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Monday, October 16, 2017

Who Rules You?

How many ways do we muzzle ourselves so as not to offend someone else and in ways that go far beyond one-on-one interactions, guidance for which is found in the words [A]s ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise (Luke 6:31)?


  1. "How many ways do we muzzle ourselves so as not to offend someone else and in ways that go far beyond one-on-one interactions"

    I don't know but when the [truth] in muzzled we are done; stick a fork in us!

    1. AMEN !

      What a shame practically NO ONE understands what that really MEANS, Jon.

      Almost everyone pays lips service to "Freedom of Speech" as an ideal to pursue zealously, UNTIL someone say something that ticks them off. THEN the Long Knives come out with a vengeance.

  2. We teachers often muzzle ourselves -- usually so that we don't bluntly tell the truth.

    For example, I wouldn't say to a class designated as college bound: "Your IQ's are too low to complete this assignment successfully, and you shouldn't be going to the university." I'm referring to a mandated assignment such as understanding the subjunctive in Latin when, truth be told, the majority of the class shouldn't be enrolled in a foreign language course in the first place.

    We muzzle ourselves, of course, so that we won't be fired!

  3. AOW,

    "We muzzle ourselves, of course, so that we won't be fired!"

    Somehow I can't picture [you] doing that. I mean that in a positive way.

    1. Jon,
      I blurted out whatever I was thinking during the two I was taking Lyrica. I lost many a client!

      I come close to saying such things but have, over time, learned to say them by using certain euphemisms.

    2. PS: Believe it or not, we teachers are given a list of euphemisms to use. The list is probably online.

    3. I was thinking, to some extent, in regard to what I hear about low to marginal achievement being sugar coated by, what I will call, Self-Esteem inflation. In my estimation that certainly muzzles the truth!

  4. One list of teacher euphemisms:

    Euphemisms for Teachers Writing School Reports

    What to write - What you mean
    Needs praise and encouragement - Thick as two short planks
    Expresses himself clearly - Foul-mouthed
    Keen to do well - Egotistical
    All his work is of high standard - He has ambitious middle-class parents
    Does not accept authority easily - Dad's doing time
    Is easily upset - Spoilt rotten
    Often appears tired - Stays up till all hours watching horror movies or is into sniffing glue
    Works better at practical activities - Totally illiterate
    Good with his hands - Light fingered
    A rather solitary child - Smells or has nits
    Satisfactory Progress - I can’t think of a single interesting thing about him/her
    A born leader - Runs a protection racket
    Easy going - Bone idle
    Lively - Thoroughly disruptive
    Good progress - If you think the work is bad now, you should have seen it a year ago
    A sensitive child - Never stops whining
    Helpful - Creep
    Reliable - Grasses on his mates
    Adventurous - Will break his neck before the year is out
    Has difficulty in forming stable relationships - I can't stand him either
    Expresses himself confidently - Cheeky little bastard
    Enjoys all PE activities - Thug
    Has a lot of minor illnesses - Truants regularly
    Friendly - Never shuts up
    Easily distracted - Hasn't produced a single piece of good work all year

    1. I hope this list was compiled by someone who was trying to be funny.

      If not, the degree of beetle-shelled cynicism and total lack of empathy it betrays is disturbing to the point of being downright reprehensible,

  5. Related: Mayim Bialik Responds to Backlash Over Weinstein Op-Ed: It's 'Sad How Vicious People Are Being'

    Mayim Bialik has a PhD in neuroscience and is obviously morally grounded in her faith.

    She is also way more intelligent than her peers, and the dingbats attacking her common sense remarks are obviously too stupid to get beyond their own ideological propaganda and think for themselves.

    Bialik's wise comments are pearls before a screaming herd of feral progressive swine.

    1. Who rules us? Unintelligent, unthinking, indoctrinated progressive brownshirts rampaging through social media.

    2. Colonel Cornelius Causticus Curmudgeon said

      WRONG! It is the JEWS who RULE us, BECAUSE they are the ONE group that can NOT be criticized, analyzed, questioned, discussed or even MENTIONED in ANY critical context whatever.

      To do so in Europe can land you in JAIL. To do so here in the United Sgtates may cause you to:

      A) Lose your JOB,

      B) Become a Social Outcast,

      C) Become a Target for Organized Campaigns of Harassment,

      D) Be Publicly Scorned, Bullied, Treated to Vebal and even Physical Abuse. etc.

