized space and hit that many people?

      - CI

    7. FEB 28 2017,

      Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses

      Your NRA at work.

    8. Like any good Leftist, you can find your way to a talking point but not the factual basis. Point of fact, it is still quite illegal to sell a firearm to anyone “who has been adjudicated as a mental defective or who has been committed to a mental institution”.

      Can you even tell us what the rule implementation of the "NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 (NIAA)" even did, and what the repeal means? I can. I'll wait.


    9. Authorities now say that they do not believe Danley, whom they called Paddock’s roommate previously, is connected to the shooting cleared her. Authorities released Danley’s name at an early morning news conference on October 2, even before they released the name of the suspected shooter, whose background and motive are not yet publicly known, other than the fact that authorities say he was a local person. Police said Danley, 62, lived with the shooter in Mesquite. Public records show she lived at the same address as him since January 2017. She has also lived in Sparks and Reno, Nevada, along with Canton, Ohio; Springdale, Arkansas; and Memphis, Tennessee, according to public records

    10. FT,
      The last I heard, Marilou Danley isn't even in the country.

      Was she Paddock's long-time girlfriend who broke up with him, thus sending him into a rage directed against Las Vegas? Danley had been a hostess in the high-roller section of one of the casinos.

      I also note that, a few years ago, Paddock had a lawsuit against one of the Las Vegas resorts. The case was settled via arbitration, so no further information is available.

      There are a lot of strange things about Stephen Paddock. See THIS EXCELLENT ESSAY at National Review Online. David French notes the following:

      I cannot think of a single other mass shooter who went to this level of expense and planning in the entire history of the United States.

    11. Duck,
      Did Stephen Paddock have a criminal history? A history of mental illness?

      Links, please.

    12. FT,
      I think the possibility of SOME kind of linkage to Islamic Terrorism should be thoroughly examined by doing exhastive research into .the background of "Marilou Henley"

      Interesting detail that I read earlier today: she deleted her FB page an hour before Stephen Paddock opened fire. I've seen no further mention of this detail, however.

    13. @ Constitutional Insurgent: "Like any good Leftist, you can find your way to a talking point but not the factual basis"


      You singed his tailfeathers with that one.

      Your request for more info combined with your demonstrated knowledge, should send the sniveling smee skittering for his hidey hole.

    14. There is no formal diagnosis of mental illness apparent.

      However, Trump's act goes to the concern of the 2nd uber alles tha jack all is going to be done to limit gun ownership.

    15. Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act ........

      ... I wonder if they can bring it to the floor after it was unfortunately delayed by Rep. Scalise nearly getting whacked. This Las Vegas incident may make the optics less than ideal.

      Since the irrational fear that Obama is going to let the U.. seize everyone's firearms has subsided and people aren't purchasing as many the manufacturers really need it. Makes it easier to get neat stuff like suppressors and AP ammunition.

      Sell the accessories. It's like my grand niece's damn American Girls doll catalog

    16. Ducky,

      Could you please explain how "sensible gun control" would have prevented such a horrible event?

    17. The echoing silence is deafening, isn't it?


    18. When have I ever failed to answer, FreeThinke? Don't be such a yenta.

      Silverfiddle, in this case we don't know how he obtained the rifles.

      Whether anything could be done about this particular slaughter is not yet known.

      However, what it seems that at times like this it is the only time we have people's attention but even then the noise is too high to have an honest conversation.

      Let's start with the bill I named.
      Why does anyone need a freakin' suppressor or AP ammo? Yeah, AOW,do tell.
      I'd start by saying that sensible gun control means that the conversation and the legislature isn't controlled by the NRA.

      Right now there is a move to extend carry laws across state borders and I don't hear the libertarian sandbox complaining about violation of states rights.

      I know that we will continue to be an armed camp with guns available to everyone from a freaking gang banger to a wife beater as long as gun loons have total control of the topic.

    19. I agree with Ducky; we should keep guns away from liberals.

    20. No Ducky....lt's start with the bill you named...first:

      FEB 28 2017,

      Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses

      Your NRA at work.

      Quit deflecting with mentions of the NRA. Irrelevant.

