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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Obama's Dissatisfaction

Note to readers: Due to my work and caregiving schedules, I will be posting less frequently than usual.

Caught on an open microphone on April 14, Obama said the following:
...Obama [...] weighed in on the performance of rank-and-file federal employees, saying it is “striking ... how generally smart and dedicated” federal workers are, according to Knoller.

But Obama added that some government workers “are slugs and not trying to do their job.”
Sounding like a teeny bopper, Obama also complained about another matter while caught on that open mic:
"I always thought I was gonna have like really cool phones and stuff," he said during a Q&A session with contributors to his re-election campaign.

"We can't get our phones to work." Acting out his exasperation, he said: "Come on, guys. I'm the president of the United States! Where's the fancy buttons and stuff and the big screen comes up?..."
Obama also expressed dissatisfaction when asked questions he didn't like or expect, or when an interviewer corrected Obama's misstatements.

Furthermore, Obama apparently wasn't satisfied with the early versions of the story of the killing of Osama bin Laden. As a result, there appeared changed and divergent versions of that account as well as specially-posed photographs to publicize the death of Osama bin Laden and, most importantly, to portray Obama as Presidential. Is Obama satisfied now? Not likely as he hasn't really sprouted a halo.

The Obama administration might as well discard "Hail to the Chief" and use the following as the official theme song:

Possibly, Obama can get some satisfaction by losing the election in 2012 and, thus, go back to anonymity.

Additional reading: "Obama's Likability Gap."


  1. Awww, the poor frat boy in chief doesn't like questions that take him by surprise, does he?

    My heart bleeds for him, really it does.

    And yes, he can always drop out of the running. Nothing would make many Americans happier.

  2. Obama, along with the much of the public, has fallen victim to Hollywood. It's all supposed to be Jack Bower and and a high tech Oval office just like in the movies.

    This is real-life. It's hard work, and things don't always work out just right. It is scary that we have a president who is just now realizing this.

  3. Did he say all this after the golf game or before?

  4. At one point in Israel's history, God made this pronouncement on them as a form of judgment:

    Isaiah 3:4 "And I will make boys their princes, and infants shall rule over them."

    What he was talking about was not literal children in respect to age, but in regard for their intellectual talent or ability to govern. When I look at the Obama administration, I see the context of that scripture. I've been paying attention to politics since the Nixon administration.
    Although I can certainly say we've bad presidents making bad policy in the past, this is the first one that is child-like in his lack of experience and protocol for handling matters. It also shows in Obama's thin-skinned responses to reporters and others who question him in any significant way. It is sad what we have come to.

  5. Basically he's a classless little punk from Chicago.

  6. He's a whiner and cry baby!whaaaa whaaaa


  7. Barack Obama is easily the least understood president since Jimmy Carter. This is because he speaks partly in gibberish, partly in bald-faced lies, and partly in DNC talking points, which as we all know makes no sense whatsoever.

    But let’s cut to the chase here: anyone who doesn’t understand what Obama is all about is a filthy racist swine. Anyone who does not support his leftist goal of fundamentally change the United States of America is a filthy racist swine. Anyone criticizing the President of the United States, including news people who capture anti-Obama demonstrations on camera, is a filthy racist swine.

    Now I read the other day where Obama intends to tax America into prosperity. Whoever among you that does not appreciate this policy is a filthy racist swine. Don’t fret; he’ll be gone in another five years.

  8. Mustang, that was hurtful. Some of us are upset with him because he is caving in to the right too much and has not raised taxes enough. He hasn't given amnesty to the illegals so they can vote in the next election. We don't even have a cap and trade law yet. He promised.

  9. Let's hope he's not the "President of the United States" after 2012.

  10. "Basically he's a classless little punk from Chicago."

    I think Chuck has Obama's number.

  11. Cry me a river. It's obvious that we have a two-year-old in office. Oh, wait, scratch that, I know a few two-year-olds that would be insulted by that comparison.

    Nothing will every satisfy this man, unless this nations crumbles and bows down at his feet.

  12. Gah! More of Obama's total self-absorption:

    President Obama doesn’t seem to have even peered out his Air Force One window to view the swelling Mississippi, a minimal show of interest for which George W. Bush was pilloried when he took a peek at the damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. At least Bush bothered to look.

  13. Catching Obama talking when he doesn't know anyone is listening is a good thing. I remember audio of him at a big fundraiser in California I think. Wow, I feel vindicated at my negative feelings for him.

    Right Truth

  14. President OH-BLAH-BLAH losing the election in 2012...What a marvelous thought!

  15. Good lawrd, this so-called president is turning into Dr. Evil from Austin Powers!

    As far as his regard for the flooding... I suppose that Barack Obama doesn't care about white people!


  16. when they catch him off mike..Heaven help us..the real thug emerges! have a super day my friend!:)

  17. Meanwhile, Obama plans to ramp up his outreach to the Moslem world.

  18. If obama thought some government workers are useless parasites then why is he always trying to expand the size of government. The liberal mindset, always defaults to more of what doesn't work.

    As for the phones with the buttons and what not, i thought his teleprompter was enough.

  19. I'd express the LIKE details of my disdain for this man but, LIKE, then I'd LIKE be arrested. (*&#$@(*&@#($*&

  20. Obama & his mirrors possess enough pathologies to keep a team of psychologists busy for years.

  21. "O" BAMBA ! Goes down easily with "Goldstar" beer !...

    Verification word :- "freesmile"...

  22. finally something we agree on and since leadership begins at the top...we can conclude your employees are following your example...sorry to interrupt your golkf game, vacation, fundraising dinner, tapping of the next Oprah show, beer summit etc

  23. The entitled ones, potus and flotus, aren't happy unless they are reaping all the benefits to which their exulted exultednesses are entilted. What a farce.
    Well, we put the "one" in power, we made our bed, yep, now we can sleep in it. Until 2012.


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