      The twin CONCEPTS of "HATE CRIMES" and "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" stem directly from the official proscription against what-has-been-known-as "ANTI-SEMITISM" since Nuremberg.

      For the most part JEWS own and operate the ENEMEDIA and the News and Indoctrination Agencies. JEWS created HOLLYWOOD out of Whole Cloth. THREE of the NINE Justices on the Supreme Court are JEWS. The LEGAL PROFESSION in general is heavily populated-with-if-not-totally- dominated-by JEWS. The numbers of JEWS holdng tenured professorships in our "best" universities is phenominally disproprtionate to their number in Society.

      Why should a mere TWO-PERCENT of our total population DOMINATE most of the professions that have such HEAVE, DISPROPRTIONATE bearing on the formulatiin of the Mindset and Lifestyle Choices of the vast majority?


      Edward Bernays, the Faither of Modern Adverizing –– a not-so-sublte form of pubkc BRAINWASHING –– was a JEW.

      The Child Psychologists who ushered in the era of extreme PERMISSIVENESS and the idea of PROGRESSIVE education were ALSO Jewish.

      Does the nam/e Sigmud Freud mean anything to you? Do the names of leadung POP Child Psycholgists Benjamin Spock, Bruno Bethleheim ring any bells in your consciosness? Well, they TOO just happened to be JEWISH. Isn't that a coincidence –– NOT?

      Does this mean I advocate PERSECUTION of the Jews? Certainly not. I do, however, fervently believe that THEY –– just like everyone ELSE –– should be held accountable for the mistakes the have made, and for the evils they have perpetrated, however unwittingly.

      NO ONE –– including the JEWS –– should be permitted to place themselves in an exalted category where they by their very existence are considered SACROSANCT and thus permitted to' remain SEPARATE and ABOVE the REST of HUANITY.

    3. SF,
      Upvotes for Who rules us? Unintelligent, unthinking, indoctrinated progressive brownshirts rampaging through social media.

      I see that more and more young people are getting their "news" from the social media. That is probably not true except for the younger generation.

    4. Sanctamaria Materdei said

      Listen here, Cornelius, Madelyn Murray O'Hair, the piece of filth who succeeded in suing SCOTUS to take Bible-reading and prayer out of the schools was no Jew.

      Hugh Hefner, who made soft porn and the daydreams of married men longing to live a loveless, irresponsible, promscuous, lurid, value-free lifestyle semi-respectable, and Larry Flynt, who became a multimilliomaire by promoting, no-holds-barred, out-and-out FILTH, DEGENERACY, and CORRUPTION were not Jews either. so your argument is fill of holes.

      How can you continue to defend it?

    5. Colonel Cornelius Causticus Curmudgeon said

      I wrote a comprehensive rely to Sanctamaria, which did not post. Unfortunately I did not save it in Word.

      I merely acknowledge that she asked good questions, and then went on to ask her where O'Hair, Hefner, and Flynt and the other Mechants of Madness and Corruption got the nerve to do what they did?

      I maintain it would not –– and could never –– have happened if it were not for the machinations of the Frankfurt School initiating Cultural Marxism's "Long March Through The Culture."

      You my argue the point, but you cannot claim –– as Leftists continully do –– that "There is no such thing as Cultural Marxism."

    6. Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.

      - Joseph Stalin (1878-1953)

    7. Ah! Another intelligent comment by the Silver fellow smothered by bold-faced, operatic bombast.


    8. At least it wasn't poetry

    9. How TYPICAL these last two snotty, sarcastic, wholly dismissive, frankly belligerent RESPONSES are coming from hopeless BIGOTS bound and determined to IGNORE –– or try to remain blissfully UNAWARE of –– realities they find unpleasant or unsavory!

      As usual, what-should-provoke CURIOSITY and stumulate fruitful discussiion is stifled by the penchant for being JUDGMENTAL.

      How sad!

    10. A pompous man belches inflammatory diatribes against Jews and follows it up with a screeching, sanctimonious sermon calling other "BIGOTS" and "JUDGMENTAL"?


    11. I have a little shadow
Who goes in and out with me
But what could be the use of him
Is more than I can see …

Some day I may get nervy
And kick him down the stairs
And then I'll make him serve me
Before he says his prayers.

