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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Open Thread

So, what's on your mind?

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  1. As seen in the

    Obama makes only a 40-second mention of Malaysian plane crash feared to have killed Americans before his jokey 16-minute
    President Barack Obama provoked fury in the U.S. on Thursday by casually devoting less than a minute to the deaths of 295 people aboard a Malaysian airliner, as he began an often jokey 16-minute speech about the need to expand America’s transportation infrastructure
    'It is great to be in the state that gave us Joe Biden. We’ve got actually some better-looking Bidens with us here today. We've got Beau and his wife, Hallie, are here. Give them a big round of applause. We love them.'
    Obama also acknowledged the presence of Treasury Secretary Jack Lew with a joke.

    And then he launched a 16-minute speech about transportation projects he wants Republicans to fund, complaining bitterly about their objections to his end-runs around the federal legislature
    The whole country is reacting with disgust over his 40 second mention -before jokes- Plane shot down
    'It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy': Obama draws eye-rolls and anger with 40-second mention of Malaysian plane crash before 16-minute transportation speech |
    This incentive fool was Absolutely disgusting.. this weasel is such a freeking embarrassment..He’s an embarrassment to this nation.
    And if Is criticizing Obama is Racist? Then call me a racist! It was racism that elected this incompetent fool, twice, as it surely had nothing to do with competence, intelligence, experience nor was it because of his

  2. Obama's latest Friday dump is an Executive Order banning importing AK-47's under the guise of a "National Emergency" because of the Ukraine crisis. This will teach Putin a lesson. Second Amendment apparently is next on his hit list.

  3. Recommended reading: Why Obama’s Remarks Hardly Matter.


    [A] president who is always trying to throw PR bling at the country gets lots of attention but entirely dilutes himself

    The essay is short and worth reading.

  4. annoyed and pissed offJuly 19, 2014 at 7:14:00 AM CDT

    How much more, and how much longer must we tolerate this man that treats the sacred office of the President as a joke?
    But the American people aren’t laughing anymore.
    Obama’s concern for the tragic loss of life in the Ukraine today was short-lived. He devoted less than 30 seconds to discussing it, then immediately commenced with telling the jokes that were scrolling on his teleprompter

    There was a tragic crash of a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet over Ukraine today, resulting in 295 deaths. It is suspected that the plane was shot down with a missile, and it is being reported that there may have been 23 Americans on board.

    Both Russia and Ukraine deny shooting down the plane. Russian-sponsored separatists first claimed responsibility on social media, then backed off that claim when they realized it wasn’t a Ukrainian military jet.
    Obama made a brief statement addressing the crash this morning, then proceeded to give a normal speech. He is also doing two fundraisers in New York tonight, like nothing has happened.

  5. Who care? Corporate America has already slated all the American jobs for "offshoring" to the Chinese. That way the wealthy elites legally tie up all the wealth of the world in corporate "shares" indefinitely. Give it a few years, and Americans will be sneaking into Mexico looking for work.

  6. All hail the oligarchs, plutocrats, 1%'ers... control the wealth, you have all the power.

    All lot of dimwts play it against their own rational self interests.

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  8. Rational Nation USA, I am surprised that you think that anyone here really gives a Rats Ass what you think! Or that ANYONE here takes anything that you say seriously.

  9. It’s sickening reading what you people are writing and how you Baggers seem to ululating the loudest! You are the same people who grab onto the latest rumors and right wing misinformation and run with it, especially if they can blame it all on President Obama.
    It’s laughable that you show such expression of emotion whenever you want to prove the president did anything wrong, regardless of the situation. Be it the Henry Louis Gates controversy with the Cambridge Police, or the Trayvon Martin Tragedy. No matter what the issue maybe, you people always side against the president.
    I put more trust in people who actually know what they're talking about. Like the people who spoke about when Bush sat and listened to kindergartners tell nursery rhymes knowing terrorists had just blown up the world trade center building.

