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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

President Trump's Speech To The United Nations (September 24, 2019)



"The future doesn't belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to strong independent nations."


  1. That quote was spot on, kudo's to Trump's speechwriting team. Sovereignty has long been underrated on the world stage.

    But I wonder if anyone was awake by the time he finished talking. "Low energy!"

    1. CI,
      Let's see...if Trump speaks with energy and off the cuff, people criticize him for that. If he speaks in a Presidential manner, people say "Low energy!"

      Bottom line: many don't want him to speak at all. They're just not honest about it.

    2. I certainly don’t mind him speaking. I used, as I often do, Trump’s own metrics. I’m unswayed by the poor Trump narrative; especially when proffered by the camp that used similar tactics during the Obama years.

  2. That is why President Trump is such a danger. Great speech.

  3. Replies
    1. Imagine going to the United Nations to ask for anti-globalism. I've seen bowls of mashed potatoes with more self-awareness.

    2. Trump is a danger because he wants to be an autocrat and is pushing a notion of nationalism that denies any need for international cooperation.

    3. Seriously, Ducky? Do you ever think about the things you say, before you say them?

    4. Duck,
      Did you even listen to the speech before you quacked?

    5. I haven't listened to the speech, but it's interesting to realise that the Trumpian pursuit of national interest constitutes a profound demotion of America on the international stage. America used to be special, but Trump wants to be like any other country, negotiating in national self-interest with considerations for international stability at most an afterthought.

      (Trump's slogan "make America great again" is an attempt to conceal this IMO. For the values of "great" that I care about, it is a bare-faced, 180 degrees, pants-combusting lie.)

      Can't say I blame him though. Being the world's policeman is an iffy value proposition (in purely economic terms), and maybe it's simply a reflection of the new reality where America is no longer the only superpower.
      I consider this a fairly grim reality. History is surely long enough and bloody enough to tell us what outcome to expect. I understand it, but I don't like it. What's weird to me is that so many people find all this somehow inspiring.

    6. Thanks for confirming Ducky. Your response had no evidence of Fascism. That term, much like Communist, has been so overplayed as an emotional pejorative, that it’s lost all weight and meaning in general vernacular.

    7. We could say the sane for "freedom" CI.

    8. Jez,

      According to opinion polls, America is hated around the world, going all the way back to the 60's, but in their dark night of the soul, those same people realize America is indespensible and irreplaceable, staving off a Hobbesean nightmare.

      People need to grow up, including those of us here in the US.

    9. Ducky - Absolutely, we’re not nearly as free as some would claim we are. But it should be the overarching goal of every elected Representative, to work diligently to promote its expansion.......not its oppression.

    10. People hated Britain too when we were in charge. Not saying we weren't deficient in several obvious and avoidable ways, but also I think you can't be a superpower without being hated.

      "People need to grow up..."
      I agree, I'm just saying that the realisation is a sobering one.

  4. TC,
    I watched the speech live and enjoyed watching the faces of many of the UN members.

  5. I suppose it depends on what you think the EU is for. It's imperfect (what isn't?), but it's arguably helped us avoid another war.

  6. Another war between who?

    It dithered and did nothing when Bosnia flared up. The US had to step in, as always.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Imperfection is a given; also Bosnia is still not (and was then much further from being) within the EU.

    Still, there's a marked contrast with Europe's history pre-1958.

  9. Who gets the credit? The EU, or enforced Pax Americana?

  10. AOW,

    I watched the left-wing poseur Trump too.

    I took note that he didn't say "Screw the UN, have your shit off our soil in 24 hours or you'll die in this building."

    So, for me at least, it was difficult to take him seriously.

  11. Imagine the whole world taking Trump seriously and nationalizing every stick of American holdings in their borders.

    He's a jeenyuss y'all.

  12. That's an interesting question. I wish I knew more history.


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