And then I'll smash his face in
And blacken both his eyes
And crack and splinter each shin
Before the bastard dies.

      ~ Schmuley Stephenheimer

    12. In case you really are as stupid as you appear that little parody was directed atYOU, Les Carpenter better known now in the blogosphere as NURSIE POO-POO.

      No matter what name you assume,as you zealously STALK me at every blog I frequent I can ALWAYS tell it is you.

      The vile STENCH you emit gives you away every single time. Retardo.

    13. Oh and "Nigel," old dear, your shallow, ill-phrased, pointedly tendentious remarks betray an embarrassing degree of ILLITERACY on your part.

      It's high time you took a good stiff course in Remedial Reading Comprehension for Ignorant Adults Deprived of a Decent Education.

    14. Someone forgot to change clothes in Buenos Aires

    15. Your words are there in black and white, it is quite silly and tendentious of you to deny it.

    16. NONSENSE, Nigel! He (quite acurately) indicates YOUR obvious inability to COMPREHEND what he has said with any degree of intelligence. He crrertainy hasn't tried to deny SAYING it.

      He can't help it if YOU happen to be mentally deficient.

  6. In a social setting, our consideration of other people, their feelings, ought to, in some way mitigate what we say aloud. If what we do say does more harm than good, then we should probably keep it to ourselves. On the other hand, if a terse comment causes an idiot to re-think their position, then maybe we should say what is on our mind ... but in a respectful way. Granted, this hasn’t worked very well for trolls like Ducky, but he’s actually too far gone to ever re-consider his position on anything.

    It is easy to spout off when we aren’t actually looking at people (as in, leaving comments at blogs); such is our society these days that spouting off eyeball to eyeball could very easily end up in a physical assault. The workplace (name any) is hardly a place for expressing non-work-related opinions. Teachers, for example, given their audience and who pays their salary, should moderate what they say. The boardroom is not a place for politics, religion, or off-colored jokes ... this is only common sense.

    It is probably a good thing if we do “muzzle” ourselves, and in any case, much preferred to having leftists attempting to force us into silence.

    1. Mustang,
      It is easy to spout off when we aren’t actually looking at people.

      No doubt!

    2. Great comments, Mustang! There is a fine line between Tact born of Politeness, and blatant Hypocrisy that stems from the wicked urge to manipulate and dominate a given situation.

  7. AOW - your comment regarding what is said in class reminds me of the oft expressed phrase when I was young -- is he/she college material? We could only hope we would be deemed to be college material.
    I can't imagine one of our newly minted snowflakes being told they were not college material.

    1. My first class on starting day in college was Calculus. A large banner above the blackboard
      read 'It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.'
      I've long since forgotten differential equations,
      but even at my advanced age, the old banner advice
      rings true.

    2. And I was taught "if you have a question, ask it, because you can bet others have the same question"

  8. Who can't we criticize?

    You can criticize pretty much anyone (except maybe the police by taking a knee).
    The question is whether that criticism has any effect. Generally it does not.
    Try criticizing gun laws and watch the NRA roll into action.

    We simply move on to a more powerful oligarchy. Powered by cliches (primarily right wing) to manipulate fear and hatred.

    We are a sorry people.

    1. Nostradumbass, either you need to pull yourself away from the fantasy word you live in or get your meds adjusted.

    2. How do you offer rebuttal to fantasy except to point out it's fantasy?

      Go hijack a thread somewhere else! I've long-sense given up teaching pigs to whistle.

    3. A duck with two left wings will never get off the ground.

    4. };^)>

      Poor, poor Duckleberry has tail feathers are so coated with dried fecal matter I doubt he could get off the ground, even if he had both a Left AND a Right wing.

  9. Replies
    1. Not if her name happened to be Macbeth, he wouldn't!


    2. FT,
      Ed's lady certainly isn't named Macbeth!

    3. Have things gotten so bad you can no longer recognize a JOKE when you see one?

      Frankly, I RESENT your completely wrong interpretion of what I said to Ed. In fact I resent the UTTER LACK of WIT we find EVERYWHERE these days –– especially in the blogshere.

      WHATEVER would lead YOU of ALL PEOPLE to imagine –– even for a NANOSECOND –– that I was seriously accusing Ed's wife of being a villainous virago capable of MURDER?

      Have we become SO filled with rancor, negativity and combativeness here in the blogosphere that we FORGET who it is we're addressing?

