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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Human Trafficking On The Part Of America's Federal Government

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This is what America has become under the Obama regime!

How many laws are being broken in the process? 

Our government is transporting minors — illegal immigrants — across state lines.

From Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Bused Across U.S. into Cities (June 30, 2014):
"The majority of these people crossed the border illegally and were then dropped off here at the bus station, so they could continue to their final destination, and that destination is an American city near you," said [Border Patrol Agent] Garza. "This right here is border insecurity at its best. Our border is not patrolled, it's not being secured... our federal government is releasing thousands and thousands of illegal aliens into our communities."
In Murrieta, California, private American citizens made a stand (dated July 1, 2014) and turned back the DHS buses.  Watch the video at the link.

How long will it be before this administration rents houses in residential areas all over the United States in order to house these illegal alien children in time for school registration in a few weeks?

How are school systems going to cope with this sudden influx of children?

How are WE THE TAXPAYERS going to cope with the additional expenses, expenses at both the federal and local levels?

At least 1200 illegal immigrants, many of them unaccompanied illegal minors, continue to pour in across our southern border every week.


  1. People trying to get the word out are being threatened:

    A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, sources say.

  2. Fed Up With This Administration Of Obama’s!July 2, 2014 at 6:36:00 AM CDT

    Medical staff warned: Keep
    your mouths shut about illegal
    immigrants or face arrest
    Fox News, by Todd Starnes

    Original Article

    Posted By:Pluperfect, 7/1/2014 4:16:26 PM

    A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, sources say. In spite of the threat, several former camp workers broke their confidentiality agreements and shared exclusive details with me about the dangerous conditions at the camp. They said taxpayers deserve to know about the contagious diseases and the risks the children pose to Americans. I have agreed to not to disclose their identities because they fear retaliation and prosecution.

  3. And yet Boehner refuses to allow a vote on immigration reform when he knows it will pass, just to placate the lunatic tea party. Gimme a break.

    1. Look here, you fool.

      There are immigration laws on the books that are not being enforced.


    2. And as usual, you're wrong. Besides, Obama has slowed illegal immigration to a trickle and has deported more than Bush.

    3. Liberalmanboy:

      Obama changed the definition of 'deport,' moron.

      And if you call what is going on now a 'trickle,' you're even stupider than we thought, and that's quite a trick.

  4. Fix the dang fence. McRino said so, I just knew he meant it.

  5. http://www.elpasotimes.com/news/ci_26072707/dps-cartels-are-helping-immigrant-children-enter-u

    This current crisis is human trafficking in children. Not only are children being transported by drug cartels and criminal organizations, one media outlet stated children were being bought to make it easier for adults to cross our border.

    Naturally, I remember what former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said about such despicable practices on one of the yearly State Department Human Trafficking Reports (add the crocodile tears....). Now, we are a proud part of a human trafficking chain ourselves. It stretches across our nation and is of immense proportions, done "legally". But if you try it, off to jail you go!

    Why prosecute former acting Consul General Devyani Khobragadi when we are doing the same, and worse? We are giving a stamp of approval to human trafficking by our inability to secure our borders and follow through with transporting unaccompanied, undocumented minors across the U.S. This is not humane. It is cruel. A humane government, returns these children to their lawful guardians and parents.

    IDP camps? Never in the history of the United States have we had internally displaced persons camps. Call it a warehouse, call it an abandoned campus. We are opening the door for IDP camps in the United States on our sovereign territory. Historically, individuals who enter the camps require lifetime government subsidy. The Sudan comes to mind. I traveled near an IDP camp in Ghana, W. Africa. These are places of eternal malaise.

    Work a bit harder, Americans. Send up a cheer. You are part of a glorious federal experiment in human trafficking of women and children. Supposedly, these activities offend international standards of basic decency. And they also happen to be deemed illegal. But that does not stop the current administration which continues to engage an aggressive social engineering stance against the citizens.

    Our problem, is federal human trafficking. Period. Are we outraged enough to stop the bus? The buses will now roll at two a.m. in the dead of night. Dark deeds, done in darkness.



  7. this mass of ILLEGAL kids into America who will bring in their ILLEGAL parents shortly and run amuck all over our Nation

    In essence, our federal government is creating a slave class. In our name!

  8. http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/142979.pdf

    Note page two, and the statement by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding the need to stop trafficking activities. I believe transporting unaccompanied minors across state lines (individuals who are young, unskilled and will work at menial jobs for low wages) counts as human trafficking.


    1. Tammy,
      I believe transporting unaccompanied minors across state lines (individuals who are young, unskilled and will work at menial jobs for low wages) counts as human trafficking.

