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Monday, October 30, 2017

President Trump Being "Presidential"

Please watch this complete video recording of President Donald Trump's October 25, 2017 interview with Lou Dobbs on October 25, 2017:

President Donald J. Trump should show this side of his personality more often!

Meanwhile, we have this (short video of 39 seconds):

Their candidate for the office of President of the United States lost. Pathetic.  These tantrum throwers suffer from arrested development and need to get over themselves!


  1. These tantrum throwers suffer from arrested development and need to get over themselves!

    Absolutely. Sound advice for certain parties in both acts of this political theater.

    1. Well, it isn't cathartic -- because they do not plan to "accept their fate" until the 2020 National Election.

      I stand by my evaluation at the end of the body of the blog post.

    2. "The screaming looks cathartic."

      Yep, looks like she could use a diaper change!

    3. The screaming looks cathartic.

      I wonder if Twitter tantrums are as well.....

    4. The screaming acts more like an EMETIC than a CATHARTIC on me. It's gotten so bad I can't stand to watch the news mre than a few minutes at a time. Since Mr.Trump win the election the disgusting tactics used against him have made the news feel like a MIGRAINE headache.

  2. Trump wasn't "My man", I supported Ted Cruz.

    Having said that, the more I see of Trump and the reaction of Progressives and never Trumpers, the more I like him. I'm reminded of this of what Pennsylvania politician Alexander McClure had to say about General U.S. Grant.

    So much was I impressed with the importance of prompt action on the part of the President after spending a day and evening in Washington that I called on Lincoln at eleven o’clock at night and sat with him alone until after one o’clock in the morning. He was, as usual, worn out with the day’s exacting duties, but he did not permit me to depart until the Grant matter had been gone over and many other things relating to the war that he wished to discuss. I pressed upon him with all the earnestness I could command the immediate removal of Grant as an imperious necessity to sustain himself. As was his custom, he said but little, only enough to make me continue the discussion until it was exhausted. He sat before the open fire in the old Cabinet room, most of the time with his feet up on the high marble mantel, and exhibited unusual distress at the complicated condition of military affairs. Nearly every day brought some new and perplexing military complication. He had gone through a long winter of terrible strain with McClellan and the Army of the Potomac; and from the day that Grant started on his Southern expedition until the battle of Shiloh he had had little else than jarring and confusion among his generals in the West. He knew that I had no ends to serve in urging Grant’s removal, beyond the single desire to make him be just to himself, and he listened patiently.
    “I appealed to Lincoln for his own sake to remove Grant at once, and, in giving my reasons for it, I simply voiced the admittedly overwhelming protest from the loyal people of the land against Grant’s continuance in command. I could form no judgment during the conversation as to what effect my arguments had upon him beyond the fact that he was greatly distressed at this new complication. When I had said everything that could be said from my standpoint, we lapsed into silence. Lincoln remained silent for what seemed a very long time. He then gathered himself up in his chair and said in a tone of earnestness that I shall never forget: ‘I can’t spare this man; he fights.'”

    ‘I can’t spare this man; he fights.'

    1. Warren,
      ‘I can’t spare this man; he fights.'

      I wholeheartedly concur -- as it relates to Donald Trump.

      DJT has so many enemies that he must be the right man for the job of the moment.

    2. If Trump were fighting, Sessions would be out.
      I am disappointed in the Donald, lately.

    3. The Trump Admin's fundamental error was Sessions' recusal over public and innocuous meetings with Russia's ambassador and subsequent appointment of a special prosecutor.

  3. Listening to Lou Dobbs trot out the old failed supply side theories reminds me how much the right loves deficits.

    1. The DC mushy 80% Demican-Republicrat middle is addicted to deficit spending. Other than some rhetorical flourishes, Democrats and Republicans are indistinguishable on economics and budgets.

      I'm not letting the GOOPers off the hook. They are bald-faced liars and hypocrites with barely-disguised contempt for taxpayers and working people.

      The DemonCraps also hate taxpayers and working people, but they at least pay some lip service.

    2. Duck,
      This blog post is not about Lou Dobbs.

      True enough!

    3. It's about Trump looking presidential as Dobbs feeds him softballs touting the failed supply side theory.

      In other words, Trump being presidential is just a mechanism to increase Federal deficits.

    4. "Listening to Lou Dobbs trot out the old failed supply side theories reminds me how much the right loves deficits."

      That reminds me of how much the Left loves debt which doubled under B.O. BTW, where did it all go?

    5. Duck,
      Dobbs feeds him softballs

      No big deal, IMO. Look at the softballs pitched to Obama and Hillary.

    6. "That reminds me of how much the Left loves debt which doubled under B.O. BTW, where did it all go?"

      It went to the banks and large brokerage firms to get them through the housing crisis after they flooded the world economy with bad paper.
      Note that Obama (unlike Carter and Clinton who decreased the deficit) did not have a Congress which would tolerate raising taxes or repealing the Bush tax cuts to help fund the stimulus.
      Here comes Trump asking for a larger deficit. The right loves them.