    4. FT,
      Good grief! I wasn't being serious. I was responding in kind to your comment, which I knew was a joke.

  10. The cliches I'm most familiar with that are used to manipulate fear and hatred come from the religion of global warming. We're surrounded! One daren't criticize - even with science.

    1. You're quite free to criticize with science.

      Let me ask you, why wouldn't it be cogent to hedge our bets and move toward renewables. What do we lose?

      Coal jobs?

  11. Colonel Cornelius,
    It is the JEWS who RULE us, BECAUSE they are the ONE group that can NOT be criticized, analyzed, questioned, discussed or even MENTIONED in ANY critical context whatever.

    Not the only group that cannot be criticized, etc.

    In addition, there is plenty of criticism of Jews all over the web. Anti-semitic web sites are permitted here in the United States. See the web site Jew Watch.

    1. Colonel Cornelius Causticus Curmudgeon said

      I know you to be an unusually bright person, Ma'am, but I feel compelled to say that IF you had read my initial comment more carefully, you would have noticed I did NOT say that the Jews are the ONLY group that is held exempt from critical analysis.

      What I DID say –– and I'm sorry this EXCEEDINGLY important point got lost in the welter of negative emotion erupting at my having the colossal gall to dare broaching a subject few-if-any are wlliing to examine with any degree of objectivity –– so what I DID say was the establishment of a fierce TABOO against ANY expression of ANY thoughts, feelings or facts that mght be considered negative towards the Jews is the ROOT of both the REIGN of TAKING OFFENSE as a means to gain POLITICAL POWER, and the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS that ensued because of it.

      The Law of [perhaps] Unintended Consequences is forever at work.

      Surely we could at least agree on that?

      HOWEVER, not to be too persistent as to offend you, Ma'am, but I HAVE to say that the reflexive, entirely negative, rude, insolent, patently nasty responses I got were entirely predictable, and absolutely PROVE my contention beyond the faintest shadow of a doubt.

      We have been BRAINWASHED by all the forces of public communication outlined above in my iniital post. We have been rendered no more capable of icreative, ndependent thought than PAVLOV'S DOGS.

      Our responses to an ever-growing set of stimui have been sedulously CONDITIONED by the Bernaysian Puppet Masters who really DO control the formulation of Public Opinion in ways few can even suspect.

      We seem to have lost an ycapacity we might once have had to THINK THINGS OUT FOR OURSELVES.

      The effects on Civilization have already proven themselves to be TRAGIC.

    2. You'd think nobody outside Iran takes Goebbels seriously anymore

    3. FT,
      I know what you said. And I did read your entire first comment.

      I do not agree with "the root" as you defined it.

      That said, the Holocaust was a terrible thing -- horrific, really. And I think that people were terribly frightened that such things could occur in "an enlightened civilization" (Germany).

      The world has yet to condemn Stalin or Pol Pot to the same extent as the world condemns Hitler.

      It seems that there is no end to mankind's capacity for committing acts of barbarity!

      We agree on this, however, regarding political correctness:

      The effects on Civilization have already proven themselves to be TRAGIC..

    4. FT,
      the establishment of a fierce TABOO against ANY expression of ANY thoughts, feelings or facts that mght be considered negative towards the Jews

      I do not believe in hating or excusing ethnic groups based on their ethnicity.

      IMO, it should be actions for which people are held accountable.

      I do wonder if it might be impossible for human beings not to condemn or excuse en masse -- in other words, to see people as individuals.

    5. It's not "ethnicity" –– or even "religion" per se –– it's the distinctly FOREIGN CULTURAL NORMS diecidedly at odds with OURS, and easily identified PATTERNS of ATTITUDES and BEHAVIOR that cause antagonism.

      I certainly offer no support for The HOLOCAUST –– one of the more dramatic examples of Man's Cruelty to Man if ever there was one. But then I'm no fan of the Colosseum, Crucifixion, Medieval Torture, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Star Chamber, Witch Hunts, the Reign of Terror in France, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, or The Rape of Nanking as chronicled by Iris Chang, or the Hideous Acts perpetrated by Islamic Barbarians either.

      Human history is both STEEPED and WRITTEN in BLOOD.

      ALL victims of ALL atrocities deserve EQUAL consideration. That's really all I'm trying to say.

