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Friday, January 21, 2011

Proofread, Please!

As a teacher of composition, I am always urging my students to proofread their work.

The White House could learn a lesson in that regard (hat tip to Cube):

Big Journalism comments:
Considering this Administration strutted into the White House behaving as though they were the most competent team of Internet geeks who would use digital media and social networking like never before, a simple thing like this really calls into question the oversight and attention to detail one should expect from our first Internet-President.
I concur because I'm particularly unforgiving when it comes to proofing copy.

And don't even get me started on Obama's many lapses in enunciation when he delivers speeches! **sigh**


  1. I'm no fan of Hu and the ChiComs, but this is an inexcusable mistake.

  2. Oh, where are my manners?

    Thanks for the link :-)

  3. oops... That is really a bad mistake to make!

  4. Could be an acceptable variation. Chinese languages lend themselves to a number of spellings.

  5. Duck,
    I'd possibly buy that explanation -- except for the discrepancy between the title and the text of the graphic in this post.

  6. I wonder Hu would have noticed? Heh....

  7. Hu Chu? And what did Hu Chu if Chu was at dinner. Oh well, Hu's on second?

    If chu don't know the difference in Hu and Chu , chu shouldn't be writing articles.

  8. AOW, you at least have to give Ducky high marks for consistency.

    I wonder how many people in the protocol office spell the word ask as axe. This could explain the insult.

  9. Are we at all surprised by the embarrassing incompetence of this administration and its flunkies?


  10. Obvioulsy this was done by the obama kids and is a show case for how 'well' our kids are doing in skrewl, ur I mean school.

  11. Big deal - the writer sneezed - phonetically.


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