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Thursday, December 17, 2020

A Few Changes Wrought By COVID-19

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Who knew that Hanna-Barbera's futuristic cartoon The Jetsons (1962), the Space Age counterpart to The Flintstones, would serve as a prophet?
Serious question: Have some of the changes wrought by the China Virus actually been of benefit?


  1. Big cities may not be all that great a place to live
    You can make more with unemployment that with employment
    You don't need to attend an all day meeting to determine what color the rest room should be painted
    You can do more with less especially if you fold the sheet in half
    You can go to work in a shirt and skivvies
    It is now obvious that our elected elite are actually dumber and more corrupt than thought possible

    1. Skudrunner,
      Good points!

      I wonder what will happen to local governments' tax base if office buildings sit empty. I predict that residential real-estate taxes will soar. I'd like to be wrong.

  2. Whatever benefits have come of this, corporations will figure out how to exploit and monetize them, all to our detriment.

    1. SF,
      Certainly that will happen. In fact, it probably already has.

      Still, there must be a few benefits they can't touch. I hope!

  3. Benefit.. Yes, a benefit to me personally, particularly working from home. No traffic to endure, and it's actually like being semi-retired when there isn't much work to do.
    Overall it has not benefited us. COVID = MAIL-IN BALLOTS=MASSIVE VOTR FRAUD. It is now clear we no longer have a country as designed.

  4. Well, there is the moratorium on evictions. But wait until it expires, which someday it must. Renters will find out that all that rent they were not having to pay was actually piling up and now has to be paid in full. Believe it or not, they will be amazed and bitterly disappointed. "I would have voted against the Democrats if I knew they were going to do this to me."

    1. That is indeed the McConnell stratagem. We've seen this austerity and sabotage movie before. We're even seeing right now in real time.

    2. At this point it no longer matters how people vote.

  5. It hasn't changed life much in the country, apart from scaring people away from church. That said, we've gained some too, more than we lost. So perhaps that's a benefit.

    Saying that, it's bizarre to see how quickly and totally people have bought into the virus scare. Even though they don't know anyone who's dying, they believe that they are, in massive, catastrophic, mind numbing numbers.

    I didn't know cable news had such power at this point, but apparently it does. To say nothing of corrupt legislatures.

    1. https://christmasdayuprising.org/
      Hebrews 10:25, NASB: "not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day ...

    2. I know 5 people who have come down with Covid19. Three have died, one is approaching death, one is recovering but with lung damage.

      "Bought in to the virus scare"


    3. I am one of the people who is doomed to die a horrible death if infected by the corona virus. 77 years old. Severe emphysema, with more than 40% of both lungs destroyed. Hospitalized three times for pneumonia in four years, each time for 2 weeks plus. One heart attack, several strokes. Parkinson's Disease. If I get Covid I am dead in days.

      Except that didn't happen. I ran a 103+ temperature for a week. Lost fifteen pounds (that I didn't need anyway). Coughed for a week. Took a course of Zithromax. Never went within a mile of a hospital. Now my physical workouts are more rigorous than ever.

      Ask me how terrified I am of the pandemic.

    4. TC,
      What are the age groups of those you know who have come down with COVID-19?

    5. Jayhawk,
      IMO, there is no way to predict how this virus will affect individuals. For that matter, there is little way to predict how any particular individuals will be affected by any particular virus. Differing immune systems, perhaps. Other variables, too.

      Reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines will also, to a certain, be unpredictable. As one who had a terrible reaction to the chickenpox vaccine as an older adult, I know for a fact that live viruses affect different people differently.

    6. Congratulations. You got my point. How many people react as I did? How many die?

      Hint: about 0.01% die. How many people are terrified of driving 85mph on the freeway. Not many in San Diego, I can assure you. About 0.01% of them will die, too, but they do not stop doing it.

  6. Well, I used to have to get dressed and drive to the studio to broadcast, and my guests called in on the phone.
    Now, I can go into the spare bedroom I've converted into an office/studio and my guests skype in.
    I have software that gives me more control over my audio which I had to rely on the producer to provide in the past.
    But I miss the camaraderie of meeting the other show hosts in studio.

  7. That's really amazing, they managed to tell the real future back in 1962!


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