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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Here Is The Left In All Its "Glory"

Steve Scalise is in critical condition after surgery, and Sonia Gupta must be delighted about that bit of dire news.

According to Grabien News, Sonia Gupta is a former prosecutor from Scalise's home state of Louisiana.

Her Tweets are protected, but here is an image capture of one of her Tweets today, upon hearing that Rep. Steve Scalise had been shot (from Grabien News):

Her Twitter profile shows the following:

Overcoming internal resistance and just...being. 😊 New Orleans Lawyer➡️ Denver Software Developer. Always seeking new opportunities.
Denver, CO
Joined March 2016


Now go read It Wasn't The Trump Supporters at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.


  1. The hate-filled left has been stewing in contemptuous rage since the election. Their violence-laden rhetoric has come full bloom this morning.

    What do we expect from a party that unleashes street fascists to attack those they disagree with?

    The contemporary left is an insane asylum of kook conspiracy theories, diaper rash ranting babies incapable of embracing reality, violence junkies, and purple-faced rage monkeys.

    Democrats are people who think a dried up old hag posing with the President's decapitated head is funny.

    Democrats turn a Shakespeare play into one where President Trump is murdered. Other Democrats swarm to it and stand on their hind legs and applaud it like the clapping seals they are.

    Democrats equate their butt-hurt outrage to a resistance movement.

    Democrats want to release criminals from jail.

    Democrats sneer at the President's efforts to bring jobs back to ordinary Americans.

    Democrats fume and wallow in violent hate-speech that disparages everyone not like them.

    The Democrat party has been hijacked by violent, un-American extremists. The Democrat party has proven itself to be extremely dangerous and incapable of governing according to our founding documents.

    Rabid Democrats, foaming at the mouth against Scott Walker, drove out the normals from their party and handed the state to Donald Trump.

    The Democrat Party is dottering Pelosi, who thinks George Bush is still in office, Maxine Waters, and a filthy host of F-Bomb dropping lunatics.

    Ordinary Americans see all of this and are repulsed.

    The Democrat Party is a danger to democracy, to our American ideals, and to individual Americans. Just ask the good people shot today by a deranged Democrat who was radicalized by the constant drumbeat of hate-filled Democrat Party propaganda.

    The Democrat Party is the party of domestic terrorism.

    1. SF,
      You've said it all!

      I'm aghast at what's transpiring.

      Ordinary Americans see all of this and are repulsed.

      Anybody with a conscience should be repulsed.

    2. John Joseph Bramblebratt, III said

      She's not just a "Democrat." She's a dark-skinned, thick-lipped feminazi of Indian descent with a chip on her shoulder as big as Gibraltar. She may be a Muslim too for all we know, which SHOULD disqualify her from being permitted even to VISIT these shores. I don't give a rat's rump whether she was born here or not. THROW HER OUT.

      I am fast becoming what these rotten, stinking, snotty, troublemaking bitches and bastards want call a "racist," because it's the only thing to do in SELF-DEFENSE. I and my ind have as much right to life, liberty and the chance to pursue happiness –– as we see fit –– as anyone else.

      The Left has dragged me kicking and screaming into the realm of HATRED and CONTEMPT. I'm not going to pretend I don't oathe and despise them, because I DO, and I am NOT ashamed of it. Not a bit.

      Now put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, all you smugly dispassionate, arrogant, self-righteous, hypocritical bastards who think yourselves "mature," "advanced," calm, cool, collected and morally superior.

    3. Thank's for showing us how hateful the left is, FreeThinke.

      It's quite dizzying.

    4. Silverfiddle, does Shakespeare speak to politics today?

      If not then why bother staging Julius Caesar if it's just a quaint historic object? Doesn't Shakespeare speak to some eternal issues?

      Why then does it bother you to have it staged in a contemporary fashion? When you object to Shakespeare being disturbing or thought provoking, I don't see that you are any different the the average superficial SJW.

    5. Duck,
      If you can't see that the current Central Park version of Julius Caesar is "a bridge too far" and beyond distasteful, we can't even have a conversation (to use the latest buzz phrase).

