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Monday, November 19, 2018

Video: Mark Levin Interviews Jon Voight

A bit long, but worth your time (hat tip to Joseph Brandon of Joetote's Blog):

Proving that not all of Hollywood is Hollyweird!

YouTube blurb for the above video:
Mark Levin interviews Jon Voight about Jon's #walkaway from Hollywood progressivism to conservatism and Jon's decision to support Donald Trump early on. Later on, Jon goes deeper into why Donald Trump is the right person to bring back the God-inspired principles of our nation's founding.


  1. The generally quiet, thoughtful, well-informed, measured –– even gracious –– tone of Mark Levin's Sunday evening interviews with wise men and women has quickly established Levin as a blessed and desperately-needed source of sanity –– a place –– possibly THE place –– to go if one hopes to gain a better perspective and greater understanding as to what's really going on in the world of politics today both at home and abroad.

  2. FYI: I am featuring the whole of Mark Levin's interview yesterday with Victor Davis Hnson at my place tomorrow.

    Hope to see you there.

  3. _________ POLITICAL DEVILTRY _________

    O, Christ, why can’t we hear it through the din?
    Under what extreme conditions might we learn?
    Rape invited’s wicked, though we’re in
    Denial that our fate we richly earn.
    Everyone must someday realize
    Beating life can’t be. We’re bound to crash.
    The Law of Averages whittles down to size.
    The brightness of Ascent soon feels the lash
    Held by hidden Masters of Deceit ––
    Rapacious, ruthless, fearful and despotic ––
    Each a perfect model of conceit ––
    A joyless soul, pathetic and neurotic.
    To be at the beck and call of godless knaves
    Strengthens my faith that none but Jesus saves.

    ~ FreeThinke

  4. _________ On Thanksgiving _________

    Of all events parading through the year
    Not one can to this humble feast compare.
    To feel or offer thanks today is rare ––
    However well our lives remain in gear.

    As ease became the norm, we soon forgot
    None of Plymouth’s Pilgrims felt regret.
    Knowing death and cruel privation’s threat
    Spoiled not their faith, or made them curse their lot.

    Given much yet now we seem to crave
    Immeasurable bounty we don’t need ––
    Voluptuous excess revealing Greed ––
    Indifference to the noble, fine and brave.

    No pilgrim, pioneer or great tycoon
    Grew up as a self-indulgent goon.

    ~ FreeThinke

  5. ________ Secure Finances ________

    Seek relief from all anxiety.
    Entirety may bring peace to the meek.
    Cheek-by-jowl with Woe Satiety
    Untidily chops away at every peak.

    Reaching goals long sought, yet not reacting,
    Enacting, instead, Penance Joy to bar
    Far exceeds the effort so exacting
    In acting to escape from feathered tar.

    No way seems to clear for pure fulfillment
    A poor thrill meant thwarted satisfaction ––
    No reaction to an act of will meant
    Chill sent paralyzing longed-for action.

    Entirety possessed may act the thief.
    Satiety oft fails to grant relief.

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. _________ Who Needs Descartes? _________

    Our Greasy Spoon’s a good, old-fashioned place ––
    No frills, no fuss, no bother –– just good food ––
    A refuge in a fancy neighborhood
    Where snobbish affectation runs a race

    To prove discrimination should be wooed,
    So idle women may feel set apart ––
    High above the class that needs Head Start ––
    Pretend concern that lacks life’s vital blood.

    Our Greasy Spoon has all the warmth and heart
    Missing in Society’s poseurs
    In whom emotion seethes, but never stirs ––
    Who cannot think, and never read Descartes.

    The peasants rightly hate the ruling classes,
    Who mostly are a bunch of horse’s asses!