      Right now there is a move to extend carry laws across state borders......

      Yep. It's called the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Should other Constitutional Rights be checked at the State border? No?

    21. How would limiting armor piercing ammo have prevented this mass slaughter?

      The bill in question does include updates to noise suppressor laws, but "silencing" a weapon is something out of sci fi (or perhaps spec ops).

    22. And "armor piercing" ammunition.....isn't. The recent [Obama Administration attempt to have rounds such as the SS109/M855 Ball rendered illegal, was nothing more that incrementalism.....just like every other form of gun control. The M855 utterly pales in "armor piercing" capability compared to the majority of "standard" hunting rifle calibers.

      It's false narratives at it's finest.

    23. I have to say I got a BIG chuckle out of Ducky's calling ME a "Yenta."

      HOO BOY! I guess it must have been DECADES since the ill-tempered Featherbrain last looked in a MIRROR.

      I ain't no Yenta. I'm the latter-day reincaranation of Jonathan Swift. YO HO HO!




    Related Headlines also at DRUDGE:


    'HE SNAPPED'...


















    Why was the FBI so QUICK to claim "NO CONNECTION TO TERROR GROUP?"

    After Comey and Rosenstein how could we be expected truth ANYTHING that corrupt, discredited organization might say?

    1. FT,
      ISIS has twice claimed responsibility.

      At this point, I don't buy it.

    2. The mysterious "Asian Live-In Lady Friend" Marilou, now in TOKYO, though she has been credited with being both Indonesian and Filipino, was very quickly dismissed as a 'person of ibnterest" very quickly, but is now being "eagerly sought" ince again by the FBI –– better known these days as Feckless Bumbling Incompetents.

    3. @ FT: FBI –– better known these days as Feckless Bumbling Incompetents.

      Hey, they are good at killing innocent Americans and commissioning some interesting Russian Dossiers!

    4. Did Stephen Paddock and Marilou Danley participate in an anti-Trump march in Reno, Nevada, in August? Please take a look at THIS.

      I can't definitively say that the man in those pictures is Stephen Paddock, but the woman does look like Marilou Danley. Nor can I saw whether or not the photos have been doctored.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. First off, I completely agree with your assessment of “western leaders.” I’m not sure “leader” is the right term, but I know what you are saying.

    As for the UK, it suffers from the sins of its past. Once you conquer other lands and extend to those millions “membership” into the realm, and create a commonwealth, and then offer citizenship to those people, then what is likely to happen did.

    Go back to 1948 to see how the UK encouraged immigration from the Afro-British populations of the Caribbean because they “needed workers” in the post-war period. I’m not sure I understand that when considering the numbers of British military suddenly released from active service between 1947-1948, but I do know that in doing this, the UK acted without the consent of the governed. White laborers were not happy to suddenly see all of these black “commonwealth” citizens showing up, willing to work for less money, taking jobs away from British whites, a large number of whom had just completed four long years of suffering in war.

    Twenty years later, Enoch Powell made a prediction that he called “Rivers of Blood.” He was prophetic ... but reviled as a racialist by conservative and labor front benchers, and the liberal press. What Powell predicted has come true, but for some odd reason, the government doesn’t want to admit it. We both know why.

    That said, however, I’m not at all sure that May (or any other PM) has the ability to fix the problem. IMO, the cancer has completely taken over the patient and no matter what the surgeons decide as the next step, it won’t be sufficient. We might take a close look at British modern history, understand its consequences, and move to prevent the same thing from happening here ... but we won’t. As a consequence, the USA will follow the UK’s path and incur the same results. Shame on us ...

    1. That's well documented. The Caribbeans to England, Algerians to France, Turks to Germany as cheap labor. Was there any thought of assimilation?

      I'm reminded of Chris Marker's cinéma vérité film, La Joli Mai when he interviewed people about their prospects and likelihood of happiness after the end of the Algerian war. The interviews with an Algerian laborer and a student vary little in the optimism generally felt after the war.

      Just why and how they were let down is worth study but you are gravely negligent if you think Enoch Powell's (FreeThinke loves him) views are complete and sufficient.

