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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

Ready or not, here comes 2018:

All of us on the blogging team here at Always On Watch wish you a happy and healthy 2018.

Now it's your turn. Answer one or more.

1) What good memories did 2017? Is there a best memory you have from 2017?

2) What is your overall commentary on 2017?

3) What wish(es) do you hope will come true in 2018?


  1. Replies
    1. Mullah,
      Back atcha!

      I see that at your site you're keeping up with the developments related to the recent uprising in Iran.

    2. Thanks, AOW. It's all go in Iran, even if much of the media is more interested in Trump's retweets. :)

    3. FOX actually mentioned Mariam Rajavi today, I was thrilled. AOW, you might remember "Sam," a man who lived in Iraq and worked with her group, who used to comment at my blog. I miss him and am not even sure he's still alive. Freedom fighters don't last long...and even our country had them on terror lists for a while...rightly so in the beginning but not after a while. The Left's going crazy that Trump's "angering Iran" with his support of the anti-gov't kids....but then, the left blames Trump for Kim Jung Ill's threats to us, too. Go figure.

  2. Wishing you and Mr. AOW the very best for the New Year and all of your faithful followers as well.

  3. The Silverfiddle family enjoyed many wonderful milestones and blessings this year. God blessed us greatly, so those are my favorite moments, and I won't bore everyone with them.

    I started out laughing at the unhinged left, but now I am becoming alarmed. It's one year later and they are still in a purple-face rage, spewing hate and screaming impotently at the sky.

    I don't see this nation ever "coming together" again, if we were ever "together" at all.

    Ironically, a successful result of the deep-blue states' push for more federalism and states' rights might set some good precedents and re-erect some needed firewalls and bulwarks between the federal government and the people.

    Our best hope is to have thriving enclaves, red, blue, libertarian, where people can enjoy their chosen lifestyle without the rest of the country telling them what to do.

    This left-right pendulum--whoever seizes power uses the fearsome legal might of the federal government to beat the other side over the head and ram hated agendas up every orifice --has got to stop.

    2018 is going to be a wild year, so hang on...

    1. SF,
      I started out laughing at the unhinged left, but now I am becoming alarmed. It's one year later and they are still in a purple-face rage, spewing hate and screaming impotently at the sky.

      A giant temper tantrum!

  4. Replies
    1. Excellent. So many worth noting, but the education cartoon at 1:50 is at the core of the problem as we corrupt the minds of our future leaders and voters.

    2. Baysider,
      the education cartoon at 1:50 is at the core of the problem

      The future doesn't look good, does it?

      Addendum: the homeschool movement is having problems now because their parents' minds were poisoned in school.

    3. Yes. I had a VERY lefty teacher in 9th grade (1968?) who wanted to homeschool then because the schools were not lefty enough.

  5. May you have a Happy, Healthy, and Merciful 2018 AOW.

    1. Could use some mercy right this minute!

      Mr. AOW has picked up the stomach virus from Hades. Norvo? Whatever it is, the last several hours here have been hell on earth -- for both of us.

      I hope that the laundry tub is going to drain properly. The brutal cold this year could cause that outside drain to freeze up.

  6. Best happening of 2018 has been the development of my grand niece. I received a framed photo of her dancing for Christmas and it was much appreciated. She's a strong, happy kid.

    There was a lot to comment on in 2017 but one story which received little attention was the decline in American lifespan primarily due to opioid deaths. There are still those who say that radical Islam is the chief existential threat to the country.

    I hope against all hope that there is extensive media reform in 2018. Right now the beltway media is just consumed by careerism and has given way to the likes of Breitbart and Project Veritas. Hugh Hewitt actually touted Project Veritas. That's how low we have sunk.
    As long as the media is so dysfunctional the nation is going to be torn apart.