      Perhaps Silverfiddle will want to have that conversation, but I don't.

    6. I am absolutely for free speech, even that of unhinged haters.

      I am free to label as unhinged nutballs those who stage such a play and those who applaud it.

      It is unpatriotic and way beyond the bounds of taste and decorum. I would say the same about any such display toward President Obama.

      Since you are too blind or stupid to pick up subtle differences, let me break it down for you:

      SJW's shout and commit violence to shut down what they disapprove of, and they are always a spawn of the LEFT, you know, YOUR camp.

      I disapprove of the anti-President Trump play, but I grant their right to be rage-filled morons given to orgies of anti-trump hatred and a lust for violence.

      The sub-humans who engage in such despicable behavior are pitiful, pathetic losers who cannot accept that they lost, making them even more pathetic losers.

      I deplore the violence and the hate-filled rhetoric, but I am glad to see the rabid left expose themselves for the intolerant, dictatorial dogmatists they really are.

      I hope the Democrat party F-Bombers goes really vulgar, hard-hard left and let the people decide.

      While deploring the behavior, I applaud the despicable, self-defeating honesty.

      See the difference, you sick, rancid, goose-stepping hater?

    7. When the Guthrie performed Julius Caesar with a black actor playing Caesar during Obama's presidency were you upset?

      No, because :

      1. You would have been totally cool with it.

      2. Breitbart didn't tell you to get upset.

      Some of the funders threatening to pull out of the Public production were funders of the Guthrie production. It all depends on what Breitbart tells the mindless robots to do.

    8. Duck,
      You would have been totally cool with it.

      Um, I wouldn't have been cool with it. (I didn't know about it at the time. When was that version of Julius Caesar presented?

      I'm not a regular reader of Breitbart. Never have been. An occasional reader, yes.

    9. It's adorable how Ducky pretends that it's the Right [and only the Right] that is indoctrinated by partisan 'newspeak'.

    10. Ducky's out of ammo. His pathetic little pop gun is shooting whiffs of air. Blanks.

      Pure subjunctive psychological-projection is all he has. Pure twaddle.

      Never heard of Guthrie's Julius Caesar, and my comments clearly reflect the fact that I am not a consumer of Breitbart.

      The violent, dictatorial, hate-filled, intolerant, illiberal, non-coexisting rabid left has taken over the Democrat Party, the mouth-foamers are killing liberalism, and Ducky's cool with it.

    11. Ducky is nothing without his tu quackee fallacies.

  2. Unreal, AOW.. I SO wish the media'd catch this...Imagine ANY person on either side having this immediate HATE toward someone who could have died? WOW

    1. Z,
      I haven't heard a peep about this on the media. **sigh**

      Your regulars are such calm practitioners of controlled discussion you had to put that on your sidebar, Z.

      But what we need is for the media (i.e. the rabies media) to turn this into more of a hate fest than it is.

    3. Duck,

      It is not the business of this blog to discuss what transpires (or does not transpire) at Z's blog.

    4. Ducky, one of your Democrat Party unhinged radicals shoots up a group of GOP congressman and all you got is to white about a blog post thread?

      Weak. You really need some new tactics. you've become rancid and predictable.

    5. Because the quality and tone of expression is important and it doesn't matter whether it is an idiot shooting up a baseball practice or an idiot stabbing people of a train in Oregon.
      The toxic nature of the speech will out and right now the party of Milo and Coulter is in denial if they can't take responsibility for their own hate.

    6. Duck,
      Ahem, the party of Milo and Coulter didn't shoot up the baseball field today.

      Get a grip.

      As for the stabber on the train in Oregon, he appears not to have been much of anything -- a very mixed bag of material about him.

    7. Did the Oregon murderer say who radicalized him? He sounded like a neo-nazi. Did you read the news reports how the Trump rally people KICKED HIM OUT a few weeks earlier?

      Today's Democrat Domestic Terrorist was radicalized by Democrat rhetoric spewed by MSNBC. Hew was Bernie Bro. He's your spawn.