    1. That rambling comment makes no sense. Perhaps the writer should think clearly, if that's possible, and take more time rather than just slapping the keyboard a few times.

      P.S. Bush reacted much more forcefully and with strong, determined leadership on 9/11 than Obama ever has and especially so in this latest crisis.

  10. Even Chris Matthews, a “Former” Obama supporter knows what a fraud the current pretend President is.....

    Chris Matthews said that: Obama said a few words about the 298 killed, and went right back to his Teleprompter, and spoke about fund-raising.

    But Not Reagan. Reagan knew the way Americans felt after the Soviets downed a plane in 1983. Reagan cancelled his schedule, and spoke to the American people in the appropriate, and serious manner.

  11. Most voters don’t want any of the young illegal immigrants who have been flooding in like a tsunami arrived here and are being housed in their state or in any other state for that matter. Our cities and states have become overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of illegal immigrants arriving from across the boarders daily.

    The fact that Obama and company are pushing for amnesty for the young illegal immigrants who are in this country ILLEGALLY is being allowed, while veterans who fought and bled are turned away, and worse yet dying while waiting for an appointment at veterans hospitals is beyond repulsive. This is nothing more than the Obama administration rubbing the people's noses in his socialist agenda. . I'm wondering just how long it will be until those in our military realize that we have a domestic enemy of the Constitution resideding in the White House and there are many of his comrades in Congress. And lets not forget that these so called “Children”, aka illegal immigrants are bringing fleas, drugs, diseases, and other kinds of “germs” into the country along with them.
    The way that I see it, Immigration is all but destroying the American economy! The invasion of America by illegal aliens in general but especially , this recent invasion by “Children, Kids or whatever else we are calling them” and soon to follow by their parents and the rest of their families at our borders, it is and will be hurting our country's economy, our education system will be so over loaded that it will be all bu useless, the same with our hospitals, throe in our food stamp-program, our welfare system , our housing, it will Increase crime, hurt Medicaid, decrease the funds available for entitlements and therefor hurt the Obamaphone program,, the Michelle Obama free free lunches ,and even our environmental quality, and in fact, the very culture of the United States. And bring in foreign diseases, as we are already seeing. Increase gangs and drug users and drug runners. etc. etc. and ETC! Does this make any sense?
    And lets look at what the future will bring...Jobs that were usually assumed to be taken by high school kids for after-school work or summer jobs are now mostly held by illegal aliens as we see in fast-food restaurants, restaurant dishwashers, waiters, gardeners etc.. Our Hospitals are already going bankrupt because, of people not paying their bills. As well as they are giveing free medical care to non-citizens. Our Schools are overloaded and the cost of Free Lunches, teachers , books etc. is out of sight.
    So don’t let Obama and company try to gloss this over, and ask us to play nice and accept this INVASION. This is not the “Change” we Hoped for!.

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  13. My but it's WINDY in here today, isn't it?

    -----------> Katharine Heartburn

    1. Katharine,
      It's an open thread.

      Maybe "the windy ones" will sputter themselves out like balloons that fly backwards all over the room when they are untied.

  14. The Commander-in-Chief has zero political capital except with those awaiting the next nipple offered up by the Federal branch. I mean come on - he spoke in Europe awhile back and nobody even clapped when he turned to leave the stage. You can find it on YouTube. So let him talk. He just continues to make it more difficult to even consider building a presidential library. Like what is going to be housed inside the walls? I suppose Michelle will have a wall dedicated to healthy school lunches that children throw away as they furtively then eat the candy bar hidden in their backpack.

    How about a wall with a beer can? Remember him having a beer with a couple of Cambridge policemen after calling them stupid?

    Maybe a wall with an American Ambassador with his tongue hanging out, titled "Zero Dark Nothing".

    A wall graphing the millions of dollars spent on vacations? The mean-spirited yapped about Bush taking trips to Crawford. But at least he was sleeping in a bed in a ranch he had purchased, and eating a sandwich.

