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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wonderful Retro Christmas Video

Enjoy this oldie, but a goodie (1957). Watch the boy at Tennessee Ernie's right elbow express great joy:


  1. It's good to be reminded that once upon a time the popular culture here was gentle, wholesome, good natured, relaxing, reassuring, upbeat, and filled with good humor, affection and boundless-but-harmless ingenuity.

    I shall be eternally grateful I was born early enough to have experienced the United States of America before wickedly aggressive harshness, ugliness, boisterousness, degeneracy, meretricious ideas of "glamour," "sophistication" and perverse multicultural notions of "inclusion" infected our once cheerful, confident, upwardly mobile, vibrantly optimistic, probably naive way of life with deadly disease.

    God bless you Tennessee Ernie Ford! I may never have been one of your biggest fans, but I miss you and others like you more and more as time wears on.


  2. Today is the day our good friend and mentor, AOW, is having that painful stent removed from her beleaguered ureter.

    We should all pray that her recovery is both quick and complete, and that soon she will be free from the constant pain and anguish that has made her life barely endurable for the past several months.

    This is a gallant, indomitable, highly spirited woman with a strong ability to persevere in the face of challenges with courage, integrity, and fortitude. As such she deserves our most respect.

    A successful recovery from the stent removal and subsequent success in saving her threatened kidney from having to be removed would be the finest CHRISTMAS GIFT she, her husband, her angelic friend and helper, TMW, and all who know and care for her could possibly receive this year.

    I hope everyone joins me in eagerly awaiting Good News about the result of today's surgical procedure.


  3. UPDATE!

    I'm back home from today's surgery, removal of the stent from my beleaguered ureter.

    I can already feel relief!

    No more poking of the bladder and the kidney with every step I take!

    Right now is the best I've felt since March.

    I think that I'm actually going to get my life back! Thank you, Cousin L and former blogger TMW for seeing me through this and all the torment!

  4. Glad you are back in fine form for the holiday!

    As for the kid in the video.... That must have been from the time when we didnt' worry how much sugar kids ate!


  5. Wonderful news. So far so good, at least this part is over for you. I too enjoyed the old time T.V. A family staple was the Lawrence Welk Christmas program where all the musician's kids would make their appearance. They were almost family it seemed at the time.

  6. And how are you doing today?

    Perhaps not as well as you'd hoped after yesterday's post-operative euphoria wore off?

    Naturally, I hope not, but it would be abnormal if today were not a bit of a letdown.

    Try to keep these famous words in mind:

    Let nothing disturb thee,
    ___ nothing affright thee.
    God never changeth.
    Patient endurance
    ___ attaineth to all things.
    Whom God possesseth
    ___ in nothing is lacking.
    Alone God sufficeth.

    ~ St Teresa (as translated by H.W. Longfellow)

    Please continue to keep us posted.


    1. I'm still dealing with some pain issues -- not too bad in comparison to what I was dealing with -- and with exhaustion.

  7. SO SO good to hear that intense stabbing pain is GONE! Will continue praying with the other pain issues and exhaustion, but very happy to hear you're improving!
    That video's adorable...the little boy's really got the spirit, doesn't he :-)
    XXX Happy Advent!

    1. Z,
      I've got a long way to go. I'm so weak and so exhausted! The past few days, I've been sleeping like a crazy. I can't get enough sleep.

    2. Good, the sleep is so healing. COmpared to that awful pain and discomfort you've had for so long, I'd have thought sleep would be welcome! But I know it's a crummy feeling not to be able to rally.
      Am praying for you RIGHT NOW...I know your optimistic nature and grateful nature will carry you through.
      Love and Christmas wishes to you and your household...Z


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