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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Looking Back On 2020

As we leave 2020 and begin 2021, we look back on the annus horribilis. Here is the summing up:

May 2021 be much kinder to us than 2020!

Happy New Year!   
Calendar, work your magic!


  1. Tonight we say Goodbye. And Good Riddance to 2020.
    Out with the Old and in with the New! So, lets start the New Year off with more Happy Thoughts of Motivation, Good Health, Positivity and perhaps make some Resolutions that might will ensure 2021 is a Good year! To give you a head start and a little sprinkle of inspiration who knows what it came bring!
    While we wait for 12:00 to begin the New Year, and to be done with i2020, ,let’s remember what we do have to be Grateful for this year. I’m sue that if we look hard, and long enough, we could find some Good that happened in 2020.

    Wishing you all peace and health for 2021!

    We have made it through the bad days, lets hope that we have some GOOD ones to talk about next year.
    And To all my Friends in the Restaurant Business, I know very well that you had a rough 2020 let’s put it ALL in the past and celebrate a New Year with Good Health. Good Luck, and Prosperity. May 2021 be an Extraordinary one! So fill up our glasses and lets Toast to a New Healthy, and Prosperous Year
    Happy New Year !

  2. Well, one good thing that has occurred this year has been the effect that it has had on our marriage. The year has strengthened the sense of community that we had when we were first together, we do more things as a team, share more fun times together and communicate better than we have in many years.

    1. ++

      This was a good year for my family as well, so I'm conflicted.

      I hope Biden keeps the pressure on China. They caused this pandemic.

  3. Nice wishes from the 2 above, I can only say that I second them both.

  4. It's gonna get harder but best wishes for health and happiness to all DJT voters(Americans).

  5. Those who are close have become closer due to the media inspired fear. I am not saying there is no reason to be concerned but the media was embarrassed in 2016 and they wanted payback which they got. Every newscast starts and ends with covid cases. There is no flu this year so I guess that is good.

    We had a lot of coincidences in 2020

    The vaccine was announced 4 days after the election

    People could go to the store but not to the polls so we started unsolicited mail in ballots

    One station reported the questionable activities of father elect and son. Five percent of voters didn't know hunter was being accused of anything.

    We had a person win the presidency while living in his basement and the press thought nothing of that

    The upcoming takeover administration thinks china is a competitor not an enemy and they have no blame in bringing down the world.

    Our enemy is not China, it is our own media.

    Hope for a happy 2021 and four years of good health for predator joe

  6. If you want another President like Trump you're going to have to work to lower the age requirement to be President to 5 years old.

    1. I think that today I’ll start by saying how much I love my country and freedom and that I consider myself a reasonable, and very patriotic American. I obey the law, and I go to church on occasion.
      I have always respected my President no matter who he was, until Mr. Obama was elected. (Yeah I know I’m going to be labeled a “racist” because of that statement. But, you know what? I don’t give a hoot what you STINKIN Progressives say, or think! Especially that dumb-Ass Progressive who writes that CRAP on that "PROGRESSIVE" blog. . And I don’t care to have any Socialist policies shoved down my, throat. I try not to judge people who disagree with me, but that Dumbass over in that Progressive SHIT-Hole don't feel that way.
      She would rather spend her loathsome day writing her Bullshit about President Trump. She was, and probably still is so in love with that Magic Negro, and his Husband who goes on TV Late night Shows doing Jumping Jacks. However I have Always felt that my opinion is as good as the next guys. I had enlisted and served in the US Army for 4 years, and I feel that I have earned the right to be called a PROUD REPUBLICAN. I get extremely pissed off, when I read blogs such as the person written by the Progressive Liberal in question here.So I'll end mu Rant by saying I hope that this New President the one with his head so far up his ASS continues to make a Fool out of himself and his Stupid "DOCTOR" wife, until he is pulled out of the White House and put in the Retirement home where he belongs. And that Mixed Breed "Whore" takes his place as planned.