    A wall dedicated to Obamacare? Yikes!

    A wall to commemorate Bradley Manning using taxpayer dollars to pay for about thirty surgeries to turn an ugly male into an equally ugly femme fatale?

    A wall to commemorate the celebration of anarchy down along our border?

    The man has certainly turned the White House into a fun house. Oh, what fun they are having inside those gates.


    1. Tammy,
      Thank you for making a cogent comment.

      I can see those walls right now!

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  16. Oh what a great wise President we have, so smart he didn't need to even bother to attend his own Daily National Security briefing on 9-11, because no one is smarter than he.
    Despite all warnings from the US Military and Republicans he started his presidency and announced a withdrawal date from Afghanistan and thought he could actually win after announcing his intention to leave, what a dolt.
    He publicly denies Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and practically invite the Muslims back in to re take the place, and still we're told that Jewish people still intend to vote for the man, I'll believe it when I see it.
    In fact I heard that Obama tells Netanyahu that he’s ́deeply concerned́ over Gaza. So concerned that he’s going to buy a few Israeli wa bonds.

    Obama’s message to Israel is loud and clear he seems to support the enemies of freedom and insults our allies time and time again. No wonder that our enemies are gloating and laughing at us.

    If you cannot see that our administrations policies are hitting the fan then shame on you.
    There isn’t any amount of Hillary’s lies that will account for the fact that one of our Ambassadors on her watch and on Obama's watch got murdered Mogadishu style through the streets of Benghazi. They own it, all of it.

    Irresponsible. In denial. Unprepared. Amateurs. Lack of leadership. Dishonesty. All on display for the Independent Voters to realize what they get with a second dose of the Obama Regime. I hope those web photos of Ambassador Stevens spread like wildfire around the country. Every citizen needs to see what Obama is apologizing for.
    Coincidentally, this week marks the anniversary of the Watergate hearings. For those of you too young to remember, back then the administration had an enemies list. They were spying on reporters, and they used the IRS to harass groups they didn't like. Thank God those days are gone forever.

    And the White House confirmed Friday President Barack Obama will return to Martha's Vineyard this summer, making his fourth trip to the Island during his presidency, What a great time to get away for politics and all the scandals. I hope the First Family gets to enjoy their precious family time together, just as average Americans hope to do when their on vacation, those local storekeepers welcome the extra financial boost to the economy. -

  17. Republicans Have Found Their Dream Leader and His Name Is Vladimir Putin. So it looks like conservatives love Putin and hate Obama. Fummy how thing work out.
    Shooting down a plane load of innocent civilians, now THAT'S strong leadership any tyrant would envy. Are the baggers hoping Putie will be their honey hunk in the 2016 election cycle?

    They do love those strong, murdering he-men, don't they. The Conservative Love Affair With Vladimir Putin Is All About Opposing Obama

  18. Replies
    1. AOW: I like the part about after every crisis has begun Obama goes on a campaign swing and does a fundraiser. But that's ALL he does EVER! I'm putting up a post contrasting with Reagan's leadership in a similar crisis.

  19. Here's one that's a little off the usual path but also puzzles me.
    One one of the sites that is linked ot by a local favorite i noticed a post that starts, "Normally I hate modern art".
    Not an uncommon opinion but one I don't understand. All modern art?

    I was compounded when I visited the MFA recently and looked at a show of Jamie Wyeth. Very representational and very hit and miss. Okay, he was down hanging with Warhol and then he went to Maine and spent a lot of time painting pumpkins and seagulls. Pleasant but somewhat forgettable.

    Another exhibit is near closing and I had ignored it. Folk art quilts from the 19th century. This was an absolute smash, a real eye opener. The curator mounted a brilliant show and in the color and geometric design pointed clearly to Albers, Noland, Kelly and the hard edge colorists.
    Were the quilts, modern?