    1. Duck,
      Blogger consigned your comment to the spam folder. I have no explanation.

    2. By all means, Mcduck. Let's return to the uniformity of manufactured consent of the MSM.

    3. The media must change if we're to survive as the country we've been...CNN, MSNBC, the hate is palpable and it looks like anything our WH does now will be slammed and insulted and the world's watching. These are people who honestly believe Trump's causing possible war with NoKo though he's made such threats to us....we have CNN wigged because a white truck wouldn't let them watch Trump play golf...we've got liars and obfuscaters and Americans aren't getting the truth. Thank God for FOX and Project Veritas and other institutions which are trying to tell it all. Where else would we have heard of PParenthood leaders selling body parts?
      AOW, I am SO sorry about Mr AOW's flu...good luck with that. And here's to a WAY better 2018 than 2017. My overall commentary of 2017 is the year schools like Berkeley, the 'home of free thinking' became the home of leftwing fascists which deny any thinking they don't like'... and where "cuddlers" at $85 an hr must comfort college kids who just can't take the world as it is. Let's hope the Left wakes up to self reliance, good friends for help, and really open minds...fingers crossed!

    4. I have to say that Ducky was on the proper track ... up until that point where he went into stupid mode: as if Breitbart is the problem with the American media. IMO ... Z nailed it. Ducky reveals either one of these: his black heart or his psychotic mind, although I suppose both could be true.

    5. The mainstream media have destroyed their own credibility.

      One example of many I could cite relates to the September 2009 Tea Party March on Washington. Mr. AOW and I were there.

      No way was the crowd as small as the news reports said!

      I'm a local yokel, and Mr. AOW is trained in estimating crowd size. The mainstream media, local and otherwise, failed to report correctly.

      And the September 2009 Tea Party March was not a John Birch Society march, either. Neither was it a march of Glenn Beck fans.

      Nearly 10 years on, I don't recall how I learned about the march. But I know how I didn't hear about the march -- via Breitbart.

    6. Z,
      Excellent comment! Yes, the hate spouted the msm is palpable.

    7. Beantown,
      Yes, the media complex of mergers, which gradually took hold after WW2,

    8. Well, AOW, crowd estimating can go be off. just look at Trump's claim for the inauguration.
      I would point out that the Project Veritas "story" on selling fetal organs was thoroughly debunked after being investigated by a senate committee and about twelve states. Nothing was found but the myth lives. Project Veritas is a scam news organization.

      Just like the fake news birther furor and Benghazi.
      We have been played by hate radio and the likes of Breitbart to our detriment.

    9. Duck,
      Project Veritas is a scam news organization.

      If I recall correctly, not on all counts.

      I will tell you this about making crowd estimates....If that 2009 March in which Mr. AOW and I participated had been an Obama-supporting march, the media would have touted high-end estimates.

      All along the political spectrum, objectivity is often lacking.

    10. I would point out that the Project Veritas "story" on selling fetal organs was thoroughly debunked after being investigated by a senate committee and about twelve states.

      Ah, that explains why DOJ opened an investigation into Planned Parenthood on Dec 7, 2017... because like the Russia Collusion investigation, DOJ lawyers ONLY investigate "fake news".

  7. Happy New Year Mr. & Mrs. AoW and current blog posters!

  8. Replies
    1. Good for you! I quite chewing years ago, after a life, starting at 14 of smoking and chewing.

      Nicotine is worse than crack cocaine. I recommend baby carrots for the munchies.

    2. that's how I quit. Raw taters and baby carrots have nicotine in them.

  9. I just watched THIS amazing documentary on the battle of the Chosin Reservoir in the Korean war. It's very up close and personal, but the conclusions of the vets at the end will melt your heart and make you see how much we've changed. As I reflect on it, and them, I wonder at how different (and better) the future has been for millions because of their sacrifices. They also opened the way for 90,000 to escape the Commies in the north of Korea.


    Good, even through the typical PBS slant.

    Prayers for you and Mr. AOW. I can slightly imagine the onerous burden Mr. AOW's incapacity adds being sick like this.

    1. Baysider,
      Thank you for your prayers. Mr. AOW was over the worst by 9:00 PM, but remains quite weak.

      I'm worn out.

    2. @ Baysider ... you may be interested in the book about General O. P. Smith, who commanded the 1st Marine Division during the Chosin Reservoir campaign. The book it titled "For Country and Corps" by Gail Shisler (General Smith's daughter). It is an excellent read.


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