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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The EPA As The Dust Police

Note to readers: Due to my work and caregiving schedules, I will be posting less frequently than usual.

(With a hat tip to An Ol' Broad's Ramblings for the link below)

You can't make this stuff up!

According to Reuters, EPA wants farmers to rein in the amount of dust floating in the air in the American countryside.

The EPA plans to issue the regulations in the fall of 2011. Details of those regulations and the method of enforcement remain unknown.

Read the entire article. Worth your time to read what the farmers have to say.

Have any of these EPA idiots ever taken a drive in farm country and understood that dust is an inherent part of farm life? Have any of these EPA idiots ever worked on a farm?

While on the topic of the EPA, let's check out the EPA's official, taxpayer-funded music:

How much were we taxpayers billed to produce and create the above "song"?

Additional reading: Please see THIS POST, also about the EPA.


  1. FYI:

    I know that many people still want to discuss the death of OBL. Understandable.

    My post about the death of OBL is the next post down. Chat away if you like.

  2. Just when I think that I've heard it all . . .

    Dust regulation.


    Great find, AOW

  3. The EPA needs to be dimantled or, at the very least, have their power curtailed severely. It is ridiculous to keep funding an agency that time after time manages to be on the side of nincompoop puffery.

  4. Hmm, EPA?
    Out our way, it is the Farm Bureau & state Universities. Not only are
    highways sometimes closed due to blowing dust, but the farms themselves loose
    tons of topsoil to wind.
    Gradually, we have learned to 'contour farm'...and most everyone is happy with that.

  5. this.is.abserd! DUST REGULATION?!?! What's next, breathing regulation?

    this is abserd. how is this even in the EPA's juristriction? There suppose to help endagered spieces or rainforests, you know thing that NEED working on. But this? This is simply goverment insanity.

    oh, and that 'song' is terrible. a 10-year-old could do better.


  6. How many ways can you say STUPID.

  7. Another doozie:

    Obama Administration Considers Plan to Tax Cars by the Mile

  8. I grew up on six acres (surrounding by many more) back in the days when Northern Virginia was quite rural.

    Let me tell you: when we mowed the fields, alfalfa mostly, the dust flew like mad. Good luck controlling that!

    The same principle applied when we plowed one acre for vegetable garden.

    The city-folk EPA idjits need to get a grip on reality.

  9. I'm surprised they're not regulating cow farts

  10. AOW, they don't want reality. they want control over every aspect of our lives. We could never do this and they know it; it is simply a excuse to make MORE regulations (and more fine money) on EVERYTHING.
    anyone seeing cars going to fall under this? and factories, etc etc etc. The EPA is slowly but surly turning into the control-everything adjency (CEA?) and so far, we don't seem to be able to do a thing about it.


  11. Any of you folks farm or understand the issue involved?

    I know you love to gripe about government but once in a while you should do it fro knowledge.

  12. And pray tell us, Nostradumbass, what do you know of farming?

    I live in farm country and many of my friends are farmers. My grandparents, who raised me until I was 10 years old, were farmers and I'm here to tell you this is insanity!

  13. And before you seek to impress us with your massive intelligence, you might learn to spell or at least use a spellchecker.

  14. Translation-they want to drive the price of food up by encouraging farmers to cut back in production. That way 1, they can bring in more taxes from the profits from the higher prices at the markets 2, they can foreclose on more farms when smaller farms are forced out of business 3, they can get more people on food stamps and dependent on government as more and more people become unable to feed their families.

  15. Duck,
    Did you read my comment above?

    I grew up on a "farmette" when Northern Virginia was transitioning from farm country to suburban land. When I was a child, the aroma of mulch didn't fill the air; the aroma of cow manure did, though.

    The "farmette" where I grew up was part of my father's "old homeplace," both farm and sawmill -- with acres upon acres. Furthermore, all of my direct ancestors were farmers, and I spent a few summers working on a farm out of state.

  16. Warren,
    LOL to both of your comments to Duck, whom you have correctly dubbed "Nostradumbass."

  17. Pagan Temple,
    Yes, this is all about the Nanny State and control of individuals' lives.

    If the government can make the majority of Americans dependent upon the government for the food they eat and the air they breathe, the bureaucracy becomes tyranny.

  18. Wow:

    Fairfax County to Begin $1.75 Million Street Sign Replacement to Meet Federal Mandate

    At a cost of $1.75 million, Fairfax County will begin replacing street signs, starting this summer, to comply with a federal mandate to make them more readable by making them reflective or in some cases more reflective.

    "We have probably about 40,000 intersections, and we estimate 5,000 of those intersections require updating," said Steve Aitcheson, director of Fairfax County's Maintenance and Stormwater Management Division, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services. The county has until 2018 to comply with updated street sign regulations, but must have a plan in place by Jan. 1, 2012.

