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Monday, October 26, 2020

Ghost Town: New York City?

From The Federalist's October 23, 2020 essay Of Course New York City Is A Ghost Town:

Read the essay HERE.

What is it like where you are?  

Here in the greater Washington, D.C., area, most of the cultural amenities are not happening  or are chocked full of procedure to follow: concerts, including the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts;  most Smithsonian Museums with restrictions destroying spontaneity (the Museum of Natural History, my favorite, even worse because that particular museum is completely closed, as is the D.C. National Air and Space Museum).

Dining out is a tedious experience.

Not much of a festive season this year.

Thanks, China.  **snarl**

And thanks power-hungry governments and linguine-spined sheeple.  **snarl again**

Related: Big Brother stomps on Thanksgiving in California. Excerpt:
...• Only three households may gather for Thanksgiving. 

• People must dine outdoors, although shade structures are allowed. (Depending on where one is in California, Thanksgiving and the December holidays are likely to be both cold and wet.) 

• Even while celebrating together, each of the three permissible households must stay at least six feet away from the two other households at all times, even while outdoors. 

• People may remove their face coverings only briefing to eat or drink. 

• The whole gathering must end within two hours. 

• Attendees must try not to sing, chant, or shout. 

• Musical instruments are allowed only if the musician is also a guest -- and that guest really shouldn’t play a wind instrument (e.g., trumpet, flute, etc.).... 
Read the rest HERE.


  1. How ironic.

    The left has been screaming for four years that Donald Trump is a fascist dictator just waiting for his moment to start the reichtag fire.

    The pandemic hits, and its the leftwing Democrats who get their fascist totalitarian on...

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  3. Bear in mind that these rules of conduct are enforced as if they were laws, but they are not laws. They are edicts issued by the Governor of California.

    For a law to be enacted in California, it must be passed by the legislature and signed by the governor, or it most be voted on and passed by the voting population. These edicts have been enacted by neither one of these legal mechanisms. They have simply been enacted by the stroke of a pen weilded by a governor turned dictator.

    And the people of California have calmly accepted and submitted to this due to the panic and fear created by the media.

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  8. Scary stuff.... and I am more convinced then ever that the numbers of Covid cases and especially deaths are highly inflated. Every death labeled Covid is worth a $37,000 bonus. Thus the fear mongering increases the willingness to submit to fear.

  9. The Dems have completely destroyed New York City and have turned it into a shithole.
    The NY newspapers headlines show that New York City mothers fleeing with their children as crime rampages the city. The democrats have destroyed all of our major cities, and towns.
    deBlasio has turned his back on the police, and left the people there defenseless. Why anyone would want to raise their families children in NYC is a mystery. NYC will be even worse than Chicago ..

  10. I watch NBC News. Not to learn anything, but to "keep a finger on the pulse." The fear mongering is simply horrendous.

  11. If you hate Democrat scum, as I do, forcing their lame ass mandates on you, it will all be over soon. When you see them out in public, make like Maxine waters and tell those pedophile defenders what you think of them. At the gas station, and grocery store...

    If Trump wins, we will see the return to normal. A return of salad bars and buffets, open bars, restaurants, Hair salons etc. .

    If Trump loses, you can Kiss salad bars and buffets goodby, as they will become tales of the past.

  12. It's just another virus. I'm going on 80 and a retired scientist. I don't need the government to tell me what to do.
    But I happen to agree that as long as there are naysayers who
    refuse to recognize they are tools of an unthinking organism,
    we will have a whole lot of hospitalized, sick and dying people. Wear seat belt? Go the speed limit? Pay your taxes?
    Probably. Stop a simple virus by following good medical practice? Hell no..it's tyranny. My deepest sympathies.

  13. What should we do tonight? After all, we live in New York City, the MOST swingingest, city of all the cities in the world. The City that never sleeps. So why are they now calling it a Ghost Town? ? Should we take in a Broadway show? Maybe go for a great meanl in one of NY’s great restaurants, and then do some bar hopping? How about a Jazz Club, or we could catch a Movie, and go dancing.

    Oh wait, hold everything, we can’t do ANY of that because we live in New York City, Der Fuhrer Cuomo and Chairman de Blasio won’t let us do these things because they say they are bad for us. And New York City is now known as a “Ghost Town”.. In fact we can’t even go to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving Because if we do, we are going to have to be Quarantined for 14 days when we return.

    Bill de Blasio has not only closed the restaurants, but he closed the Churches, Yeshivas and Synagogues, or put a 10 person limit on them, but he didn’t say ONE SINGLE word about the MOBS that Protesters who, Rioted, and Looted in Manhattan. In fact he joined tem at times. And he even joined the “Black Lives Matter” bunch to .help them GRAFFITI the street on Manhattans most prestigious street FIFTH AVENUE. Why? Because it was right in front of Trump Towers! I guess that makes it ok!
    But of course, somehow , this must ALL be Donald Trump’s fault. It always is, right? NO, NOT THIS TIME. I mean look, most of the country is open. But NOT New York City, and think of this....New York City has MORE people employed, vastly more kids going to schools, WAY MORE restaurants, hotels, and way more stores and Trump is also the president of the entire country, not just New York! And yes in ALL of these restaurants, hotels, etc. have you ever heard of even ONE Restaurant Waiter, Cook, or Customer getting SICK with the dreaded Virus? NO, and neither did I So how exactly does that work? Donald Trump is not the one denying New Yorkers the right to live their lives, Cuomo and de Blasio are.So why are they blaming President Trump? Don’t bother to answer that rhetorical question, I already know the answer.

    And if anyone who tells you differently, that Bull-Crap. New York should not be t a ghost town, but it’s Cuomo’s, and de Blasio’s political agenda. Let’s be absolutely clear about this, these political whore’s are liars! If it were not for the pandemic, if the current conditions in New York City came about as a result of ANY OTHER CAUSE, it would be called a disaster and the fastest most destructive down turn in the history of New York City. The wealthy people have already left, and relocated in Florida.

    But we aren’t supposed to say any of that. We aren’t supposed to speak the truth because to speak the truth would make Cuomo, and de Blasio look bad.
    So the bottom Line is that people are fleeing New York as crime, shootings, murders have become a normal thing in the City. And YES New York IS a Ghost Town, the Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Broadway Shows, Hotels, and even many Offices Buildings are either Closed down, or are empty. Of course they are, why would Tourists come here when everything is closed. The Democrats, along with Cuomo, and de Blasio have destroyed New York, and many other of our major cities. New York City will be even worse than Chicago ..soon. I HOPE THAT THE AMERICANS VOTERS ARE WATCHING

  14. I am surprised the California governor has omitted to issue citations for passing gas in public. Bad news for all suffering from a clunky, gall-stone filled gallbladder....

  15. During last weeks debate, Joe Biden warned us that “We’re about to go into a Dark Winter”.

    Of course, any smart thinking person who has heard Biden’s commitment to shut down our fossil fuel industry,[coal, gas, oil and end fracking] which provides the fuel for our nation’s power plants that heat and light our homes, knows Biden’s warning could only be true if Biden is elected.

  16. I think that this Trump victory will be larger than the last and leave the Dems even more stunned.


  17. Alyssa Cordova's husband was a police officer murdered in the line of duty in Arizona. She questions what kind of leader Joe Biden is since he isn’t standing up for police. She points to a memorial monument that was defaced with anti-police graffiti, labeling the police as murderers. Alyssa points out that her husband was ambushed, and murdered.
    And not in the line of duty.


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