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Monday, June 15, 2020

Welcome To CHAZ!

A new nation called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) has been established in Seattle, Washington. Jenny Durkan, the mayor of Seattle, has declared them patriots and anticipates a possible summer of love.

Or something....

Related reading: THE DEMANDS OF THE COLLECTIVE BLACK VOICES AT FREE CAPITOL HILL TO THE GOVERNMENT OF SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. Meet these demands, and usher in the new utopia. Or something....


  1. Abraham Lincoln effectively MURDERED 635,000 American men, left many more mamed, crippled, blinded, insane –– and that says nothing of all the widows and orphans Abe created –– innocent victims left to live out the remainder of their lives in sorrow, misery, grinding poverty, and desperation.

    Good old "Honest Abe" forced our entire nation to make these indecent, murderous, sadistic, unnecessary sacrifices for WHAT?

    So that millions could live –– totally dependent on government handouts forcibly extracted from the earnings of decent, hardworking citizens –– as degenerate rootless, irresponsible, nihilistic, sexually promiscuous BUMS, –– drug-addicted street people, and pathetic, illiterate welfare cases –– while thuggish , seditious organizations like Black Lives Matter and Bolshevikian, Naziesque ANTIFA and their demented fellow travelers publicly defecate, urinate, fornicate, deface, smash, trash, riot, loot, burn, and ILLEGALLY INHABIT, then ... A_P_P_R_O_P_R_I_A_T_E ... wrecked properties that DO NOT BELONG to THEM.

    There is a hideous irony in these worthless bastards now being allowed and encouraged to SECEDE from our NATION with the full cooperation and enthusiastic endorsement of despicable DemonRat politicians –– after Lincoln forced DESTRUCTION, DEATH and decades of DPRIVATION on those who tried to do the very same thing –– for MUCH more understandable reasons –– exactly 160 years ago.

    Or don't you agree?

    1. Franco,
      I don't agree entirely.

      The Southern states seceded. What was Lincoln to have done? Shrug and let it go?

      Sometimes, there are no good choices.

      Furthermore, Lincoln's assassination had a terrible effect as those wanting to punish the South gained the upper hand.

    2. Judging by the hideous, long term RESULTS of Lincoln's rash, froward decision to wage a brutal, all-out WAR against the Confederacy, I feel compelled to say, "YES! Lincoln SHOULD have ACCEPTED the South's decision to SECEDE from the Union."

      Slavery would certainly have evolved out of existence not so much for moral reasons, but because with the advance of The Machine Age slavery was quicky becomng outmoded, inefficient, undesirable and OBSOLETE.

      The DEATHS of SIX-HUNDRED-THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND MEN would have been avoided, and the still spreading STAIN of poverty, destruction, ill will, resentment, and deprivation would have been voided.

      I'm reasonably sure that IF Lincoln HA the th Wouth go, te union would naturally have retired stronger than ever.

      And the poor NEGROES would have been NO WORSE OFF than they are right NOW.


      I fully agree that Lincoln's assassination greatly worsened the nation's plight –– and I have SAID so in the post directly beneath this initial statement.

      My MAIN POiNT, however, was to indicate the terrible IRONY of today's insanely permissive LEFTIST attitude toward INSURRECTION and SECESSION by the very people LINCOLN'S brutally repressive, far-too-costly war were supposed to LIBERATE.

    3. Franco,
      It certainly wasn't Lincoln alone who refused to allow secession.

      This famous 1830 speech by Daniel Webster had long-term results.

      Ah well, what's done is done. We have the now with which to concern ourselves -- meaning the preservation of our republic, if it's not too late.

    4. I never said Lincoln was the sole oppont of secession but it it was LINCOLN ––no ne else –– who gave the orders to perpetrate brutal aggression agaunst the confederacy.

      I hav ALWAS ragrded that as one dos major ERRORS in human history, and no lrglstic arguments would be likely ever to change my mind.

      But I didn't come here to ARGUE , only to share my admittedly indivdualistic, proudly unconventional, proabbly eccentric views. ;-)

      My hope, as always, was to provoke CURIOSITY and cordial discussion, not opposition.

      Too bad it rarely works ou that way.

    5. It was the south that fired on Fort Sumter.


    Abe Lincoln didn't particularly like Negroes. He thought them innately inferior, thought they smelled bad, didn't believe they could ever assume the role of responsible, independent ciizens, and didn't believe they should ever be given the right to vote.

    It was Lincoln's fond hope that the Negroes he had cynically emancipated primarily to weaken the confederacy would all EMIGRATE to the newly founded African nation of LIBERIA, which was prepared to accept the newly freed Negroes, who had an awful time trying to sustain themselves once they were no longer fed, clothed, housed and given useful occupation by the Southen Planters aristoracy –– however undesirable those living conditions must have been

    I believe we have the hotheaded fool John Wilkes Boothe to thank for our present plight.

