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Friday, June 30, 2017

A New First Chair?

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An antidote to overdosing on politics:

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Published on Jun 29, 2017
Dog walks out on stage and settles in during live orchestra performance.The Vienna Chamber Orchestra was in the middle of performing Mendelssohn’s 'Italian' Symphony No.4, in the very picturesque ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey, when someone’s pet dog decided to join the party.The fluffy labrador had a sniff around the strings section for a bit, and eventually decided to make a base at the leader of the first violins’ feet.


  1. Replies
    1. The orchestra appears completely un-muttled.

    2. Mustang,
      They notices, but there "muttled" through.

    3. Did they VET the dog first? Good thing they weren't horsing around! :-)

    4. Herman Punster said

      Doggone it that was a cute video!

  2. Some dogs are quite sophisticated. This tune was a little soft for him, but later when they got to Bach, he was much more animated.

    1. Kid,
      Perhaps he became more animated when a Bach Fugue was played.

  3. I've heard that chocolate labs are actually the better concertmasters.

    1. Duck,
      Even if the DNA between the chocolate labs and yellow labs is shared?

    2. I'm astonished you didn't assert that notion about BLACK Labs, Ducky.

      Don't tell me you're moving away from Darkness and into the Light at last!


      What a cause for rejoicing it would be!


    3. Verfremdungseffekt. Who knew that this dog was a Brechtian!

  4. I've found that some dogs are quite choosy as to which music they enjoy. The instrumentation matters, too. Our dogs favored woodwinds.

  5. Our dog loves the banjo. I can't explain it. You'd think a creature with such sensitive ears wouldn't like such a tinkley, metallic sound...

    I can be singing and playing guitar, and he may or may not come over to listen, but when I start playing the banjo, he always comes right up and lays down at my feet.

  6. At first I thought, "How disrespectful to do that to the Mendelssohn Italian Symphony" (that's what they're playing),but that sweet Yellow Lab won my heart.

    Sing these words to the theme of that movement, and you'll never forget the Iaian Symphony as long as you live:

    Spaghetti is ready
    So eat everyone.
    Every cognoscenti
    Knows al dente
    Means that it's done!

    ~ Josefa Heifetz (daugher of famed violiniat Jascha Heifetz)

  7. When I was studying voice (I sing jazz, though I studied Legit, too), I had two cats...bro and sis........the minute I started the exercises, the boy would run like greased lightening up the stairs and the girl would literally crawl up my jeans to get as close to my mouth as she could!

    1. Back when we were fostering, one of the kittens, about the size of a small eggplant climbed up the inside of my pant leg. I had to open my zipper to let him out. I didn't want to try to attempt singing and disturb anything though,

    2. Kid,

      Kittens do love climbing inside pant legs and sleeves.

    3. One of my cats would always jump up on the lid of the grand piano and stare at me whenever I played the Revolutionary Etude of Chopin or the Presto agitato from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. I think she loved to feel the vibrations as much or more than she enjoyed listening to the turbulent cascades of sound. No other cat of mine has ever been so attracted to piano music, although none of them has ever complained about it either. §;-D

    4. FT,
      Only one cat paid any attention to the music you played? How strange!

      Then, again, cats will be cats. They do only what they want to do.

  8. I have no cute stories about animals and music, but we loved the video.

  9. Animals vary as to how they react to music. Most of the cats we have now pay little attention.

    A few exceptions in our household:
    1. Dusti (1997-2012) loved a particular song that I suspect you know well: "What's New?" I think that it was the progressions of chords that charmed her. She'd roll all over the flow and do some tuck-and-rolls.

    2. Honey Bunny (1978-1997) was attracted to the recorder. "We Three Kings of Orient Are" was her favorite tune.

    3. Charmer, a kitty we had for only a few months in 1983 because she was run over when crossing the road, faithfully sat next to me every time I practiced the piano. Every time! Her previous owner was a concert pianist and had to give away his cats because of severe allergies.

    Of all the dogs we had, not a one paid a bit of attention to music.

  10. If I recall, golden lsbs were a fad in Turkey, but when the fad died, the dogs were anandoned.
    Many came to the states as rescues.
    But they weren't muslim.


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