    ~ FreeThinke

  7. ________ _ Withering Scorn _________

    Who could say what motivates the Mob?
    Immodestly I say it isn’t I.
    The preference seems to be for those who rob
    Hope from those who still would like to try
    Elevation over Desecration ––
    Repair and not despair at what we dread.
    It seems the Mob prefers Alienation ––
    Not Healing –– only Enmity instead.
    Grumbling is easier than building
    Submitting to the impulse to surrender
    Captures for the League of Fakers gilding
    Offal –– yet another sad Pretender.
    Responding to the instinct to stampede
    Never made the Tides of Fear recede.

    ~ FreeThinke

  8. ______ Why Be A Democrat? ______

    Willfulness is part of what it takes;
    Haughtiness makes a component too.
    Yearning for a better life’s heartaches
    Beset by Self-Deception’s shuttered view

    Earns suicidal urges ‘mongst the Rich,
    And fosters dreams of Vengeance in the Poor
    Deny this truth? You’re apt to lose your niche
    Ending up locked outside your own door.

    Money too diffused loses its power.
    Our hope to see Equality for All
    Creates a fractious mental climate sour
    Resulting in Revolt bound to appall.

    A misperception of our truest needs
    Traps us where upon ourselves we feed.

    ~ FreeThinke

  9. _________ I Hail Thee, Obama _________

    In speechless wonderment I sit and grieve ––
    Hopeless, now deprived of further gain ––
    And left without much in which to believe.

    I still feel good, however, ‘neath the pain.
    Living with far less might take me back ––
    To a leaner, harder, better time ––
    Hope, Ambition, there took up the slack ––

    Exciting prospects beckoned past the Grime.
    Enjoyment costs so little when we’re poor
    Once accepted, limitations move
    Beyond the barriers of the Secure
    And liberate the mind and soul to prove

    Money might pay one to lick my boot,
    And yet for Love it's a poor substitute.

    ~ FreeThinke


    I can easily imagine how many, –– possibly most ––, who glance at this particular blog will probably want to think something along these lines:

    Who the hell does that fellow think he is posting all that weird stuff nobody in his right mind would want to read in response to a televised interview that most of us aren't the least but interested in anyway?

    Possibly a fair question, but I'll tell you this: IF you bothered to listen to the INTERVIEW, which I did, AND if you bothered to use your MIND, which sadly few ever seem prone to do, you would come to realize after reading the poetry –– with some care and attention to detail –– that every one of these sonnets SUPPORTS the ideas and PRNCIPLES Mr. Voigt and Mr. Levin share wiih us in the interview.

    "How could that be?" you ask.

    "LISTEN, READ and FIND OUT for YOURSELF," is my answer.

    As Walt Whitman, one of our best known and best loved poets advised many years ago: "BE CURIOUS, NOT JUDGMENTAL."


    I have found after the passage of much time that A Feast on Food for Thought is the best way for adults to celebrate major holidays and holy days.

  11. It's about time to put a sock in it Franco.

  12. I have a little enemy
    Who simply is obsessed with me.
    I bless his presence in the 'hood,
    Because it helps make ME look good!



    1. Franco,
      Happy Thanksgiving!

      It remains to be seen if Mr.AOW will be home from the hospital for Thanksgiving.

    2. It's hard to have a HAPPY Thanksgivng under such circumstances, I know, AOW, but it's possible to wish both you and your mister a GOOD one even so..

      No matter how bad things get, there is always something we can find to be glad about and grateful for, even if it's just meeting a total stranger in passing who is unusually pleasant, and kind by showing sincere iinterest in us –– if only for a moment. I cherish such encounters, myself, and believe they really do help us to carry on.

      Shepherd, show me how to go
      O'er the hillside steep
      How to gather, how to sow,
      How to feed my sheep.

      I will listen at Thy voice
      Lest my footstps stray.
      I will follow and REJOICE
      All the rugged way.

      ~ Mary Baker Eddy

    3. I will be having Thanksgiving at J’s; J is a Chinese client for the past 6 years. Mr. AOW will not be participating even if discharged from the hospital as he is on a liquid diet. And even so—and with insulin injections—his glucose levels remain dangerously high.


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