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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iced In!

(image below from the Internet)

I won't be venturing out until a bit of a thaw arrives later today. No way can I get down that wheelchair ramp and to the car without falling!

Meanwhile, may the power stay on.


  1. Got to love Global Warming :).

  2. Hi AOW.
    We got lucky here it turned right away in rain,but flash freeze for tonight and that's not a pretty thing eighter.
    Have a great day!

  3. Ugh! Yes, I'll pray that you don't lose power.

  4. Yuck, we had that stuff last week. Hope to avoid anymore of it.
    Rain and fog today, in other words miserable.

  5. These are good times to bake cookies:-) I'm praying for your power, AOW. We are expecting some of the same in Oklahoma tonight and tomorrow.

  6. It took me over an hour and a half to chip the ice off the wheelchair ramp and the car. Once I got all that done, I make a quick trip to the nearest 7/11 convenience store. The roads I traveled, main roads, were just fine.

    So far, so good, as far as keeping our electrical power.

    The above is the good news.

    The bad news? We may get more freezing drizzle tonight.

  7. Maggie,
    Even if the power were to go off, I have a gas cooking range.

    I'm not planning on baking cookies (Would that I had the ingredients on hand!), but I will fix something in the over for dinner tonight. The extra heat will take the chill off the house!

  8. Considering people do not know how to act in snow, rain, rain and ice mixed here in Northern Virginia I would not venture out either. Stay in and stay warm and safe. These people drive like fools out here! UGH!

    Be safe girl friend! me xo

  9. love the ice-no school today! augh, but my 1AC and 1NC are going to kill me...
    though i do hope no accidents are caused by the ice. i'm guess mr. AOW is not allowed outside?
    and i also hope the power stays on. winter+no power= brr!!!

  10. Wildstar,
    Doing 1AC's and 1NC's does get easier after the first debate round is held.

    Next class session for debate, we'll go over the 1AC's to see who has the best one.

  11. Watch out global warming sure is tough

  12. I hope you keep the power and for Heaven's sake, don't fall!

  13. It's that globull warming you see. If only we'd get a bit of that burning while being frozen over ey.

  14. We got six inches of snow last night. What you folks fail to realize is that this is the result of global warming. My proof? Cold and snow are merely the predecessors of the globe heating up and drying out. So the more snow and cold and rains and floods we have, the worse the plant is heating up.

    I love this (ill) logic. No matter what happens with the weather, it will be labeled "man caused climate change." Nothing like defining the entire basis of the argument so that you cannot lose no matter what happens.


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