      "Saint Ronnie Raygun taught us that deficits don't matter"
      -Dick 'Skeletor' Cheney

    7. Hmmm... Obama had a congress that rammed through Obamacare... Their inability to raise taxes sounds like pure political cowardice to me.

    8. It went to the banks and large brokerage firms to get them through the housing crisis after they flooded the world economy with bad paper.


      The Wall Street bailouts cost taxpayers $40b.

      As of March 2015, the net cost of ObamaCare was projected to be $1.207 trillion over the 2016 – 2025 period.

      Obfuscate much, McDuck?

    9. Some people have pictures for sale, some people make movies for sale.
      A Photographer is in the game whether or not his supply is or is not what the buying general public are demanding.

  4. Contemporary leftism is barely more than a purple-faced, toddler-like, id-driven howl of outrage.


    Yeah, that's what babies do!

  6. I have to say that Warren has earned my most profound respect for his intelligence, wit, and his ability as a wordsmith. It is a gift that I wish I had. His commentary and analysis always impresses me, and some of his shtick makes me laugh aloud.

    I didn’t vote in the last election. At the time of the election, I was in Northern Spain enjoying the countryside, exceptional wine, and amazing myself with my ability to trek through the Pyrenees. Being totally away from the filth of American politics was akin to being in Heaven (or at least, what I imagine Heaven to be). One day, having hiked several miles outside a small village, I happened upon four Americans from Delaware who were sitting along the pathway. One lady was watching a video on her iPhone and after exchanging appropriate greetings, and having established that I too was an American, the woman said to me, “Here, take a look at what this stupid Trump is saying.”

    My response was impolite. “Lady, I could give a sh*t less what any of those people say, or think.” I continued my journey.

    For a time, I actually thought about staying in Spain permanently. I still may return there. I enjoyed the people and their lifestyle. The only thing that people talk about in the local cafes, and about the only thing they are passionate about, is football. I never met a single person in Navarra, Logrono, Burgos, Palencia, Leon, or Galicia who gave a damn about politics, and I’m finding that this is something we share in common. I did find one fellow in Santiago who had a crush on Hillary Clinton, but that man was three bubbles off plumb.

    Here, or so it seems to me, the only thing we Americans have in common is our disgust for politicians of either party. We may love our America, but we almost universally hate the government and everything it stands for. That said, people who run outside and scream at the sky because their man or woman lost the election is an embarrassment to our nation, and to me personally. Surely, we must be among the world’s greatest collection of morons. What makes Spain even more attractive to me now is the realization all of these machinations will only get worse and, like garbage, the smell never improves with time.

    1. Mustang,
      I didn’t vote in the last election.

      I did -- by absentee ballot. My health problems last year were prohibitive to doing much of anything except staying alive. No hyperbole there.

      My situation differed from yours. I sure as hell wasn't doing anything as wonderful as you were.

    2. Mustang,
      Now you see one reason that Warren is a member of the blog team here.

      What's more, Warren is Mr. AOW and my best friend!

      The biggest advantage to my ever taking up blogging has been finding Warren, whom Mr. AOW and I have personally met.

      Or course, all this is not to deprecate our friendship, Mustang. It's just that we haven't met personally. A shame, IMO. But life is what it is. Maybe someday....

    3. Yup. Spains the place to be to be free of politics.
      Did you visit Barcelona?

    4. I did intend to go to Barcelona, but changed my plans and spent time in Madrid and Malaga instead. I also spent ten days in Lisbon. In retrospect, I should have substituted Lisbon for another ten days in Malaga.

    5. Mustang, truly, you humble me with your kind words.
      I respect and admire you greatly. I know what a Mustang is and don't believe that I could have crossed that line.

      Thank you Sir!

  7. The Left's "Scream in Impotent Rage" Day Needs to be followed up with "Change your Stinky Diaper" Day.

    Ducky can then lead the charge for secession of East Leftwing Bolonia from the rational region of the nation.

  8. Manafort, Gates, and Papadopoulos are but the tip of the iceberg. Lying and corruption afflicts both parties. The GOP, and its corrupt leader are now in the limelight, and deservedly so.

    Time to stock up on popcorn, beer, and barf bags as we watch and listen to the Trump/GOP/FOX spin machines shift into high gear.

    1. Manafort, Gates, and Papadopoulos are not GOP leaders.

      DC is rotten with corruption, shady deals, shadowy foreign contacts and influence peddling on both sides.

      There will be plenty of entertainment and cringing for both sides before this twisty saga is over.

    2. True enough, but, they were campaign manager, advisor, and had involvement with their crooked chief. More indictments are certainly on the way. Don't be at all surprised if and when they reach the top.

      It is a very sad state of affairs for our nation and its people.

