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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Solar System Fantasy

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Which planet gets your vote?


  1. _______... NOTICE ... _______

    _ Your Prayers are Needed _

    ___ JERSEY McJONES ____

    Our Beloved Friend and Favorite Antagonist
    is Gravely Ill and Fighting for His Life
    in a Battle with Metastatic Cancer.

    We ask those of you who pray
    please to pray for his recovery,
    and the well-being of his wife
    and family.

    We ask those who do not believe
    in the power of prayer please to take
    a few moments each day to send
    your kindest thoughts and fondest
    hopes his way.

    Right Now the Guy Needs All the Help He can Get.
    The Least We Could Do Would Be to Consider Him
    and Hope for His Return to Good Health
    in Our Thoughts and Prayers.


    ~ FreeThinke

    1. Thank you, Ed. I'm gald to see that someone responded to a call for help for a man in serious trouble.

      I believe that "thoughts are things" and the quality of thought we send in any particuar direction has a good chance of affecting the outcome of any given situation.

      So, it's a good idea to make the effort to send positive, hopeful, encouraging, charitable thoughts to those in distress.

      How could it hurt?

    2. That's sad about JMJ.

      I knew, of course, that he's been very sick. And he had I had briefly discussed his struggle some time back -- over at FT's site.

      JMJ is no quitter, and that quality will serve him well in his battle with metastatic cancer.

      I wish him the best.

    3. So sad about Jersey..praying for him. heart breaking....but he is a tough old bird and I'm counting on that toughness! Go, Jersey, we've got your back!

  2. Saturn's moon swinging in close has a certain appeal.

  3. At first I voted for Neptune, but later on I reconsidered and decided on Saturn. Saturn is the flashier choice.

  4. I view of Mondays post I would say Chicago.


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