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Thursday, December 1, 2016

What is this "fundamental transformation" of which you speak?

Posted by Warren

I've heard many people comment on this.

To "Progressives", it seems to be a quest against a wicked and cruel America full of hate and repression against the poor and minorities. An America with imperialist ambitions that causes all the problems in the world, that represses blacks and women and wants to destroy the environment.

Utter BS! But notice this meme hits all the paranoid fantasies of delusional leftists.

To Conservatives, it sounds like a focus group tested phrase that would appeal to the delusional left, which it is, but I am afraid it has a far more serious implication than just a catch phrase.

I believe there is a specific task that is required as a first step.

I said all of that to say this.

Notice that "Progressives" are one-world Utopians but seem to believe that a "one-world"  would be controlled by an elite consisting of them and their fellow travelers. Since in America we are sovereign in our person, our sovereignty would have to be destroyed or surrendered to our "betters".

To destroy our sovereignty would require a few changes. First the Constitution would have to be destroyed. So why not a end play (so to speak).

Since Conservatives seem utterly intractable on this issue we have to be destroyed (perhaps metaphorically, perhaps literally). Anyway, we have to be rendered impotent before that can happen.

We've seen attacks on our freedom of speech and right to bear arms, "Progressive" institutionalized attacks by the Government through the IRS and Federal Courts with "Progressive" judges and prosecutors against Conservative organizations. We've managed to beat back those attacks (mostly) but what happens if a "Progressive" population replaces us with an ignorant and more tractable less educated majority?

In England, the use of force, even in defense, is reserved to the State. They are subjects, not citizens. They are not sovereign in their person, they have no equivalent of our Second Amendment, they have no inalienable rights recognized by the State. Still some resisted the encroachment of the State in their lives.

A plan was formed to do away with this intractability. Their "elite" (Labor Party) came up with a plan. Masses of "more tractable less educated Muslims" were encouraged to immigrate with promises of free government goodies. Many refused to learn English, most settled in Muslim enclaves.

The same thing is happening in Germany, it has already happened in France where the Muslim population is quickly reaching critical mass.

I believe that this is the "fundamental transformation". The only difference is that our "elites" are also using Mexicans. (Logistically, Mexicans are easier to import.)  


  1. To destroy our sovereignty would require a few changes. First the Constitution would have to be destroyed.

    That destruction is being accomplished via regulations and other constraints. Even many "conservatives" appear not to understand how regulations nullify our Constitutional rights.

    Boiling the frog.

    1. Yes, indeed, but we have now in place a NEW president who thinks n a grand scale, and encourages us to Dream Big Dreams, and to renew our faith in Self-Reliance. So far he's batting a thousand in his earliest attempts t move us in a more optimistic, productive, positively self-assertive direction.

      It's too see to know whether he will be able to succeed or not, but I highly recommend we cease endless SPECULATION about what he may or may not be able to do, take a hopeful, Wait and See Approach, relax a bit, then reassess the situation in fur to six months.

      I sincerely believe that endless prognostications of Doubt, Fear, Dismay, Doom and Gloom and Defeat do actual HARM. Thoughts are things, and it well behooves us as responsible citizens to cultivate the most hopeful, encouraging, life-affirming attitudes we cn possibly muster.

    2. FT,
      The utopians will be beaten back, but they will always be lurking.

      So, let us be optimistic, but at the same time, be vigilant. Otherwise,Mel end up back where were have been.

    3. Of course, AOW, as well we know, SATAN NEVER SLEEPS –– but he CAN be held at bay with determined, prayerful resistance and reliance on Almighty God's eternal, unbeatable power.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Joan,
      Comments which have content of blog gossip are summarily deleted -- even if the rest of the comment speaks truth.

  3. It's not surprising that anti-Semites, anti-Muslims, and other assorted Reich- Wing bigots would welcome a proto-fascist like Trump. After all, when someone thinks like a frightened 4-year old, a Trump Daddy-bully, who promises to get rid of all their boogeymen nightmares, is appealing. Wait 'til they find out he's nothing but a bag of noxious fumes. I mean, seriously, this man-child gets his large tightie whities in a twist over a teevee show parody of him? And his supporters thinks he's "strong?" and will be a grrrreat leader?


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