      I strongly agree!

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  10. Tammy is correct. President Obama is encouraging human trafficking into this country.

    A responsible State Department would have put their embassies in these countries to work getting the word out and educating people that we are not handing out free passes at the border. But we don't have a responsible government.

    Also, Obama could very easily negotiate a quick return of these children to their home countries in exchange for some aid money, etc, but again, that's not the goal of this administration, which is more and more like a rash of scabies upon this nation.

    No, Obama wants to legalize these undocumented Democrat voters and demographically overwhelm the state of Texas and turn it indelibly blue, and then it is game over for the GOP.

    As a side benefit, look at all the extra resources the poverty pimp social services get to soak up taking care of the human result of this humanitarian crisis caused by Obama.

    And the jobs created for all the lawyers! Government programs pay for these immigrants to hire lawyers to sue the federal government! If this isn't a walking, talking definition of national insanity, I don't know what is.

    1. Silverfiddle,
      Thank you for making those excellent points.

      I hope that those visiting this thread will read what you typed in. So very important!

    2. Agreed. Thanks for saving me the thinking and typing.

  11. Excellent rant Geaux, I totally agree with all that you said. You ask
    “What has happened to freedom of speech”? And I agree, Could it be that the First Amendment was repealed we were reading about and dealing with all of Obama’s other scandals?
    Why aren’t we defending our Freedom of speech even if we don’t agree with someone like Donald Sterling? He still should have the right to say what he wants to. We don’t have to agree with him, but we should stand up for his righ to say it. We should be defending the Bill of Rights, and not trying to repeal it.! Remember that saying, “ I May Not Agree With What You Say, But I’ll Fight For Your Right to Say It”

    The last I heard it was called ‘free speech”, now it’s called shut up! |Sorry Mr. Obama, you might take our right to free speech but you will never shut us up, we will never surrender to you and your bunch of Commie’s and never go silent into the night. Your agenda is total bullshit.

  12. the term human trafficking usually doesn't mean this situation, it means young and older boys and girls kidnapped and sent away to accommodate old men....
    however, this is, literally, human trafficking, I guess. Either way, it's BAD.

    Honestly, it's getting me tearful watching so many people taking advantage of our country, taking money out of OUR children's mouths as insurance rates go up, as the state funds go to them instead of our kids.

    This is unconscionable and any American who supports this is lying to himself in the guise of kindness and open hearts; baloney. We all want those children to have a good life, but we cannot afford our own kids without bringing thousands more! I'm bereft about this, I truly am. And I find it about as hard to believe that, suddenly, SO MANY came in on the same day, little ones coming thousands of miles without parents...what a miracle, huH? Did Lois Lerner drive the bus?

    1. According to this online dictionary (emphasis mine):

      the illegal practice of procuring or trading in human beings for the purpose of prostitution, forced labor, or other forms of exploitation.

      I submit that it is indeed exploitation to do what we are doing to these Central Americans.

  13. I charge Barack Hussein obama and these Democrats-Progressives-Socialist, Commies with abuse of power and neglect of duty as well as ignoring our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.
    What has happened to America in the past 5-6 years? We elected Obama to the presidency and went to bed as a free people and woke up in a Totalitarian Police State with loss freedoms and loss of our Liberties. The Democratic Party has become a bunch of hoodlums and communists who are Hell bent on Transforming America into another Cuba, or North Korea, what has happened to the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights? Have the African Americans taken it away, it seems to me that they can do and say anything that they please to but if you are White, you are totally screwed!

    This President and this Congress better concentrate on doing their job to protect our country against these illegal’s by securing our borders! And put a stop to these children coming across the borders. Before you know it the drug cartels will be following them w across the border with their slave trafficking, as well as their drugs!! This president and this congress better open their eyes and do something about this before it’s too late, if it isn’t already!

  14. It's pretty bad when you have the Current Occupant of the White House and Jimmeh Cahteh at the same level in the polls. ..
    Americans do NOT like this man and with good reason.. He and his merry band of Marxists have tried to destroy a free America. The American that we can only remember from the past.
    These Idiotic Loons sit back and write about people like George Zimmerman while we have a Commie in the White House who wants to and is taking away our rights?!!! This is insane!!!!
    And the Liberals in Washington seem to be in favor of whatever this Loony Tunes says and does, have Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats gone mad? Are they that desperate to stay in office that they will allow our country to be destroyed?
    Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, etc.
    The only loons left supporting this doofus are the resident assclowns here.. The extreme of the extreme. Have fun with that

  15. While we still have the right to free speech we must use it to protect our right to have it The current administration seems to be doing all it can to take it away from us. As are this PC bunch known as the progressive party. . They obviously look at it as if it’s a big a joke!
    Without the First Amendment, there is no America, not as we have know it. We have become so used to having it that we just take it for granted. . Yes,, I agree you have the right to express your views and to say whatever you want to... . But it is not something to take for granted. Lets remember those who have fought and died fo it. I agree that it’s had to realized that we have fallen so low that even our freedom of speech is in jeopardy.