    I feel deeply sorry for the Negroes. They were sold into slavery –– BY THEIR FLLOW NEGROES –– brought here under duress, and treated more like CATTLE than human beings. It was a MORTAL SIN to have brought them here to live in bondage from the word "GO!"

    The corrosive effects of SIN never die; they only FESTER and COMPOUND with each passing generation, UNLESS we humbly turn our lives over to GOD, which very few have ever seemed able to do.

    Proof of that lies our continued, institutionalized VENERATION of "Honest Abe" whose judgment was terribly terribly WRONG from every angle we should consider.

    1. Franco,
      Yes, those were Lincoln's views about race.

      As for America's "original sin," that very concept is being used to destroy our republic.

      Sin can be -- and should be -- forgiven. Yet, here were are with mobs tearing down statues. And beheading statues! Not a one of those in the mobs was held in slavery, nor were the parents of a single one of the held in slavery.

      If these people so hate America, perhaps they should go live in Africa or "Arabia" for a while.

    2. But I don't think they're protesting slavery, they're protesting police brutality.
      But about slaves, it's not really that long ago - your grandparents were probably born in a country with slaves in it, and obviously the inequalities that were then written into law did not disappear all of a sudden in 1863, they persisted. Meanwhile, choosing to erect or maintain a statue commemorating slave owners so recently alive says something about current attitudes to that period, moreso than maintaining an older rarer artifact would. I can't see how to tot up the costs and benefits in any way that doesn't massively favour the costs! Books and museums are adequate, they don't need to cast a shadow on the town hall.

      I think addressing reasonable grievances would be a better approach than encouraging them to leave.

    3. Could that be, Jez, because at root you have little or no respect for Property Rights, or long-established norms, and the –– almost universally-held belief –– in Law and Order as the best ways to maintain a sane, peaceful, productive, prosperous society?

      It sounds, therefore, as though you may have inordinate respect for aggressive, anti-social behaviour and MOB RULE. I hope you will tell us that isn't so!

      I remember all too well your telling me two or three years ago that me the brutal, barbaric treatment of Czar Nicholas and his family at the hands of the Bolsheviks was JUSTIFIED, because in your view the jewels and other riches they possessed had been STOLEN" from their rghtful owners –– the Russian People!

      With that in mind I'd be most interested to learn your views about the equally barbarous treatment of the aristocracy during he French Revolution. I'm not being sarcastic. I'm quite serious.

    4. I respect property rights and law and order, but i think the best way to police people is by consent. I don't respect mob rule per se, it depends on the mob! -- I judge each popular uprising on a case-by-case basis.

      Crikey. Don't know if there's much point going over the Czar Nicholas II stuff again; you may also remember my attempts -- far more strenuous than should have been required, yet still unsuccessful -- to explain my remarks, which you had not properly understood.

      I barely know anything about the French revolution. I have an opinion but it is not an informed one.

  3. I appreciate the humor in the video, but find such a flippant approach to tragic, deeply rooted, powerfully destructive phenomena to be shllow and have no potentially constructive effect, or don't you agree?

    1. Franco,
      A bit of context here....

      Night after night, show after show, Tucker Carlson was enraged and shrieking warnings about what terrible things are threatening our republic.

      For his own sanity, I think, he had to turn to satire -- therefore, we see this video.

      It's a case of either laugh or crawl under a rock.

      Furthermore, this video has a greater likelihood of being watched by someone supporting CHAZ.

  4. Tucker lost a lot of ad revenue over the positions he has taken.
    Pretty brave.

    1. Ed,
      Yes, on both counts.

      I know that he lost T-Mobile as a sponsor. I'm no sure of the others.

      Tucker Carlson speaks his views, regardless of their political incorrectness.

      In general, Americans are cowed by political correctness and muzzling their views through a filter that bows the knee to tyranny.

      Is our republic finished? Not quite yet, but almost.

  5. The Savage Culture of the Liberals is about to come to an end.
    the Commies that support the idiots on the left, the Bikers for Trump are on their way to take action in Seattle
    I don’t think that we will be seeing any pictures of Antifa and The Black Lives Matter gangs burning down Cities, and throwing Molotov Cocktails, and Bricks at the Cops or Smashing out Store Windows and Looting anymore either!.

  6. Enough of this “Peaceful Protester” crapola! Anyone who gets physical in anyway, or that starts Fires, or Loots Stores, or beats Up old men, and Ladies is not a “Peaceful” anything and those who set the Wendy's building on fire, what good or what difference did they think that was going to make? It only Cost the owner who had NOTHING to do with the situation a great deal of money, and heart aches, and it also but dozens of innocent employees out of jobs.

  7. Franco,
    More about the slavery issue (from Thomas Sowell):

    “The number of whites who were enslaved in North Africa by the Barbary pirates exceeded the number of Africans enslaved in the United States and in the American colonies before that put together.”

