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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Joe Biden's Hot Streak

You can't make up this stuff! Dated October 10, 2020:
And, yet, the polls still show Biden winning on November 3. Go figure!


  1. I would guess that he doesn't like court-packing, but doesn't want to alienate the section of his base who would like to pack the court by saying so too often. Does anyone bother disagreeing with point number 3? He's wrong about point number 4, but he is not the first president or presidential candidate abuse the constitution to bolster his or dismiss his oppenent's policy preferences. Lincoln did it (arguably?), Trump does it, and I'd be willing to place a small bet that every president in between has done it too.

    1. "Does anyone bother disagreeing with point number 3."
      I do. You obviously don't understand the term correctly.
      Or you've only been listening to the Democratic talking points that distort the term.

    2. I know where the term comes from but I don't think it's a big deal. In honour of Franco's memory, I'll throw in the point that "language evolves!" I think it's like the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance: a legal distinction that would be important if we were in court; but while we're not, who cares? Not the vast majority of voters, I believe.

    3. Jez,
      I know where the term comes from but I don't think it's a big deal.

      It IS a bit deal!

    4. Court packing and filling vacancies are not the same thing. Not at all.


      Full stop.

    5. One quick parenthetical clause before we close that sentence: the GOP have gamed the system to fill more vacancies than would occur naturally during Trump's period of office.

    6. @ jez:
      No, the Republicans haven't "gamed the system". They filled empty seats that the Democrats just couldn't bother to fill because their arrogance was so great they simply couldn't even imagine that Hillary would lose the election. But she did!

      If you want to talk about gaming the system, you should look at all the questionable actions that took place to pass the Affordable Care Act under Obama. --Obama Care--

    7. Jez,

      Where have you read the "GOP have gamed the system to fill more vacancies...." That is categorically false.


    8. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/fixgov/2018/06/04/senate-obstructionism-handed-judicial-vacancies-to-trump/
      Many of the vacancies trump filled date back as far as 2014, thanks to the behaviour of the GOP controlled senate.

  2. Replies
    1. How about the one in which 56% of registered voters say they are better off now than they were four years ago?

      After six months of the media screaming that everyone is dying and that no one has a job, they are still better off than they were four years ago. Amazing. They don't want socialism. They do want to keep their police forces. They don't want kids who failed high school to get free college. Or, as the King of Siam would say, "Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera."

    2. Jayhawk,
      After six months of the media screaming that everyone is dying and that no one has a job, they are still better off than they were four years ago. Amazing.

      Amazing, indeed!

      Free college is an incredibly bad idea on so many levels.

  3. Couldn't remember Romney's name, and once again last night: forgot what he's running for.

    1. Ed and Adrienne,
      So I just saw. Sheesh. The man so clearly is in the throes of late cognitive decline.

      Where is his wife to get him off the national stage???

  4. The most accurate poll for the 2016 presidential election now says that President Donald Trump is just 2.6 percentage points behind Democrat Joe Biden.

    Four years ago, IBD/TIPP said the race between Trump and Hillary Clinton was closer than other national polls, and it was found to be the most accurate predictor of that election and the previous three.

    The latest IBD/TIPP poll results show a tightening race between Trump and Biden among likely voters:

    48.6% support Biden and 45.9% support Trump. That difference is within the margin of error.
    The poll was conducted from Sept. 30-Oct. 1 among 1,221 registered voters, including 1,023 likely voters. The margin of error was plus or minus 3.3 percentage points for the registered voters sample and plus or minus 3.5 percentage points for the likely voters sample. The sample of likely voters included 411 Democrats, 403 Republicans, and 201 independents.

  5. My prediction is it will be close. Every election boils down to who actually shows up to vote. Polls do not measure voter intensity. I do not think minority voters are inspired by Biden Harris. I said the same thing about Hillary and I was right.

    If Trump wins 15% of the Black vote he will likely win the election. The minority vote is the wild card in this election. If Dems can hold on to 90% of the black vote they likely win.

  6. I am waiting to see what happens to the so called Ballot Boxes that people are placing their ballots into without regard to what will happen to them. Am I the only one who expects that they will no doubt be set on fire or otherwise destroyed in order to create chaos? The election outcome will be determined if the democrats can rustle up enough dead people to vote IMHO.

  7. And just when you thought that the riots, and violence have sort of simmered down, and perhaps were done! Except, yesterday, the statues of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt bit the dust, as the rioters in Portland where pulling down statues to celebrate Columbus day.

  8. Yesterday was a disaster for Biden...a total catastrophe!

    Can’t the Democratic Voters tell that Biden is a wee bit Wacky when he couldn't even remember Romney's name (so he called him “The Mormon” , and then forgot what position he's running for ( he said vote for me I’m running for the United States Senate) , and then he forgot what State he was in!
    Or tells us that he doesn’t think that the American Voters DESERVE to know how he fells about “Packing the Courts”

    Dear Lord. "Running for the United States Senate! He should be running for the nearest Nursing home.

    This is just another example of Biden demonstrating that he's not mentally fit to hold the office.

    The real Idiots are the Useful Idiot Americans who are to Stupid to understand and gullible enough to believe anything that comes out of that Biden’s mouth.

