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Monday, December 18, 2017

Bill Whittle on The Narrative: The origins of Political Correctness

There are several ongoing narratives. In the 2012 video below, Bill Whittle explains the Marxist background behind the ongoing narratives pushing the world to the Left:

Note that, since this video was first posted, how some of the mentioned narratives are now accepted as infallible truths — even by those who pride themselves on not falling for false narratives.


  1. The left controls Academia and the Infotainment Media Complex. They hold the the strategic high ground and that is why they are winning the propaganda war.

    1. ...and they hold it because their "pogrom" fits the "capitalist" narrative, "the customer is always right, and we have an easy to use product that fixes (by decaffeinating/removing the harmful ingredients) EVERYTHING."

    2. There are no moral hazards that can't be overcome through government largess. The treasury can print an infinite number of greenbacks...

    3. With enough money, you can "decaffeinate" ANYTHING. Even AIDS. Even "fathers abandoning their kids". Even "men hitting on you at work".

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    2. No Body Asked Me,
      Your comment has been removed because it is off topic -- although I must say that I liked your comment.

  3. Reality will, eventually, Trump Socialism, every time!

  4. He starts by comparing a simple assault at with the case of Rodney King by police , agents of the state and sees no difference.
    That's certainly rigorous thought.
    Equally rigorous is his anecdotal intimation that failure to identify an armed gun loon as black invalidates the reporting of the larger issue (i.e. white folk doing a Bundy, the Oath Keepers and the larger militia movement).

    He then goes on to explain the Frankfurt school in a minute, apparently to the satisfaction of the right and injects some founding fathers jingoism.

    Meanwhile we see the inevitable strengthening of fascism in a laissez-faire capitalist state and the morphing of citizens into consumers and the right applauds.

    1. When it's "cultural capitalism" the Left applauds. Gotta love this gold-diggers get-up-and-go cultural capitalism in cashing on on her Trump-grope accusations...

    2. She's riding on the "rape-to-money" cultural capitalism transformation EXPRESS!

    3. “We are not assisting Jill Harth with the sale of her memoir, nor would we take any of her book sales. I do look forward to reading her book.” - Lisa Bloom, Attorney of record for Jill Harth

    4. Would anybody EVER had bought her "memoirs" had she never accused Donald J. Trump of groping her?

    5. "Equally rigorous is his anecdotal intimation that failure to identify an armed gun loon as black invalidates the reporting of the larger issue (i.e. white folk doing a Bundy, the Oath Keepers and the larger militia movement)."

      Equally 'rigorous' might be actually addressing his point of not announcing what color a perp is, or religion. think. Don't slither away again.

    6. Once again you confuse rejection of the screed with not understanding the screed.
      Here's the narrative:

      1. Police are a repressive force in black communities.

      2. The militia movement is overwhelmingly white.

      Now, that narrative can be countered but it cannot be countered by a lightweight like Whittle who thinks a couple token examples prove a point. If he wanted to go into depth about blacks bearing arms he would at least pay passing attention to Ronnie Raygun's freakout introducing gun control legislation when the Black Panthers read the 2nd amendment and armed themselves.

      His "point" is built on a flimsy foundation and a complete misunderstanding of the term as it was used by socialists and the Frankfurt school. It had no currency outside leftist circles until the 80's. Long past the sell date of the Frankfurt school. Although it's worth a lot more than the superficial treatment he allots.

      Don't slither away? You've got to be kidding. I'm the one who gets censored.

    7. Duck,
      I'm the one who gets censored.

      Very, very rarely at this site.

    8. @ Nostradumbass:

      1. Blacks as individuals or as a group are no better or worse than anyone else. If you are a criminal, act like a criminal, associate with criminals or defend criminal actions, expect to be treated like a criminal.

      2. So? Just because you imagine there is a militia member hiding under your bed doesn't make it a reality. I haven't seen any militia members rioting, looting or committing arson in "protest".

      3. Bill Whittle's video was just that, not a novel. His examples were just that, good examples not a history of propaganda or in your case, agitprop.

      4. I disagree with Zs metaphor, she should have said, crawled away leaving a slug trail. She shouldn't have insulted snakes like that.

