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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Moving Truck Arrives

Article HERE.


  1. On January 20, 2017 I propose we all get together to sing rousing choruses of



    1. Been humming that tune since election day results were confirmed! Heh!
      Back to topic -
      That's quite the revealing image . The truck's identity logo and descriptive state:


      It's your move, call the Masters

      Quality in Electronic & Office Moving

      Curious minds question the priority of MOVING electronic devices/data from WH premises.
      One also wonders how big an investment was made in high volume shredding machines for the White House, Pentagon, etc.


    2. Never saw the video, AOW.

      "Great minds think alike," –– I guess.


    3. OFF-TOPIC:

      Hey GUESS WHAT? The Gunman's Name at today's Ft. Lauderdale Airport Massacre was NOT Mohammed.

  2. Maybe they took that "cash for keys" I dangled out there :) - time to repair the roach burns on the Resolute.

  3. What side of the White House was that? I've never seen that angle before.

  4. Replies
    1. It is that, indeed, Joe. I've been impressed by the remarkably distinguished hideousness of that venerable edifice since I first visited Washington, DC as a ten year old –– SIXTY-FIVE YEARS AGO. Some things never change, thank God.

  5. I'm waiting for the Fumigation Truck to arrive!

    1. They're finishing up at Trump Tower.

    2. Suzy Santa Savonarola said

      Baloney! Before that even think of that, they must wipe that cesspit of Sedition and Skulduggery known as Everett, Massachusetts of the face of the earth.

  6. I don't know what they'd have at the old Exec. Office bldg...I guess it's all the staff stuff, not the Obama personal stuff.

    It's very sad that Obama is giving such hints that he'll be involved in the Trump administration, no matter how near or far the moving trucks go...I wish he'd at least try to be as dignified as Geo Bush has been; and, brother, could HE have said things in response to Obama's insults to him.

    AOW, one of the tweets on that site you linked said he'd never seen such hateful comments....I keep thinking about how, when Tony Snow died, Huff Post crashed under the huge amount of liberal revelers...or each time Cheney has a heart problem, the JOY the lefties voice. I don't know that we can ever compare leftwing nastiness to that of the right....obviously both sides do it, but when, say, Edward Kennedy died, I purposefully looked at conservative blogs and they almost ALL said "I didn't agree with him but RIP".... I was proud of those bloggers.
    And, another point I feel worth discussion on the topic of nasty comments is how if ONE Republican does something awful, they're all branded bad...ONE Dem does something equally as awful and it's "just that one guy" ....

    I'm glad Obama's leaving....but I guess I'm melancholy because we won't have seen the last of him, and his ego won't let himself stop insulting..wait for it.

    I was pleased to hear Trump say both parties need to work together on the ACA....so unlike Schumer's comments, Pelosi's insults...ugh.

    Yes, he's leaving...but he'll never leave. Not really.

    1. Z,
      You're right. BHO will never leave -- at least in my lifetime.

      About hateful comments....The Left is given a pass, the Right is not.

    2. This might jog your memory, Z

      It's true enough that the national tone is toxic but to deny the right's responsibility for a major portion of it starting with Limbaugh is simply ignoring the truth.

      Now many are firmly in the world of no facts and much the poorer for it. Thanks to the likes of Andrew Breitbart for what he helped wrought.

    3. Schadenfreude is a time-honored indulgence in the temporal world. I think most people feel glad –– at least secretly –– when someone they despise either dies or suffers misfortune.

      The difference between those obsessed with politics almost to the exclusion of all else, and quiet, conservatives just trying to live their ives decently and comfortably, is that the former feel no compunctions about expressing their animosity openly –– with relish and gusto.

      Face it, if BooHooey's plane crashed over the ocean or into a mountainside, I doubt very much if any of us who have disdained his leadership would feel genuinely sad.

      I certainly kept praying all through the campaign that something dreadful would happen to Hillary –– and guess what? –– it DID.

      She LOST!

      WOO HOO! };^)>

      Now, I imagine that eventually the D'Rat operatives will find this post, and say, "AHA! So it was HE who made our blessed candidate fail. Well we'll get HIM if it's the last thing we ever do –– just you wait."

    4. Room 101 at Fort George Meade has been notified.

    5. I'm sorry, Nostradumbass, but comparing the mild mannered and honorable family man Tony Snow to the drunken SWINE of Chappaquiddick, Teddy Kennedy, takes a special kind of stupid.

    6. Nice try but the subject is Z's completely inaccurate portrayal of the right wing hate media's reaction to Kennedy's death.

      Pitch till you win.

    7. Duck,
      Even IF -- and I'm saying IF -- the Right's hate media are as bad as you say, "Two wrongs..." You know the rest of that adage.

