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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

About Kamala Harris (with addendum)

To read in preparation for or after the Vice Presidents' 2020 Debate....

Addendum and worth your time:

Discover the Network's entry about Kamala Harris


  1. Harris is not actually "for" those radical policies. She talks the talk that she believes will secure votes, saying to each audience whatever she believes that particular audience wants to hear. She has no beliefs other than her own rise to power, and she will say whatever she is coached to say that will facilitate that rise.

  2. With only less than 4 weeks from election day, Gropin Joe Biden has now been exposed as having taken part in Two Major political scandals, one being just about the largest Political Scandal in America’s politics
    Today the facts were released showing that Crazy Uncle Joe the Hair Smeller was a major par of yhe planned Coup.

  3. Understanding domestic events are difficult to impossible without an honest press. A few journalists strive for honesty in factual reporting, but too many "honest-leaning" journalist's writing style tends to diminish the impact of disturbing facts. Not long ago, we could read two or more publications and glean from those what we think happened, to whom, where, and why. The press's failure in this regard has led us to a plethora of opinion writers who appear in news sheets and blogs —the emphasis here being, "Opinion." Unless we know the facts, we cannot determine what, if anything, believe —and I think this situation places the American Republic in a dangerous place. I urge people while digesting political stories to ask themselves, "What do you think you know (about), and How do you know it?" Otherwise, people tend to go off half-cocked. Such does not provide us with well-informed citizens.

    Ms. Levin states, among other things, that "Harris touts her time as a prosecutor, but she sides with the anarchists destroying our cities ..." I do believe that Harris does qualify as a "person of interest" in the destruction of the American Republic. Still, I would dearly like to see just ONE specific example of Harris siding with anarchists. If Levin cannot provide a citation that nails Harris' political coffin shut, then her opinion, while interesting, must go to the dust bin.

    Jayhawk has a handle on this problem. "[Harris] has no beliefs other than her own rise to power ..." should be enough to defeat her politically without pictures of Harris performing PM on an AK-47.

    1. Mustang,
      I would dearly like to see just ONE specific example of Harris siding with anarchists.

      Perhaps this:

      Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), Democrat vice president nominee, promoted a bail fund to “bail out” rioters.

      Harris, posted on her Twitter account:

      “If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.”

      The fund, called the Minnesota Freedom Fund not only “freed” rioters, but it also helped free five convicted domestic abusers and one accused domestic abuser from jail, including two men who allegedly strangled women.

      Not sure that the above qualities as anarchy, though.

      PS: I found the above by Google searching with the terms "Kamala Harris BLM bail fund."

  4. Replies
    1. From the above:

      Harris’s voting record as a U.S. senator made her the second-most-leftist member of the Senate, behind only Elizabeth Warren. .

    2. Those records are just for show. Neither Harris nor Warren are Leftists. They're merely corporatist poseurs.

  5. If Trump loses I hope he knocks the hell out of China with a massive Computer virus or some such.....there.. this whole thing is total nonsense with everyone hung up on the darn masks.

  6. The Biden campaign is floating trial balloons about canceling further debates because Trump has covid. Once again, El Donaldo has shot himself in the face with a cannon.

    1. I don't see why. Next debate is outside of quarantine limit, no?
      Follow the science! :)

    2. Looks like it's Trump who backed out of a reasonable offer to ensure the safety of the participants and staff. We had remote debates for the Kennedy/Nixon campaign, so there is precedent.

    3. Ed... we can't know if the debate date is out of the quarantine limit until we know when Trump last tested positive and when he actually contracted the disease. But he refuses to release that info.

    4. Dave,
      I disagree that the virtual debate is a reasonable offer. It is fraught with problems, including cheating.

      Furthermore, many people cannot stand "virtual life."

      Personal anecdote: it took me almost 6 months of constant practice to be an effective online teacher. And I've had a lot of experience with online life -- not video but internet radio, which I co-hosted for several years.

    5. The Trump campaign looks like they are trying to lose. The second debate was supposed to be in Florida. The Trump campaign should have said, weather's great, lets hold a safely-distanced town hall outside.

  7. Predator joe was part of the team that furthered the racial divide in this country. I wonder what obama thought when joey said blacks can't think for themselves or was he so entrenched in his desire to destroy the middle class that he just let it slide.

    In the VP debates the focus should not have been on the fly but on cruella and her smirky gestures toward pence.

    I don't see this debate changing anyone's opinion. Trump blew it and pence is not going to be able to bring it back.

    1. Skudrunner,
      her smirky gestures toward pence

      A lot of those!

      I'm not sure that Trump blew it. Election Day will tell the tale.

  8. You just can't be any more NON-Transparent than that...but Biden is already demonstrating he plans to run an equally NON-Transparent Administration, keeping America in the dark at least another 4 years if he is elected President.

  9. Replies
    1. o/t - More on that "right wing Michigan militia that plotted to kidnap Michigans governor... not the flag on the wall.

    2. Joe,
      I've nabbed that future topic link for future posting. Thanks!

    3. A follow up on that Michigan anarchist. The "other" flag on the wall (not Anarchist) with the "P" on it is for a metal band known as "Periphery"... source

  10. The botox madam announced today she is pushing forward a bill on the 25th amendment to make it easier for her to declare predator joe incompetent and put cruella in his place. This will make her the first female president. Talk about openly playing her hand but she will get away with it because the media will declare it is brilliant.

  11. Well Skud... she certainly overplayed her hand. Better to leave the Admin alone to flail. I haven't seen any of the usual lefty media championing this idea yet.

  12. Rev, Even madam botox said this was not about trump. It is all about getting biden out of office when he wins. He is to middle ground for the new democrat party and madam wants him out.
    I think the media is trying to figure out how to spin this in the democrats favor and you are correct, the media has not told the American people how to think on this one.


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