  16. When the Fraud-In-Chief proclaimed :"It's time to fundamentally change the way that we do business in Washington" did anyone know that it includes making the US a pressure relief valve for the ills created in the rest of this hemisphere?

  17. Has anyone asked the people who write on that ConServitive board of AOW’s exactly which of his/her rights have been taken away by the "Democrats-Progressives-Socialist, and Commies?"

    Has the Obama Administration invaded their homes? Shut down their churches? Thrown dissenters in jail? Set up firing squads for people who disagree with them? Shut down the blogsphere where idiots like the person quoted above can rant about "rights being taken away," while enjoying the right to rant like a demented hyena?

    The answer is NO!, but these demented TEEbaggers just write these thoughts as if they were facts!

    1. Waltzing anon:

      Hey dingbat! Obama has allowed millions to invade our national home illegally, and churches have had to sue him in a court of law to get him off their backs.

      We have lost the freedom to pick our own doctors and health care plans, while Obama has jacked up our premiums and deductibles.

      Pull your head out of your @$$! You communist-progressive b@st@rd



    'Oh, my God. They're flying these kids around'...

    HHS bars congressman from seeing illegals...

    'I Want Explanation As To Why 3,800 In My Jails Are Here Illegally'...

    NBC Creates TWITTER Handle: #RefugeeRiders...

    Krauthammer: 'If Fences Don't Work, Why Is One Around White House?'
    Protesters block buses with migrants in California...

    Smugglers threaten ranchers: 'Look other way or face consequences'...

    RICK PERRY invites OBAMA to Visit the Border


    This is an INVASION, and I'll its been carefully planned by this White House in collusion with others whose interests are antithetical ours.

    1. With President Obama in the White House, it's a crisis a minute, isn't it?

    2. FT,
      This is an INVASION,,,

      Yes, it is.

      How long before the United States of America becomes a Banana Republic?

    3. Yes Silverfiddle, if you watch Fox News is is, lol!

    4. Liberalmanboy:

      But if you have your head up your @ss like the average Obama voter, all Obama's disasters can be easy to miss.

      You are blind as a leftwing boonbat.

    5. And yet the GOP Congress is the worst in US History while it ignores the floundering middle class to thwart anything Obama tries to accomplish. Despite that, there's economic growth, record stock market numbers and ACA!

  19. "How long before the United States of America becomes a Banana Republic?"

    The only thing(s) missing, now, are the banana plantations. Perhaps these kids are being, secretly, brought in to begin cultivation.

  20. Today:

    ...“What’s happening now are people are being put into inhumane situations, this Border Patrol station does not have the facilities, is not equipped to properly care, treat, screen these individuals,” he said. “The living conditions are unacceptable, and this is going on from the border all the way up.”...


  21. Waltzing Anonymous, is the author of or is a poster on the Progressive Eruptions blog.

  22. I have often said that Leftism is a result of ignorance. Or you can put another way, if Liberals/Leftists knew everything that conservatives know.....they'd be conservative!

    One only has to read the progressive’s blog to understand why.

  23. “Brown Shirts”

    Does that mean that Ernst Rohm is alive and well in Oklahoma?

  24. @ The Political Chic,

    Spot-On! That's why it's sometimes OK to allow their inane commentary to stand. They speak volumes for their own ignorance which saves us from spending time in needless retort!