      Also, it is my view that there is plenty of hatred and unwarranted rudeness. Too much!

    8. ___ The Deviltry That Lead To ____
      _____ November 22, 1963 _____

      Joseph P. once had a Master Plan.
      Oh, what dreams of Glory he possessed!
      His lust for Conquest never let him rest.
      Naught but vain Ambition drove the clan

      Kennedy had sired to fulfill
      Ego-driven fantasies of ruling
      Nations. Wealth, ill-gotten, had us drooling.
      Nothing seemed to thwart Old Joseph’s will.

      Enter World War Two: It killed young Joe,
      Destined to be President one day.
      Even so, despite this transient woe,

      Ambition took the lead again, so Jack
      Took his brother’s place. That was Joe’s way.
      His will was thwarted by a rifle’s crack.

      ~ FreeThinke

    9. I never have, –– and never shall –– , make any apology for expressing my contempt for the contemptible in no uncertain terms, but at least I make every attempt to do it with wit and a semblance of good style. "Broadsides" filled with moronic clichés are every bit as objectionable as the objects of their scorn.

    10. __ A View from the Right __

      Most liberals are very bright,

      But tend to be perverted.

      They love the dark and fear the light,

      And will not be converted.

      They answer legalistically

      Each charge and witticism.

      With hauteur drawn statistically

      They mock each criticism.

      The Truth does not engage them;

      They won't admit they're wrong.
Facts they don't like enrage them,
So resistance grows more strong.

      They either will ignore you,
Or treat you to ridicule,

      Then brazenly they'll bore you

      Telling you that you're a fool.

      The process is unending
A matter of attrition.

      Their strength lies in not bending

      They'll never feel contrition.

      ~ FreeThinke

    11. OH, Z, HERE IS MY POETIC EPITAPH on the DEATH of TEDDY KENNEDY. Unfortunately, there are times when NOTHING BUT what-you-like-to-call "NASTINESS" WILL DO.

      A drunken fat oaf now lies dead.

      He was pompous, pretentious, ill-bred.

      He committed manslaughter
On the Kopechnes' daughter 

      As I'm sure you know, his name was Ted.

      All those who pretend to feel grief

      In truth must feel great relief

      For this bastard disgraced 

      His name, and laid waste

      To all who in him had belief.

      ~ FreeThinke

      DON'T LIKE IT? TOO BAD! It happens to be the TRUTH, and as I've said many times, the TRUTH NEVER FLATTERS ANYONE.

      I make no apologies for refusing to act the part of a sanctimonious hypocrite.

    12. Will ducky take pride and responsibility for the liberal media's fruits through the continual stoking black resentment? I'm talking about the Chicago torture case, of course...

    13. There IS no "HATE MEDIA" on the Right. Only the TRUTH emanates from that blessed direction.

      Of course TRUTH always seems "hateful" to those whose crimes, misdeeds and innate viciousness it brings into the light of day.

      Godless Marxism is, was and always will be a HATE-BASED Initiative.

    14. TAM,
      Excellent essay! Did you read the comments thereto? Worth a look, IMO.

  7. No doubt the media will continue to fawn over Obama. His every move and comment will recorded and no doubt televised just as the North Korean boy-king.

    1. Sure, but didn't the election PROVE that The People have gotten wise to the flimflamming they've been getting from the D'Rat-Enemeda-Allaince, and are turning away from it in droves?

      The ENEMEDIA has LOST a GREAT DEAL of the POWER it once had thanks to the persistent efforts of a growing Opposition Movement in place now for the past thirty-five or forty-plus years. And the public is edging farther and farther away from the supercilious products of the POISON IVY LEAGUE who obnoxiously fancy themselves rightful members of a Ruling Elite.

      The battle will never be won decisively, because I believe we have been placed here by God to "Fight the Good Fight," and in so doing develop our talents, hone our skills, improve our character, and develop a more enlightened outlook on life.

      As the noted Scottish theologian Oswald Chambers said, "The strain is the the strength". I think what he meant was that we gain and develop strength from fighting a continuous battle against evil of all kinds.

      In other words things are moving along just as they ought to –– or so I like to believe.

    2. Ducky, I checked OUR conservative blogs...I didn't look at Andrew's or any of the big names. So, as usual, I'm right; the normal conservative blogger was NOTHING AT ALL like the hideous reveling to Tony Snow's death or Cheney's heart problems and more...NO WAY. But keep pitchin'.
      I'm 100% right in what I said, and didn't think I needed to mention NON FAMOUS BLOGS, because, frankly, I NEVER read conservative bigwig blogs like Breitbart or Drudge or Rush (does he have a blog?) NEVER. You are right on that...I should have been more specific.

