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Monday, July 8, 2019

The Harvest Of Zinnism

Seriously delusional (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

AOC is also a liar: Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Drinking Out of Toilets’ Claim Drastically Falls Apart.


  1. You can't fix stupid.

    The progressive agenda is to overwhelm this nation with third-world unfortunates who have no appreciation for the civilization our forefathers have bequeathed us. The progressives want to overwhelm us and permanently change the nation's demographics.

    1. You may not be able to FIX stupidity, but you CAN vigorously oppose it by vigorously EXPOSING it for what it is by any means that might prove effective including RIDICULE, SATIRE, unaplogetic DENUNCIATION, and of course, by using cold, undeniable LOGIC.

    2. I think it's probably safe to say that with very few exceptions the way America is eduating her young today culd only b called MORTAL ZINN.



    The Left HAS no FAITH in anything other than DOUBT and NEGATIVITY –– PERIOD!

    This is their Tragic Flaw. They see everything in purely materialistic terms. If you can't see it, eat it, wear it, drive it, wash it, pet it, squeeze it, lift it, punch it, kick it, weigh it, measure it, have sex with it, store it a cupboard, drawer, box, bag, closet, suitcase or sarcophagus, it simply does not EXIST –– for Leftists. [and a growing number of those who vainly imagine themselves to be conservatives" too bcause they've becme cynical, I'm afraid]

    These people tend primarily to be SENSUALISTS.

    From what I've been able to see Leftists have a great deal of trouble comprehending such things as Beauty, Honor, Loyalty, Decency, Truth, Love, Creativity, Perseverance, Fulfillment, Reverence, and above all else –– SPIRIT.

    And yet they seem motivated primarily by such negative intangibles as Anger, Fear, Doubt, Suspicin, Resentment, Contempt, Derision, Mockery, Spite, and Despair.

    To put it whimsically:

    They eschew The Power of Positive Thinking and advocate, instead, The Power of Being a a Positive Stinker.


    Now, the too-popular leftist philsopher Slavoj Zizek, –– despite having a superficial, teddybearish sort of charm ––, like all the other leftists in my acquaintance suffers from a severe case of CRANIO-RECTAL VISION. In other words he's an avowed, albeit self-styled, MARXIST.

    It frankly terrifies me that such a figure could have achieved a high degree of influence in the West –– especially on the Young.

    I'm afraid Antonio Gramsci the Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School were right.

    What the terroristic Bolsheviks could not produce by a horrifying application of Brute Force, the Fankfurters and their army of Duped Disciples have been able to do wth generous applications of Sophistry, Guile, and the fulsome –– frankly rancid ––blandishments of outright SEDUCTION.

    Wha we desperately need to learn once gain is this:

    THERE IS NO EASY WAY TO ACHIEVEWORTHY GOALS, and any "Pied Piper" who tells there is is a WICKED LIAR –– a DEVIL'S DISCIPLE.

    1. What Franco Aragugosto lacks in wit and facts he more than makes up for in an abundance of words. His verbal overflow is an insult to all good Americans.

    2. Charlotte Anne Fauxdelaire said

      Do we have to put up with these always unpleasant leftist morons? They have no common sense, and no more wisdom than an empty garbage pail where only the putrid stench remains.

      Haven't you ever noticed that all these types ever do is insult and try to denigrate those they disagree with? Talk about "fact-free!" These imbeciles never have any evidence to back up there attempts to negate conservative points of view, exceptwhat tey get from c tamj ated sources like Howard Zinn and all the other leftist goons who've polluted our thinking with specious logic, and an aggressive campaignof lies, distortions and half-truths..

    3. Tutsiwutsi Liederkranz said

      Way to go, Charlotte Anne!

    4. Leftists like Ronald J. Ward can't accept unequivocal statements that go against their chronic negativity and standard bilious rhetoric. So, they usually resort to insolence, sarcasm, defamatory statements, blatant hostility, and outright fabrication in responding to clear statements of self-evident truths they cannot properly refute.