  25. Thoughts for the Forth of July 2014. As Americans get ready to grill those Hamburgers and shoot off those Fire Crackers, Fire Works or whatever you do on this Great holiday, Whether you go shopping or have a backyard-barbecue to celebrate the 238th signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776,this Forth of July well may be one of the saddest Fourth’s in decades. After the six and a half years of the Obama regime has failed to unleash the nation’s capacity to recover from the 2008 financial crisis otherwise known as “Bush’s Recession”, and I say that with tongue in cheek! And as Obama has left this nation in deep debt and dependent on oil etc..
    We have learned for the past six and a half years that best thing this President and his cronies know how to do is LIE! In all my years I have never had such distrust in the Government and the administration more than I have this one, and I say that sadly.
    Why the democrats and the media are in such cahoots with this administration is beyond me. The not only lie for him and cover up for him, but they seem to pull for him and that’s what really disturbs me.
    Given the massive invasion of illegal immigrants that is currently occurring, the lying and the cover up for the IRS scandal and the worst of all the blatant lying and covering up for the Benghazi Attack by Hillary Clinton is something that I just can not understand. I refuse to believe like so many others do that this is being done intentionally. I can never believe that a President of these United States would deliberately want to destroy America.
    But the reality is that there are more Americans, receiving entitlements and benefits than the entire population of Greece. The Irs scandal is real, like it or not, Losis learner’s Dog did not eat her E-Mails.
    As this Fourth of July arrives, we have learned that American Veterans are dying for lack of care by the Veterans Administration, conservative groups have been targeted by the Internal Revenue Service, and Obama immigration policies have deliberately triggered a wholesale invasion by illegal aliens. We have witnessed the failures of Obamacare and are destroying what was regarded as the best healthcare system in the world. So you can come to your own conclusion.
    Sadly, it’s not going to be a very happy Forth of July for many Americans who can’t even afford to fill up their Gas Tanks to take their Kids out for a drive to the Country.

  26. It is IMMORAL for our elected public servants to engineer a humanitarian crisis by actively promoting human trafficking.

  27. Were you paying attention to how they became "Thousands of child refugees"?
    And you question the morality of someone who would oppose creating Thousands of child refugees?

  28. Lemme see. Like clockwork, approximately 1,200 children per day are crossing our borders. This consistent number, the logistics involved, all have the look of planning and orchestrated human trafficking. How many children could find their way from El Salvador (for instance) to our southern border without assistance? Do the math. Look at a map. Follow the terrain of mountains to be crossed and rivers to be forded.

    What part do the drug cartels play in this for profit business? At the border, the trafficking is handed off to our federal branch. Only a fool, would imagine otherwise.


    1. Tammy,
      I'm very concerned that the Obama administration, the most secretive administration ever, may have done something underhanded so as to facility this flood of illegals now streaming in.

      I have not forgotten Fast and Furious.

  29. Correction to previous: 1,200 per week.


  30. I know enough about the disaster down in Central America, and who did what. I am ashamed of my country for what we've done down there over the years. And then, after all that, we just reduce these poor countries to sweat shops to outsource labor at near-slave condition to sell to Americans who spend all their labor selling that crap right back to each other. And round and round.

    I don't think you have a clue in the world how the world works.

    These poor children deserve our assistance.


  31. It is true that our southern border has been porous for decades.

    It was supposed to be sealed under the agreement forged in 1986 ("Reagan's amnesty"). Congress did not fund the fortifying our southern border.

    And one more thing...Immigrants have been sneaking across our southern border for decades. But now they are coming across and turning themselves in because they have been told that the immigration policy of the United States permits their coming in and staying indefinitely.

    Who told them that? How did they get that news so as to be coming across in these numbers?

    Bus them back to Mexico. At the least, Mexico has been lax in allowing such numbers of Central Americans inside Mexico's own borders (New phenomenon! Mexico did, until recently, keep its own southern border fairly well sealed.

    Take them to the embassies of their own countries and state: "These are your citizens. You are responsible for them."

    Cut off all foreign aid to Mexico and the Central American countries until the illegals quit streaming across.

    Cut off all trade with those same nations until the illegals quit streaming across.

    At this point, some 70% of Border Agents are taking care of children instead of manning the border.

    As for our nation's taking care of these children, we cannot afford to do so: vaccinations, quarantining, health care in general, education, etc.

  32. Ugh:

    Texas congressman Henry Cuellar (D.) says illegal immigrants traveling from Central America “rent” children to gain access to the United States. “I was talking to somebody that worked for Border Patrol, and he said that in the late 80s there were a lot of kids from El Salvador coming in and what they were doing is they had a ‘rent-a-kid’ program.” Cuellar told 1080 KRLD. “In other words they said, ‘Oh if I come in and I have a kid with me they’ll let me go.’” Cuellar said a Border Patrol agent went on to say, “Henry, I’m seeing this again, I cannot believe it.”

  33. Jersey,
    Since you're so smart, then you know that 'what we did to those people down there' has resulted in free elections since the early 90's, where combatants threw down their weapons and took their fighting to the political arena.

    We also schooled their kids, while they were here as refugees, in gang violence and our shit culture that celebrates criminality. You also know, since you are so well read, that we created supercriminals, and they returned to their countries and brought a viciousness unprecedented in those countries.

    You also know, I'm sure, that we have a conveyor belt of criminality running between the US and Central America, fueled by gangs and violence.

    We've dumped our cultural sewage on Central America, and this is the result.


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