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Thursday, December 14, 2017

More About The Swamp

(Two posts today, and they are related.  Please scroll down)

It's not a swamp. It's a cesspool!

In spite of their length, please watch these two videos from December 13, 2017 hearings in the House of Representatives:


Is it any wonder that so many Americans have lost faith in our so-called public servants?

Related reading: DOJ provides Congress with hundreds of texts between ex-Mueller team agent Peter Strzok and alleged mistress Lisa Page.


  1. Is it possible for people who investigate others to set aside their political leanings? It seems that is the central question.

    GOP leaders are aghast that yes, there are FBI agents who supported Hillary Clinton and found Trump a terrible option. I assume there are others who hate Hillary and love Trump.

    But we are still faced with the central question of whether or not people can set aside those preferences and do their job fairly and professionally.

    It might be a question we could ask Congressional inquisitors as well, who it should be noted, have declined to release their text messages that might show some biases and open them up to the same question.


    2. When Peter Strozk and his lover text about plotting in the assistant directors office, it is demonstrated that they are not setting aside their preferences.

    3. A member of Congress has a D or R by their name.
      An FBI Manager took a Oath to support and Defend the Constitution not a Party of their choice.
      Who wrote this Ducky or Dave Miller I can't tell the difference.
      They must be reciting the same memos.

  2. I just read an eye opener on the DOJ swamp and the difficulties in draining that sewer.

    Worth a read imho.


  3. Special prosecutors as currently established are a terrible idea.

    They should have a limited budged, fixed timeline and start with an alleged crime, and not go beyond the bounds of that.

  4. I caught a bit of Mark Levin on the radio and he called this whole cabal conspiracy a silent coup against President Trump, and as more and more evidence comes out, I think he's right.

    We are indeed in a building crisis, but Donald Trump is not the cause of it. I don't know how a corrupt FBI or corrupt Justice investigates this, but I would love to see outside prosecutors brought in.

    I would love to see prosecution and imprisonment of everyone involved in this conspiracy to gin up pretexts against Donald Trump in order to use federal law enforcement and intelligence services to conduct domestic spying on political enemies of Hillary and Obama.

    Obama's minions abused the power of the state to set booby traps, hamstring and hobble and incoming president. They are criminals and I pray they are prosecuted and jailed.

  5. I don't want useless house investigations, I want grand juries leading to criminal charges and related proceedings.

  6. Here is but one example of many as to how useless these Congressional investigations are:

    Rosenstein Refuses To Answer Whether FBI Paid For Dossier.

    At that same link, the following are also linked:

    Crooked Cop Rod Rosenstein Refuses to Tell Congress if Mueller Special Counsel Is Investigating Trump Business Empire (VIDEO)


    New Judicial Watch Docs Reveal State Department Made Deal With Hillary Clinton to Keep Call Log, Schedules SECRET

    1. Angelica Gabrielle said

      Revive the use of thumbscrews? The torture rack? The dunking stool? Applying lighted cigarettes to naked flesh? The threat of boiling oil?

      A whey-faced ninny like Ickyrod Rosenstain would tell 'em anything they need to know with that. Time to get tough.

  7. You can't make up this stuff!

    From What Happens When the Watchdog Is Just a Horn Dog?:

    ...How about this? The staff director and chief counsel of the Office of Congressional Ethics -- the guy in charge of investigating sexual harassment by congressmen -- is sued for "verbally abusing and physically assaulting" women?...

    Alcohol was involved.

  8. The corruption and criminal activity by government people is unbelievable.

    Al Capone would feel like he was running a lemonade stand.

  9. And what is Jeff Sessions doing? Sitting around twirling his hair going on about the wacky weed??

    1. From Jeff9's link above:
      "So what's going on? A lot at the Justice Department. Sessions is exactly the right guy, and I'm telling you that. I hear that question more than anything else. I was on with Judge Jeanine 2 weeks ago. I know some of you saw that. Every time I go on her show, she wants to run down Sessions, and I keep telling her, he's the right guy, and boy, you don't want to tell her that off the air because she sounds differently than she does on the air. And Milo used up all the profanity quotient yesterday, so I'm not going to tell you what was said. The point is that Sessions is the right guy. When you hear things like put Rudy in place -- I've heard that a lot; Rudy would do a better job. I see it on Twitter, I see it on other places. That is sort of the moderate institutionalist answer to Jeff Sessions, so don't buy it. Sessions gets it. It is very difficult to navigate through this swamp, and he's just getting started so he needs everybody's support. So thank you all very much for being here, and thank you for your time. Thanks a lot. "

    2. I. Philander Freeley said

      Jeff Sessions is a cipher. Trump's one BIG mistake.

  10. More corruption, Ballots cast from residence from surrounding States (Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi).
    Military Ballots not counted.
    Alabama may have to do some explaining for Moore's
    Election derailment.
    Article 5 Convention needed more than EVER.
    (1)Voter ID
    (2)Term Limits
    (3)Life in Prison for voter fraud
    (5)Life in prison for Government Employees wrong doing
    Any one want to add to this list?

    1. Many uncounted provisional votes.
      Court says that voter records may be destroyed.
      How do you have a recount?
      Rope or Tar and Feathers?

    2. TS/WS,
      Ballots cast from residence from surrounding States (Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi).


    3. Ed,
      Isn't it maddening?

      The ballot box has lost integrity!

  11. I can recall back in the 1960's, my aunt was the postmaster of our little town. At the time I was told that she was not permitted to contribute to any party. The purpose as was told to me, that there would never be any pressure that could be applied in order to keep her job. I thought the term she said was macing or maccing, but I find no definition for that now in the online dictionaries. Perhaps it was something else. Either way, sounded like a good idea if true.

  12. Replies
    1. Cassy Rosemont said

      The president is much too smart to fire Bob Mueller. He's hot nothing on Mr. Trump, and the president has nothing to hide anyway. Donald Trump is way ahead of the pack. He'll carry on with his agenda just as he's been doing all along, and the jackasses will run themselves ragged for anther year or two, and come up wth empty air. Bob Mueller will eventually have to pack it in with egg all over his very red face.

      Mark these words.

    2. Except, Ms. Rosemont, Mr. Mueller has already got Trump's former campaign chairman and a top aide, who are charged with money laundering; a former foreign policy aide has pleaded guilty to lying to FBI.

      And then there's Genral Flynn who has plead guilty to lying to the FBI. Those are not made-up indictments and charges.

      I don't unerstand how you can say there's nothing to hide when several people have already been indicted and charged.

    3. @ Clearwater: Then clearly you do not know what the investigation was supposed to be about.

      Paul Manafort and his two cronies were under investigation on money laundering charges before the "conclusion" investigation began. How well would the Clintons and their cronies stand up to investigation on similar charges given facts known about Uranium One and "donations and half million dollar speaking fees" for Bill the pervert the Clinton Crime Family Foundation? But they were given a pass.

      People like you don't care about justice, you only want to cripple the Trump administration but it's not working out so good for you, is it.
      The fourth is what is known as a process crime. It's the same charge that Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart were charged with when the original charges couldn't be proven. People make deals when charged with a process crime to keep from being bankrupted or spending years in jail over a BS charge

    4. Gee, Nostradumbass, I guess you'll have to settle for that lump of coal in your sweat sock.


      BREAKING: After returning from Camp David, Trump says he's not planning to fire special counsel Robert Mueller

      — The Associated Press (@AP) December 17, 2017

    5. Warren,
      I think that I saw a video clip of Trump's statement.

      The Left will now invent another talking point to replace the failed one. They have a never ending supply of bullsh*t. Tedious. **sigh**


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