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Monday, January 16, 2017

Recommended Reading

See Obama's 'legacy', a long list of firsts compiled by Old NFO of Nobody Asked Me...Veritas nos liberabit. Supporting links are provided.

Related (from Global Research)...The Obama Legacy: “Dying Democracy”, Extrajudicial Assassinations, Wars, Terrorism, Refugee Crisis...

Can America recover from these firsts foisted upon our nation — and the world — by Barack Hussein Obama and his cohorts?


  1. Obama's now saying he's just sorry his popularity couldn't translate to believers in the Democrat ideology (I paraphrase)....in other words "heck, they like ME so much it's a shame they couldn't just buy into the same old Democrat ideology like before!" :-)

    1. Z,
      I heard that.

      Is BHO admitting that his election was the result of the Cult of Personality?


    ___________ A January Man __________

    Ghandi set the pattern for your feet ––
    Needing methods that could overthrow
    Ingrained –– entrenched –– Injustice you faced heat
    Ku-Klux-Klansmen lit to bring you low.
    Looking Terror squarely in the face
    Many would have flinched, but you stood firm.
    Relentlessly you gave courage to your race ––
    Oppressed –– assessed as lower than a worm!
    Truth and Courage were your sword and shield.
    Cleansing us from same you spoke aloud
    Of mindless meanness –– our disgrace revealed.
    Despite denials, our heads are bowed.
    O, martyred man of God, you had one flaw
    They say, but we look back on you with awe.

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper

    1. I wonder what MLK, Jr., would say about the last eight years? About John Lewis's recent statement?

    2. I think MLK would be troubled that white America has allowed itself to believe that black and latino America is the source of economic stagnation and deficits.

      It would trouble him to see we have elected a demagogue spouting that divisive rhetoric.

      I think he would want us to remember that he was present in Memphis at the time of his assassination to organize sanitation workers for a living wage while we still resist raising the minimum wage.

      It would trouble him to look around and see how little we've learned and how little progress we've made.

  3. At least this "list of firsts", has a bit of veracity......compared to the myriad of memes and screeds [what some would call "fake news"] from the last eight years.

    1. CI,
      And Old NFO provided a comprehensive list, too.

    2. I went to his site and read the list, and several [though not all] of the items were correctly attributed to Obama. This is welcome, almost to the extent of Sen. Cruz's list.........I just hope good [and actual] Conservatives, can discard the....."fake news".....lists that have polluted the blogosphere, over the past eight years.


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