    1. There is more at the above link, including a short video. Worth watching!

    2. That make owning slaves okay.

      Sowell's an ass.

    3. Did you see Scott Adams Reparation's proposal? Those b*stards owe Europe billions!

    4. Duck,
      Sowell is not saying that owning slaves is okay.

      He is pointing out something else entirely.

    5. Ducky: Dr Sowell is proving that rare thing called, "Context"

      Slavery is an abomination. Our nation's indulging in it for less than 100 years (1776-1863) is not singular; it is tragically commonplace.

    6. There are some singular aspects: the industrial scale, crossing the Atlantic, and I'm not sure how common it was for slavery to be handed down the generations as it was in America (btw, if you count people born into slavery, or if you include slaves trafficked to the rest of the American continent, I don't think that AoW's quoted passage remains true; more Africans died just making the crossing than the barbary pirates captured), although caste-based societies were obviously operating in a bunch of places for many centuries..

    7. Still are. The names and the terms may change, but the lamentable practices rarely do,

    8. Frankly, you may disagree with Sowell.
      To call him an ass reveals your ignorance.

    9. Hi, Ed. You're right, of course, but I realized a very long time ago–– back in the 1950's! –– that trying to reason with aracters like Ducky –– or ANY hardcore leftist –– is a complete waste of time and energy.

      For some unknown and ungodly reason AOW has a soft spot for the reprobate, –– as does SilverFiddle –– and continues to allow him to comment here. I don't "hate" Ducky, but I see his entertaining his opininions on politics as a complete WASTE of TIME.

      Though he refuses to admit it, the guy is a committed COMMUNIST, and therefore, a DEADLY ENEMY of everything The West –– and particularly the U.S.A. –– stands for.

      I belleve Marxism is a SPAWN of SATAN,. Therefore, there can be NO COMPROMISE WHATSOEVER with this depraved, godless, wholly destructive phenomenon.


      You BET!

      "Extremism in Defense of Liberty is No Vice."

      "Moderation in War is Imbecility."

      "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death."

    10. I have two slaves Duck. How could anyone do without?

    11. Franco,
      Just a general observation pointed at no one in particular.
      It's hard to win an argument with an intelligent person but it's impossible to win one with an idiot.

  8. I particularly like the, "Your money is our power and sustainability," which could come straight from Wall Street, and the, "we stand on land already once stolen from the Duwamish People," to which I would reply, "Okay, then get off of it,"

    1. Jayhawk,
      They have no plans whatsoever for vacating -- and the mayor and governor are okay with that.

      What about all those who live and/or have business within the borders of CHAZ? They appear to be accepting what is happening. **sigh**

    2. I've heard that the new CHAZ protection racket is far cheaper than the pay-offs that the cops had been demanding. ;)

  9. Replies
    1. @ Ducky: "Winds of the old days"

      Yup. Maoist China, 1968

    2. Wind straight from the BOWELS of a committed Communist Operative.


  10. Sadly history has this thing about repeating itself... over and over and over again.. For those brave enough just snag a history book or two concerning how great societies come to their conclusion... Hint: They all do....

  11. In true, everdstablizing, ever-infusing, LEFTIST FASHION this absurd INSURRECTION and THEFT of PROPERTY no lger calls itself CHAZ. These reeking Ragamuffins, Communst-inspired Hoodlums, dissolute Time Wasters, and garden variety THUGS .

    They now want to be known as CHOP.

    Now isn't that both edifying and enlightening –– NOT?


    Seattle Installs Concrete Barriers to Protect #CHAZ #CHOP Armed Leftist Occupation Zone

    Gateway Pundit

    by Kristinn Taylor

    The government of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) on Tuesday installed concrete barriers on city streets on the boundaries of the area occupied by armed leftists to prevent vehicles from entering. One lane is reported to be left open to allow access by emergency vehicles. Police will not be allowed in except to respond to life-threatening crimes. The concrete barriers are encased in plywood so occupiers can paint the new barricades with slogans and ‘art’.(Photo) . . .

    ______ SAGA of JENNY (UPDATED) ______

    Jenny made her mind up when she was three
    That she, herself, was going to light the Christmas Tree
    So Jenny lit the taper, then tossed it away
    So Jenny was an orphan on Christmas Day!

    Poor Jenny, not worth a penny
    Because she as born without a mind
    She should have been regarded
    As mentally retarded
    Because she had no mind.

    Jenny got to be the mayor of Seattle
    The best job she could find
    But she refused to fight the battle
    Against the bums acting like cattle
    'Cause the poor fool has no mind!

    Poor Jenny! not wrth a penny
    Her equal would be hard to find
    She killed a once great city
    It really is a pity
    Just ecause she has no mind!

  13. I see Lord of the Flies in their future.


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