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Thursday, November 8, 2018


Two short years ago today.  It remains to be seen if Donald Trump can repeat this success in the General Election of 2020...

As my father used to say: "You can never predict the outcome of an election. And you can never tell how a jury might decide."


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    1. New Attorney General "I Would Indict Hillary Clinton"


      by Don Surber

      President Trump´s new attorney general will enforce the law. Washington is shocked. In July 2016, he took Jimmy the Weasel to task in a column for USA Today, headlined, "I would indict Hillary Clinton." The new general, Matthew Whitaker, wrote, "According to FBI Director James Comey’s statement on Tuesday, former secretary of State Hillary Clinton could have been charged with violating several different code sections, and he detailed the evidence that supports bringing criminal charges. "Yet, Director Comey’s judgment was that ´no reasonable prosecutor´ would bring the case. I disagree. ...

  2. _______ MY DAILY PRAYER _______

    I hope I may live long enough to see
    The very LAST –– the END –– of HILLARY!

    ~ Anne Imus in Mourning

  3. You notice how Pres-Trump only campaigned for certain seats in the Senate and didn’t concentrate or push for any House seats. All the Senate seats he campaigned and rallied for turned RED. Keep your eye on the prize. Democrats don’t know what’s happening.
    Nothing changes... Republicans still control the Senate. For people who know how the government actually works the House can't get anything done without the Senate having the last say.
    The Senate was what I was most interested in last night. A bigger majority is huge!! The House can pass what it wants, but the Senate has to vote for it and Pres-Trump would still have to sign it. Why is it so many people don't get that? A lot of people are so hung up on the House and not celebrating The Senate win!
    And for the record, I’ll lay it out for you. 2018 mid-term Celebrity endorsements as followed:
    Taylor Swift for Phil Bredesen (lost)
    Oprah Winfrey for Stacey Abrams (lost)
    Beyonce for Beto O'Rourke (lost)
    Rihanna for Andrew Gillum (lost)
    T.I. for Ben Jealous (lost).
    Former SEAL Mocked by 'SNL' Wins TX House Seat. Let's give Beto his Participation trophy.
    There you have it, again no blue wave!!
    Democrats took the House, which is the bare minimum for a midterms when the opposing party holds the presidency. This is more than offset by the gains by Republicans in the Senate. The Senate is far more important when it comes to judges, supreme court, and foreign treaties. So please, just know, the House doesn't mean squat without the Senate. Rest assured, the Dems will screw it up in two short years and Voila ... the Republicans take it all again in 2020.
    But for now, the Democrats have the opportunity to actually do their job for We The People. The Democrats made many promises during this midterm election, now let’s just watch what happens.
    The fact that many of these races are even close is astounding. People voting for a person who says it’s ok for US citizens to fight with the Taliban? Cray cray.
    I think there is too many people in the Government. What you have now is two parties fighting with each other instead of working for the people. If one does not have the power, they block everything they can. Democrats have proven this over and over again. Do they care about their country or the people....NO! I know they were lying through their teeth. They won’t try to work together for the sake of the Country and the people. Attacking the President and continuing the bickering back and forth must come to an end.
    On that note...
    When will voters get the point that healthcare was purposely crafted by Democrats to make it almost impossible to undo or for Democrats to pass a better plan.
    The President has tried with removing participation mandates and lowering prescription cost, but the Obama plan has so devastated healthcare it’s nearly impossible to repair. Understand, old healthcare plans, overages, deductibles and premiums are gone forever.
    It was a stunning defeat for the left. The judiciary will be changed for generations. I wonder if the media & Hollywood realizes how little influence they now have?

  4. As someone posted at my blog yesterday:

    "You Can’t Find More Un-American Radical Progressive Socialists Any Place Else Than in the ENEMEDIA."

    YES. of course! That's just a GIVEN.

    MY (always unasked for) ADVICE:

    Don't worry. With President Donald J. TRUMP at the helm the coming battles could turn out to be a helluvalotta FUN.

    The past two ears have smoked a huge number of corrupt Deep State operatives out of the woodwork and into the sunlight.

    An UGLY, foul-smelling SPECTACLE to be sure –– like Jim Acosta's boorish, isrespectful, unwarranted ATTACK on President Trump, which got Acosta OUSTED from further access to the White House Press Room.

    Nevertheless, the reugnant upheaval could be potentially CLEANSING, so fasten your seat belt, hang on for dear life, pray for a safe landing while you enjoy the bumpy ride, –– and above all KEEP SMILING –– no matter WHAT.

  5. Do the pontificating pundits realize normal people aren't listening anymore?

    They are huffing their own putrid fumes at this point.

    I loved the last video. Watching El Donaldo crush fragile little leftwing snowflakes like grapes never gets old. Priceless!

    1. Did you see that Whittaker has been involved in a fake patent business?
      There was a 135 million dollar adverse ruling,

      Oh well, like preznit like acting AG.


    2. WE



      So kindly keep your ever-flapping bill shut, QUACKPOT, –– unless and until YOU and all YOUR rotten stinking COMMIE kind STOP applying DOUBLE STANDARDS.

      HELP put HILLARY and BILL CLINTON in a FEDERAL PENITENTIARY where they properly BELONG, and MAYBE some of US MIGHT be more INCLINED to LISTEN to YOU, but NOT until YOU change.

      Meanwhile, STOP THROWING STINKBOMBS. I resent being forced to wear a GASMASK every time I enter the BOGUSphere.

    3. HEAR! HEAR! Good for YOU, SilverFiddle.

      RIGHT ON!