      What I DO resent, however, is the way so many Jews vociferously claim that the suffering and death experienced by a reputed SIX MILLION of THEIR people in The Holocaust was somehow much worse –– more noteworthy –– and far far FAR more significant –– than the approximately FOURTEEN MILLION other poor souls who met the same hideous fate in those same Death Camps.

      And that says NOTHING about the esitmated FIFTY to EIGHTY MILLION others who were killed in World War Two OUTSIDE the Death Camps.

      My Uncle Bob who was tortured and ultimately murdered in a Japanese Prison Camp was one of them. The stories we learned from one of his buddes who managed survive were every bit as horrific as the tales we've heard so much about from survivors of Auschswitz, Meiedeneck, Teresienstadt and Bergen Belsen, et al. Yes, how many DOCUMENTARIES on PBS have been made about the thousands of Uncle Bobs who paid the ultimate price fighting to defend FREEDOM?

      It is the apparent lack of concern for ALL who suffered and died in that conflict, and the obsessive-compulsive preoccupation with THEMSELVES as separate and distinct from, and ABOVE others –– and the unabashed determination to do whatever it might take to foster feelings of SHAME and GUILT in non-Jews as a means of garnering special privileges for themselves that bothers me a great deal about "The Jews" as a cutural-political BLOC on the world's stage.

      For whatever reason –– I don't pretend to know for sure what it might be –– they have had a nettlesome influence on every sciety they've inhabited for hundreds-if-not-thousands of years.

      Their collective attitude that "Everybody's Out of Step but Johnny," if you remember that old joke, is probably the single most significant thing about them that draws so much resentment and animosity.

      I do not "HATE" anybody, except sadists and extortionists, and never have wanted to harm to anyone, but to be required to stifle the expression of knowledge of what Common Sense tells me must be true in order to conform to an arbitrary TABOO strikes me as INSUFFERABLE.

    6. FT,
      FOREIGN CULTURAL NORMS diecidedly at odds with OURS


      so many Jews vociferously claim that the suffering and death experienced by a reputed SIX MILLION of THEIR people in The Holocaust was somehow much worse –– more noteworthy –– and far far FAR more significant –– than the approximately FOURTEEN MILLION other poor souls who met the same hideous fate in those same Death Camps.

      Well, I see that happening to some extent.

      But we've actually reached the point that today's high schoolers, particularly those in the 9th and 10th, today don't even know to what the term "Holocaust" refers.

      For the record, I am deadset against any policy or doctrine of collective guilt built on past sins of history: white guilt (for slavery -- never mind that my ancestors didn't hold slaves), Holocaust guilt (I didn't do that, and neither did anyone in my family), and on and on.

      That said, not a human being on this planet is innocent of sneering stereotyping. Frankly, it is much better for the human race if we regard people as individuals. The next better thing is that we regard people based on their deeds or philosophies (belief systems, for example). Surely you should state that you know individual Jews for whom you have respect -- even affection.

    7. How many documentaries did Goebbels make dehumanizing Uncle Bob? Where's the Eternal Uncle Bob movie?

    8. Uncle Bob wasn't a hero. My heroes don't get captured.

    9. Real heroes step foot in Vietnam for a few days and then award themselves Purple Hearts after shooting a gun into some rocks.

      Heroes also film themselves and stage publicity stunts where they throw their bogus PX Hero medals over the White House fence.

    10. He knew what he signed up for.

    11. There are none so blind as those who adamantly REFUSE to see what's slapping them in the face (metaphorically) on a daily basis.

      The quipsters who befoul the atmosphere with pointless jibes are beneath cintempt.

  12. Replies
    1. Yes, the guy who states aloud that, "Comrade Stalin made a mistake" will disappear, but the guy who tell's him aloud that "We don't criticize Comrade Stalin" will disappear EVEN FASTER (Zizek).

      In games like baseball, it's usually the unwritten rules that inform us as to when it's necessary to break the written rules.

    2. This is why we seldom discuss "when" it is "permissible" to initiate violence "other" than in cases of pure self-defense... why non-violent demonstrations are "politically" more acceptable (and MORE defensible) than "punch a Nazi" pogroms.

    3. The gulag is for the vrag proletariata, the often incompletely or vaguely identified "enemy of the people" who's treatment is usually "unofficially" administered.

    4. "Officially" you're in this camp to be punished. Unofficially, we'd prefer it if you'd simply "die".