      Democrats need to grow some balls and do the same to the radicals who have hijacked their party.

      Milo and Coulter (I'm no fan of either and have stated that many times) are teddy bear picnic stuff compared to the murder-fantasy violence pornographers on the left, so spare us the false equivalencies.

      Your tactics are threadbare, old man. Your ideology has curdled into hate, intolerance, street violence, murder porn, and now murder.

      A little introspection should be in order.

  3. Roasted Duck! Family favorite!

  4. Yet another indication of America's growing divide...a Tweet by a Huffington Post contributor says:

    "What’s Worse? Cancelling Obamacare Or Shooting A Racist Lawmaker In The Hip?"

  5. According to THIS ESSAY in today's Washington Times:

    The first skirmishes of a second American civil war have begun.

    It appears that the essay was written before today's shooting at the ballpark.

    #Calexit is mentioned -- along with several other matters.

    Please read the essay at the above link.

  6. The left is a clear and present danger to America, individual American, and our unique way of life.

    Violence is the logical spawn of their hate-filled rage rhetoric.

    They are deranged rage-addicts who cannot accept the REALITY that Americans reject them.

    I predicted the the left becoming more violent as they meet pushback and a man they hate and wish dead assumes the presidency.

    I've made jokes about President Trump putting the unhinged left on a runaway train to Batshiteville, but this isn't funny.

    The left is dangerous, satanic, and sadly, I predict they will explode in even more rage, violence and murder.

  7. More vitriol -- from the Left, even as Congressman Steve Scalise remains in critical condition:

    HuffPost writer wishes ‘violent resistance’ were more ‘organized’.

  8. I don't know which post this will refer to this or the previous-
    I have been engulfed in who the players of this world are and where they started to acquire power.
    I took 20 years of my life to research these subhumans.
    I went back in history and found them and tracked their horrible inhumanity back to the future.

    Around 1998 I went back in the 1990's event news, and noticed a trend with Legislation in D.C., and some State Legislation-with events like today's.
    With the things I say I already have to look over my shoulder for black Vans / SUVs, and yes Helicopters.
    I can't say what or where events occur. Just from the DemocRats/Progressives/Lefties. Not the Muslims they are so unrelated to Legislation - so far.
    But what I do and have been proven right every time every 2 years or so; posting comments on several Popular HIGH TRAFFIC blogs.
    What I comment on is II Peter 2, 9-14 and 19.
    In less than a week after I comment the event happens.
    There are two main issues. Gun Control and Abortion.
    The Republicans and Pres. Trump said the(AHCA) Health Care will be repealed soon. There are parts in the bill that forced participation in funding and Church funding, abortion will be repealed.
    If any one was paying attention - House Majority Whip Tom Delay and Senator Coverdale co-sponsored the Parental Rights Bill. The attack on Delay's life was averted-but Coverdale's was successful. A second autopsy should reveal foul play. A massive heart attack is a common tool for termination.
    So remember II Peter 2, 14. Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: a heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children:.
    And, I don't know why I have always published this right before an event for the last 10 yrs.
    Yahuah told me to do it!

  9. For any readers who haven't see this (emphasis mine)

    MedStar Washington Hospital Center

    Media Statement

    June 14, 2017, 8:15 pm

    Congressman Steve Scalise sustained a single rifle shot to the left hip. The bullet travelled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding. He was transported in shock to MedStar Washington Hospital Center, a Level I Trauma Center. He underwent immediate surgery, and an additional procedure to stop bleeding. He has received multiple units of blood transfusion. His condition is critical, and he will require additional operations. We will provide periodic updates.

    No way is Rep. Scalise out of the woods!

    1. These are life-changing injuries.

      And Rep. Scalise has two young children.

      Learn more at Rep. Scalise's Twitter page.


    You will see this again: The END of the Roman Republic BEGAN with the murders of Gracchi Tribunes by incited Romans


    ...you foolishly, meanly and inaccurately call the choice of the majority of the people in 2/3 of the states, UN-AMERICAN....