    3. That cheese eater Papadopolous has pleaded guilty and has already named enough names to accuse the campaign of conspiracy.

      Very satisfying first volley.

    4. Well ... my very unsophisticated understanding of Monafort is that he had a financial relationship with a foreign government (Ukraine, not Russia) and failed to disclose it. Next, he established “off shore” accounts and failed to disclose them. Then, he failed to disclose income from a foreign government (Ukraine, not Russia) to the IRS. If he lied to federal agents about these things, then he violated another law. All of this likely transpired long before his 3-month association with the Trump election campaign. It is interesting to me that Monafort, an attorney, would have even agreed to answer any FBI questions without having his lawyer present. I fail to see how any this behavior impacts Trump or the election campaign.

      The issue surrounding Papadopoulos is that he lied to the FBI. The man was an unpaid (volunteer) campaign advisor to the Trump campaign and attended a single meeting. I fail to see how this implicates Trump in any way. Papadopoulos may get six-months for this crime.

      There is no shortage of snakes in the DC swamp. What should alarm Americans is the number of bottom-feeders that infest our political structure. I would be willing to bet that there is not a single US politician who has not “colluded” or “conspired” in one shape or form. To further illustrate my ignorance, collusion and conspiracy are not violations of the law unless or until the collusion or conspiracy violates federal statutes. My understanding is that every DNC or GOP strategy meeting is a conspiracy. Still, it is clear that our entire government is rotting from the inside and that none of this is good for America.

    5. Mustang,
      What should alarm Americans is the number of bottom-feeders that infest our political structure.

      And our mainstream media -- hard copy and digital.

    6. Nostradumbass said:
      "Very satisfying first volley.

      Yeah, if you're into Hail Mary plays. LOL!

      So the "Special" Counsel, has Grand Jury indictments against Manafort and Papadopoulos for income tax evasion. Couldn't they at least charge them with a process crime like they did Scooter Libby... Oh wait! They did charge Papadopoulos with lying to a Fed.

      Desperate, desperate, desperate. Next they try to plea bargin the charges down if they will turn Trump. That works sooo well, that's why juries find people innocent when jailhouse snitches say such and such told me... In other words, when charges that have nothing to do with an indictment are reduced or dropped or special privileges are given a jury finds reason to discount the snitches testimony. Add to that, there is no such crime as collusion. There is a crime called conspiracy to commit a felony.

      Name a felony that was committed. By being very careful not to say "conspiracy", you conspiracy kooks are too witty by half. It also looks to a reasonable person that the Clintons did conspire to commit bribery, you know, a million for two speeches and several more "donated" to the Clinton crime family foundation.

    7. Kind of looks like Mueller threw that inditement together in a hurry.

      "An indictment filed by special counsel Robert Mueller Monday incorrectly identifies Ukrainian politician Yulia Tymoshenko as a former Ukrainian president when she is in fact a former prime minister."


    8. Mustang really said it all, and very well indeed, just as SilverFiddle said. I wish this elegant summation could be presented on each networks news programs unedited and unexpurgated.

      So far. not ONE of the so-called pundits has spoken so clearly and succinctly on this maddeningly tedious subject as Mustang hasdine here.

      I hope you don't mbd if UI copy it, and share it with others? It deserves a wider audience.

    9. I don't mind at all FT ... thank you.

    10. Trump should use the Kevin Spacey defense and say he was once a drunk gay child molester but he's going to be sober frim now on.

  9. As we approach the one year anniversary of the biggest liberal meltdown in history, the Victory of not only Donald Trump, but for the eitire United States of america, and therfor the entire Free World. Trump ran in 2016 not simply as the Republican alternative. He presented his candidacy as a rejection, a repudiation of the failed elites, political and media, of both parties. Americans voted in 2016 not just for a change in leaders but for a revolution to overthrow a Socialist ruling regime

  10. George Soros' pet monkeyboi Tommy Steyer of Berkley California has gone on a lying spree, buying advertising time to spread lies about Doanld Trump. He calls him unstable, a disaster and a maniac who nearly caused a nuclear meltdown with Kim Jong Un. That lying piece of dog dung is upset because he lost huge lumpsums of cash by funding Crooked Hildebeest's Presidential campaign. This is the kind of mental meltdown libturds on the West Coast are going through. Steyer's pet monkey Freshman State Senator Joshua Newman of my home County Orange County is facing a recall for a steep gas tax and vehicle license fee hike he cheerfully voted for to rob us blind. "Shemp Moonbeam" Newman ran a sleazy campaign to carpetbag his way into the state senate with the help of Tommyboi Steyer's 30 pieces of tarnished silver. And now, Tommyboi throws a public hissyfit with his national smear poo flinging propaganda.

  11. Interesting how JKF JR. had to die for their candidate's upward political mobility.

    1. It's interesting how many people, that can give the Clinton's trouble, seem to have these streaks of "bad luck".


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