    4. Ducky, this is President Trump--YOUR President--taking charge of a Justice Department that should always have been under his control.

      You don't like it, cupcake? Move to Venezuela and enjoy the wonders of socialism, like eating garbage and zoo animals and wiping your ass with tree bark and banana leaves.

  6. I am so happy to see the White House kicked Jim Accoster's egotistical ass out and plucked his press credentials.

    He wasn't asking questions to elicit information we can use (the job of a reporter), he was wasting everyone's time with egotistical grandstanding.

    1. The rude bastard still laid his hand on her. Good riddance, he's a grandstander. A real reporter asks real questions. Accoster enjoys pontificating and debating. Not his job--not his press conference--not his house.

      Here's a side-by-side comparison proving Accoster chopped her arm at the crook of her elbow.


      Thank you for playing.

    2. SF,
      The rude bastard still laid his hand on her.

      Isn't that assault?


    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fractures 3 Ribs in Fall

    Fox News,

    by Kathleen Joyce

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized Thursday after fracturing three ribs on her left side in a fall at her office a day earlier, the court said in a news release. Ginsburg, 85, initially went home after the accident, which occurred in her Supreme Court office. But she later reported experiencing some discomfort, and was admitted to George Washington University Hospital "for observation and treatment." Ginsburg has survived a series of health scares. She broke two ribs in a fall in 2012, ...

  8. I notice the NRA opened a branch office in Thousand Oaks last night.

    Must be an election celebrant.

    1. There it is....not a fact yet known....but straight to blaming the boogeyman.

    2. Here's what's known. You have an individual with known mental health problems with an easily available firearm and an illegal extended magazines. There were security guards at the club (one was shot before police arrived). It's not clear if they were armed.

      Mental illness plus easily available firearms = freedom.

    3. We need more laws, right?

      Notice your own statement, Quacko: He had "an illegal extended magazines"

      Priceless! You negated your own argument.

    4. ...illegal extended magazines...?

      Texas has no such law banning an arbitrary and capricious number of State-allowed rounds in a magazine.

      Why is it, that a topic which so many of the Left, are so vociferous about.....they can't even be bothered to be functionally literate on the subject? Why would we take you seriously?

    5. I also noticed, that in your erroneous "Here's what's known", you make no additional mention of the NRA.....color me surprised.

    6. CA has restrictive gun laws, including a state permit to purchase and a ten day waiting period. We might assume from this that the state runs two record checks before anyone can posses a firearm. If this shooter had a history of mental health issues, then we must assume that he would never been allowed to purchase a weapon from a registered dealer. Possibly he obtained the weapon from a private party or he doesn’t have a record of mental health issues. A tragedy to be sure, also noting that he killed one more during his spree than did the NYPD a few years back while trying to make a lawful arrest.

    7. Not sure why I had Texas on the brain. Point stands though, the gun control cabal is functionally illiterate.

      - CI

    8. Some sources are citing that the “high capacity” magazine ban, has temporarily blocked from enforcement, pending appeals. I’m on my phone though, and don’t have the time to confirm for certain.


    Republican Texas Judge Frees all the Accused Criminals Who Appear Before Him –– a Day After He and his 59 Colleagues All Lost to Democrat Rivals –– because, ´that´s what people want'

    Associated Press, Daily Mail [UK],

    by Chris Pleasance

    A Juvenile Court judge in Houston freed at least seven youngsters brought to his court the day after he lost reelection to a Democrat. Judge Glenn Devlin, who is known for sending youths to detention, simply asked whether or not they planned to kill anyone before turning them loose. Public defenders said he complained ´that´s what the voters want´ as he indiscriminately freed people. The youths were facing a range of charges but at least four of them were facing serious accusations of aggravated robbery. … Democrats swept the benches of Republican justices in Houston on Tuesday night, seizing control of 59 posts, ...



    1. So now the Dems are to blame for the irresponsible actions of a Republican jerk?

      You make sense, as always.

    2. Interesting clip from the Texas Tribune . This guy sounds like a real beaut.

      "Last week, the Tribune wrote about Devlin and his two fellow family judges who preside over virtually all juvenile cases in Harris County. The investigation found that the judges have assigned an extraordinary number of juvenile cases to a small handful of private lawyers — often the same lawyers who give the judges big campaign contributions. Some of those attorneys took on 300-plus court appointments in a year and earned more than a half million dollars from juvenile and family cases."

    3. paid for by the state, not the families. This is actually a boon to the families, getting real defense attorneys and not a public defender.


    4. From the Washington Post (I know, fake news).

      Devlin and another juvenile court judge in the county, John Phillips, also a Republican, were responsible for more than one-fifth of the minors sent to juvenile prisons in the state in 2017, the Houston Chronicle found during an investigation in October. Counting another juvenile court judge’s rulings with those of Devlin and Phillips, about 96 percent of the children locked up were minorities, the Chronicle reported."

      Yeah, a real boon.


    5. I certainly agree that this kind of behavior by jurists is stunning. As to juvenile crime in cesspool Houston, it almost rivals the violence of other Democratic-run cities. It’s been that way for over 100 years.

    6. Ducky, If you had a point, it's lost. Should they start dragging white kids off the street and jailing them?

      How about Asian kids? They are way under-represented in our criminal justice system.

    7. As ALWAYS, Caca Canardo speaks, and ALL the attention IMMEDIATELY gets focused on HIM.


    8. Didn't Houston once hold the record for murders?

    9. SF,
      How about Asian kids? They are way under-represented in our criminal justice system.

      And why is it that Asian kids are not as attracted to crime?


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