    2. Its why I put "leaders" in quotation marks. They are not leaders in any useful sense.

    3. Mustang,
      I wonder how many people, including those who frequent this blog, know the first thing about Enoch Powell.

      In the hope that some here will pay attention to the words of Enoch Powell, HERE is his "Rivers of Blood Speech."

      For those who prefer to read instead of using YouTube, HERE is the text of Powell's "Rivers of Blood" speech.

    4. I remember Powell as an Ian Paisley who was sufficiently domesticated so that he didn't scare the horses.

      Not a typical right winger. They brought in foreign labor on the cheap and then pissed on them. Powell was a true blue white supremacist.

    5. Ducky, please provide specifics that would lead a reasonable person to form that conclusion. For example, did Powell (like your hero Senator Byrd) belong to the KKK or a British equivalent?

  8. I never intimated that Enoch Powell’s views were complete or sufficient, but you are negligent if you dismiss them because you are incapable of considering other points of view. Powell’s record speaks for itself; he was, after all, a politician who regarded himself as responsible to his constituency; people angered by the decisions made by autocratic liberals. The fact is that what he predicted would happen did ... I would encourage you to become less close-minded in your political views. I do give you high marks for your consistency, however.

    You are right to point out that no thought was ever given to assimilation; none of those responsible for social services were adequately prepared for the onslaught of ethnic immigration. Today, western governments are stuck on political correctness, which is no more than a panacea for piss-poor government decisions which demand popular compliance with inexcusable and hurtful (to everyone) policy. This is what happens when you put liberals in charge of anything beyond a potato race.

    1. Where was Winston Churchill in all of this, Mustang? He was a very present factor in the Second World War, and it's hard to imagine he would have willingly supported a vast importation of dark, foreign, largely unassimilable elements into Britain as permanent residents let alone full-fledged citizens.

      The once-great British Empire was built on the assumption that the British people were manifestly superior to all others, and had, therefore, an inherent RIGHT –– even a DUTY –– to play a predominant role in directring world affairs. The same thing was gtrue of the Roman Empire before them, and all OTHER great empires of the past too no doubt.

      As long as the British honestly BELIEVED in their innate superiocity, it was to all intents and purposes perfectly TRUE.

      Once the Termites of the Left made their destructive influence felt in their quest to weaken and transform British culture, the British were then persuaded to believe they had a DUTY to ATONE for having been what they were.

      Every drama produced by the BBC in conjunction with PBS in recent years has been dominated by powerful examples of arrant British Cruelty to native populations in places like India and Africa. The tone in these beautifully acted, well-produced television series is loaded with implicit examples of self-abnegation. It is as though Great Britain is making a Herculean effort to ABASE herself before the world.

      The same thing has happened to us here in the USA too, of course.

      It's not that I believe England and the United States had no faults and committed no sins –– obviously we did –– but the effort to INSULT, VILIFY and attempt to NEGATE our history in favor of frankly SUICIDAL policies is offensive to me, and I believe DEAD WRONG.

      Surely, it should be possible IMPROVE and elevate our standards of decency and right cinduct without DESTROYING ourselves in the process, or don't you agree?

    2. Since I had never heard of Enoch Powell until Mustang mentioned him, I think it might be safe to assume that others may be as igorant as I, hence the following from WIKI:

      John Enoch Powell, MBE (16 June 1912 – 8 February 1998) was a British politician, classical scholar, philologist, and poet. He served as a Conservative Member of Parliament (MP, 1950–74), Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) MP (1974–87), and Minister of Health (1960–63).

      Before entering politics, Powell was a classical scholar, becoming a full professor of ancient Greek at the age of 25 in Australia.

      During the Second World War, he served in both staff and intelligence positions, reaching the rank of brigadier in his early thirties.

      He also wrote poetry; his first works being published in 1937, as well as many books on classical and political subjects.

      Powell became a national figure following his 20 April 1968 address to the General Meeting of the West Midlands Area Conservative Political Centre, which became known as the "RIVERS of BLOOD" speech.

      the speech pointedly criticised immigration into Britain from the New Commonwealth and opposed the then proposed–anti-discrimination legislation Race Relations Bill being mooted at the time.