    5. The jouissance of SuperEgo always supercedes the Rule of Law established by the Ego Ideal. The majority parties are the enforcers of this "unofficial" jouissance not subject to written law. Minority parties represent resistance the this jouissance.

    6. Old Italian saying, "Alexander never did what he said, and Caesar never said what he did."

    7. You have unusual, subtle and very clever ways of lending support without actually doing so, Joe.

      I was told as boy, "It's always a good idea to keep 'em guessing."

      Possibly, but unfortunately for me, I've alwas had a tendency to be outspoken which has only strengthened with the years.

      It's bought m/e a mess of trouble and rejection, BUT I truly WOULD "rather be right then president."

      Perhaps HYPOCRISY really IS "the glue the holds Civilization together."

      An awful thought, but probably true in most instances.

  13. Ruh Roh Rorge!

    FBI uncovered Russian criminal activity surrounding the uranium deal... before Hillary and other Obama ministers approved the deal.

    So far, every documented shady Russian connection, is to Democrats (e-mail hacking, golden shower dossier, nuclear deal)

    It's becoming pretty clear Obama's shady dealers and intel abusers blithely assumed Hillary would win and their criminality never uncovered.

    Heh heh heh...



    1. SF,
      Call me "unsurprised."

      No wonder the Dems were so determined to say that Trump colluded with Russia.

      Question: When did this story break? Today -- while I was at work?

    2. "No wonder the Dems were so determined to say that Trump colluded with Russia."

      YES,I think it was Rush, sometime back, who warned (to paraphrase):'Beware of the Dems when they attack the Right on a particular issue because it's likely that they, the Left, are the real culprits'. I think that this Russia BS is a grand example of exactly that!

    3. "What are you doing to find out how Russian takeover of American uranium was allowed to occur despite criminal conduct by Russian company that the Obama administration approved to make the purchase?" he asked Sessions.

      Grassley's at it again.
      Get the proles agitated with five year old "news".

      The old dolt is a senator and should know that uranium is classified as a critical resource and requires extensive permitting to export. So there's no story.

      There was no collusion. Just the sale of a Canadian company to the Russians which required our signoff (several agencies) because of the strategic resource.

      Pitch till you win, Silverfiddle.

    4. Ducky, In this case, the Clinton Foundation won. Best government money can buy!

      The fact that you are blind to corruption proves you are a bitter, indoctrinated partisan more interested in team sports than the truth.

  14. What did Bill and Hillary get out of the sale?


  15. At the heart of the tale are several men, leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family. Members of that group built, financed and eventually sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium One.

    Beyond mines in Kazakhstan that are among the most lucrative in the world, the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

    Source: NY Times

    Pitch until you win, Ducky ...

  16. Heck of a try Mustang but your post merely confirms what I wrote.

    Grassley is indeed torquing the proles. Russia was NOT allowed to takeover American uranium. The ore production is still subject to strict regulation unless President Happy Hands as rescinded them as a reward to the Russian money launderers who bankrolled him when the banks wouldn't touch him.

    A Canadian company sold its operations to a Russian company.
    Since a strategic material was involved various agencies had to sign off. Note that several had to agree and it was not necessary for the Secretary of State to sign and we don't even know if she was involved.

    So just what the Russians were looking for with the contribution, who knows. They probably weren't looking to get into high end real estate, well known money laundering enterprise) with tRump.

    Come back.

    1. So, Mustang replies to you with facts and your answer is uninformed supposition, demagoguery and non sequitur BS.

      I guess you showed him something! (But not what you think you showed.)

    2. This is why many of us can NOT understyand why you allow this TROLL to continue to litter this blog with his COMMUNIST GARBAGE, Warren. These idiotic exchanges are driving worthwhile contributors away, and discouraging potentially valuable participants from even bothering to try sharing their thoughts.

      YOUR blog. YOUR rules, of course, but it's also YOUR LOSS.

      ~ A. Wellwischer

    3. A. Wellwischer,
      I don't see that you have any room to criticize.

      These idiotic exchanges are driving worthwhile contributors away, and discouraging potentially valuable participants from even bothering to try sharing their thoughts.

      FYI...I've been blogging since 2005, and Warren has been doing so before that. To date only one such commenter has contacted me -- and my email is readily available near the top of the right sidebar of this blog.

      So, peddle your advice elsewhere. Thank you.


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