      5. Yes, I will delete your comments anytime the mood strikes me. In any case, prepare yourself to be metaphorically dissected and deservedly so. You love to belittle people, bully and trash talk but you don't like it so much when you're the recipient. And then ....................

      6. Whaa, whaa, whaa I'm the victim!

      7. Citizens aren't always consumers??? Who knew?

      8. Whittle a lightweight??? Pot meet Kettle.

      I'm sorry, I'm worn out from laughing at you.

    9. Duck,
      Z's site, Z's rules.

      End of discussion. We're not here to talk about Z's site and Z's rules.

    10. Ducky, it's partly due to you that I finally closed to liberals after so many warnings and requests for civility...you think it was fun to open my blog every morning for about five years and see you mistreat my readers, me and the facts?

      By the way, how do you explain BLACK COPS doing their jobs? Are they repressive, too?

  5. Who needs $2 million bribes, when you can get your mortgage paid off, a Go-Fund-Me account, and have a line of beauty products ready to plug in the name of "victim's of sexual abuse"?

  6. The Poetic Predator said

    Derogation from his poisoned soul and
    Undernourished intellect provides
    Caustic commentary that derides
    Keeping private property rights whole, and
    Inheritances free from any tax.
    Savings and investment he despises
    Any gain a success realizes
    Should be forfeit to the weak and lax.
    Hitting blindly at the strong, productive
    Institutions that made us great ––
    Tearing down pretending it’s instructive
    All the good we’ve done denied by hate
    Suckered by red sophistry seductive
    Snidely he lives solely to negate.

    ~ Derogatorio Vincitore

    1. +++ Multiple Upvotes!

    2. Then you deny, silverfiddle, that the narrative Whittle refers to ignores the narrative formed by the absolutism of reactionary works such as God and Man at Yale and The Closing of the American Mind?

      Myself, I'll take the Frankfurt school over being frog marched through an arbitrary set of "truths" or worse yet an attempt to establish a rational ethics using the Old Testament as a foundation.

      We are experiencing a transformation from citizen (to the extent we ever were) to consumer. Even Hayek was nervous about that possibility.

    3. Then you deny, silverfiddle, that the narrative Whittle refers to ignores the narrative formed by the absolutism of reactionary works such as God and Man at Yale and The Closing of the American Mind?

      Myself, I'll take the Frankfurt school over being frog marched through an arbitrary set of "truths" or worse yet an attempt to establish a rational ethics using the Old Testament as a foundation.

      We are experiencing a transformation from citizen (to the extent we ever were) to consumer. Even Hayek was nervous about that possibility.

    4. The sexual harassment "narrative" in the news is simply a new Left marketing ploy for selling "product". Buy "Jill Harth Cosmetics" because 7% of the profits go to the "victims off sexual harassment". Plus, after your husband smacks you around for your stupidity, you can "cover it up" afterwards!

    5. Ducky is always stuck on stupid; never tackle the message, always the messenger. Hey, it's what the communists do.

  7. The CDC was advised not to use seven words in their studies and analyses of medical issues..stuff like science-based, evidence-based and fetus among them.
    In an effort to be politically correct, I am now using
    opinion-based, guessing-based and unborn kindergartner.
    I used to be a scientist, but that's illegal now?

    1. @ BB-Idaho,
      Not quite,

      "The health community was reacting to a story in The Washington Post published late Friday citing an anonymous source who said the prohibition was made at a recent meeting of senior budget officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The seven words and phrases — "diversity," ''entitlement," ''fetus," transgender," ''vulnerable," ''evidence-based" and "science-based" — were not to be used in documents that are to be circulated within the federal government and Congress in preparation of the next presidential budget proposal, the paper reported. LINK HERE

      Kind of sounds like rumors of Trump firing Mueller to me. Maybe it should be illegal for Bill Nye (the science guy) to call himself a scientist when the only degree he holds is a BS in mechanical engineering.

    2. Ronald Reagan said

      "The trouble with our liberal friends is that they KNOW so many things that are NOT TRUE."