    The site which originally made the comment was posting a contemporary example of anamorphosis which is hardly contemporary but goes back to the 15th century.

    Why are so many hostile to "modern" art an unwilling to see it as part of a continuum dealing with often timeless questions?

  20. Go to my place and see Elaine Stritch work her way through her signature song, Stephen Sondheim's "Here's to the Ladies Who Lunch." It's brl
    liant, it's witty, and really very sad. Reminiscent of The Women as if presented in in capsule form.

    Elaine died just a couple of days ago at age 89. She was still going strong in 2013 after a long, illustrious career on Broadway, but finally quit just last year, left New York and went back home to Birmingham, Michigan where she died.

    She will be missed by all who knew her.

    In addition I recommend this video clip on leaving Ben Gazara for Rock Hudson. It's hysterical.


  21. Bill Maher To The 'Tea Party': Here's The Massive Expansion Of Government You Should Be Freaking Out About

  22. Tea party to Liberalmann, go screw yourself .

    1. Typical response, the tea party can't see the forest for the trees, they're so blinded by hate and lies.

  23. Putin has his middle finger pointed at obama, NO one respects obama even us Americans.

    It's amazing how you liberals are STILL talking about Bush. Maybe you haven't bought a newspaper in the last 6 years but Obama is now President. I do not have a problem with anyone who voted for him the first time. I almost voted for him. He did have a way of making you believe in him. However, anyone who voted for him the second time, to me, is insane.

    1. We talk about Bush when the lunatics on the right blame Obama no matter what he does, after Bush looked the other way when Putin invaded Georgia.

  24. Replies
    1. Odie,
      Mr. AOW usually avoids blogging. as sporadic as his blogging schedule is, about political topics. Wise man.

  25. Many here drink the kool aide daily so it is not at all surprising views that do not fit the agenda are dismissed.

  26. Sad but true, hopefully though this administration caused the awakening of the sleeping giant of the American electorate. I suspect judging from my own observation that the sleeping giant who is most likely on vacation or fund-raising is gonna be Teed -off at his adversary Mr. Putin.

  27. I believe George W. Bush is a man who loves his God, loves his family, and loves his country.
    In Barack Obama’s case, I’m not sure about either.

    1. American Jihad,
      I agree with your assessment.

    2. Of course you're not, you watch Fox News and fill your head with mush. So...a man who has killed hundreds of thousands in a war based on lies is more of a 'man of god' than the man who ended the war?

  28. Do you remember that slogan “Hope and Change”? Well I’m Sorry To Say That There’s No More Hope, Yeah, there was a lot of “Hope” in 2008. The air was filled with it. I was 20 years old that year and I can remember riding around through the booming college town of Athens Georgia and seeing so many dorms and houses adorned with the Obama campaign slogan and logo. College kid all lit up with “Hope for Change” You see, Athens is a very liberal city, the paper leans left, lots of the professors at UGA are Democrats. But anyways, so many people had “Hope” then. As hard right as I was then, even I couldn't help but think "maybe this Obama guy won't be so bad. He's given this country “Hope” again. But I the staunch Republican that I was voted for John McCain in my very first presidential election, anyway.
    I stayed up all night the day before the inauguration, so I could see Bush ride off into the sunset and see Obama, the man who brought so much hope to this country arrive to lead the nation. A little voice, though, kept saying, "looks can be deceiving, this hope has been offered by many a president before. " Little was I aware that in the coming 6 years, the little voice was right. Hope is a fleeting thing, but it draws the soul like a super magnet. Emotions and rational thought can sometimes be buried in hope. Hope, it seems, is also easily exploitable by men and women who would seek to run for president.
    When 2010 came along, I could sense a change in the country's mood. Perhaps they felt as if they made a mistake in giving the Democrats so much power two years prior, that November, the Democrats were crushed in the mid-terms, barely holding on to the Senate. However, that mood dissipated, because just two years later, Obama was re-elected again. He didn't campaign on hope this time, but a newfangled health care law he signed into law. At that moment, I felt as if the man was invincible, much to my dismay. At that moment, I felt in my heart that there was no more hope for this great country of ours.
    Many people of my world view then saw how much Obama ill thought of the Constitution he swore to uphold. I thought, "Just another president who broke his oath. When will there ever be a president elected who will uphold our Constitution as he promises?" However, the year 2013 came along. That year would wind up breaking the Obama presidency, eroding the hope people once had in it. The faith was gone. As the scandals broke out, as the once hailed healthcare law took effect and fell flat on it's face; many people began questioning the choice they made those five short years ago. They began to ask "is there any hope for us?" More and more people began to lose the hope they once had in the man who seemingly had it in abundant supply. As this year came along, I could see that there was no more hope for the Democrats. It had by January, evaporated, unlike the snow on the ground.