      In response, Conservative Party leader Edward Heath sacked Powell from his position as Shadow Defence Secretary (1965–1968) in the Conservative opposition.

      In the aftermath of the Rivers of Blood speech, several polls suggested that between 67 and 82% of the UK population agreed with Powell's opinions, and his supporters claim that this large public following which Powell attracted helped the Conservatives to win the 1970 general election, and perhaps cost them the February 1974 general election, when Powell turned his back on the Conservatives by endorsing a vote for Labour ...

  9. Silver Fiddle said two things above to which I take exception:

    1. "We are a mean, dangerous, self-centered, heavily-drugged society unmoored from any concept of shared morality or societal norms."

    That may be true of certain segments of our society, but hardly true of the majority. Most of us are decent, hardworking, well-meaning, basically honest people just struggling to make ends meet while trying to raise their children. I see this in nearly every transaction I make with tradespeople and among my friends. We certainly saw it on the macro-level with the generous outpouring of love, good will and material aid in response to the recent hurricane disasters. It is the ENEMEDIA who wishes to promote the discouraging, depressing picture you outlined so eloquently.

    1. "Also, despite the horrible carnage, if it is someone going off on a murdering rampage with no ideology or agenda behind it, it is not terrorism."

    First, we have no idea yet why Paddock did what he did. Second, I see that as quibbling over semantics –– straining out gnats while swallowing camels –– again. In the face of an horrific event that has killed 59 (at last count), wounded about 530, and adversely affected the lives of many thousands some permanently –– why should it matter what TERM LOGY we use in describing the event?

    If this Stephen Paddock did NOT commit an act of TERROR, what in heaven's name SHOULD we call it? It certa]nly TERRORIZED a significant segment of the population.


    1. FreeThinke,

      How can you, of all people, a man who chooses his words carefully and scolds others for careless use of the language, display such flamboyant ignorance concerning the definition of the word "terrorism?"

      Straining at a gnat? Really? Words like murder, espionage, and terrorism have specific definitions with strict criteria, and for good reason.

      An act of violence, no matter how horrific or deadly, is not terrorism if it is not tied to some agenda and designed to coerce people or governments.

      If we start mindlessly slinging the word around, what then do we call real acts of terror designed to sap the west's foundations and force us to change out way of life, our foundational beliefs and our outlook?

      Here is a good definition of terrorism:

      There is no single, universally accepted, definition of terrorism. Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85).

      Definitional abuse is already rampant. Please don't help it along.

    2. "We are a mean, dangerous, self-centered, heavily-drugged society unmoored from any concept of shared morality or societal norms."

      It's arguable, and we agree that large swathes of our nation do not fit much of this description, but our society is suffering, we are highly medicated, and there is much untreated mental illness.

    3. We would not have large numbers of mentally ill homeless people were it not for Jimmy Carter ordering these people released from mental hospitals. Oh yeah ... the liberals are good. Now there are all these (thousands) of voters who will vote democrat for a bottle of cheap wine and a pack of cigarettes ...

    4. You gave us the LEGAL definition of Terrorism, SilverFiddle –– as defined by the UN and the State Department. So you are not wrong, YES, but neither am I. I looked it up in as may online dictionaries as I could find in a qick search, and found there is no ONE generally agreed upon definition of the term.

      Allow me, please, to cite a few examples:


      Merriam Webster:
      The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

      Collins English Dictionary:
      Systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal

      The act of terrorizing

      The state of being terrorized

      The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

      The state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or being terrorized

      https://www2.powerthesaurus.org/terrorism/synonyms/3 lists 373 synonyms for terrorism.

      A few examples selected at random:


    5. Abusing the term plays into the hands of the Newspeak progs. I thought you would have realized that. It allows them to conflate any American redneck who shoots a few people with real terrorism of the Islamic variety.

      Now, if its a neonazi, kkk or white supremacist committing violence to start a race war, "push back," etc, it is domestic terrorism.

      Please, stay on the right side of the fight against Newspeak.