      Unfortunately we see similar tactics used more and more by many who fancy themselves 'true conservatives." When someone says something they wouldn't say, themselves, or something they are incapable of understanding, these chronic sour-pussed naysayers resort to mockery and belligerence.

      I don't know whatever happened to TACT, DIPLOMAC and CURIOSITY, but they are certainly in woefully short supply these days.

    5. You don't think that faux-conservatives should be roundly mocked and derided when they act like Leftists?

    6. I believe exactly what i said in that last comment. I think we are suffering a great deal from what-has-become a morbid obsession with all things negative.

    7. I try to reserve my vitriol for fatuous characters like AOC, and the other snotty, arrogant hyper-aggressve morons we hear too much from starting with Pelosi, Schumer, Bernie, Nadler, Adam Schitt, Maxine Waters, on down thrugh the rotten political ranks and their evil handmaidens in the ENEMEDIA –– including asinine fake conservatives like David Brookes, Pete Wehner and all the rest of the Never-Trumpers whose efforts to unseat the president amount to nothng more than a BIG BOOST to the Socialist-Globalist-Neocon demons who, –– whether they realize it or not –– are determined to dissolve American sovereignty and make us slaves to One World Socialist Dictatorship.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Dehumanize
    Nihil Obstat Novo Ordo Seclorum!

    1. Would you care to repeat that in ENGLISH, lease?

      DIDADIN , as everyone here ought to know by nows, stands for


      I ought to now, because I ORIGINATED the acornym on September 12, 2001.

      We need no attempts to appropriate or distort my UNIQUE point of view.

  4. A lot of my blonde joke posts have been delayed because of AOC.

  5. The fact remains that, by the Trump administration's own admission, no children died during the decade previous to 2018 while several have died in custody in the last few months.
    Rather than enduring the camps many children could be released to the custody of family or friends already in the country. The conditions under Obama weren't great but they have been allowed to become much worse under Trump.

    The right gives new meaning to the phrase, "suffer the little children", whether or not AOC was accurate.

    1. The fact remains that once someone, child or adult, is released into the country, they can ignore the law, disappear into the populace, and enjoy every benefit availed to US citizens.

    2. More benefits. No auto insurance required and no consequence when they crash and mess someone up.

    3. Also, dems want to force citizens to buy Health insurance but give it free to the illegals. How F-Up is that? People that vote democrat are morons.

      And if someone is on the dole don't they realize a good economy goes to their benefit? So they should be Trump supporters.

    4. I guess the question of deaths while in immigration detention depends on whom you believe. Late in 2016, an immigration impact organization claimed that 165 people have died while in custody since 2003, including 10 people in Fiscal Year 2016 (ending 30 September) and another individual between 1 October and mid-November of 2016. If true, then the deaths occurred during the Bush and Obama administrations. If two additional souls died since Trump became president, then it would seem to me an improvement over previous administrations. Snopes, by the way, reports that none of these deaths are independently verifiable. Now, if that’s true, it didn’t stop international organizations from organizing protests in 2015 over the claim of 165 in-custody deaths.

      I do not believe that ICE officials routinely “ignore” the plight of persons who are in their custody. Any claim to the contrary is frivolous. I do believe that the sheer numbers of illegal aliens have overwhelmed ICE and border enforcement personnel. I also believe that the facilities assigned to these agencies are woefully inadequate to these numbers, not to mention underfunded. This is a congressional responsibility largely ignored because Congress doesn’t really give a damn about the plight of anyone unless it advances their political career.

      What I also believe true is that record numbers of sick people are showing up at our border and infecting some number of border enforcement personnel (and their families). I’m supposing that these conditions don’t really matter, either. One final observation: border area detention facilities are um ... for detention. They are not medical facilities and it is not the mission of border enforcement to provide non-emergency medical screening or treatment. What this means is that non-medically trained enforcement personnel must respond as best they can to medical emergencies ... it is not the best of circumstances.

