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Friday, May 13, 2011

Tax Truths

With a hat tip to Conservatives on Fire:

Some reading: Tax the Rich Until They Bleed at Conservatives on Fire. My comment to Conservatives on Fire's post below the fold:
Besides, the term “rich” is relative. As my grandmothhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifer liked to say, “There’s nobody so rich that somebody else isn’t richer.” She also liked to say, “If I have $10 and you have $0, the only way I can make you richer is to make myself poorer. And then I won’t have enough money to support myself — and neither will you.”

A wise woman — my grandmother.


  1. So, the grotesquely rich will not feel the crunch of high taxes, but your average, hard-working American will.

    I hope I got it right.

    I hate taxes, period.

  2. I've been a big fan of De Rugy for a long time. This is the first time I've seen her on TV. Interesting.

    Go to Reason.com for a regular dose of her excellent research and explanations of how the economy works.

  3. Leticia: You did get it right. The rich have access to exotic financial instruments and ways to hide their money. We working folk just have to take it.

    AOW: Your grandmother was a wise woman.

  4. Out of death and taxes, I think I prefer death.

  5. The "logic" of the left stands in contrast to reality.

    The left--the rich are a bunch of greedy cunniving tax dodges....

    The left-- we should raise taxes so we can get more of their money

    SO the cunniving, greedy tax dodging rich are going to stop being cunniving greedy tax dodging cheats after demos raise taxes???? Only a leftist moron would come to such a conclusion...

    This is like Obama suggesting to the unemployed to go out an buy a new Volt at $40,000 because the price of gasoline is going into the atomosphere.....moron

    Reality check--raising gas prices like taxes mostly affect us the working people...you know the little people

  6. Blogginator,
    Of course, the Left doesn't use logic. Rather, the Left uses logic fallacies, and those not trained to look for those fallacies are often deceived. A wonderful, child-friendly book on recognizing logic fallacies = The Fallacy Detective. I use that book with my debate students.

  7. fallacy number #2--

    Leftists/Democrats---say Republicans want Seniors to lose their healthcare

    But it was the Democrats/Leftists that passed the cuts to Medicare Advantix under the flim flam know as Obamacare

  8. fallacy #3

    The Democrats are the party of the little people. They are not in the pocket of big business.

    Republicans are in the pocket becuase they want to give companies tax breaks...


    Democrat/Leftists under Obama and Company gave wheelbarrows of money to selected corporations under the fascade of several programs including TARP, Cash for CLunkers etc..

    A true Republican/Conservative wants lower taxes for everyone but the persons still have to earn the money.

    The results a devasted economy with Wall Street making money hand over fist and magically Obama picks up 3/4 billion dollars in Campaign funds 2 years before the election---any one want to bet the money didnt come from little old ladies living in Mytrle Beach?

    I alsmost forgot the GE executive has his own ley to the White House and his compnay paid what in taxes......oh yeah nothing.


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