    1. I received my Masters in Anthropology.... all societies one way or another end... we have had a pretty good run. 300 years? The Russian Revolution as well gives us the signal that we are in the final throes. Depressing. But true. Denying it helps us not. You comment was spot on over your link.

    2. I'm not sure that analogies with Rome are apt at this point. The 'Senate' is unresponsive to the people, and we have no Tribune of the Plebs. Our Republic looks more like that of the Triumvirate, at the very least.

      - CI

    3. CI,

      But the points made are still valid -- and seem to be playing out before our very eyes.

    4. Bunkerville,
      I see no end to the continuing denial, which continues apace.

    5. Being a student more of European and Latin America, my thoughts are, this is the point where a dictator steps in, with the support of the military and a fed-up people.

      I am not suggesting that will happen, and I do not want it to happen.

      What I am saying, is that the tools of the past (torches, pitchforks, revolution, revolts, coups) don't apply to modern-day Western Civilization. The lawyer will fight the next revolution, and it will be televised.

      Our constitutional democratic republic was supposed to balance off the various centers of power and use them as checks against one another. It was designed as a self-correcting system with the people in charge, but that went by the wayside a long time ago.

      Our slide will continue toward Wilson's Bismarckian progressive state, interlocked with other progressive states, attempting to pacify the people while preserving the establishment of the rich and powerful.

      We will be ruled by a Politburo of Experts, liberty will diminish, but life will go on.

      The golden rule--They who have the gold make the rules--is an eternal truth.

    6. SF,
      What I am saying, is that the tools of the past (torches, pitchforks, revolution, revolts, coups) don't apply to modern-day Western Civilization.

      I'm not so sure about that.

      We shall see.

    7. SF,
      PS: Yesterday was surreal. A killing field in Alexandria, Virginia -- about seven miles from me.

  11. Ducky and his vitriolic ilk have created a climate of hate. He and his Soros-funded pyromaniacs stoke the rage of left wing lunatics.

    Will Ducky call for the left's propagandists to turn down the heat? Stop the hate speech? Stop fomenting political terrorism?

    Violent rhetoric emanating like the stench that it is from liberal hate sites like msnbc, the Nation and Huffington Post egged on this deranged Bernie Sanders supporter.

    How are we to read the rage-stoked "humor" and artisitic peformances fantasizing about the death of the president and conservatives? What are we to make of liberal pundits joking about the death of the president and his supporters? It is an incitement to violence.

    This is today's left. Eat it, Ducky! These are your confreres. Words and actions have consequences. You have blood on your hands.

    "You should be angry. Take your anger out on the right people" -- Bernie Sanders

    "Punish your enemies" -- Barack Obama

    “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said. “Because from what I understand folks in Philly like a good brawl.”

    "If the shooter has a serious health condition then is taking potshots at the GOP house leadership considered self defense?" -- Malcolm Harris, liberal loudmouth

    Fascist Democrats torched the Berkley campus over a speech by milo yiannopoulos. The same Democrat Party nazi brownshirts rampaged again to prevent Ann Coulter from speaking.

    But wait! There's more! The Democrat Party's Hitler Youth also attacked Charles Murray and a liberal professor at Middlebury College over their desire for a free exchange of ideas and speech that does not comform to narrow leftwing thought control dogmas.

    The relatively-tame violence at Trump campaign rallies? Every incident incited by a leftwing infiltrator who wormed his way in to provoke violence for the vultures at the major news networks

    Here's Ducky is a clotted, crusted apologist for violent, totalitarian socialism. He should be jailed and deported along with the rest of his filthy communist rabble.

  12. Diogenes Basta typed in the following:

    Eat it, Ducky! These are your confreres. Words and actions have consequences. You have blood on your hands.

    Let us remember the Rep. Scalise may yet die. His wound is grievous. From what I've been reading, it will take a miracle for him to live!

    IF he survives, he will have life-changing disabilities.

    And what of his two young children, whose daddy went to a baseball practice and came back never the same -- if he comes back at all.

    Yes, this one is the Left's.

    The Left owns this. Period.