    3. I wouldn't call BB-Idaho a liberal, that's just not the case if that's what you're implying. He actually is a scientist and it irks him.

      We just live in a world where "news" has became gossip. A little truth and then a big lie but since they use the "anonymous sources" trope, it covers their butts. Any time I see "anonymous sources" quoted, I doubt the story.

  8. In today's news, from this story on TownHall.com :

    " In other words, what happened regarding these other terms (“transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based,” and “science-based”) was not that retrograde Republicans ordered career CDC officials not to use these terms but that career CDC officials assumed retrograde Republicans would be triggered by such words and, in an effort to avoid having such Republicans cut their budgets, reasoned they might be best avoided.

    Which after reading the terms is what I suspected.

    1. Science magazine's account

      Another account

      It may be self censorship but why should "science-based" be triggering?

    2. @Ducky:
      Your first link isn't working for me.

      There is no reason that "science-based" should be "triggering". But I can tell you this "science-based" is bureaucrat-speak and has zero semantic content. It's meant to imply that scientific methodology was employed to to come to a conclusion and it doesn't. "It' similar to saying, "I assure you that is not our policy...". In reality, it may be a "policy" but it doesn't mean the policy was followed. I've had bureaucrats try to pull that one on me but direct questioning proved that the policy wasn't followed.

      In other words, seeing "science-based" in a budget request might "trigger" deeper inquiry into facts.

    3. "Science-based" is only meant to be triggering by liberals of the mistaken belief that conservative beliefs aren't "science-based" whilst their own, are. It's an "unsuccessful" and unnecessary attempt at insult.

    4. Speaking of science-based evidence, here's an example by the Delaware Supreme Court that liberals should cringe at... The Superior Court earlier upheld the ban based on the “important governmental objective of keeping the public safe from the potential harm of firearms in state parks and forests,” The Court did not believe the regulations violated any constitutional rights.

      “But that conclusion is based on the questionable notion — unsupported by reference to any evidence – that outlawing possession of firearms in an area makes law-abiding citizens safer because criminals will, for some reason, obey the regulations,” the Supreme Court majority found.

    5. About "scientific studies" and how it's bandied about...

      Just the other day, I met with an adult client seeking my editing services for a contract she was creating for her clients. She led into one statement of the contract by stating: "Scientific studies have proven that...."

      When I asked her which specific studies she had found, she admitted that she hadn't seen any such studies. She retorted, "But it's a logical statement, and there must be such studies."

      I warned her that we have a lawyer on every corner here in Northern Virginia and had better delete the statement. She didn't delete the statement, however; she merely deleted the words "scientific studies have proven that" and made the statement anyway as a declarative statement. **sigh**

      I'm relieve that my name as editor will not appear on that contract!

  9. "Science" and "Science-based" have been grossly abused by the left to manipulate the slobbering masses who wouldn't understand science, math or engineering if it slapped them in their rage-purpled faces.

    A corollary to the is the "Net Neutrality" issue, where the big content provider corporations got millions to march, scream and issue bomb threats all in the name of chaining down ISPs while Google, Faceboot and the other big Corps roll on, rolling over everybody and enjoying government-sponsored de facto monopoly power.

    The FCC rescinded the Orewellian-name "Net Neutrality" and my internet is still working. How 'bout yours?

    1. SF,
      "Science" and "Science-based" have been grossly abused.

      All over the place. See my comment HERE. Anecdotal, but still....

    2. SF: As I understand it, relaxing neutrality only gives these big internet platforms a tighter grip on their monopolies. How do you understand it?

      AoW: your client doesn't care that (s)he is wrong. I don't understand how being wrong, or possibly wrong, doesn't hurt people; avoiding error is an obligation I take seriously. I'll never achieve perfection, but upon my honour I will not deliberately or negligently propagate misunderstanding or inaccuracy; those who do earn my contempt.
      This is what's visceral about my reaction to trump. He has zero qualms about being loudly and persuasively wrong; all politicians lie, Trump might not even be the worst example, but that's what I hate about him above all else.

    3. Jez,
      your client doesn't care that (s)he is wrong

      Apparently so. It came as a bit of shock to me.