    Biden’s speech yesterday was a perfect endorsement for Donald Trump

    1. And Mr. Trump told Puerto Ricans they'd better vote for him cuz he's been the best president for them.

      Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico cannot vote in presidential elections.

      Does this prove Trump had a disastrous day? Shouldn't the POTUS have known who can and cannot vote for him?

    2. @ Paula:
      Puerto Rico, is a special case. Any Puerto Rican can enter the US proper and claim citizenship and vote. Many still consider Puerto Rico their home and vote accordingly.

      President Trump is just much more politically savvy than you run of the mill Progressives --or whatever you are calling yourselves this week--. In other words, he's "stealing the votes" that you seem to believe are your given right!

    3. Paula,

      There are more Puerto Ricans with residency in one of the 50 states (many in Florida)than there are living on the island.

  9. You cannot negotiate, or argue with mad men like Andrew Cuomo. No sooner than to try to negotiate, or argue with Hitler

  10. As we see the mentality of leftists like Biden, and the people that surround him , it is easy to feel like you are the lone voice of sanity… but we Conservatives will not allow those who wish the destruction of our Cities, and our Country and all that we hold dear and sacred to crumble so easily. I can do nothing alone but together, and with the help of our President Donald Trump we can withstand the mightiest storm, together we will triumph. You are not alone; We ARE AMERICA, and we are AMERICANS. We Will NOT BE DEFEATED by this bunch of Idiotic FOOLS. These UN-appreciative, people like those who refuse to Stand for our Flag,and our Anthem! They can go to Cuba and enjoy life there and find out what it really means to be "Oppressed" and not have the Millions that they make from tossing around a Football.

  11. Biden on October 12:

    Forgot which state he was in. (Tweeted that he was in Pennsylvania when he was actually in Ohio)

    Forgot Mitt Romney's name and instead referred to him as "a Mormon."

    Forgot which office he was running for.


    1. Actually Biff and others, the polls in 2016 were largely correct on a national level. Where they failed was in the specificity of the vote as it related to the electoral college.

      Silver will remember that my question back then was what states would Trump flip. While it was unpredictable, the answer was PA, WI and MI, all very close races.

      The question for this years election starts with the 2016 map and the same question, but this time to Biden. What states did Trump win in 2016 that for the Dems to win, Biden can flip this year?

      Currently the three states Trump grabbed in 2016 seem to be in reach for the Dems, as does AZ.

      While the pundits are hanging on the polls, I think it is still too close to call.

    2. AOW... Biden ain't perfect, that's for sure, but the video you linked is an edited version of the whole video, that "this one" has linked.

      I think we read too much into these types of links and mistakes most of the time. I mean if we're going to see these videos as determinative, what should we make of this one showing Trump and his language struggles as well as the unedited Biden clip?

      showing Trump and his struggles?

    3. Rev, Hopefully when harris becomes president in January the seat sitter will remember the Morman he debated who happens to be a senator now. Granted his claim to fame was a colonial governor but joey should have at least remembered his name.

      80% of the vote will be trump. 40% will vote for him and 40% will vote against him but very few will vote for harris/biden. The only thing exciting about him is his gaffs.

      2020 The Year of No Choice

    4. One, how is filling an empty seat packing the court. You must be listening to chuckie because he says the same thing which is the democrat mantra.
      I watched a little of the hearing and very little was said about her qualifications but, as always, it was all about trump.

    5. Dave,
      Yes, the Biden video appears to have been edited. I see that now. But he certainly has made those mistakes before October 12.

      In my view, Biden is clearly in a state of cognitive decline -- independent of his brain problems related to his two brain surgeries years ago.

      As for Trump's language struggles, they are over quite a period of time. And some of it can be attributed to his Queens accent.

    6. Skudrunner,
      I watched a little of the hearing and very little was said about her qualifications

      I didn't watch the Barrett hearing today (Zoom teaching this afternoon for me), but I'll take your word for it.

    7. I don't even know why we are having hearings. Who has learned anything that they they dod not already know?

      Geez said it at her site, this has become a Dem campaign ad. The GOP should have waited til after the election if only to avoid giving the Dems hours of free airtime to "pontificate."

  12. Some people are splitting their sides somewhere, Or this is a master plan involving all this nonsense. I don't bet on any master plan, no it's just stupid is as stupid does.

  13. Biden could babble incoherently, drool down the front of his shirt and soil himself in public, and the press would cover for him.

  14. Regeneron was developed using a stem cell line made from aborted fetal tissue.

    Why isn't Barrett being questioned about her position?

  15. Because it has nothing to do with a Supreme Court nomination and even your darling, Snopes, gave the claim a "mixed" rating; saying:
    What's True

    The manufacturer of REGN-COV2 has stated that it employs stem cells in its research, most commonly mouse embryonic stem cells and human blood stem cells. The "antibody cocktail" given to Trump is a combination of two human-made proteins and was developed using a decades-old cell line derived from embryonic kidney tissues obtained from an aborted human fetus in 1973.
    What's False

    However, no human embryonic stem cells or recently harvested fetal tissues were used in the development of REGN-COV2, according to the manufacturer."


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