    6. AH, but you keep forgetting I am an ardent devotee of what-you-might-want-to-call "OLDSPEAK" –– a beautiful phenomenon I much prefer to call by its rightful name –– i.e. CLASSICAL STANDARD ENGLISH.

      IF you had read my last post more carefully I don't think you would have responded as you did.

      I did NOT accuse yhou of being wring. I did NOT reject your use of the word, I merely put it in perspective as a LEGAL definition, then stated a fact freely acknowledged by the Linguistic Community –– namelybthat There is NO generally agreed upon defnition of the word "TERRORISM."

      I read that in several authoratative online sources. I then gave authentic examples of alternative definitions of the word gleaned from respectable sources.

      I'll say it again: YOU are perfectly CORRECT, but SO AM I.

      I'll be DAMNED to HELL before I'd ever accept anything from either the UN - OR - The State Department as THE authentic view of ANYTHING.

      As for the ENEMEDIA –– an excellent descriptive term I coined more than twenty-five years ago ––, that I wish you would begin to use, as AOW and others have long ago –– I don't care a FIG for their opinion on ANYTHING –– nor should YOU.

      That vicious crowd of subversive demons deserve NO respect whatsoever from any decent person.

      I have long felt it my personal responsibility as patriot and my CIVIC DUTY as a citizen to DEFY and mentally THUMB MY NOSE at THEM at every turn.

    7. Words have multiple meanings, so we have to guard against conflation. Use context to guide your word choices. It wouldn't cause much confusion if you applied the term "terrorism" to eg. a manipulative's aunts attempts at emotional blackmail, but since you're commenting on a crime, it's appropriate to use the legal definition. It's important too, because the incidents of terrorism are used to set policy (eg. foreign); whereas domestic mass shooting sprees might be used to set other policies (eg. licensing).

      It is a distinction worth making, and polysemy is not an excuse. Exploit it as a poet, but beware its peril when trying to communicate specific ideas.

    8. POLYSEMY! Wow! A new word for me. Thank you so much for adding it to my already well-stocked-but-ever-expanding vocabulary. };^)>

      We still have no real idea what motivated this fiend, Paddock. Despite the ENEMDIA'S fervent desire to avoid even the suggestion that Paddock was actng on behalf of Islamists, the question is still open. The asiatic woman [there'snothing else to call her, since her specific ethnicity and point of origin keeps shifting from Indonesia, to Japan, the Philppines, and Australia in the enemedia] has resurfaced as "a person of interest" in the case after having been too quickly dismissed at first as having had ANY involvement whatsoever in the affair, – a tendentious assertion that fies in the face of common sense. After all, she had LIVED with the guy.

      I shall remain open on the subject till ALL the facts come in –– IF we are ever permtted to learn them, –– a prospect I feel unlikely, because of the stealthy, secretive, insidious, increasingly duplicitous, highly corrupt nature of the political establishment.

  10. @ FT
    Churchill stepped down as PM in 1945, replaced by Clement Atlee (1945-1951), a liberal slug who was the longest serving labor leader ... which then leads us to wonder why a labor leader would engineer the Windrush Generation. My only conclusion is that liberalism is an incurable disease and we can see numerous examples here in the USA where democratic presidents have decided matters in favor of foreign-born people and at the expense of native-born Americans. I personally do not understand this, and I suspect this is the point of Silverfiddle’s post. There is something seriously wrong when western leaders implement policies that are harmful to their own people. In the case of Windrush, the UK continues to experience social turmoil 70 years later.

  11. Thanks, Mustang. I am not well versed in the details of history, but I believe I do .have a good sense of Big Picture and a good understandng the basic developments and trends that led us to our present situation from the early 1600's to the present. You may have noticed I've written manytimes over a perod of nearly twenty years complaining bitterly about the I-think suicidal policies the Left has managed to foist on us through the courts and the legislature, so I imagine we think alike on most of these social, economic, and defense issues.

    Thanks again for your answer, Mustang. Once I learned that Powell's Big Moment came long after Churchill had left office, I realized it was foolish to have asked the question.

    In my view the SICK-sties, which I always deliberately spell tha way, were an unmitigated disaster for the USA and the entire Western World. Rotten taste and rotten leadership produces rotten results. ;-)


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