      The statement about her philosophy of piano teaching she was trying to make was reasonable. And there may well be studies supporting her philosophy.

      She wasn't happy that I challenged the based-on-studies portion of the statement.

    4. it chains down the ISPs but not evil giants like Amazon, Google and Faceboot.

      These technology giants have been supporting repressive regimes all over the globe with their technology.

      Here is one example


      Only tangentially related to Net Neutrality, but people need to widen their scope when discussing such issues.

    5. But how it would help to allow the evil giants to buy preferential network access?

    6. Jez, My point is a larger one. Corps use and manipulate federal law to hamstring competitors or upstream/downstream businesses. That is what net neutrality was all about.

      The big content providers can't use government as their enforcers anymore.


      I suspect this is what the screamers are really angry about...


    7. Hold.



      The end of net neutrality means the end of free porn? No wonder there's so much screaming and screeching!

    8. "By analogy, let’s imagine that a retailer furniture company were in a position to offload all their shipping costs to the trucking industry. By government decree, the truckers were not permitted to charge any more or less whether they were shipping one chair or a whole houseful of furniture. Would the furniture sellers favor such a deal? Absolutely. They could call this “furniture neutrality” and fob it off on the public as preventing control of furniture by the shipping industry."

      I believe this analogy is sufficiently flawed that it actually is misleading. As I understand neutrality, the ISP's are free to charge both Netflix and me according to the volume and rate of data we require; it's the ISPs in between, of which neither I nor netflix are direct customers, who are/were "constrained" by neutrality not to throttle our data. But nobody's subsidising netflix: they pay their ISP just like we pay ours.

  10. NOTICE...

    I found several comments from regular commenters in the spam folder and have now liberated those comments.

  11. Why is it that the Liberals call President a “Pussy Grabber”, but they still call Bill Clinton an “ACCUSED” Rapist?

  12. As read in the Gateway PunditDecember 20, 2017 at 3:10:00 PM CST

    In a desperate attempt to stop Trump’s tax bill Tuesday evening, O’Donnell frantically tweeted she was willing to pay Senator Collins and Senator Flake $2 million each to vote against Trump’s tax bill.

  13. 'Political Correctness' is a fairly recent term, whoever
    thought it up. We ancients (FDR was pres when I was born)
    used 'polite/impolite' in the same but unspoken manner.
    Most of us at that time were raised to think that insulting someone or something was bad (Kid, if you can't
    say anything good...) It seems, IMO, that with the age
    of internet and its comfortable anonymity, insulting has
    become sort of a respected pastime; unfortunately we tend
    to form cliques of conformity and avoid real dialogue.
    Such is progress that there are advantages and disadvantages to instant and constant communication..and
    we are still sorting them out.

    1. It is my contention that the heavy-breathing obscene phone call became obsolete because the anonymity of a phone call became a thing of the past.

      The obscene phone caller found a new home on the Internet.

      The following is a synopsis of an editorial from the Washington Times:

      The term “politically correct” was coined in the late 1920s by the Soviets and their ideological allies to describe why the views of certain of the party faithful needed correction to the party line.

      Those deemed politically incorrect were castigated, exiled or even exterminated except for those considered too valuable to "the cause".

      An good example of this would be Pablo Picasso, a European communist. In the Eastern block, Cubist art was not “politically correct” but since Picasso was European (and not a direct threat to the Soviets) he was considered too valuable of a resource because of his fame and was considered “politically correct”.

      The Communists invented the term “politically correct” to camouflage their destructive manipulation of idealism to suit it for totalitarian purposes. The term carried no honor then and it carries none today.

  14. In a desperate attempt to stop Trump’s tax bill Tuesday evening, the Fat Slob Rosie O’Donnell frantically tweeted she was willing to pay Senator Collins and Senator Flake $2 million each to vote against Trump’s tax bill

  15. PC is communist activism, designed to thwart Freedom of Speech.

    1. Warren,
      All the virtue signaling has become more than tiresome in almost every "newscast" I watch.

      More and more, I'm retreating to YouTube. Plenty of documentaries of interest there!

