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Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Gadget: The Grillbot

 (If you must have politics, please scroll down)

The cost? $119.95 at Amazon:

I think that I'll stick with my method for this household's Weber charcoal grill: a ball of aluminum foil as a grill-surface scrubber. Rub vigorously along both sides of the grill grate, then toss the ball of aluminum foil into the trash. Done!

Commenters, if you have a favorite grilling recipe, please consider sharing it with us. Summer is for grilling!


  1. We used to grill practically every night in the warm months when I lived in the northeast, but we kept it simple and never got past the plain old charcoal brazier, or later the hibachi. Often we built old fashioned campfires set in a circle of stones on the ground when we went on vacation. I don't remember ever having to clan the groll. We just kept the fire burning till all the "junk" was incinerated. After it cooled most of the hunks of food just fell off. No one ever died or even got sick.

    I hate modernity. I often yearn for a return to the days of the outhouse and the chamber pot and kitchens equipped with big open fireplaces and a brick Dutch oven buried in the wall nearby.

    O, for the Simple Life!!!

    1. FT,
      As one who deals on a daily basis here with a chamber pot, I am an admirer of modern plumbing.

      Otherwise, however, we are in agreement.


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