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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Hat tip to Bob Mack for bringing to my attention this essay by Ann Coulter, who commented as follows on Obama's 2011 State of the Union Address:

Obama said, "We are the nation that put cars in driveways and computers in offices; the nation of Edison and the Wright brothers; of Google and Facebook."

And then the government outlawed Edison's great invention, made the Wright brothers' air travel insufferable, filed anti-trust charges against Microsoft and made cars too expensive to drive by prohibiting oil exploration, and right now -- at this very minute -- is desperately trying to regulate the Internet.

Bob also posted a link to this post over at Gateway Pundit: "US Communist Leader Urges Unification With Democratic Party."

A personal note below the fold:

Yesterday, we had several inches of snow here in the D.C. area. I'll be spending much of today shoveling out! The veterinarian needs access to my house because Dusti, the oldest of my cats at age 13, is showing signs of bladder or kidney problems. Otherwise, I would not be in a hurry to clear a path.

We do have heavy, wet snow and ice on the power lines and trees, as well as stranded vehicles abandoned during yesterday evening's commute.

Here's to hoping that we don't have a power outage!


  1. I actually listened to parts and pieces of the State of the Union Address. I cringed every time he spoke as though it was government and by extension his job to create jobs.

    Mr. President the problem would fix itself if you found a hobby perhaps a few more rounds of golf, or maybe expensive trips at taxpayer expense, or you could follow Clintons steps and get to know your interns.

    Either way get out of the economy.

  2. Good luck shoveling out and best wishes for your cat!

    Ann Coulter's quote is priceless!

  3. Beth,
    My neighbor with the snow blower came to my rescue. He also cleaned off my car!

    As for the vet, he's snowed in. But when he's able to get out, he lives so close to me that he can get here if need be.

  4. Prayers for Dusti.

    Our older kitty is about 17 and has kidney problems.

  5. That was a hoot! Thanks,much needed after trying to dig out.

  6. Adrienne,
    Thank you for your prayers for Dusti, She is my "heart cat."

    Thus far, she's not in crisis. I hope that the vet will be able to get here soon, though.

  7. The heap from BO's SOTU speech is more than your neighbor can clear.

    Best wishes for your cat. My "heart" cat has recently lost the hair from her rear end. Have you ever heard of that?

  8. I read that essay this morning, and linked to it on Facebook. Best part for me was the beginning when she said she missed the middle part of Obama's speech because she read "War and Peace".

    She's a hoot!

    I called out of work today, because I had to drive from Fredericksburg to Prince William County instead of my wife, who was too afraid to make the trip in the snow. Turned out, the snow was cleared off the roads all the way up, and no problem at all. But, I missed a day of pay.

  9. Cube,
    Your heart cat may have trouble with anal glands. A low dose of metamucil may help.

    Another possibility: dermatitis. Years ago, one of my cats had flea-bite induced dermatitis and snatched her rear end bald! The vet prescribed prednisone by mouth, and the trouble cleared up.

  10. Mark,
    I just got home from a quick trip to the nearest convenience store.

    Trees and limbs down.

    A few abandoned cars.

    Some narrow lanes where the snow wasn't cleared.

    But the roads themselves were passable even though side streets were coated with a bumpy ice pack.


    This particular column by Ann Coulter was outstanding!

  11. best wishes for your lil pet AOW..as far as the speech: Pffttt!!!

  12. Now there's a word I've not heard for sometime (Anti-Trust).

    It still amazes me how you can file anti-trust charges against Microsoft but have your respective state collude with a single energy provider for natural gas and another for electricity. Here in Minnesota we have Centerpoint for natural gas (formerly Norther States Power) and Excel for electricity.

    Of course this cozy relationship is totally fascist (see Italy's Mussolini) but wouldn't ya know than in today's environment they pack it with roses and spray some frebreeze or something on it so it doesn't smell like the crap that it is.

  13. Soapster,
    Your point about utility companies is an interesting one.

    I will admit that I did like my phone service under Ma Bell, though.

    LOL to this part of your comment:

    they pack it with roses and spray some frebreeze or something on it so it doesn't smell like the crap that it is

  14. I should say it is an interesting one. I've been embroiled in giving them, the Public Utilities Commission, and that globe trotting former governor/presidential wannabe Tim Pawlenty over Centerpoint's new tier pricing mechanism.

    In short, the new tier pricing mechanism charges you not a straight per therm cost but instead charges on a graduated rate. Use more therms???...pay more per therm.