  13. Hodkinson's Facebook page is his manifesto. There are plenty of screen shots of his manifesto.

  14. More of the Left's murderous hatred, via various Twitter feeds:

    Left-Wing Twitter Celebrates Shooting of Rep. Scalise [UPDATED].

    Lack of conscience.


  15. Let us not forget how the left's incendiary rhetoric, including the irresponsible grievance-stoking of ex President Obama and his wife, provoked the assassination of police officers.

  16. A responsible first couple would have encouraged minority students to work hard and stop blaming others. A responsible first couple would have held themselves up as an example for minority youths to follow: Stay out of trouble, stay in school, work hard and you too could be president one day.

    Instead, they stoked grievances, ripping off old scabs and exposing ugly wounds of hatred, racism, slavery and subjugation. They preached this racial-strife revivalism here in the United States, and overseas, striving to preach to other nations how bad and flawed we are, ignoring the social progress we have made.

    The Obamas stoked resentment, rage towards the invented concept of "White Privilege," and this in turn spawned a fashionable denigration and hate rhetoric directed at white cisgendered men who insisted on acting like men and who refused to be marched into the camp of de-balled progressive metrosexuals dutifully reciting incomprehensible post-modern feminist tropes, memes and credos.

    The great coup of the left was dragooning guilty white patsies into their anti-white campaign of hatred, so that we are now subjected to the absurdity of a pasty white person with Stockhold Syndrom spouting inanties equating being white with racism.

    Every white moron who spouts such crap should be dunked in a vat of indelible dye that will convert their skin color to a politically-correct shade.

    It is now clear: The Left has been on a long march to destroy this nation, to trample our patrimony, burn down our society, smash our cultural artifacts, and remake the United States in their own hellish, Maoist image.

    The left has indoctrinated our people to the point where you are scorned for saying it is wrong for a man with a penis (and yes, having a penis and testicles makes you a MALE!) to urinate and defecate in a female bathroom. The sick degenerate left has used federal powers to force adolescent boys and girls to undress, shower and use toilet facilites together.

    Worse, the left has turned our universities, once citadels of knowledge and free thought, into radicalization centers where students write gibberish and receive worthless degrees in return, go out into the real world, and become enraged when they realized four, six or eight years of college has rendered them unemployable.

    Worst of all, the progressive left, with the Obama's as its pinnacle, has destroyed the lives of millions of urban poor, making excuses for drug use, societal dysfunction, and celebrating the violent pornographic "culture" our urban hellscapes have produced.

    The left is an army of slithering reptiles, poisoning all in its path and killing whatever good it can.

    We can defeat the left at the ballot box. We can defeat them by not sending our children to their citadels of socialism and instead choosing colleges that do not indulge students nursing grievances and promoting cultural Maoism. We can defeat them by exposing them and ridiculing them for their destructive ideologies that have been discredited everywhere they have been tried.

    Violence is not the answer. The left has exploded in violence because their own failed ideologies have left them in babbling incoherence. They cannot defend their nonsense, and that is why the Maoist Democrats hate free speech and seek to violently silence their enemies.

    1. Where is the former first couple to come out and condemn yesterday's killing field as a hate crime? Hmmmmm?

    2. I grieve that Mr. Obama never took the opportunity to encourage particularly minority kids...."I made it, you can make it"..only used them to canvas neighborhoods for liberal dopiness. It truly was sad....
      Now he and his wife are slated to get between $30 and $60 million for their books. Meanwhile, ghettos produce disenfranchised kids with moms on crack and no jobs.

    3. Sadly, they took those opportunities to deliver their very carefully planned message exactly how they wanted to deliver it.

      As George W. Bush would say, "Mission accomplished. Heh heh heh."

  17. Here's one more example of post-modern leftist totalitarian tactics that tear a society apart.

    TORONTO — Controversy over a female-only spa’s “no male genitals” policy has reignited debate over the rights of transgender people to access traditionally gender-exclusive spaces http://news.nationalpost.com/toronto/women-only-full-nudity-spas-no-male-genitals-rule-ignites-transgender-debate

    Transgendered people are less than 1% of society, but Democrat Party Maoists use the issue to bludgeon non-progressives into silence and conformance, and it is also used as a battering ram to smash cultural norms and batter down doors and walls essential to polite, civilize society.