  19. And pray tell us, Nostradumbass, what do you know of farming?

    Does everyone else hear the crickets? Where's the Duck to explain his farming experiences to us conservative idiots?

    I live in farm country too. Out here our car is a pick-up. Government regulations are killing the family farm. Dust is a fact of life here and the farmers can no more control it than they can control the weather.

  20. This may sound like ignorant city slickers peddling naive progressivism, but they know exactly what they are doing.

    Pass this, and animal fecal matter (yes it too blows around in the air. We also commonly eat bug parts, rat poop and other stuff at an insignificantly small level, but that's another topic).

    Anyway, they get this foot in the door and they can then control legal pesticides and herbicides and animal raising.

    See, they won't ban this stuff, they will just make it impossible to do these activities and still comply with the law.

    Remember when Obama said "sure, you can build a coal-fired power plant, but it will be so expensive it will break you?"

  21. You only have so many useable days to get your crop in and harvest it.

    The earth must be reasonably dry to till and plant or your machinery gets stuck in the field. It needs to be as dry as possible when you harvest because the buyer checks the moisture content of your grain or beans and penalizes for moisture content above a certain content level/percentage. (They aren't in the business of buying water.)Will the EPA keep you from applying pesticides or fertilizers if its windy?

    Now suppose the EPA tells you you can't plant or harvest because its "too dry".

    Smaller family farms must have a higher profit margin to survive. They don't have farms across the country to moderate losses because of local weather.

    PT is right .

  22. Warren: Of course, the politicians will be willing to sell exemption...

  23. LOL! I am dreaming this, right? Hee...

    This is absolutely insane. What person came up with this nonsense?

    Living in the South and from Arkansas, trust me, right now, we would love to see some dust and not flooding waters.

  24. Warren,
    You only have so many useable days to get your crop in and harvest it.


    When my father used to mow those alfalfa fields, we kept our fingers crossed that it wouldn't rain before we could get the raking and baling done.

    Nothing stinks like wet, mowed alfalfa!

    Having the dust fly meant that the bales would last longer in my father's friend's horse barn.

  25. Silverfiddle,
    This may sound like ignorant city slickers peddling naive progressivism, but they know exactly what they are doing.

    You've got a point there.

    But many farmers I know are Democrats, so they just chalk up the EPA's dust control as stupidity.

  26. Obama's czars doing what they do best, "regulating our lives".

  27. "The county has until 2018 to comply with updated street sign regulations, but must have a plan in place by Jan. 1, 2012."

    Or else what?

  28. In my home state of Kansas, dust would get on everything. You can't keep a car clean.

    Here in Virginia, well, I've never in my life lived in a place where the pollen covered everything in a fine yellow dust.

    Controlling dust is just stupid. Now, if they could find a way to control pollen...

  29. they'll be banning lint next and confiscating my drier.
    MY GOD.

  30. Sablegsd,
    "The county has until 2018 to comply with updated street sign regulations, but must have a plan in place by Jan. 1, 2012."

    Cutting off federal funds?

    Financial penalties as in fines?

    Maybe both.

  31. Z,
    I guess it's back to hanging out clothes on a clothesline. BTW, some planned communities have banned clotheslines. And those living in apartments and condominiums don't have even the possibility of clotheslines.

    Or maybe the EPA will start to sent out lint inspectors. Heh.

  32. Z,
    And, of course, the lint inspectors would be paid by the taxpayers.

  33. Silverfiddle said:

    "Of course, the politicians will be willing to sell exemption...

    Or shut down their patrons/donators competition.

  34. Warren,
    I look for the Obama administration and the Democratic Party as a whole to shut down their patrons/donators competition. The DNC is going to do everything it can to make sure that BHO is elected in 2012.

    PBS anchor Tavis Smiley recently opined that the 2012 election will be the most racist and most divisive election in America's history. That statement is ludicrous, as pointed out in this essay at Townhall:

    (2) Did the political independents who flocked to President Obama in 2008 suddenly develop racist tendencies, or might the president's current unpopularity have something to do with his failed initiatives, unwanted and costly experiments, broken promises, and incoherent foreign policy?

    (3) Next year will witness the most racist campaign in the history of the Republic? Like, more racist than when an unapologetic segregationist ran and won nearly 14 percent of the popular vote? And more racist than the elections that partially hinged on a years-long dispute over whether blacks were human beings or property? Or the one where The Democratic Party's platform explicitly demanded strict enforcement of fugitive slave laws?

    It's a long, long way to the 2012 election, and I'm already weary with the Left's nonsense -- particularly their nonsense about racism.

    Meanwhile, the Left has no hesitation in Allan West and Uncle Tom.

  35. meanwhile people are starving in poor nations, because the eco-nazis have cut our food production.


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