    It'd be like pulling into a gas station and instead of paying $2.50 a gallon, the gal in the prius pays $2.25 and the construction guy driving the Ford F-350 pays $3.50 a gallon.

    Of course the recourse is a couple options none of which are without some governmental agency's boot on your throat.

    1) Pull out your gas furnace and gas appliances and install electric ones.

    Oh wait...that won't work as now you're only subjected to the collusive pricing mechanism of the state's only eletricity provider Excel energy.

    2) Pull out your gas furnace and install a wood burning stove.

    Oh wait....now that the DNR controls where you can purchase wood due to emerald ash borer you can only buy wood locally. AND, of course the legislature is looking to place new restrictions on burning because wouldn't ya know it bothers some of the neighbors.

  15. I spotted THIS over at Chuck's site:

    The president’s State of the Union Address drew 43 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

    That’s down 11% from his speech last year, and down 18% from his address in 2009.

  16. Soapster,
    All these regulations put us caught between a rock and a hard place. Ugh.

  17. Indeed. I hate to be the bearer of bad news; the "Debbie downer" if you will but this notion that we are a capitalist society here in America really is becoming something of a farse.


    All that shoveling of snow yesterday and today has taken its toll. My back injury has flared up!

    I'm going to have to take some medication and sign off from the web for a while. **sigh**

  19. Hi AOW, take care of yourself. I know how all that awful snow can wear a person out. You guys are getting way more than your share lately.

    I hope you feel better and Dusty is ok. I'm glad you have a nice neighbor that helps you shovel. Out here in crap town, I could use one of those.

    Of course the commies want the democRATS as comrads. It's getting scary out there. I'm worried about the direction things are going.

  20. Hi AOW. I wanted to leave this link for you & your readers. Can't vouch for the veracity, but where there's smoke, there's usually fire.


  21. Good excerpts. Reminds me of The People's Cube story about the Communist party suing the democratic party for stealing their platform.

  22. What a great pointing out of Obama's hypocrisy! If anything is a runaway capitalist success, the leftists will not be long to stifle it.

    I hope your back feels better right away. Back pain can be outright debilitating! As you know, it is also a recurrent problem. Lots of heat and take your meds; I know it must be difficult to rest it though, with Mr. AOW depending on you.

    I also hope your kitty is OK Urinary problems are miserable for a cat, especially when they are well behaved with their toileting!

    Just last week we found a VERY sweet, personable Siamese at the pet store's adoption center, if you can believe it! We thought she might be good company for out adolescent cat Spot, as the dogs are not really interested in her.

    She is scheduled to make a trip to the dreaded vet tomorrow. She has caught a respiratory infection, probably while at the shelter. At night she sounds pitiful, waking up to cough.

  23. Stay safe with shoveling the wet snow, it's a killer of backs and hearts.

    Coulter nailed it on the speech.

  24. ouch, hope your back gets better. the snow is ridiculas, lighter fall and power went out this year-.- no sense. really hope your cat gets better, 13 is up there but not to high!

    and lol, the quote was great. unfortunatly, all too true...

    and seriously, they need to get rid of the anti-trust laws, they only hurt, not help.

  25. My lower back feels better this morning after medications, a hot bath, and a good night's sleep. My arms and shoulders? A different story, but the pain there is only muscle pain.

    No snow to shovel today. Hooray!

    My body needs to recover before the next snowstorm hits next week.

  26. Bob,
    I read the link. If it is true that the White House is clamping down on any references to BHO's eligibility to serve, then something strange is indeed afoot. Why not just produce the paper and shut everyone up that way?

  27. Wildstar,
    We didn't lose power here. Loss of electricity would be a serious problem for us as Mr. AOW still needs the hospital bed (electric lift) to come to a sitting position. In addition, if he gets too cold, he has muscle contractures. I guess that we'd have to go so someone else's house or a hotel if power were off too long here. We do have an inverter, a type of generator.

    Dusti is holding her own and doesn't seem to be in pain. Her appetite is off, though.

  28. Brooke,
    Hope that all goes well with your Siamese cat. Respiratory infections can be serious.

  29. Bunni,
    We may get another big snowstorm next week. Ugh.

  30. Coulter always nails it. No doubt it'll fly right over the big government leftards.

    "....and made cars too expensive to drive by prohibiting oil exploration...."

    To be fair, liberals were really aiming for a move to bicycles communist style, but had to settle for banning oil exploration to reduce car usage. Small steps for now.


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