      Meanwhile, politicians continue in their idiocy and the American people become more fed up with politics as usual. I’ll be surprised if anyone shows up to vote in the next election.

    5. Kid,
      no consequence when they crash and mess someone up

      And that's what happened to me in 2005 when an illegal alien driving a Yellow Cab ran into me at 35 mph at a 4-way stop sign.

      Ruined my back to a fare thee well. I haven't had a pain free day since that car crash.

      The officer of the court said to me words that I will never forget: The sympathies of the court lie with the poor immigrant. If the situation were reversed, he'd be taking you to the cleaners."

    6. Mustang,
      Congress doesn’t really give a damn about the plight of anyone unless it advances their political career.

      That statement really is the bottom line of the representative branch of our government.

      Has it always been thus?

  6. AOC has apparently noticed that democrats can say any damn thing they want without consequence. Half their supporters are morons and the other half doesn't care what they saw or do.

    1. Given your complaint, I don't know how you can not be profoundly frustrated by Trump's performance.

    2. Given President Trump's spectacularly SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCE in the face of insuperable militant opposition by virtually all the establishment forces in BOTH parties, –– the incessant, frankly VICIOUS, totally unwarranted attacks from the ENEMEDIA, –– the corrosive Cultural Marxist domination of our ruined and ruinous Educational System, –– and the Cultural Marxists who frankly INFEST the judiciary on all levels ––, President Trump miraculously strides ABOVE all of that like a COLOSSUS of mythological antiquity.

      He faces so much negative criticism, because our thoroughly corrupt, stupidly self-serving Establishment feels THREATENED by him –– as well they should.

      I am virtually POSITIVE that YOUR negative opinion of President Trump –– and that of the millions at home and abroad who've been sedulously BRAINWASHED by a hopelessly biased media establishment acting slavishly as both Lackey and Handmaiden to nefarious Establishmnt forces –– has deliberately and deceitfully given you a FALSE impression of who and what Donald Trump really is.

      I didn't care for him. myself, when he hosted a fatuous TV show, which I avoided watching after seeing part of on episode, but AFTER he made it clear he was SERIOUS about running for the presidency, I started to WATCH and LISTEN to him very carefully –– at first because he seemed our only hope of averting a Hillary Clinton presidency, –– a prospect I, personally found both dismal and repugnant.

      I soon caught on, however, to Mr. Trump's remarkable potential to lead us out of the Marxian Wilderness into which we've been skillfully maneuvered for the past cntury by sophists and mountebanks. Listening to him –– UNFILTERED, and UNEDITED by the BIASED, DISHONEST,totally UNPRINCIPLED forces who oppose him, I began to feel an honest LIKING for th man, which developed during the campaign into genune ADMIRATION bordering on AFFECTION.

      At age 78 I'm not about to allow anyone in "authority" or "influence" to "shape" my opinions. Instead I rely on decades of intense observation, good instincts, keen perception and faith in the wisdom of Holy Writ to guide my decisions.

      My life is ending up in remarkably good place. My circumstances today are as close to ideal as any reasonable person could dare expect. For this I don't congratulate myself, instead I'm immesely grateful to the background, education, vivid imagination, daring and adventurous instincts I've been privileged to enjoy.

      I'm an unabashed PRAGMATIST who firmly believes:

      1 "If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT."

      2. "If it WORKS, don't QUESTION it."

      3. I also believe "It's better to ERR on the side of KINDNESS, than to adhere to a strict, cold-hearted PHARISAICAL interpretation of the LAW."

      4. Lastly I believe that always looking to FIND FAULT while constantly, alpst compulsively dwelllng on NEGATIVITY and OPPOSITION is morbidly unhealthy, inimical and corrosive to the best interests of any civilized society.

      In other words, "It's ALWAYS BETTER to give the BENEFIT of the DOUBT" where doubt exists. and to remember, paraphrasing what St. Paul told the Corinthians, "Whatever you do is worthless unless it's done unstintingly with a loving heart."

