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Monday, January 3, 2011

Recommended Reading

See "Obama’s Coup D’état" over at Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead. Excerpt (conclusion):

Urge–no, DEMAND–that your representatives use their power under the 1996 Congressional Review Act to VETO the unconstitutional actions of the FCC, the EPA, and the HHS. If we allow the arrogant minions of the left to blithely destroy the heritage of freedom for which good men and women have fought and died for the last 234 years, if we waver in the face of attack by our domestic enemies–the enemies of Constitutional governance, therefore the enemies of liberty–then we no longer deserve the right to bear the proud name “American”. We will have proven ourselves in the end to be no more than abject cowards, fleeing at the terrifying sound of the guns. And something else–when and if that time does come, we will no longer be citizens. We will be subjects.
Read it all HERE.

In my view, blogger Bob Mack is spot on with his post.

America is facing flirtation with tyranny, if not an actual love affair.


  1. I think this may be the most overlooked story of the past year.

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  3. Recommended reading:
    "All the Devils Are Here: The Hidden History of the Economic Crisis" McLean and Nocera.

    It will make your hair stand up. Pretty comprehensive bunch of bad actors and if you finish this and still believe markets are infallible then I can only say you're pathological. Truly frightening book.

  4. Ok so basically, conservatives and republicans to a lesser extent are to blame for the World's ills and if we just all listened to you and laid aside our liberties to Obama and the democrats the World would be a better place.....sort of like darfur,Rawada, eastern Europe before the wall came down, North Korea, Iran, Haiti.....and the list goes on......do you actually study history????? or just people's opinion of it???

  5. but I digress...the point of the article was not for you to reveal the limited bnature of your research but to raise awareness that Obama is a dictator following his whims and not following the legistlative process of this democratic Republic based on the Constitution......

  6. No, Blogginator, Nostradumbass (ducky) doesn't study anything that might disturb his fantasy world and never lets facts or reality get in the way of his childish ideology.

    He does, however, have a very refined sense of entitlement that that can be read through his constant psychological projection and his unassailable, although risible, belief in his own superiority.

    Hold on to your hat Carl Jung!

  7. Warren..agreed....

    This book of his can probably be summed up thusly....blame Bush Jr.


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