  7. Trump has done more damage to the republican party than anyone in my lifetime. His recent behavior shows he is a narcissistic buffoon who does not deserve any respect. Now his goal is to insure a democrat senate by making baseless statements in the GA runoff.

    We have had a horrible run the last 12 years. Eight years of an incompetent, racist special interest administration who only wanted to bring down the middle class. This was followed by four years of a president who didn't need a PR staff because no one could promote him as well as he could and because of him we get a guy who lives in his basement and doesn't know his own wife.

    I just hope predator joey has a healthy four years and then we can put Nikki in to fix what he broke.
    Trump did some great things but when he lost the election, his own fault, he turned into a spoiled child of privilege who just had his toy taken away. If anyone thinks he is thinking about the country they need to examine his actions since November.

    1. When a party and it's leaders claim to stand for classical liberal values, but betrays them every step of the way....that party deserves to die an ignominious death.

    2. Me thinks that skudrunner has been hanging around those progressives to long and to often, he's starting to think like they do.

    3. Trump has done precisely what the Clinton's asked him to do when they invited him to run against Hillary in 2016. Biden will take office with a Democrat House and Senate at his command, and anyone supporting Republicans from here on out will (correctly) be regarded as seditious traitors.

    4. Trump will merely fade from the spotlight as the worst President America will ever have.

    5. I have known Skud for a long time across many forums, and I agree with him. People like Opinionated and Right are unfamiliar with thinking for themselves and departing from the official propaganda.

    6. TC, He does have a big barrier to overcome as the worst ever. Jimmy and Barry already have that covered. Trump was doing fine before hunter negotiated with china to bring him down and they did.

      OR, No I am just a pragmatists who doesn't take to hypocrites very well. Joey hasn't done anything for 45 years and he probably won't start anytime soon. He will spend his time in his basement trying to keep hunter out of the news. CNN has already said they are not going to attack the president and just show him respect. Now that is being a hypocrite.

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  9. Call me a pessimist but I see no way to reverse the evil that the Socialist Democrats have done! The past election of the inept, unqualified, embarrassment, known as Joe Biden bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party, seems to be the way it is and the way it was planned. I can not see any way to head off the destruction and that is certain to follow..
    We have become too weak, too cowardly, too lazy, too self-satisfied, to do what needed to be done, when it was the time to do it.
    Trump tried his best, but he didn’t have the help he needed, not by the Courts, and not by his own party. After months of investigation, committees, and teams of Attorneys the cowardly Court Judges still say that they found no evidence of wrongdoing or corrupt actions by the Biden Campaign, or the Democrats in connection with his Son Hunter's business dealings in Ukraine, or with the Fraudulent election, no matter how high we stacked the evidence,
    WE ALL KNEW that the election was STOLEN and we have but one last shot at convincing them, and that on January the 6th. But I haven’t much confidence it that either. The American Democracy will be challenged, and I’m afraid that we will not have much chance in winning it back.
    The Democrats Dirty Tricks Department learned how to create fraudulent unverified ballots in Democrat precincts so there will never be another legitimate election.

    The sad thing is that we let the bastards get away with it.
    With the Democrat Party running the show, we can expect, anti-white racism,
    socialism, opposition to free speech, illegal alien voters, support for rioters, arsonists, murderers, and anarchists, like Black Lives, Matter, and the rest of the Thugs,
    and anti-Semitism. All bought and paid for by Communist China. And all while you worried about Donald Trump NOT being Presidential. And may I remind you that it was the Biden Family that sold their soul to the Chinese Communist Party. The corrupt treasonous Biden Family..
    All because of the filthy greed these Liberals have, they were willing to to destroy our Democracy in order to have a better chance at getting their Free Stuff... Unbelievable, isn't it? Greed is what creates Socialism, which in turn destroys nations.
    My post stands

    1. Good post, and I kind of agree with you. Let me add that I think America changed forever in 2008 when a Marxist with a hidden past, and a funny name Barrack Hussein Obama was elected President


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