      And yes, Warren's right...to compare Snow to Ted Kennedy is pretty rotten.

      And, by the way, Andrew did not "wrought" that kind of attitude and he'd never EVER approve of BREITBART today...Andrew was mostly against a biased, dishonest media, he wanted both sides represented and fought hard to get it...sadly, it's still more leftwing, but OH GEE..MSNBC is hiring Greta S because "they don't want to bow to Bernie fans anymore, they're appealing to centrists!"
      A move to the Right?...finally. :-)

    3. 1. I have no idea what OUR conservative blogs implies but you evidently missed the vitriol spewed by Breitbart(I linked it) and I doubt you checked Freerepublic and the like.

      2. The question is not Snow's or Kennedy's character but the reaction to their deaths.

      3. Breitbart was in the front of the fact free, hate oriented media we suffer from today. He left nothing to be proud of and nothing that could really be further corrupted.

      4. I ask again, what are your sources for the left point of view.

      5. You are most assuredly not always right.
      You need to confess the sin of pride.

    4. Z,
      I used to read Breitbart occasionally, but that was before Andrew Breitbart died. Since that time, the site is so peppered with ads that the site locks up on me.

      I check Drudge on a regular basis. No comments there -- only headlines.

      I do read the postings at some of the big blogs, but rarely read the comments. What I have noticed there -- and at other sites, including the WaPo and the NYT (I have digital subscriptions to those) -- is a lot of nastiness in the comments sections; the nastiness is not limited to Right side of the political spectrum.

      I should also mention that passion and conviction expressed by those on the Right are often designated by the Left as vitriol. The reverse has not been true -- in my observation.

  8. That truck is just to move the cash..

    1. Hey, Kid, that actually made me laugh out loud –– at 4:30 AM no less!

      If they're handing out prizes, you ought to get one.


  9. Replies
    1. Admiral of Chappaquiddick was happy to court the Russians for the means to an end. Politics, it was just politics. :)

  10. I wrote the several years ago, and will stand by it till the day I die.

    ’Tis said Obama's polls are gaining,
But he is far from entertaining.

    The folk who find that jerk appealing

    Are much in need of mental healing.

    All that twixt his lips doth pass

    Amounts to so much sewer gas.

    And if the Democrats discover
Their Black Knight’s a faithless lover,

    And a shameless mountebank,
They only have themselves to thank,

    For they saw fit the horn to toot
Of this haughty, creepy, empty suit!

    ~ FreeThinke



    He climbs a tree and scrapes his knee,
    But tailoring hides the tear.
    He showboats on his way to church,
    But turns deaf when he’s there.
    And just beneath his bright white smile
    His spirit’s filled with bile.
    I know he plans to leave us in the lurch.
    He's rarely in his chapel,
    But his piety is real
    He's never heard a thing
    His pastor said with hate-filled zeal
    I do not like to say it
    But I very firmly feel,
    Obama’s not a credit to our country.

    I cannot say a word on his behalf.
    All Obama makes me feel is consternation
    With his puppy-friendly mask for castigation,
    And he never ever makes me want to laugh.

    How do you solve a problem like Obama?
    How do you catch a lie and pin it down?
    How do you find a word that means Obama,
    A richly bombastic, demagogic clown?

    Many a thing you know you'd like to tell him;
    Many a thing he ought to understand.
    But how do you make him stay,
    While you teach him how to pray?
    How do you keep secretions in a gland?

    Oh, how do you solve a problem like Obama?
    How do you hold hot air inside your hand?

    When I see him I'm perplexed
    Dyspeptic, tense and vexed
    And I never know exactly where I am
    He’s inscrutable as fog
    Yet he keeps us all agog
    Is he a darling, or a demon, or a sham?

    Oh, how do you solve a problem like Obama?
    How do you hold hot air inside your hand?
    He can drown out any sage;
    Folks think he’s all the rage,
    For he’s thrown a cloud of sand
    Into their eyes.

    Is he gentle? Is he wild?
    Enigmatic? Just a child?
    A headache? An angel?
    Or the Devil in disguise?

    How do you solve a problem like Obama?
    How do you catch a lie and pin it down?
    How do you find a word that means Obama,
    A richly bombastic, demagogic clown?

    Many a thing you know you'd like to tell him
    Many a thing he ought to understand,
    But how do you make him stay,
    While you teach him how to pray?
    How do you keep secretions in a gland?

    Oh, how do you solve a problem like Obama?
    How do you hold hot air inside your hand?

    ~ FreeThinke (prior to the 2012 election)


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