    What part of "no male genetalia" do the twisted left not understand? It's a single-sex facility.

    Here is the sick response:

    “There are many ways of being trans and there are many ways of being a woman,” says Cavanagh, noting that trans rights are enshrined in the Ontario Human Rights Code.

    “And certainly surgery or hormones, per se, do not make a woman…. I think it’s gender identity that matters and what is between our legs is our own business.”

    She notes that not all trans people transition with surgeries and not all trans people use or take hormones.

    Transgender is also a very broad term. Some transgender people identify as bi-gender or non-gender or agender, which means they don’t strictly identify as a man or a woman. Still others are intersex, which the National Health Service in the United Kingdom defines as a genetic “mix of male and female sexual characteristics.”

    All this sturm und drang to demonize women who want to relaxe at a spa without men lurking around. The left is hijacking society and twisting it to their tormented, diabolic vision. Make no mistake: The left has already demonstrated that we all must conform, or they will resort to violence.

  18. Ducky cannot come out and play today. He is shivering and huddling with Pajama Boy under a flannel blanket, sipping hot coco and tearfully discussing his feelings.

    1. No. The people in the next room over at the old folks home are out today, so Ducky is rifling their room stealing their false teeth and scooping up any loose change and cough drops he can find.

      When he's done with that, he plans on making harassing phone calls to the three Republicans in Boston and then flatting the tires on that personal mobility scooter that has the MAGA sticker on it while the owner is supping in the dining room.

  19. AOW: Off Topic; have you learned who's on Mueller's investigation team? Quite a list of DNC donors and Clinton Foundation lawyers...

    1. Z,
      I've read a few headlines, but I don't the details. I'm not surprised that Mueller's investigation team includes several DNC donors and Clinton Foundation lawyers. The power of the Clinton Political Machine!

    2. that's right...but the Left's set it up now that if Trump does fire Mueller it's all about obstruction, not truth.

    3. Also, Comey is the central witness in this caSe and there IS statute that says the investigator lead guy can't investigate if there is close relationship with the lead witness. Mueller was his mentor, COmey, his protege... They worked together on tons of cases, Comey says Mueller is the one he has trusted as a friend. WOW

    4. Comey and Mueller are BFF's. Mueller has stocked his staff with partisan Democrats and the investigation has already spilled past the bounds of the original mandate.

      The Democrats, tattered and rejected after the 2016 election, are firmly in control of the agenda.

  20. Can't wait to see the SNL skit on yesterday's shooting! LOL

  21. I feel certain that Gupta is ducky.

  22. Looking at that Gupta freak, I must congratulate DemonCraps on assimilating formerly-responsible immigrants into adopting their native stupidity.

  23. I guess that red Peking Duck got his feathers singed off yesterday. Praise the Lord we haven't had to listen to any of his communist nonsense today!

  24. This is the left. Ignorant, hateful, and violent.

    Kinda like 3 yr old brats. How many times we gotta type it.

    1. Kid,
      How many times we gotta type it.

      I'm to the point that I'm not gonna type it in much longer. There really isn't more for me to say, is there? The Leftists are "showing their tails" (as my maternal grandmother used to say).

  25. Of course!

    WaPo Writer Hopes Scalise Will Die From His Wounds.

    And Malcolm Harris doesn't mind expressing his unseemly views in a public forum.

    Well, he's taken a lot of heat for being a murder-in-his-heart guy. I note that he's taking a Twitter break. Heh.

  26. The left has revealed itself to be as vile as vile can get. As much as I hate Hillary, Obama, and their minions on the left, I would still abide by the decisions of the courts. Violence isn't the answer, but I'd sure like to see some court action.

    1. Cube,
      The left has revealed itself to be as vile as vile can get.

      The Left doesn't live by the Golden Rule.

  27. The Prog education from K-12 has to be modified before we lose another generation. The university snowflake system has to change as well. The progressive indoctrination must stop.


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