    2. The target of Lee's ire are the self-pitying bro-flakes who think that PC constitutes an oppression comparable to that experienced by the minorities PC is intended to protect - ie not all middle class white men, far from it.

      Also commonplace in rap lyrics are misogyny and homophobia. This is clearly a discourse which PC has yet to penetrate. Is it any richer for it?

      I think our current exchange is reasonably sensible.

      "We can agree as a social matter that it is impolite, vulgar or crass to use certain words"

      To me, that's precisely what PC is, nothing more. It's not backed by law, nor should it be. I for one appreciate that the those dimissive terms for the races, disabled, women etc. are encountered less frequently now. A few years ago in Britain we there was a big campaign to encourage dog owners to clear up after their pets' excretions; I see the effect of PC as similar to that. Less c**p for me to step around.

    3. In my view, the consequences of political incorrectness are often far too punitive. And as Warren mentioned, even the perception of political incorrectness is worthy of rather severe punishment:

      One Washington DC city councilman lost his job for using the word niggardly at a meeting.

      And now there are waaay too many "trigger words," and the list keeps growing.

    4. @ jez:

      My original comment on this topic started off:

      "First, in the US Constitution, we have an inalienable right to freedom of speech. That includes objectionable speech.

      If we have equal rights as citizens (and we do), Group rights are an oxymoron.

      You may have thought that a bit odd but I will explain why.

      I do not believe that any group has more rights than an individual nor do I believe that anyone has a "right" to not be offended as an individual or a group.

      Political correctness is not meant as a way to address grievance but a means to an end, a tool toward a larger end used one word or phrase at a time.

      Now, to backtrack to before 1917. (continued below)

    5. Communist revolution only works if there is division to sow discord. The classes must be divided, discord and grievance must be created, eggs must be broken....
      In the UK this wasn't successful because the UK had been evolving toward a more egalitarian more democratic form of governance. In the US it was largely unsucsesful because there was too much mobility between the classes.

      Along came the Marxist intellectuals in Germany in 1923, affiliated to the University of Frankfurt and independently of the Communist Party, now known as "The Frankfort School" and have been influential in the development of Marxist theory ever sense. They developed the concept of "critical theory" which involves applying Marxist theories to social matters in an effort to "liberate human beings from the circumstances that enslave them". In 1933 most were forced to flee, because of the rise of Hitler, with many relocating to the USA.

      Political Correctness is one of the tools of "critical theory".

      (for a look in more depth to the formation of "critical theory" you might try to slog through THIS article at The Schiller Institute)

      Continued below

    6. I'm not going to get much into "critical theory" except to say that it's all Whiteys fault! Classic art and music are tools of the patriarchy and religion (especially Christianity) must be destroyed and replaced with the God like pronouncements of Karl Marx.

      "The target of Lee's ire are the self-pitying bro-flakes who think that PC constitutes an oppression comparable to that experienced by the minorities PC is intended to protect - ie not all middle class white men, far from it.

      PC is not designed to protect anyone, although it might appear so to some, it's designed to sow discord and resentment. (doing a fine job too!)
      You're playing into the game, you're quantifying oppression and deciding who is a "worthy" beneficiary of PC. Sorry, I don't care where your ancestors came from or what color your skin is. I'm mixed race myself, American Indian, Scots-Irish, Flemish and from the looks of a couple of my Uncles and ancestors, there might be a touch of the tar-brush.

      I don't need anyone to champion my hurt feelings or explain why I haven't did as well as Donald Trump.

      "It's not backed by law, nor should it be."

      Hate crime laws.

      ...there was a big campaign to encourage dog owners to clear up after their pets...

      "Middle class white men" aren't pets and don't crap in the streets. Although in certain PC leftist havens of the US West Coast it is PC for non-middle class white men as well others to crap in the streets, while the Anarchists riot, rob and burn the shops down and their society crumbles .

      You see, it's PC for hopeless alcoholics, drug addicts and the mentally disturbed homeless to crap in the streets. (Even if it has caused outbreaks of hepatitis.)

    7. "Group rights is an oxymoron" made sense to me the first time, I just didn't think it pertains to (my understanding of) PC since, being voluntary, it doesn't affect any rights, individual or group. It doesn't infringe on speech, nor does it recognise any (non-existent) right to not be offended.