    3. Given your complaint, I don't know how you can not be profoundly frustrated by Trump's performance.

      I know why you posed the question, but I also know that you're astute and intellectually curious enough to know the answer as well.

      It's not merely the Left that seeks confirmation bias from their selected media sources, and it's not only the Left that traffics in hypocrisy or appeal to emotion...or appeal to authority.

      Lemmings in lockstep all around.

  7. Cortez is proof that anyone, no matter how intellectually challenged, can graduate from Boston University.

    1. I think it may depend nthe area of study there. I happen to know, for instance, that BU has a very good MUSIC department. Obviously their History and Political Science curricula –– and probably their approach to studying literature too –– are stritly for the wazooks.

    2. Franco,
      Obviously their History and Political Science curricula –– and probably their approach to studying literature too –– are stritly for the wazooks.

      That pertains to many universities in the 21s Century -- and before.

      Our republic is doomed.


    "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

    ~ H:.L. Mencken (1880-1956)

    YUP! Let Us Begn to Count a Few of the Current Examples:

    1. The potent myth of "CLIMATE CHANGE,"

    2. The BG LIE now beng bruited about that Poor Victims of American Racial Discrination Seeking Asylum are being brutally Separated from their dear little Children who are Kept in Cages at the Border while the heartbroken parents are led off to Concntration Camps where they are forced to drink from the TOILETS is another.

    3. The Pressing Need to "Do Something" about (GASP!) INCOME INEQUALITY is another.

    4. The "enlightened desirability" of FREE HEATHCARE and FREE COLLEGE TUITION for AL, and GURANTEED ANNUAL INCOME for ALL, even those who do not WISH to work, is yet another set of pernicious Leftist-Generated myths craftily designed to WEAKEN and ultimately DESTROY us.

    5. The list of FAKE Moral Outrages the Left continually perpetrates for the SOLE PURPOSE of WRESTING LEGIITIMATE POWER from Independent, Prosperous, Productive, Self-Sufficient, Freedom-Loving, LEGITIMATE American Citizens to GIVE AWAY to the Wretched of the Earth clamoring outside our "City Gates" is METASTASIZING as we sit here pounding our keyboards.

    That number of Predator Victim INVADERS is ever-burgeoning and, apparently, ENDLESS.

    The Left wants to DESTROY O_U_R COUNTRY for the SOLE PURPOSE of Gaining DICTATORIAL POWER –– for themseves –– in a state of PERMANENT INCUMBENCY.

    Disbeleve that at your peril.

  9. I read an interview with AOC's mother. She said her daughter always "liked showing off her brain" - meaning, mouthing off about all sorts of subjects from about Jr. High on. It wasn't couched in an admiring context.

    There's one completely true statement in that tweet: CITIZENSHIP IS POWER. The left knows this, and wants to enable a massive power front over which they have control.

    Kid +1
    Sam H + 1

    1. Baysider,
      I read an interview with AOC's mother. She said her daughter always "liked showing off her brain" - meaning, mouthing off about all sorts of subjects from about Jr. High on.

      I can't say that I'm surprised.

      I wonder if anyone along the way ever rebuked AOC for shooting off her mouth without the required knowledge base for her statements.

  10. ___ THE INVISIBLE MAN ___

    I posted on a blog to share,
    But no one seemed to know or care.
    It happened yet again today.
    I guess I ought to stay away.

    ... Kilroy Kadaver

    1. Whining, self-indulgent pity for oneself is not a good look. You have been a veritable overflowing verbal toilet in this comment thread. Oh, that you would disappear, and take your pothering prolixity with you!

    2. Little Merry Sunshine said

      As usual, "We learn more about Pter from what he says abiut Paul than we learn about Paul."


    ‘Moronic, stupid, naive, and dumb,’ Rove says of AOC’s suggestion to abolish Department of Homeland Security

    BizPac Review

    by Zachary Leeman

    Republican strategist Karl Rove was not too pleased with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) suggesting in a recent interview that the federal government should abolish DHS (The Department of Homeland Security). On Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” host MacCallum opened a segment by discussing the origins of DHS following the 9/11 terror attacks. She then invited on Karl Rove, who was Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff in the Bush administration until 2007. . . .

