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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Midweek Political Satire

(with a hat tip to Lisa of Who's Your Daddy?)

The original theme song of the television series The Addams Family, which was humorous while the Obama administration is not humorous in any way:

That little tune is an earworm — a rather pleasant and harmless earworm. As we read in Oliver Sack's book Musicophilia, earworms can, however, result in serious insomnia and can drown out the enjoyment of life; so does the Obama administration.


  1. Lisa, Not Lise.

  2. How many more Sanctions will Obama impose on Russia, that don't work?

    The more Russian increases their aggression in the Ukraine. More Obama imposes Sanctions on Russia... I guess that Practice makes Perfect!

    I would say by now that Putin don't give a crap about whatever Mr. Gutsy says. Don't ya think! I'm expecting Obama to tell Putin that if he does it again he won't get any ice cream!
    NONE of Obama's previous sanctions did squat so why would anyone with even a half of a brain think that any of these new ones would?
    But ah! The new sanctions also come with a strict warning to Putin telling him that "I really mean it this time",

  3. These sanctions will hurt t the US more that they will hurt Russia. Obama is "Cutting off the nose of the USA to spite our face."

  4. Wait one minute!!! Are you talking about our Great Leader, Mr. Obama, the winner of the Nobel Prize, the prize won for being half black and getting to be president without having a background in much of anything but being the best Community organizer in Chicago? The same man who went on a World apology tour telling everyone in the Arab World that the United States is sorry for all the wrongs they have committed against the likes of Islamic jihadists and the like. The same man who paid off half of the senate to vote for his failed “Affordable” Health care program? The very same yellow bellied man who covered up the attack on our embassy in Benghazi Libya. and then compounded that lie about the brutal, savagely murder and massacre of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, two Navy SEAL’s, by sending in two other LIAR’S named Hillary Clinton and Susan Rise to LIE again about it and blame it on a stupid video that no one even heard of ?? And then saying that he had not even heard about it until read about in the newspaper, and heard about it on the evening news. Oh yeah, that Great leader.

  5. The hypocrisy of those who raise the issue of George Bush or even Sarah Palin being stupid, and then become a cheerleader of our "Moron in Chief" the hypocrisy of those is breathtaking is simply breathtaking.

    By the way, I wonder how Michelle (first lady with the big ass) feels about Obozo eating Hot Dogs, and Pizza since she tells everyone what they can and can not eat.!

  6. Satire, Schmatire, let me give a bit of advice to us American’s and the rest of the world! He has had more scandals than Carter has Little Liver Pills! Such as his latest, the crisis at the border, terrorist threats, IRS, Telephone listening, the VA mess, and various domestic scandals, just to name a few.
    Never listen to anything Obama has to say. He is a complete and utter failure. Everything he touches results in chaos. He has an agenda that is destroying this country at an alarming rate and he is not finished with us by a long shot. He is not a friend to the West and or Israel and just may be its greatest enemy because he coddles and enables the barbarians at everyonés gates. He cańt be trusted and dońt be fooled by the media, most Americans despise what he has done to this country and the world. He is Arrogant, Laziness as his, vacations such as his extended vacation on Martha's Vineyard vacation right after a 16-day vacation in Hawaii over Christmas, play golf, play a game of basketball, have a few beers with buddies, hanging out with the glitterati, or just plain loaf. Whenever faced with an important decision, Obama has often handed it off to one or more of his cronies like Pelosie, Reid, or Kerry. He loves to campaign, and go on Fund raising trips without any accountability. Once he landed the election it became obvious, that he is clearly inept for the position.
    In fact, the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal polls show that Americans are giving Obama lower marks than in 2006 when Iraq was going poorly for George Bush and when Hurricane Katrina sunk Bush’s ratings. Oh well, it’s good to know that at least they won’t be worshiping the Magic Negro anymore. And that the mainstream media won’t be counting on Hope & Change anymore..

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. No one was ever hurt by the stunts the Addams Family, except themselves.

    2. LA...important distinction; and almost painful. Good thinking. "snap snap"

  8. If you watch the news on CNN or on the other Liberal news stations, or The Los Angeles Times or should I say rags like The Washington Post for your news, or read some of thosr "Progressive" blogs, you would probably think Obama and company are doing a pretty good job. You would think Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the VA debacle, and IRS stuff were small potatoes if you even knew about them. You would think his Middle East “policy” was working well. But in reality, Obama has made both Carter and Nixon look good by comparison.

  9. Ceaseless denigration lacking either wit or nuance is exceedingly tiresome. It also damages the conservative cause. The photoshopped picture, however, is certainly entertaining. Whoever put it together did an especially good job in Harry Reid.

    As for the song, I didn't listen, because I already have to many worms in my ears as it is.