      I used the perjorative term "broflake" above, just a bit of fun, I'm sure we all enjoyed it. But if middle class white males were referred to that way all the time, even in business meetings, sermons and pop songs, and it appeared in newspapers, tv shows, adverts; if it was shouted from passing cars and used by police officers during a random search; that's a different thing, isn't it? You and I know that there's more to a typical white middle-class man than the dismissive term broflake conveys, but I think that insight was harder to come by back in the 70s when gays were just faggots.

      "[PC is] designed to sow discord and resentment."
      How do you maintain that belief in the face of Lee's historical assessment? Do you think it was better when a major political party could campaign in a local election using the word nigger, or do you think that it wasn't PC that caused that change?

      (btw, it's probably because you're a nicer person than Trump; although I would question how meaningful is the metric you are using which suggests that he's done "better")

      Hate crime laws, as far as I am aware, do not criminalize any acts that were not already illegal without those laws. Not an expert though. (also, not a supporter of hate crime laws). I think it's a separate issue.

    8. "How do you maintain that belief in the face of Lee's historical assessment?"

      PC is simply a tool in the box of Critical Theory, you've focused on its use in a particular situation but ignore its larger implications.

      "Do you think it was better when a major political party could campaign in a local election using the word nigger, or do you think that it wasn't PC that caused that change?"

      No, it was political pragmatism. Politicians that wanted black votes or backing from the national party quit using the word in public.

      I used Donald Trump as a symbol for the wealthy child of privilege. He has done "better" by having things, including money, that I do not.
      (Nicer than Trump? Damned with faint praise?) LOL! Let's just say that I have no need of having my personal worth validated. I gave that up when I was 19.

      Let's go back farther to my citation of Pablo Picasso and of him being exempt from PC (member of a protected class). Blacks, (which seems to be the correct PC nomenclature at this point in time), are a protected PC class. They are too valuable to be held accountable to PC standards unless they individually stray too far from the PC plantation. That is why Rap is ignored as a source of hatred and bigotry. It's not about hatred and bigotry, its about (racial) class "struggle" and the utopian fantasy of this world begin sweep clean and replaced with Shangri-La and then the lamasery replaced with the Communist Manifesto. (After several 5 year plans a shortage of toilet paper and starvation.)

  16. Great video, AOW.

    The only quibble is his history of communism being adopted by the Russian people. I believe it is now understood that it was imposed from the outside by America and England assisting the likes of Trotsky and Lenin financially in their great return to Russia. But that would not be taught here since it may be another " third rail".

  17. More important than saying anything we want at any time we want is the matter of pursuing a true understanding of our world and how we got to this precarious point in our existence. If certain topics are considered beyond question we are in a sad and sorry state.

    As one demented individual said: What happens when everything we believe is a lie?

    1. Waylon,
      I think that I know what you're getting at. But whatever the truth is, I see no way for such knowledge to be of use now. Voicing those views serve only to be filed away and, at the least, disbelieved about anything voiced -- no matter what the topic.

      Now, I've read a great deal on various the topics which fall into the topic of everything we believe is a lie. I remain unconvinced -- in large part.

  18. Aow, I'm not getting at anything arcane or cryptic. To me understanding the truth is of primary importance. There are plenty of other people on the internet of similar mind, so there must be a market for the truth. And lots of people are fed up with the phony BEE ESS put out with the same end game, establish the desired world governance.

    Here's the quote I alluded to above from William Casey, a director of the CIA:

    "“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    Doesn't that really expose what their heart's desire really is?

    I don't think an individual mind could function if "everything we believe is a lie".

  19. Excellent!! And even Rodney King ... well, there is MORE to that story, too. I knew from the upper ranks of the LAPD the police that the police were sick to see what transpired on the video. And they saw the FULL video, including the first seconds the media edited out that showed King (a very big guy) getting up and charging an officer. But no one ever talks about why the [black] passenger in the car encountered NO trouble with the police. (Maybe he saw Chris Rock's video, because we was certainly following his advice. :) King was not!) That's the more to the story.


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