  12. There's much merit to the argument of abolishing the bureaucratic behemoth of the DHS......just not the arguments AOC is making.

    1. CI,
      What are your arguments for abolishing the bureaucratic behemoth of the DHS?

    2. First and foremost: bureaucratic and behemoth.

      Secondarily, T-S-A.

      It's a superfluous Cabinet position to oversee already existing agencies. To quote former Senator Tom Coburn: "Despite spending nearly $61 billion annually and $544 billion since 2003, the Department of Homeland Security is not successfully executing any of its five main missions......but a review of DHS’s programs shows that DHS’s main domestic counterterrorism programs—including its intelligence initiatives and homeland security grants—are yielding little value for the nation’s counterterrorism efforts.”

      DHS has added an overly broad mandate and a duplicative layer of oversight and coordination on top of a problem that it was supposed to solve.

      DHS is not any sort of solution for the problem of unlimited size and scope of government.

    3. CI,
      Thank you.

      Like any bureaucratic agency, it grows and grows. The overly broad mandate for almost any agency is a problem which has been burgeoning since the days of FDR.

      Still, we need some kind of homeland security agency, IMO.

    4. The overly broad mandate precedes even FDR.

      We have agencies in place that focus explicitly on foreign and domestic threats. Why do we need yet another entire agency to oversee coordination that can be accomplished without it?

    5. CI,
      What was the rationale at the time that the DHS was established?

    6. DHS was an overreaction to a single event......a reaction that didn't even consolidate the two major [foreign & domestic] national intelligence agencies.

    7. I agree with everything CI said. DHS was the price Bush had to pay to get the Dems on board. Who can resist another bloated federal bureaucracy full of unionized workers?

    8. It seems pretty obvious that Establishent Forces in government will eagerly grab at any opportunity to expand the scope and increase the strength of government power REGARDLESS of party affiliation, which today seems all-but irrelevant.

      "In every government on earth is some trace of human weakness, some germ of corruption and degeneracy, which cunning will cultivate, and improve. Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories. And to render even them safe their minds must be improved to a certain degree."

      ~ Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

    9. What was the rationale at the time that the DHS was established?"
      The inability of the many agencies to share information with each other, turf protection and silo maintenance.
      It's gone way beyond that.


    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Surprised to Learn
    that Being a Congresswoman Involves ... Work

    American Thinker,

    by Monica Showalter

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is famous for wanting a guaranteed income for those "unwilling to work" and well, apparently, she was thinking of herself. So despite making a $174,000 freshman congresswoman's salary (which would fill a lot of tip jars), she's complaining about the workload of a typical congresswoman who's landed some highly visible and privileged committee seats. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-N.Y., wondered if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is purposely assigning her busy work, in an effort to discourage her outward dissent and keep her away from the public eye. Ocasio-Cortez made the comments during a Tuesday interview with The New Yorker Radio Hour and said she was given strenuous . . .

    1. Franco,



      a $174,000 freshman congresswoman's salary and she's complaining about the workload???

      YE, GODS!

      Hey, AOC. Come live my life as a caregive, and there is zero monetary compensation! As for my teaching "salary," the most I ever made was $34,000 a year, and that was before the 2005 car accident that effectively ended my teaching full time ever again.

  14. Replies
    1. I was doing counter-drug ops on Andean Ridge in the early 2000's when a group was discovered deploying a homemade sub. We all had a good laugh and admired the ingenuity.

      Back then, the drug vessel of favor was a stripped down fiberglass shell with humongous outboards strapped to it being fed by a barrel filled with gasoline. They would load it full of cocaine and go like hell heading north. Always fun seeing them blown out of the water, Very few stopped when confronted.

    2. 5hey look pretty sophisticated now!

  15. I think we need to get AOC in front of cameras and translated into every turd world language on the books warning people not to come to America or they will face brutal inhumane treatment. Slow the flow!


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