  29. As the month of July rolls past in this year 2014, we now know where that hope has gone. It was nothing more than a lie, lofted on the wind for those in far away places. There was no hope, well, not for us at least. As we have tens of thousands of illegals flooding our border, we see now that it is America who has no hope; instead those who think of it as merely a place to gain without sacrifice, live without hardship, and work without any burden. But it will not take long for them to soon realize, as we have already--there is no more “Hope” for this guy. I already was able to see him for was he was and what he is. . Perhaps then, the human soul will provide that hope, instead of silver tongued politicians who carry hope on their sleeves and not in their hearts.
    Even after 9/11/01, we had more hope then than we do now. In the few years following that tragedy, we actually were united; we were hopeful. Not so today. We have once again been robbed of it, by a Charlton Socialist. No matter how much these progressives try to tell you otherwise. continue to persist in saying otherwise. Obama has betrayed his sworn oath to the people of this country, one made in a promise to God himself that he would defend and protect the nation and carry out the duties of his office; and he has shown to be the liar and villain he is by each action taken. This man has no integrity at all. Remember that line "Don't go away mad...just go away"? I don't care how he goes, as long as he's gone.
    And all I can say now is God Help us.

  30. Templar, thanks! You prove to even other wingnuts, the level of lunacy their side harbors.

  31. You're welcome Jackass! Glad to be of service to the Mentally Challenged!
    These progressives Jackass's seems to be either ignorant, or in denial of the fact that Obama's legacy is crumbling right before your very eyes and they’re too blind to see it.
    Lets not focus on the fact that Obamacare will double my monthly premium!
    Lets not focus on how did Obama's Illegal Aunt seemed to leapfrog over the other 30,000 LEGITIMATE Boston resident’s who applied for Public Housing?
    Or the FACT that Michelle Obama had to appear on a Late night Talk show and disrupt traffic for hours when folks were trying to get home and then has the GAUL, the STUPIDITY to call folks under 26 years old “KNUCKLEHEADS”! Is she for real? Maybe thats the people she knows! Most people that I know who are 26 years old are already married and holding some damn good jobs and are making a damn good salary! I wonder if she thinks of Sasha and Malia that way? Someone should tell the “Moocher” that drawing Red Lines have consequences! That may very well turn out to be a remark of a “KNUCKLEHEAD”
    Could it be that she is referring to the millions of young people who are suddenly realizing that Obamacare does not offer them the affordable health care. they were counting one, and now realize that it’s a lie, and they aren’t buying it, literally!!.
    And also, by calling people who express their likeness for the Confederacy "TRASH." you show how much you don't want them expressing their First Amendment rights.
    It’s painful to watch otherwise intelligent people lend support to something that’ s so obviously bad! And don’t let Obama’s BS fool you, Barry despises Israel, like all good little anti-Semites! Further, his form of Immigration is Destroying America, and if that don’t his way handling of Putin will.
    Do these people understand how stupid and preposterous they sound?


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