    ------------------------> Katharine Heartburn

    1. Keep denigrating, AoW. It's working!

      Record-low primary election turnout is threatening to magnify Democratic midterm worries. Both parties have made their “get out the vote” programs a top priority for November, investing millions in building bigger ground operations earlier than ever before.

    2. Thersites,
      Well, you know how I am. **grin**

    3. Katharine,
      John Kerry actually does bear a strong resemblance to Lurch.


  10. Maybe some of these progressive love-sick morons are impressed by this IDIOT’S work, but I surely ain’t!
    Yes, he has accomplished a lot - too bad that none of it is any good..

    From my perspective, there is a big difference between Bush and Obama Obama is a lot worse.

    So pardon me if I just don't see the long list of "accomplishments" that all these Progressive/Liberal Nut cases do. And who are patting themselves on the back for his having done nothing at all that’s even close to being Good for America.

    Yes, thank you, Mr.Obama, for keeping your poise and elitist altitude while the brainwashed liberal sheeple wallowing in ignorance, try to thwart every good thing you attempt to do for 99% of us. Thank you, to the Moocher for giving us your holier-than-thou BS to swallow while the truth is apparent. You have continued to try your very best to fool us, even though your attempt was as lame as can be. You tried. Somehow I think you're wasting your time on the sorry peabrains. Obama's accomplishments existed only in the ridiculous minds of the left. Every step of the way was utterly amazing in the most negative way. . The naysayers are just jealous or and racist. And by the way, this was the most hyped presidency in American history
    and thus far the most disappointing. Please don't ever use
    the words great and Obama in the same sentence, because
    not even liberals will buy that lie.. Obama is a weak, inept, and failed President and will be used by future Presidents as a model for failure avoidance. Lets hope we never ever get to see the likes of him and the First Wookie again. .

    1. I have some complaints about the GWB administration. However, I have no doubt that GWB loves America. Does Obama love America? Only the version that he's busy creating.

    2. And yet RR fails to provide any tangible examples, only wingnut cynicism.

      Here ya go. With citations:



  11. As someone on another blog said:

    “We ARE a nation of immigrants. And we are becoming increasingly becoming a nation Progressive IDIOTS!”

    I could go on and on, the list of failures by this president is endless. . The country is in decline and the Great Un-uniter, Bock Obamo has made things even worst than it’s ever been before, worse than ever... with full control of the entire Liberal/Democratic Senate plus congress for over five years.


  12. We have a president and a Attorney general who are destroying our country. The constitution is "Greek" to them

  13. An irony here is that we would be better off with the Adams Family!

    Most Interesting Man,

    "He has had more scandals than Carter has Little Liver Pills"

    Yes, but what we recognize as "scandals" Liberals see as accomplishments!

    1. Jon,
      An irony here is that we would be better off with the Adams Family!

      Good one! And an accurate observation, too.

    2. Well, AOW, it's not really complete political satire without Louie Gohmert, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann and a host of Teabags.

  14. Lisa,
    It's a gem of a graphic. I'm glad that I stopped by your blog site and found this gem.

  15. I've had plenty of years of trying to listen and understand liberals and with facing off with them and with libertarian as well for that matter. And it's a total waste of time in terms of trying to persuade them of anything. The only purpose of arguing with them is to expose their nonsense to any intelligent observers who may be present. But nothing you or I can say will get through to the liberals. I've never seen it happen.
    First and foremost, giving amnesty to illegal immigrants is rewarding unlawful activities. And even more importantly, this insane and radical action would automatically inject millions of new job competitors into an already weak recovering economy. These previously illegal people would now be eligible to apply for work reserved for legal American citizens and residents. How is that "FAIR" to unemployed American citizens?
    Overall, they are emotionally conditioned to accept/reject various ideas and then basically go into denial/evasion mode so they won't have to realistically deal with anyone who threatens their beliefs. This is, of course, true of some conservatives as well. But the levels of childishness I've seen too many otherwise intelligent educated liberals exhibit is depressing.

  16. Don't these 3-4 Liberals who post their insane comments here ever get tired of making up these stories?

    And why do they even bother coming here?
    Go to any liberal bog (The Progressive One for example) and you'll hear even more vitriolic name calling, insults, and judging going on of anyone who disagrees with them. but be prepare to be offended. Because you will.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Sarah Bernhardt said:

    "Ducky seems to always be obsessed with Radical Redneck"

    Obviously he is, but at least RR tells truth, that's more than I can say about Ducky!

  19. The Munsters would have worked as well maybe. j fing kerry as Herman of course and nana as the wife.

  20. Duck,
    Well, this blog post is along the lines of an open thread. Therefore, I'm more tolerant than usual as to whose comments are allowed to remain.

  21. No he doesn't tell "The Truth," Stephanie. People rarely do, unless it suits their particular purposes. He tells what YOU WANT to HEAR.

    Entirely too much of that these days.

    "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free."

    The Truth, however, is very rarely what any of us WANTS to hear.


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