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Friday, May 13, 2011


Information about Blogger's recent malfunctions below the fold:

Blogger recently went through a period of malfunction. My post of yesterday (May 12) has been forever lost as have been some comments to previous posts.

Other temporary glitches also appeared, such as my identity going from "Always On Watch" to "Always." That error has apparently been fixed by Blogger.

Please be advised that I myself have not deleted any posts or comments.

Also be advised that Blogger is still having some technical difficulties. I did manage to get one post to publish today. Please scroll down.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Hat tip to Leticia for the idea of using the following song to end this post:


  1. Sweet! Great song, isn't it? Definitely a song for survivors of bad relationships.

  2. I heard that Blogger was in the process of retrieving those articles, that they were not lost forever. I sure hope that is true for all the great Blogger users.

    Right Truth

  3. That post of mine announcing my decision to run for president of the United States, gone forever...

  4. I am so lucky. I had finished a post just as the problem started. For some reason I decided to copy and paste the post to Word until it could be posted. That turned out to be a wise move since it disappeared from my Blogger dashboard.

    Some of my comments are still missing but that's really no big deal.

    Others were not as lucky.

    Hey - I sort of like "Always" heh

  5. Debbie,
    Apparently, Blogger decided, at long last, to trash the posts done since the scheduled maintenance. The one post that I lost seems not to be retrievable; that particular post is no big loss as it linked to material no longer available due to Blogger's dumping of that material so as to restore Blogger.

  6. Hey, I'm GLAD my comments about wanting to see someone sh**t the *res*de*t were lost, I mean, I could have gotten in a lot of trouble for saying how much I wish someone would k**l that *on o* * b***ch. Oh dang, looks like you're still having technical problems...


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